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    FIVB World Cup to return to Japan in 2019 ahead of Tokyo 2020 Olympics

    October 20, 2018, according to FIVB official announcement by President Dr. Ary S. Graça, the next edition of World Cup will be held from September 14 - 29, 2019 in Japan.

    There will be total 12 Participants in a round-robin system tournament

    Team 1. Japan (as organiser)

    Team 2. Serbia (recent World Champion)

    Team 3-12. the best teams from AVC, NORCECA, CSV, CEV and CAVB (subject on the recommendation method of different confederations)

    Remarks: No Tokyo Olympic vacancies are allocated by this tournament but FIVB WR points will be rewarded.

    The general schedule and cities are decided by JVA

    Site A: Yokohama, Sapporo

    Site B: Hamamatsu, Toyama

    Round A+B: Osaka

    12 Players composing China NT to complete Montreux

    S: Diao Linyu, Sun Haiping

    OP: Gong Xiangyu, Wu Han

    OH: Liu Xiaotong, Duan Fang, Liu Yanhan

    MB: Hu Mingyuan, Gao Yi, Yang Hanyu

    L: Lin Li, Meng Zixuan

    In the team, 6 players, Diao Linyu, Gong Xiangyu, Liu Xiaoting, Duan Fang, Hu Mingyuan, and Lin Li attended Asian Games.

    Argentina 14 players in Yekaterinburg, Russia

    S:Helena Vidal, Clarisa Sagardía
    WS:Elina Rodríguez, Sol Piccolo, Antonela Fortuna, Camila Hiruela, Agostina Soria, Anahí Tosi
    MB:Julieta Lazcano, Victoria Michel Tosi, Victoria Zabala, Florencia Busquets
    L:Tatiana Rizzo, Morena Martínez

    30-player Convocation Roster of China Women's Volleyball Team for year of 2018

    Setter (6): Yao Di, Chen Xintong, Meng Dou (Tianjin); Diao Linyu (Jiangsu); Ding Xia, Sun Haiping (Liaoning);
    Outside Hitter (8 ): Zhu Ting (VakifBank, Turkey); Zhang Yichan (Shanghai); Li Yingying (Tianjin); Zhang Changning (Jiangsu); Liu Yanhan (Army); Liu Xiaotong, Jin Ye, Ren Kaiyi (Beijing);
    Opposite (5): Gong Xiangyu (Jiangsu); Zhu Yuezhou (Zhejiang); Zeng Chunlei (Beijing); Qian Jingwen, Yang Fangxu (Shandong);
    Middle Blocker (7): Wang Yuanyuan (Tianjin); Yan Ni, Hu Mingyuan (Liaoning); Yuan Xinyue, Gao Yi (Army); Zheng Yixin (Fujian); Yang Hanyu (Shandong);
    Libero (4): Wang Weiyi (Shanghai); Gong Meizi (Liaoning); Lin Li (Fujian), Wang Mengjie (Shandong).

    execpt Zhu Ting, the other 29 players have been officially announced by CVA.

    African Nations Championship Finas
    champion game: Kenya vs Cameroon
    3rd place clarifiaction: Egypt vs Senegal

    Congratulations to Kenya and Cameroon qualifying the World Championship in Japan.

    South American Qualification Day 1:
    Argentina 3-0 Colombia
    Peru 3-0 Uruguay

    NORCECA Qualification Day 1
    Pool A
    DR 3-0 Guatemala
    PR 3-0 Jamaica

    Pool B
    TT 3-0 Dominica
    Mexico 3-0 CR

    Peru captain Patricia Soto will not participate the qualification due to injury during training.
    The final roster will be discovered by Brazilian coach Luizomar soon.

    besides, Argentina announuced the final 14 players
    S (2): Vidal, Sagardía
    OP (2): Fresco, Bosio
    MB (3): Lazcano, Sosa, Aispurúa
    OH (5): Nizetich, Fernández, Rodríguez, Hiruela, Fortuna
    L (2): Rizzo, Martínez

    Standings in African Nations Championships

    Pool A
    1. Egypt 2-0
    2. Cameroon 2-0

    3. Algeria 0-2
    4. Botswana 0-2

    Oct 11, 2017
    EGY vs CMR, ALG vs BOT

    Pool B
    1. Kenya 4-0
    2. Senegal 2-1
    3. Nigeria 1-2
    4. Tunsia 1-2
    5. DR Congo 0-3

