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    you're correct about Chatchu-On. I was just thinking that they might call her back since she was part of the team the last 2x that they won the AVC women's club title. But it''ll probably be different this time around..either way, good luck to them.

    week 5 is under process.

    yesterday, Supereme Chonburi Genarali 3-0 Khon Kaen Star, while 3BB 3-2 Air Force

    This morning, Opart 369 3-0 Rangsit University

    where can we review the classification, schedule and the personal statistics of the VTL?

    Two participants are in league way and one for friendly

    2018.11.30 LNV Round 7: Le Cannet 3-1 Nancy, le cannet (7w-1d) is now standing the 1st place of LNV;

    2018.12.1 VTL Week 5: Supreme Chonburi-Generali 3-0 Khon Kaen Star, Chonburi (3w-2d) is standing the 5th place of VTL;

    2018.11.30 Friendly Game: Chieri '76 3-2 Praia Clube, Praia (5w-0d) is now standing the 1st place of Superliga.

    Four participants are getting warm-up in Zhejiang, China

    The host Zhejiang Xitang Club: the lower league (9-12 position) of China has not started yet;

    Turkish VakifBank (8w-0d) and Eczacibasi Vitra (7w-0d): now occupying the top two places in Sultanlar Ligi;

    Brazilian Minas Tenis Clube (4w-0d): is temporarily standing the 3rd place of Superliga.

    One participant is still in gethering training for thelast leg

    Kazah Altay Club (6w-1d) is now standing the 2nd place in kazakh Volleyball League (the 1st round-robin ends).

    Kazakh ALTAY 15+1 players are in Almaty for the last leg of training, the Serbian setter Radubovic was called back to strenghthen the capacity, but her name was not in FIVB's team roster yet, i guess it is too late to replace anyone that has been determined for long time ago and officially announced by FIVB

    15+1 training players are:

    Setter: Alikova, Politanska (UKR), Sarsenbaeva, Radulovic (SRB)

    Opposite: Oryntayeva

    Outside hitter: Anarkulova(C), Drobyshevskaya, Mammadova (AZE), Jusino (PUR), Belova

    Middle blocker: Ikic (CRO), Sharshakova (RUS), Anikonova

    Liebro: Popovic (SRB), Sadykova, Fendrikova

    the final roster will be determined before the departure to China on December 2, 2018, i think 2-3 payers will be cut off.

    Minas Tenis Clube 14 player roster

    S: Macris, Bruninha

    OP: Bruna Honorio, Malu

    OH: Natalia, Gabi, Lana, Monique Helena

    MB: Carol Gattaz, Mara, Mayany, Maria Cecilia

    L: Leia, Georgia

    Dentil/Praia Clube 13 player roster

    S: Lloyd (USA), Ananda

    OP: Fawcett (USA), Ana Paula Borgo

    OH: Fe Garay, Rosamaria, Michelle, Ellen Braga

    MB: Fabiana, Carol, Francyne

    L: Suelen, Lais

    from FIVB testing link, i don't see Chachu-on in the 18 player list, but ajcharaporn and Diouk are both in.

    maybe they have chance to come back to help out with the club championship. we will see the official roster will be annouced very soon.

    recent 18 players for Supreme Chunburi-Generali

    S: Soraya, Waraporn, Napatsorn, Parinya

    OP: Diouck, Nampueng

    OH: Wilavan, Ajcharaporn, Wipawee, Patcharaporn, Pattyta, Thanacha

    MB: Pleumjit, Tirawan, Sasiwimon, Watchareeya

    L: Piyanut, Supatira

    easily get controlled by players...

    does it mean there will be more smooth receiving and stable digging, and further bringing more rallies during the game, to attract more audience and spectators?

    The new rule makes me easily predict the quaterfinalists in Tokyo: China, Japan, USA, Brazil, Italy, Serbia, Russia, as well as the european team (NED/TUR or whatever) from the continental.

    the good thing is FIVB is now firstly considering the guarantee for the WR top 8 teams to qualify the Olympic, and then thinking about the inter-continental balance, which seems fair enough. i believe.

