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    i think oksal comes from lasko spelled backwards. lasko, the italian men's NT substitute player. am i correct? long shot.hehehe

    Hello, cosmid, nice to meet you!
    You are creative to think of that answer!! I support!
    How about you? Where are you from?

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    eheh im an admin here :lol: i can check some things lol

    and oksal,
    i think u are from italy :P

    Woo...better be careful...admins here know everything...hahaha...

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    She looked at your IP address :D
    welcome elisa! I want her to guess as well where I am from :D

    Nice to meet you, oksal!
    Wow...this is interesting...IP address "betrayed" me...ahahaha...
    Does cosmid get the right answer?? Seems to be clever :wink2:

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    hmm ur emailadress made me think so ehehe
    so are u from kuala lumpur? :D

    Aaahhh!!! You surprised me!!! :o
    You are clever!! But I am not from Kuala Lumpur, I'm just studying at there right now.
    Nearly correct!!!How did you guess it??

    My favourite players :
    #1 Lioubov Sokolova-Kilic
    #2 Ekaterina Katya Gamova
    #3 Elisa Togut

    My favourite team :
    #1 RUSSIA NT
    #1 ITALY NT

    Poland Nation Team has impressed me when I saw them playing on the 2005 European Championship when they defeated Russia and Italy and became the champion team! That was a great job!!!

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    hello elisa!
    nice to welcome u here and feel free to take part in any discussions :D
    btw justyna, i think she is from italy 8) or am i wrong elisa?

    Yea! It's my pleasure to be here!
    I think this is a wonderful forum....
    Do you think I really come from Italy?? Haha... :o

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    Hello elisa!
    I hope you will enjoy it here :)
    Where are you from?

    Sure! I'll enjoy it!
    Ooo...that's a secret...haha...
    I'm from a rare country!!! :D