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    So this is a confirmation of joint offer of Poland and the Netherlands. Probably the Netherlands made a bid and then they were looking for some other country interested in hosting part of the competition and then Poland agreed and that is the reason of the delay in announcement. Fingers crossed that it will become reality :)

    Beside being a politician, Czarnecki is also vice-president in PZPS (polish volleyball federation).

    TBH, I think most non-host matches would struggle with attendance almost everywhere in the world. But yes, smaller venues with good atmosphere (like Serbia's group at ECh '17, for example) are infinitely better than huge arenas that resemble a ghost town where you can hear the players breathe. It's depressing to watch and I guess not too stimulating to play.

    But unfortunately, the FIVB goes for grandiosity, so likely we'll see more of the same old, same old.

    In one of the interviews Przedpelski said that he really likes the Netherlands proposal. As far as I remember they wanted to do everything in Arnhem, where they have sport center and there is a stadium and a big venue. They want to make 3 playing courts in the stadium. Then each team will have their host town nearby and its inhabitants are expected to be present on the games of this team and served as a supporters.

    Then I also read that Poland would like to be a part of this and there was some rumours about organizing it together with Holland but I don't know how it ended.

    God, FIVB is such a mess. The applications for hosting the Olympic qualifying tournaments will be taken in by December 14, but the actual pool composition won't be formally announced until January 1 next year. Makes total sense. :roll: Why can't they be not shady and actually transparent for once.

    Anyway, the hosts and the playing schedule will be announced January 31 next year.

    They want 500k $ in order to be considered as host of the tournament. It is ridiculous. I think that always the priority will have the highest ranked team if there will be 2 or more teams from the possible group interested. But what happens when no one applies from some group? I can foresee also situation when for instance Cameroon won't afford to travel to the Dominican Rep. and then what?

    What really bit Poland in the ass is that inexplicable choke against Czech Republic in WCh qualies. Not only did they lose all their chances of qualifying for WCh there and then, but had they won that match and got 2nd place in the group, they would now have enough points to be in the top 25.

    Anyway, Brazil's group is not the biggest joke anymore. That would have to be the group E now.

    That's right. Poland is the architect of their own fate, and this match has now very big consequences. But we can't change the past. I was hoping that still they will have a chance to play in this intercontinental qualification but now it is not possible because they lost 10 points in comparison with 2014 even though this time there was less european teams on WCH than in 2014 (8 to 10) and they decreased the points for the best non-qualified teams for Europe and they increased for AVC when they had 5 teams in WCH and that is so unfair. Even though in Europe we have majority of the best teams and the biggest competition, all Europe is always punished when it comes to World competition.

    Yup, at the end Poland missed the spot. They changed a lot in regards of point distribution for WCH qualification. 4 years ago there was no such as 3rd like in 2018. The 3rd round 4 years ago was very similar to 2nd round this year. 4 years ago the 4th team from 2nd round got also 8 points even though there was only weak teams playing in 2nd round and furthermore from 2nd round there was no direct qualification to the WCH like it was the case with 2nd round in WCHQ 2018. This year for the 3rd place in 2nd round Poland got 8 points too...

    I don't want to mention that they increased the number of points for Asian teams even though there is very little teams... FIVB is pathethic. It clearly shows who is in power in FIVB. They don't give a fuck about Europe there and want to do everything to weaken european teams because they know that they don't have a chance another way.

    New World ranking and the groups should be more or less like that:


    I don't know how to allocate teams with the same points so I stuck with the highest ranking on the last WCH in case they will award points separately for all of the places.

    they reall did say?

    taking WGP into account and not VNL doesnt seem to make sense to me

    if they are to do then take the latest tournament into account : that is VNL not outdated WGP?

    if VNL is not to provide any points for the World ranking , then whats the logic of taking it seriously anymore ?

    It was all over in polish press about it. They do not include VNL and probably will not include it because the teams were chosen based on other factors and not the strenght or World ranking. In WGP the chance had all of the best teams in World ranking plus many others which went through some sort of qualification.

    ITA and NED are certainly going to end up together, the gap between them and Russia at #5 is just too big to overtake them.

    Now this is just speculation, but I guess there's a high chance it will look like this for top 3: SRB-PUR-THA, CHN-TUR-GER, USA-ARG-BUL. I'm too lazy to go further down the list, especially since we still don't know for sure how the FIVB is going to award the points as the ranking system used for WCH '18 was slightly different than the one at WCH '14 (i.e. there were no joint places this time).

    I calculated the points in the same manner as in 2014. However possible changes in awarded points if they will give them separately shouldn't change a lot in the rankings. Maybe between the last teams.


    no VNL??


    They said at the beginning of the VNL that it will not be counted to the World ranking, so it is not a suprise. However, there was probably some pressure from some countries to include it in order to have higher position. FIVB probably didn't want to look completely stupid so they stick with the World Grand Prix 2017 and World League 2017 points, which is more fair since there was more teams in WL and WGP and also some sort of qualifications tournaments and not only FIVB choice were decisive of who will take part or not.

    According to polish federation it is decided that to the new rankings following tournaments will be counted: World Cup 2015, Olympic Games 2016, World Grand Prix 2017 and WCH 2018.

    In the men's ranking it will be World League 2017.

    So no VNL but World Grand Prix and World League 2017, where the number of teams was higher.

    I wonder what's the deal with Smarzek indeed. Any info about health problems? Or maybe simply homesickness?

    I don't know what is going on with Malwina. It is not homesickness for sure. She is in Italy with her boyfriend. Overall Bergamo is undeperforming heavily. I can see that the chemistry between Malwina and Cambi is still not there. The same is valid for the other players so today they started with Carraro however it didn't help either. My thoughts are that Smarzek wants to much to score and live up to the expectations and now when she can't kill the ball she is overthinking and play it safely.

    At the moment it is still undiceded whether the points from VNL will or won't count to the ranking. Przedpelski said in one of the interviews that the final discussion and decisons will be made on FIVB congress in the middle of November. In his opinion the points from VNL shouldn't count. Also he said that the points form continental championships will not count because there are continental rankings and winning African championships is not the same as winning ECH. We have to wait and see what they will decide. I am afraid that they will only count OG, WC and WCH because in FIVB the most important voice have non-european countries and since they have a lot of slots in world competitions then they will be higher in ranking than most of the european teams which in reality are better teams.

    The OG qualification tournaments will be held in August (via Przedpelski which is in FIVB board). It is only one weekend so they will squeeze it somewhere ;)

    Just LOL :rolll:. I thought the whole point of the new Olympic qualifying tournament was because the WC was now redundant. If they are keeping the WC anyway, why don't they just keep the same OG qualifying rules from last time? Just make it the top 2 (or 3) teams other than Japan qualify. Let's be honest, Japan are unlikely to finish on the podium anyway.

    Watch them revert back to the old rules by 2023.

    What Przedpelski said is that there were already agreements in place between JVA and FIVB about World Cup so the tournament must be played no matter what. However, they decide for it not to be OG qualification because Japan must participate and then they don't want to hear that afterall Japan wanted to purposely loose to some team in order to help them qualify to OG and fight harder with teams that they lets say do not like :)