    Volero Le Cannet 14 player Roster

    S: Mori (SLO/FRA), Kornienko (RUS)

    OP: Casanova (CUB), Bjelica (SRB)

    OH: Unternaherer (SUI), Dimitrova (BUL), Calderon (CUB/RUS), Agbolossou (FRA)

    MB: Herrera (CUB), Todorova (BUL), Hasanova (UKR/AZE), Lazarenko (RUS)

    L: Ortschitt (FRA), Giardino (FRA)

    Vakifbank 14 player roster

    S: Cansu Ozbay, Buket Gulubay

    OP: Sloetjes, Ebrar Karakurt

    OH: Zhu Ting, Robinson, Cebecioglu, Tugba

    MB: Rasic, Kubra, Zehra, Melis

    L: Gizem Orge, Aykac

    Eczacibasi 14 player roster

    S: Alikaya, Dilik

    OP: Boskovic, Gozde Yilmaz

    OH: Larson, Kim Yeon-Koung, Meliha, Onal

    MB: Gibbemeyer, Beyza, Busra, Merve

    L: Simge, Dilara Bagci

    the schedule of China superliga (no matter Top 8 or the lower 6 division) will have a break during the world club championship, the lower division will start even after world club championship. there will not be any reason that Shandong players cannot attend.

    The real reason for not letting Zeng Chunlei in just because her registration form was submitted too late for superaddition.

    Oh I forget about ECh! I can imagine in this case they might be held in early August but then it will overlap with VNL :mad:When is the 2019 Asian Championship?

    AVC championship will be held in Thailand but the schedule has not confirmed yet.

    According to Ze Roberto's interview, next year will be very important to Brazil and he will devide the team into two to complete the piles of games, including NVL, Tokyo International Qualification, South American Championship, Pan Games (Lima, Peru), World Cup (Japan) and so on..

    Wondering which two teams are the two best teams from CEV

    I guess it depends on three possible ways:

    a) the Winner and Runner-up of CEV Championship 2019;

    b) the best two teams according to FIVB WR after NVL 2019;

    c) the best two teams according CEV Ranking annually.

    some rumor disclose Russia and Netherlands will participate the WC but i do not see any official annoucement of it.

    FIVB World Cup to return to Japan in 2019 ahead of Tokyo 2020 Olympics

    October 20, 2018, according to FIVB official announcement by President Dr. Ary S. Graça, the next edition of World Cup will be held from September 14 - 29, 2019 in Japan.

    There will be total 12 Participants in a round-robin system tournament

    Team 1. Japan (as organiser)

    Team 2. Serbia (recent World Champion)

    Team 3-12. the best teams from AVC, NORCECA, CSV, CEV and CAVB (subject on the recommendation method of different confederations)

    Remarks: No Tokyo Olympic vacancies are allocated by this tournament but FIVB WR points will be rewarded.

    The general schedule and cities are decided by JVA

    Site A: Yokohama, Sapporo

    Site B: Hamamatsu, Toyama

    Round A+B: Osaka

    12 Players composing China NT to complete Montreux

    S: Diao Linyu, Sun Haiping

    OP: Gong Xiangyu, Wu Han

    OH: Liu Xiaotong, Duan Fang, Liu Yanhan

    MB: Hu Mingyuan, Gao Yi, Yang Hanyu

    L: Lin Li, Meng Zixuan

    In the team, 6 players, Diao Linyu, Gong Xiangyu, Liu Xiaoting, Duan Fang, Hu Mingyuan, and Lin Li attended Asian Games.

    Argentina 14 players in Yekaterinburg, Russia

    S:Helena Vidal, Clarisa Sagardía
    WS:Elina Rodríguez, Sol Piccolo, Antonela Fortuna, Camila Hiruela, Agostina Soria, Anahí Tosi
    MB:Julieta Lazcano, Victoria Michel Tosi, Victoria Zabala, Florencia Busquets
    L:Tatiana Rizzo, Morena Martínez

    30-player Convocation Roster of China Women's Volleyball Team for year of 2018

    Setter (6): Yao Di, Chen Xintong, Meng Dou (Tianjin); Diao Linyu (Jiangsu); Ding Xia, Sun Haiping (Liaoning);
    Outside Hitter (8 ): Zhu Ting (VakifBank, Turkey); Zhang Yichan (Shanghai); Li Yingying (Tianjin); Zhang Changning (Jiangsu); Liu Yanhan (Army); Liu Xiaotong, Jin Ye, Ren Kaiyi (Beijing);
    Opposite (5): Gong Xiangyu (Jiangsu); Zhu Yuezhou (Zhejiang); Zeng Chunlei (Beijing); Qian Jingwen, Yang Fangxu (Shandong);
    Middle Blocker (7): Wang Yuanyuan (Tianjin); Yan Ni, Hu Mingyuan (Liaoning); Yuan Xinyue, Gao Yi (Army); Zheng Yixin (Fujian); Yang Hanyu (Shandong);
    Libero (4): Wang Weiyi (Shanghai); Gong Meizi (Liaoning); Lin Li (Fujian), Wang Mengjie (Shandong).

    execpt Zhu Ting, the other 29 players have been officially announced by CVA.