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    Calm down. Go back to basic mathematics and then come back. PER - 10+3+9=22 and they have 27... Miracle. These 5 points are included but there is only place in the table.

    One change in the roster that prepare for ECH. Nowicka is out and instead Górecka is in.

    S: Wołosz, Kowalewska

    MB: Kąkolewska, Alagierska, Efimienko, Witkowska

    OH: Mędrzyk, Grajber, Górecka, Wójcik, Stysiak

    OPP: Smarzek, Zaroślińska, Łukasik

    L: Stenzel, Maj-Erwardt

    Nope. Maj came back to Poland and will rest probably until the end of the VNL. Jagła travelled to Belgium.

    It is confirmed that Pool C will take place in USA (city TBC). Host cities in other groups are Wroclaw (POL), Ningbo (CHN), Belo Horizonte (BRA), Kaliningrad (RUS) and Catania (ITA).

    No team is traveling with 25 players to Japan. Costs for the federation are too damn high

    The reasoning for the 25 player rule is to prevent last minute changes by teams. Additionally teams are limited with how many coaches on the bench and traveling party (PR, translators, etc.)

    This is already used in past tournaments. Coaches still have to narrow down to 14 before the tournament.

    Look if you've got essentially 4 teams of 6 (liberos could be in there as well), you have enough players to practice in your home gym.

    I know that no one will go to Japan with 25 players. However I can imagine that they can change few players later on. Before it was impossible to do in World Cup. You had to choose 14 players before first match and couldn't make any changes until the end.

    FIVB will create a new test ranking beside the one which is in place at the moment. Instead of earning points for places in tournaments, the points in test ranking will be attributed for each match. After some time they will decide which ranking is better and represents good the strenght of each team.

    More info about World Cup: Each team can register 25 players 6 weeks before the competition start. 14 players teams have to be determined 24 hours before start of the match. It means that you can travel to Japan with all 25 players and then change them everytime you need. This rule was introduced due to very short time between other tournaments and the start of World Cup. Prizes: winners 600k + 30k to fedaration, runner-ups 300k + 15k to federation, and 3rd place 100k + 10k to federation.

    World Cup will return as OG qualification tournament in 2023 and two best teams will earn a spot in Paris 2024.

    PZPS wrote that the VNL finals will be changed however probably starting with 2020 edition. In new formula 8 best teams after prelimnary group phase will participate. It will play-off so 4 pairs and the winners advance to 1/2 final and then medal matches.

    Polish federation wrote today that the qualification system will be like stated by FEVA. Since women's tournament has 2 hosts both of them are automtically qualifed, Serbia as WCH 2018 as well (they said that Boricic was opting against the rule that WCH defending team should be automatically qualified, this guy is just crazy and he is in charge of CEV...). Two teams from each confedaration will qualify via continental championships so no extra tournaments to be played. Then 24 non-qualified teams will play in 6 groups of 4 teams and 6 winners and 5 best runner-ups will get a ticket to WCH 2022.

    As far as the formula of competitions. 1st round with 24 teams split into 4 groups of 6 teams. 2nd round - two groups with 8 teams each. It looks like it will be the same formula as in 2018.