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    Brenda Castillo announced her pregnancy on January 12, 2018 through instagram, which is first official pregnancy information since her sad experience through an abortion in May 2012.

    due to the maternity leave, she will hardly join the NT activities this summer.

    For preparation of the 1st Edition of Caribbean Series against Puerto Rico NT, the Dominican Republic announced the group of 19 players called to a training camp, and finally selected 14 players who were taking part in the tournament as follows,

    OH (5) - Bethania De la Cruz (C), Prisilla Rivera, Brayelin Martínez, Natalia Martínez (Junior NT), Vielka Peralta (Junior NT)

    MB (4) - Annerys Vargas, Lisvel Eve, Candida Arias, Jineiry Martínez (Junior NT)

    S (2) - Niverka Marte, Camil Dominguez

    OP (2) - Gina Mambru, Gaila Gonzalez

    L (1) - Marifranchi Rodriguez.

    the other 5 under-aged NT players that were reserved from the tournament are Yokaty Pérez, Yaneirys Rodríguez, Larysmer Martínez, Geraldine Gonzalez and Madeline Guillen.

    Lonneke Sloëtjes admits that there are rumors that she, Zhu Ting, Milena Rasic and Kelsey Robinson will play for a Chinese team next season. But she says it is still too early to take such decisions.


    It would be really strange if all 4 of them would leave Vakifbank:white:

    Guangdong Evergrande

    just kidding, it is rumor for 100 percent. It is colosssally expensive to invite the big four at a time.

    IMO, if Zhu must be back to China, apparently she will, she needs to join certan club that will provide professional training facilities, advanced technical support and all-round backstage guarantee, that benifits her. Then Zhu Ting can enjoy the league games, keep a good shape and get the proper rehabilitation before Olympic Game.

    I believe that China National Volleyball Administration Bureau and the head coach Lang Ping will make her good arrangement.

    The transfer money will not decide this time.

    According to this…olleyball_Thailand_League

    Pornpun will go to Khonkaen and Pimpichaya will be back in 3BB (and that would mean all 4 thai players will be back from Indonesia to home league, what happened there?).

    Any official confirmation?

    i cannot stop guessing there might some reason be relating to the frequent tsunami weather recently.

    Considering the players' safety i think coming back is good desicion.

    N/p pappi

    Supreme was playing mainly with young players(aside from Wilavan and Pluemjit) both in the VTL and the WWCC, but yeah I was disappointed with their performance as well. Though they might have had a chance from being last if their main setter Soraya wasn't injured. They will get another chance again in the 2019 edition, hopefully this time if they have foreign players, those don't get bought out again. hahaha

    why does not the chance go to Nakhon Ratchasima ? they turns up dominating in VTL this year.

    What will happend with European Games ? Someone said that winner of that competiton will get ticket for Olympics ?

    They wanted to make this move because they want more interesting competition.

    according to the latest qualification regulation of Tokyo 2020, there is no vacancy allocated from European Games.

    I agree. It should be Serbia (294), Netherlands (288) and Italy/Russia (278), if VNL does not count...

    the latest CEV rankings was announced December 14, 2018, taking the account the points of recent 2015 and 2017 CEV championship (qualification included), 2018 World Championship (qualification included), 2017 WGP, 2017 CEV league.

    it seems Serbia, Holland and Italy will take the vancancies. still waiting for FIVB's final announcement.

    you're correct about Chatchu-On. I was just thinking that they might call her back since she was part of the team the last 2x that they won the AVC women's club title. But it''ll probably be different this time around..either way, good luck to them.

    week 5 is under process.

    yesterday, Supereme Chonburi Genarali 3-0 Khon Kaen Star, while 3BB 3-2 Air Force

    This morning, Opart 369 3-0 Rangsit University

    where can we review the classification, schedule and the personal statistics of the VTL?

    Two participants are in league way and one for friendly

    2018.11.30 LNV Round 7: Le Cannet 3-1 Nancy, le cannet (7w-1d) is now standing the 1st place of LNV;

    2018.12.1 VTL Week 5: Supreme Chonburi-Generali 3-0 Khon Kaen Star, Chonburi (3w-2d) is standing the 5th place of VTL;

    2018.11.30 Friendly Game: Chieri '76 3-2 Praia Clube, Praia (5w-0d) is now standing the 1st place of Superliga.

    Four participants are getting warm-up in Zhejiang, China

    The host Zhejiang Xitang Club: the lower league (9-12 position) of China has not started yet;

    Turkish VakifBank (8w-0d) and Eczacibasi Vitra (7w-0d): now occupying the top two places in Sultanlar Ligi;

    Brazilian Minas Tenis Clube (4w-0d): is temporarily standing the 3rd place of Superliga.

    One participant is still in gethering training for thelast leg

    Kazah Altay Club (6w-1d) is now standing the 2nd place in kazakh Volleyball League (the 1st round-robin ends).

    Kazakh ALTAY 15+1 players are in Almaty for the last leg of training, the Serbian setter Radubovic was called back to strenghthen the capacity, but her name was not in FIVB's team roster yet, i guess it is too late to replace anyone that has been determined for long time ago and officially announced by FIVB

    15+1 training players are:

    Setter: Alikova, Politanska (UKR), Sarsenbaeva, Radulovic (SRB)

    Opposite: Oryntayeva

    Outside hitter: Anarkulova(C), Drobyshevskaya, Mammadova (AZE), Jusino (PUR), Belova

    Middle blocker: Ikic (CRO), Sharshakova (RUS), Anikonova

    Liebro: Popovic (SRB), Sadykova, Fendrikova

    the final roster will be determined before the departure to China on December 2, 2018, i think 2-3 payers will be cut off.

    Minas Tenis Clube 14 player roster

    S: Macris, Bruninha

    OP: Bruna Honorio, Malu

    OH: Natalia, Gabi, Lana, Monique Helena

    MB: Carol Gattaz, Mara, Mayany, Maria Cecilia

    L: Leia, Georgia

    Dentil/Praia Clube 13 player roster

    S: Lloyd (USA), Ananda

    OP: Fawcett (USA), Ana Paula Borgo

    OH: Fe Garay, Rosamaria, Michelle, Ellen Braga

    MB: Fabiana, Carol, Francyne

    L: Suelen, Lais

    from FIVB testing link, i don't see Chachu-on in the 18 player list, but ajcharaporn and Diouk are both in.

    maybe they have chance to come back to help out with the club championship. we will see the official roster will be annouced very soon.

    recent 18 players for Supreme Chunburi-Generali

    S: Soraya, Waraporn, Napatsorn, Parinya

    OP: Diouck, Nampueng

    OH: Wilavan, Ajcharaporn, Wipawee, Patcharaporn, Pattyta, Thanacha

    MB: Pleumjit, Tirawan, Sasiwimon, Watchareeya

    L: Piyanut, Supatira