    Oct 11, 2017
    SEN vs NGR, TUN vs DRC

    Kenya has secured first place in Pool B, Senegal will fight for the last semifinal vacancy against Nigeria.
    Egypt, Cameroon has qualified to semifinals, but the last game will decide who tops Pool A.

    it looks like KEN has qualified finishing 4-0. is this the first time for KEN?

    last african slot to be decided between CMR and TUN.

    qualification format for national championship:

    now its the pool game, Kenya has secured the 1st in pool A, so the semifinal will decide who will finally qualify.

    The last 8 vacancies will be decided by four tournaments,

    1. African Nations Championship (Cameroon, Oct 7-14) in progress now
    9 teams for 2 vacancies
    (format: PA- CMR, EGY, ALG, BOT; PB- TUN, KEN, SEN, NGR, DRC; semifinals; finals)

    2. South American Qualification (Peru, Oct 13-15) round robin will be executed
    4 teams for 1 vancancy (PER, COL, ARG, VEN URU)

    3. North, Central American and Caribbean Qualification Pool A (Dominican Republic, Oct 13-15) round robin will be executed
    4 teams for 2 vacancies (DR, PR, Guatelama, Jamaica)

    4. North, Central American and Caribbean Qualification Pool C (Trinidad and Tobago, Oct 13-15) round robin will be executed
    4 teams for 2 vacancies (TT, Mexico, CR, Dominica)

    I was thinking limit for foreign players in one team is 2. Did they change the rule?

    the rule is that no limination to the number of players transferred from other federations (foreign players), however,
    Women Super-League: only two (2) foreign players could be sent in court at a time.
    Men Super-League: only two (2) foreign players can be sent in court for the 1st to 6th ranked clubs last league season, while, maxium three (3) foreign players can be sent in court for the lower ranks (7th to 14th) last league season.
    therefore, at least one of them (Carrillo, Bursac, Yaneva) will sit in bench

    Beijing BAIC Motors invites another USA middle blocker, but the name has not been officially announced yet.
    It is widely believed that the new comer would not be Harmotto or Dixon.
    I guess it could be either Paige Tapp (USNT member in 2017) or Wopat (Japan V League in 2016-17), lets see.
    any news from other sources or rumors, guys?

    Any news about where the following players will play this year: Joyce Silva (Joycinha), Aneta Havlickova, Jovana Brakocevic, Onuma Sittirak, Brenda Castillo, Nancy Carrillo, Laura Dijkema, or Kelly Murphy?

    Carrillo will play in China Super League again, for Guangdong Evergrande this time.
    Along with her, Yaneva from Bulgaria and Bursac from Serbia.

    Beijing BAIC motors invites another USA middle blocker, but the name has not been announced yet.
    It is widely believed that Harmotto and Dixon are excluded for any possibilities.
    I guess it could be either Paige Tapp (USNT member in 2017) or Wopat (Japan V League in 2016-17), Lets see.

    Won`t be Busa, she`s playing for Chemik. Maybe Bjelica?

    Nothing about Busa....
    its called Bursac from Serbia, used to be the outsidehitter of Cannes. The other two could be Carrillo and Yaneva...
    New Coach of Evergrande is Mr. Fang Yan, the former HC of Cannes Racing Club. therefore its understandable to invite so many cannes players.
    We are still waiting for the final official annoucement yet.

    KYK wasnt in the roster. She is in Japan as one of the staff tho.

    i noticed Kim's instagram, in which she showed her fotos with others, but with a yellow entry card in front of her chest. which means she is the special staff of Korea or the distinguished guest from the organiser. such entry card looks quite silimiar to Lang Ping's, China General Coach.

    This is not good. Respect other teams and send your strong team, although their strong team is not enough, this team will just be a nightmare to watch. Why did you accept the wild card if you would send your young team?

    lol...take it easy man... :drink:
    its not an important tournament, which will not even award a single WR point.
    but it is still big fun to watch such an annual big party close after the olympics, to test which team is conducted in a sustainable way.
    we are delighted to see veterans coming back and youngsters growing fast...