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    it is not professional to say never comeback after getting cut.

    But if it benefits, it will be another story a real drama.

    Hopefully all players could be cut due to realistic explanation and be back with convicing reason.

    so many tournaments... why not just make this the olympic qualifier????

    hope PUR is back at their strongest... the team that played the IOQT and panam games wasn’t too impressive.

    Yes. I agree.

    however, pre-olympic is always the independt tournament, not linked with continental championships.

    In 2017, the NORCECA made the compromise with the FIVB, to combine the championship as the qualifier. IMO. that was really stupid decision ever. NORCECA should have selected the best 6 ranked teams of the continental championships, rather than directly selecting the winner from 6 groups. The following stages of the championships were completely with no meaning and caused the tournament rediculously castrated.

    A total of 17 players of Puerto Rico are preparing the championship, 3 more will be cut soon.

    S (3): Natalia Valentín, Raymerialy Santos, Wilmarie Rivera

    OP (3): Paulina Prieto Cerame, Shirley Ferrer, Génesis Collazo

    OH (5): Aury Cruz, Karina Ocasio, Stephanie Enright, Pilar Victoriá, Legna Hernández

    MB (4): Diana Reyes, Neira Ortiz, Ana Sofía Jusino, Paola Rojas

    L (2): Shara Venegas, Normarie Vélez

    USA has qualified for 2020 Tokyo, and DOM has qualified to pre-olympic tournament in January 2020, as the top ranked team in NORCECA, therefore, the rest 6 participating teams will fight for the last 3 vacancies to the pre.

    According to Voloch, Tandara won’t play the continental championship. She asked to be out to solve personal problems, and it seems her decision didn’t pleased Zé and the technical staff.

    IMO Brazilian players are really loosing opportunities to prove themselves. I know Tandara is great, but now Lorenne is doing well and we all know that Sheilla will be in Tokyo even if she reaches just like 60% of her best shape. Players shouldn’t take their spot for granted... Look at Carol’s example, she was a beast in Superliga, and now, after taking a month off to go on vacation, she’s barely playing.

    Thats why there is also a guess that Tandara will be cut of WC roster too.

    She was amazing but because she is in position 4/outside hitter so receive less sets as compared when she is at position 6 as an oppositei

    i understand what you mean, she got less attacks from the backrow.

    The trio power last night, 15-12-11 points, was great.

    but lets see tonite, when gabi/tandara/lorenne are against rahimova/samadova/hasanova

    to face moderate opponents, i think this 14 roster is a bit risky but still in rational level.

    Natalia is injuried but not in a heavier condition like laying down, i think she will be dispatched if the game situation with a negative way.

    Tandara can resume the pace from the very beginning, and Ana paula subs.

    I find it funny that some people are celebrating the possible return of Camila Brait but are complaining about Sheilla, Fabiana...

    I'm not talking about anyone from here, but it's a general feeling that I have.

    I honestly wish that no one would come back, especially if it is a player who hasn't played at any single tournament since 2016. That also includes Fernanda Garay, who only played the 2018 WCH and was a complete mess.

    Sheilla and Fabiana never missed any important tournament but Camila was cut for too many times, many guys think she used to be good enough and deserves at least a vacancy in OG.

    Meliha Ismailoglu is suddenly out of the registration form, released by CVA.

    but She used to be in the official list annouced by TVF.

    Anyone knows the reason? did she fly? her absence is big trouble for Turkey now.

    China Roster 14

    S: Ding Xia, Yao Di

    OP: Gong Xiangyu, Zeng Chunlei

    OH: Zhu Ting (C), Zhang Changning, Liu Xiaotong, Li Yingying

    MB: Yan Ni, Yuan Xinyue, Wang Yuanyuan, Zheng Yixin

    L: Wang Mengjie, Lin Li