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    Poland vs Germany
    Matches against this team are usually very close. But there are not any non-sport situation. I think that this is because our history (World War II). The same with Russia.

    This is not fault of Poland. Poland want go to Ankara, but we won't go here in best squad. Someone can say that this would be not fair for teams in second group. Decision of CEV is eyeopener in Poland, too.
    I don't know why you have quibble, that Poland will play in GP 2008 without qualfication. Italy played two years, too and this was;nt problem to anyone. Asian teams also must not qualify.
    I think that decision FIVB, about participating Poland in GP 2008 is caused the fact that Poland organized this year World League Final Round, when Italy has resigned and FIVB didn't know what make.

    I think that some teams would be happy. One very good rival, won't play in qualfication :)

    "samba player" wrote:

    You have great chances with Italy, because Bonitta knows all the weaknesses of her former players! :wink2:

    Before first match against Italy in World Grand Prix, Bonitta said girls that they know how won with this team and didn't make any tactical dismissal.

    12 of Poland on first weekend:

    Setters: Bełcik, Sadurek
    Middle-blockers: Liktoras, Bednarek, Dziękiewicz
    Outside-hitters: Rosner, Świeniewicz, Frąckowiak, Leśniewicz (second libero)
    Opposites: Skowrońska, Podolec
    Libero: Zenik

    Skowrońska will play as opposite. In Novara she will play on the same position in new season.

    Marco Bonitta was chosen 14 player which will play in this edition GP.

    Setters: Bełcik, Sadurek
    Middle-blockers: Liktoras, Dziękiewicz, Bednarek, Skowrońska
    Outside-hitters: Rosner, Świeniewicz, Frąckowiak, Kaczorowska (1988, 183 cm)
    Opposites: Podolec, Kosmatka
    Liberos: Zenik, Leśniewicz

    In A team is also young middle-blocker Zuzanna Efimienko (1989, 197 cm), but she won't go to Asia on GP. With team to China and Japan will go Małgorzata Glinka which will train there with team and prepare to ECH 2007.

    From squad in Montreux are not only setter Godos and outside-hitter Staniucha (they prodably join to team B). To team join Skowrońska, Leśniewicz (gold medalist in ECH 2003), Bełcik after injury and junior Kaczorowska.

    LothiePG, you can't understand because you don't know their problems. They have problems with blood. No-one know when with their blood will be so good to start training again. Maybe after month, six month but maybe few years.

    Yes, Agata had retired but she said that when with their health will be better, she is ready to play again.

    I think that go to Poland is better solution for Gosia Kozuch. She is young, and in Bergamo she won't be first squad player. Kozuch is Pole, she is speaking polish very good so she won't have any problems in Poland.

    Very much french names in this squad :D Kociniewski, Lozancic, Ravva, Rybaczewski, Maculewicz, Szerszen, Polechtouk.

    For me, she didn't play good. Poor receiving, and not well in attack. She join to Muszynianka because the team left Rosner and Mirek. But she don't play as good as them and Muszynianka was only 5th this season (Champion in 2005/2006).