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    IMO not all the 17 players shown in the TVF media ceremony have guaranteed the 14-roster vacancy.

    For example, Saliha (OH), Ilkin (OH), and Sila (S) can be cut (at any time) together with Derya and Tugba at the time when the Mediterranean game calls.

    I think that Kisy / Lorrayna até the best Opp duo. Onde hás what is missing in the other.

    Hope Julia Bergman can show a good level of Volleyball. She and Ana Cristina would bê my picks for OH position.

    however, the sets with kisy on were all failed. were her attack and block both working?

    when will Lorrayna Marys come back for training after her wedding ?

    PS: as Ze said, he hopes to develop more versatile player suitable for duo positions (like Tainara and Rosa), Ana Cristina tried out with OP/OH in consecutive sets.

    so the final 24 teams are now can be confirmed, if there is no deny from the national associations in the future.

    1. Auto qualified (3 teams):

    (1) Organisors: Netherlands(WR10);Poland(WR12)

    (2) Defending Champion: Serbia(WR5)

    2. qualified as Continental Champion or Vice Champion (9 teams):

    (1) AVC: China (WR3); Japan(WR9)

    (2) NORCECA: Dominican Republic (WR7); Puerto Rico(WR17)

    (3) CEV: Italy (WR6)

    (4) CAVB: Cameroon (WR20);Kenya(WR28)

    (5) CSV:Brazil (WR2); Colombia(WR16)

    3. qualified by WR points updated on September 20, 2021 (12 teams):

    USA(WR1);Turkey(WR4);Russia(WR8);Germany(WR11);Belgium(WR13);Korea(WR14);Bulgaria(WR15);Canada(WR18);Thailand(WR19);Argentina(WR21);Czech Republic(WR22);Kazakhstan(WR23)

    That was a meeting today in the morning with the dominican president and all athletes going to the olympics there were 15 volleyball players including Mambru, se was interview after she was told that she did not make the team, she said she understand and she is ok but judging her body language you can tell she was pissed off.

    here is is the vid:

    thank you for the information, i noticed the video when the president met the DR national volleyball team, i noticed only 13 players' participation of the meeting including Mambru. I thought Martinaz-Caro probably would not make it.

    Poor Mambru now.

    Lazovic is out !!! guess lacking of experience maybe compared with Busa.

    Rasic, Caric, Savic appeared in the first friendly again Italy but were all not included the 14 line-ups.

    Finally Rasic take place of Kocic, this is a very convincing decision.

    To Li Yao: She is average in any technical analysis. I do not support her in the roster to Tokyo.

    To Liu Xiaotong: we still remember Liu Xiaotong highlights in Rio 1/4 final and her performances afterwards till Wch 2018, were all good enough to secure a Tokyo spot, however, now, she insists and struggles.

    To Liu Yanhan: she is not showing her big games since VNL 2019. I hope Lang Ping bring us physical/chemical miracles while mixing her in the team.

    I am not to comment the others, because 8 of players are just too good. Wang Mengjie and Yao Di are just the better options compared to their competitors. Jenny's roster is a little bit surprising me but persuading me too.

    Hi pappi -- long time not seeing you posting around, I recall several years ago, possibly in 2015, you were still posting often, in the 2015 WC, 2016 Rio and so forth... and I won't forget the look of Castro in your PP :wavy: just wanna say 'Hello" to a long time tenant here :whistle:

    oh, it is so sweet of you.:rose:

    I may be away when it is not actual volleyball season, now the OG is approaching so i am back again.

    It is good to see you guys are still around.

    Let's chat. :drink:

    On the contrary, i like them.This is not the first time our China team using flag core colour Red mixed with the White, such combination looks quite smart anyway.

    China volleyball team used to wear red, white and dark navy for the past few decades, we cannot confuse them from other countries. because the entire design is different and the National brand of Li Ning will never be ignored.

    Now, Let us talk about the colour of yellow, which is also picked out form the stars in China National Flag. if we made the uniform in yellow, the team may look quite united and full of passion. But not all China teams selected bright yellow uniform, only for the team with intensive competition, like hockey, table tennis, volleyball, football....

    While dark navy looks quite solemn and classic, i also like it

    Do you have any info about azeri league 2020? How many teams will compete? I see 'Mubariz' is a new one.

    2019-20 Azerbaijan Championship "Super Liga" has 6 clubs to complete, Azerreyl, Lokomotiv, Absheron, Mubariz, UNEC, and Gurcustan.

    But famous players are all palying outside the country.

    Rahimova, in Sesi Bauru, Brazil

    Mammadova in Liaoning Huajun, China

    Kulan in Toray Arrows, Japan

    Samadova in Leningradka, Russia

    Hasanova in Volero Le Cannet, France

    Yagubova in Lipetsk, Russia

    Bezsonova in CSM Alba Blaj, Romania

    Alishanova in Jaszbereny, Hungary

    Abdulazimova in Vasas Obuda Budapest, Hungary

    Aliyeva (setter) in Jakarta Power, Indonesia

    Azerbaijan new approaches in volleyball system establishment,

    1. to absorb more talented neutralised players (14-16 years old) to play in Azerbaijan clubs, to copy the success of Uzbek Rahimova.

    2. dispatch more players to higher leagues, especially strengthen the cooperation with Asian clubs, e.g.

    Rahimova, formerly in Korea, now in Sesi Bauru Brazil

    Mammadova in Liaoning, China

    Kulan in Toray Arrows, Japan

    Pozniak, in Philippines

    Odina Aliyeva, in Jakarta Pertamina Energy Club, Indonesia

    3. the experienced players shall work for the NT or clubs

    e.g. Mammadova will be appointed the coach of a club called "Mubariz"

    As Agayev, new head coach of Azerbaijan criticised Caprara's leave and expressed his new target of establishment of a new NT system, this OQ is just regarded as a test tournament to the young players, so the veterans like OH - Aliyeva and MB - Hasanova will not participate in. But huge stars, Rahimova and Samadova were both back.

    here is the final 13 players

    S: Yagubova, Alishanova

    OP: Rahimova, Kurbanova, Azizova

    OH: Samadova, Salbishvili, Bashnakova

    MB: Abdulazimova, Pavlenko, Kirilyuk

    L: Karimova, Aliyeva

    Why do they make tournament teams with only 1 MB? Lol

    i am confused

    IMO, i am trying to convince myself that "all-tournament team" was kinda composed up with the most shining stars (no matter what their positions are) from the top four teams, for example 3 players from the champion team, 2 from the vice-champion, 1 from each of the semifinalists.

    badly, this is can also regarded as a reflection that not too many potential blockers remarkable yet, at least for the tournament of 2019.

    I like Pressley, she deserves "the player of year". she participated almost all the games and kept the consistent high performances for all tournament round. while. Plummer was absent for a while due to injury.


    Plummer (OH, Stanford)

    Hentz (L, Stanford)

    Gray (S, Stanford)

    Haggerty (OH, Wisconsin)

    Rettke (MB, Wisconsin)

    Pressley (OH, Baylor University) - Player of the year

    Hart (OH, Minnisota)