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    honestly, both Ebrar and Drews deserve to be best OPP IMO. Even if they lost the match against China, she got 31pts today.

    as an exellent opposite, Karakurt still has to improved a lot because her attacks' efficiency is heavily affected by the errors that are completely out of her control at some time

    Players of Brazil U20 to participate the friendlies against Argentina, China, Turkey in MG are:

    Setters: Kenya, Rose

    Opposites: Kisy, Jheovana

    Middle Blockers: Laura Kudies, Daniella Seibt, Julia Kudies

    Outside Hitters: Julia Bergmann, Ana Cristina

    Libero: Letícia Moura

    apparently it is not a full roster, does anybody have more information about it?

    Lin Li is not in her best shape still but now she is much better than what she performed last year.

    Ni Feifan makes me feel refreshing again after Wang Mengjie.

    Wang Yuanyuan and Zheng Yixin are just unbalanced players that cannot be dominant in both attachking and blocking, on the contrary, Yang Hanyu is more potential to improve.

    Liu Xiaotong and Liu Yanhan shall be stay in the main roster as the backup of Zhu Ting and Li Yingying, Zhang Changning.

    roberta and amanda should go, to get more practices

    I will accept these predictions as nobody knew China’s roster before. I fully understand you and I think that everyone should post prediction as late as possible to be confirmed of all things around (like rosters) but I understand also that somebody may be afraid to forget to predict and want to post results earlier. I want to have kind a human approach and just have fun.

    I can lead future predictions as well and we can always discuss more strict rules if you would like to ;)

    yes, agree with your comments. there used to be a kinda clear front rules annouced when every prediction game starts. for example, i would not post any results that i had already missed, i see many other friends doing so here too.

    but for sure i am not taking it too serious which is only for fun.

    however, i noticed China combination of A2+B1 also mixed up a great many predictions although many knew the roster. so this is unexpectation of games, and predication isn't easy. but i like it.

    i am serious, Hilma was super great, if ze likes, i hope she could be invited too along with Fernanda Venturini and Marcia Fu Cunha. lol

    any body knows how is Jenina Conceicao nowadays ? Fabiana flopped a lot since two seasons ago, i do not think her back is a wise decision but she can share more experience to the youngsters indeed.

    the successors Lima and Arlene were both much better than Suelen, orz, the latter should be forgotten for ever.

    i totally doubt sheilla and tandara's shape recently, who were absent from court for so long time or after a long break due to injury. the both passed their golden ages so can they dare to shine their best performances in the next tournaments?

    Canada 3-0 over Croatia by 25-18, 25-20, 26-24 to get to the challenger final.

    Czech Republic will fight for the only vacancy against Canada in order to promote to 2020 VNL.

    if Korea quits, i hope Canada could join the next edition, other than Bulgaria.

    WEEK 5

    Belgium Brazil 2-3

    Turkey - Italy 1-3

    Belgium - Italy 2-3

    Turkey -Brazil 1-3

    Serbia - Germany 0-3

    China - Bulgaria 3-0

    Germany - Bulgaria 3-0

    China - Serbia 3-0

    Netherlands - USA 0-3

    Russia - Thailand 3-1

    Thailand - USA 0-3

    Russia - Netherlands 3-1

    Poland - Dominican Republic 3-2

    South Korea - Japan 0-3

    Japan - Dominican Republic 3-1

    South Korea - Poland 0-3

    Russia 14 players arrived in Perugia

    Setters (3): Startseva (Captain), Romanova, Matveeva

    Opposites (2): Kotikova, Khaletskaia

    Outside hitters (4): Voronkova, Parubets, Iurinskaia, Vorobyeva

    Middle Blocker (3): Orlova, Lazarenko, Zubareva

    Libero (2): Chikrizova, Galkina

    Ryseva (S), Kurilo (OH), Efimova (MB), Russu (OH) who performed in Belgium are rested this week.

    WEEK 4

    Russia - South Korea 3-1

    Italy - Bulgaria 3-0

    Bulgaria - Russia 1-3

    Italy - South Korea 3-0

    South Korea - Bulgaria 3-2

    Italy - Russia 3-0

    Belgium - Netherlands 0-3

    Germany - Dominican Republic 1-3

    Dominican Republic - Netherlands 3-1

    Germany - Belgium 3-2

    Belgium - Dominican Republic 1-3

    Germany - Netherlands 2-3

    Serbia - Thailand 0-3

    Japan - Brazil 3-2

    Brazil - Thailand 3-2

    Japan - Serbia 3-0

    Brazil - Serbia 3-0

    Japan - Thailand 3-1

    USA - Turkey 3-1

    China - Poland 3-0

    Poland - USA 1-3

    China - Turkey 3-0

    Turkey - Poland 3-2

    China - USA 3-1

    Italy 14 players in Perugia to face Bulgaria, South Korea, and Russia,

    S: Malinov, Orro

    OP: Egonu, Sorokaite (also WS)

    WS: Sylla, Lucia Bosetti, Caterina Bosetti, Pietrini

    MB: Chirichella (C), Danesi, Fahr, Alberti

    L: De Gennaro, Parochialle

    only one minor adjustment happens to Villani, replaced by Caterina Bosetti.