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    what we've got after the Meeting between Cimed and Giba:

    everything has been ready to confirm that the best male player of the world---Giba return to strenghten Cimed next superliga...the only question is whether and how the club would be able to increase the amount (dollars) originally proposed to beat other investors....including Iskra and 4 other clubs from Europe..

    2008 Torneio Eslovénia

    Particitipants: Slovenia, Portugal, Cuba

    Results and Stats

    3-1 (25/23, 25/22, 25/22, 21/25) stats

    1-3 (20/25, 21/25, 20/25, 25/23) stats

    2-3 (22/25, 30/32, 25/18, 26/24, 12/15) stats



    16h30 one can be substitute for the Yelstin Cup held in Russia??

    ??? caprara may pick out 3 more players from this composition, reserving for yeltsin cup...its gonna be really competitive...

    see what patkin said:
    "the team training in Croatia is aspirants to take part in Beijing Olympic Games 2008. We would like to give the rest players a chance to win a berth to Beijing as well....they have to follow a series of international tournaments: May 21-27 in Abu Dhabi and June 10-14 in the Italian North Town Courmayeur"



    Marina AKULOVA 1985 184cm S Samorodok KHABAROVSK
    Evgenia STARTSEVA 1985 181cm S Avtodor-Metar CHELYABINSK
    Natalia SAFRONOVA 1979 189cm WS Zareche-Odintsovo MOSCOW
    Natalia KULIKOVA 1982 190cm WS Samorodok KHABAROVSK
    Yulia ANDRUSHKO 1985 198cm WS Leningradka SAINKT-PETERSBURG
    Olga FATEEVA 1986 190cm WS Zareche-Odintsovo MOSCOW
    Tatiana KOSHELEVA 1988 188cm WS Zareche-Odintsovo MOSCOW
    Alexandra PASYNKOVA 1987 190cm WS Uralochka-NTMK SVERDL REG
    Ekaterina IRISOVA 1987 188cm MB Balakovskaia AES
    Elena MURTAZAEVA 1981 190cm MB CSKA MOSCOW
    Yulia SEDOVA 1985 192cm MB Avtodor-Metar CHELYABINSK
    Svetlana KRYUCHKOVA 1985 170cm L Zareche-Odintsovo MOSCOW

    S: Cabrera, Cleger, Acosta
    OH: Maso, Herrera, Garcia, Roble
    MB: Gonzalez, Castaneda, Silva, Bocourt
    L: Arredondo

    this is only the 2nd national team with many potentials........

    Perdomo has divided the cuban NT into 2 teams, which are respectively gonna participate in UAE Tournament and Panamerican Cup....

    the 1st NT is propably listed as:

    S: Ramirez, Santos, Silie, Mesa
    OH: Ruiz, Calderon, Carcases
    MB: Carrillo, Barros, Sanchez, Alvarez
    L: Ortiz

    the Cuban NT is taking training camp in Habana....Perdomo will announce which team leaves for which tournament in a couple of days....

    Thanks mariuszj1939,

    they are indeed a bit different from what Patkin described months ago...

    In fact, the participants are always changable, it takes time to get response from other volley associations after RVF sends out the invitation...
    hopefully they are the finally confirmed 6 teams coz its almost reaching a nearer schedule...

    it seems a round robin format will be arranged to make it a tournament...

    btw, today Patkin also stressed that a comparatively strong team will be formed to take part in the Yeltsin Cup....its an exciting info, isnt it?

    it is said Giba, who was playing in Iskra Moscow, will return to play for Cimed/Florianopolis....and it seems quite true coz he arrived in Sao Paulo last sunday and planned to meet the manager of Florianopolis today..they are gonna negotiate their contracts...

    Giba confirms the negotiation existis today bi-champoin of Superliga, Cimed is quite confident to contract with Giba although there are offers in force in Europe....

    before his leaving from Russia, he confirmed staying in Iskra in 2008/09 during an official interview...this made me quite confused.....

    gioli is likely to leave for Odintsovo? why not Dinamo....

    in Odintsovo, Merkulova plays an important role in MB position...after Gioli came, what would it be, they will fight for only 1 vacancy

    the both attack perfectly, but merkulova doesnt follow the adversary's attacks efficiently, which is a fatal problem, while, Gioli with a height of 185cm doesnt seem quite enough for the giants fighting...

    dont wanna miss either of them on court...lets see what it will be...

    couple of weeks ago, Caprara has announced the 21 player list for 2008....the olympic convocation will start on May 12th in Novogortsk, Moscow.

    in the end of May, the following 9 players: Gamova, Estes, Godina, Borisenko, Alimova, Sheshenina, Kabeshova, Sokolova, Merkulova will continue intensive training in Croatia for 2 weeks, which is also a preparation for Yeltsin Cup...

    while the rest players will be chosen to take part in UAE Tournament in the end of May...

    i prefer all matches between any 2 of these 3, brasil telecom, rexona-ades, finasa

    if its gonna be a big project...just pick out some u think worthy of would be appreciated......thanks....

    ok...I'll upload them..hehe...

    Well..about this one between BRT and Pinheiros....unfortunetly I don't have...I just have this ones that I out there....
    And Don't worry....cause I plan to record the second semifinals too!!!hehe

    this is quite a fantastic looking forward to ur further action (semi and finals) here... :drink: