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    After today match Bielsko-Rzeszów I see three strong canditates to NT:super: from Rzeszow is MB KAmila Witkowska and from Bielsko are OHs Olivia Różański and Emilia Mucha. Wings in Bielsko were amazing today:obey: I hope That Nawrocki will not forget about them...:call:

    Well, we all know that Nawrocki isn't impartial and has his favourites and players he doesn't like too much ;) And one of them is Mucha and I wouldn't be suprised if she doesn't get a call like for the second part of the season last year. I feel like she was only called because one of his favourties (Murek) had the final exams at the beginning of the VNL but after that Mucha was completely forgotten and without any chance to prove herself.

    I think Bergamo's coach should be fired already, they won't make it to play-offs and it's disappointing. Their team is pretty good on a paper, but they can't deliver at all.

    Those are exactly my thoughts too. Imo, he is not that good coach and the team is underperforming. The good thing is that Smarzek will end season at the end of March and then will have time to rest and prepare for VNL and tons of attacks in each match :rolll:

    I don't know if it will be exactly like this. Poland is also the host of WCH 2022, not only the Netherlands.

    Lodz has their 2 main OH players injured plus Stysiak can't play CL.

    They play Polish Cup this weekend. Brakocevic probably won't have time to recover and they depend on her to win.

    I'm not sure if they can win against Russians.

    No, the Polish Cup is not this weekend, it is in March 9-10.

    Wow. Montreux ends on May 19, VNL starts at May 21 and later we have Olympic Qualification, European Championships and World Cup...

    There is no other date to squeeze in Montreux. But I expected it to be before VNL. Nawrocki once said that it could be good for teams as preparation to VNL.

    From what I heard Górecka is planning to leave LSK in the next season. She thought about it earlier but stayed in Poland because of the matura exam.

    She moved from Mogentale to Dolata and I am sure that they will know what is the best path for her. I think that it could be for her a bit to early to leave Poland next season.

    You wrote that Stysiak is the tallest OH ever. I don't know if it's true but for example Jana Kulan is 198 and plays as OH.

    Thanks to you, I started checking how tall are the girls from U-16 polish NT. I see there is MB - Anita Libera 196 cm (16 yo), OH/Opp - Zofia Lis (16 yo, 196 cm), OH Karolina Drużkowska 191 cm (16 yo), setter Wiktoria Kowalczyk 188 cm (16 yo), OH Natalia Szmajduch 198 cm (16 yo).

    Plus a lot of players 185-190 at the age of 14.

    They finally understood that it is important for the girls to be high and physical. Let's hope that some of these girls will make it to high level. There are also some other girls with over 185 cm playing as OH (Czyrniańska, Piasecka, Lijewska, Szlagowska and Szczurowska) which is not bad.

    Kasia is doing amazing in Brazil. Best score of the league...she`s done with the NT....but who knows...if she would be willing to help the NT just by playing these 3 games .....that would make Poland even stronger.

    On which position? There is absolutely no place to fill in by Skowronska at the moment. She won't be first opposite over Smarzek. she won't play as OH either.

    Latests news claim that Group I with Serbia, Thailand, Puerto Rico and Poland will be hosted either by Poland, Serbia or...Switzerland. There are rumours that FIVB doesn't want to give it to Serbia because they don't like Boricic (CEV president). Switzerland become interested because they can't find date for Montreux Volley Masters and in this way they will be able to do it at this date, however then only 4 teams will participate? :whistle:

    The lates news regarding the Group I of qualification is that after FIVB asked Poland to organize it, a new offer from "neutral" country came in. Poland still is interested but maybe they will give it to this country. I assume that it is someone like Qatar.

    Group A(Ankara): Turkey, Serbia, Bulgaria, France, Finland, Greece.

    Group B (Łódź): Poland, Italy, Belgium, Ukraine, Portugal, Slovenia.

    Group C (Budapest): Hungary, the Netherlands, Croatia, Azerbaijan, Romania, Estonia.

    Group D (Bratislawa): Slovakia, Russia, Germany, Belarus, Spain, Switzerland.

    I think the groups are well-balanced. Hard to tell which is the toughest. IMO the weakest is pool C then D and B and A. Germany once again very lucky with drawing ;)

    Obviously everything depends on who is gonna play or not in some of the NT. Bulgaria can be very competitive if Rabadzhieva, Vasileva will be there.

    Does Martina Samadan can play for Busto after She was in roster for Conegliano in CL ?

    She can. It is the same case as last year with Balkestein. She couldn't play in the same competition but in CEV Cup she can.