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    Very interesting! Looks like Pavlova is stealing the spotlight :win: good job! c'mon Pavy
    Also I was a bit surprised when I did notice that my favorite player Inoue Kaori is on the list of best attacker despite the fact that she's a middle blocker 8) . Last year, Kira (her nickname) was the best blocker but seems like she will not be able to retain the title this year :huh: Anyway she's doing a good job and bringing Denso Airybees to the runner-up title for the very first time.
    pappi do you have any game of V.League?

    exactly, the foreigners are playing a dominant role on attacking (especially shocked by their ability on score-biting)
    yes i do....i'm planning to upload some to megaload....make sure most of members here can get it soon....

    the WC MVP Gioli is my favourite....she deserves another IECL Champion title...

    i suppose: Perugia will win the champion (all experienced players and dominant over-net....); Murcia 2005 maybe not that lucky but they have reached quite close the title anyway at home; Zarechie Odintsovo and Novara are gonna definitely get their top 4 position after defeating Dutch NT and Zurich respectively, but they are not fluent enough to turn Murcia and Perugia over...

    Players Technical Ranking TOP 10 (updated by 2008.03.09):

    BEST ATTACKERS (spike %)

    1 Araki Erica (Toray) 53.8%
    2 De la Cruz (Toray) 53.0%
    3 Joines (Toyota) 49.6%

    4 Nishiwaki Mariko 49.2%
    5 Inoue Kaori (Denso) 48.6%
    6 Sakino Kumiko (Hisamitsu) 46.5
    7 Pavlova (Hisamitsu) 46.5%
    8 Rondon (Denso) 46.2%
    9 Yano Yoshiko (Denso) 45.4%
    10 Sugiyama Sachiko (NEC) 45.1%


    1 Pavlova (Hisamitsu) 671 pts
    2 Moreno (JT) 581 pts
    3 De la Cruz (Toray) 448 pts
    4 Nikolic (Takefuji) 448 pts
    5 Kurihara Megumi (Pioneer) 427 pts
    6 Masami Taniguchi (JT) 420 pts
    7 Rondon (Denso) 403 pts

    8 Tsuzuki Yumiko (Toyota) 401 pts
    9 Takahashi Midori (Toyota) 371 pts
    10 Mori Kazuyo (Okayama) 365 pts

    BEST ATTACKERS (pts/set):

    1 Pavlova (Hisamitsu) 6.15
    2 De la Cruz (Toray) 6.00
    3 Nikolic (Takefuji) 5.19

    4 Moreno (JT) 5.17
    5 Rondon (Denso) 5.15
    6 Kimura Megumi (Pioneer) 3.76
    7 Masami Taniguchi (JT) 3.60
    8 Murata Nadumi (Okayama) 3.43
    9 Kimura Saori (Toray) 3.42
    10 Tsuzuki Yumiko (Toyota) 3.30

    BEST BLOCKERS (blos/set):

    1 Araki Erica (Toray) 1.02
    2 Sugiyama Sachiko (NEC) 0.97
    3 Tajimi Asako (Pioneer) 0.84
    4 Rondon (Denso) 0.82
    5 Inoue Kaori (Denso) 0.79
    6 Shoji Yuki (Pioneer) 0.76
    7 Horai Makiko (JT) 0.66
    8 Yano Yoshiko (Denso) 0.63
    9 Sakino Kumiko (Hisamitsu) 0.61
    10 Rika (Hitachi) 0.61

    BEST SERVERS (Effec.%)

    1 Itabashi Megumi (Hitachi) 16.3%
    2 Takahashi Midori (Toyota) 14.5%
    3 Takaki Rie (JT) 13.7%

    4 Ishida Mizuho (Takefuji) 13.6%
    5 Matsuzaki Sayoko (NEC) 13.5%


    1 Sano Yuko (Hisamitsu) 80.2%
    2 Yoshida (Pioneer) 74.6%
    3 Narita Ikumi (NEC) 74.6%

    4 Sakurai Yuka (Denso) 74.5%
    5 Kano Miyuki (Hisamitsu) 73.2%

    lasted results updating......

    03.08 Round 24

    Pioneer Red Wings x NEC 1-3 (25-19, 20-25, 20-25, 22-25)
    Toray x Denso Airybees 3-1 (25-19, 23-25, 26-24, 25-21)
    Okayama x Toyota Autobody 3-1 (25-20, 24-26, 25-22, 27-25)
    Hitachi Sawa x Takefuji 1-3 (17-25, 18-25, 25-21, 23-25)
    JT x Hisamitsu Springs 2-3 (19-25, 22-25, 25-22, 25-18, 8-15)

    03.09 Round 25

    Okayama Gulls x Denso Airybees 1-3 (20-25, 25-22, 19-25, 23-25)
    NEC x Toyota Autobody 3-1 (27-25, 20-25, 25-18, 25-13)
    Hisamitsu Springs x Toray 0-3 (15-25, 16-25, 21-25)
    Takefuji x Pioneer Red Wings 2-3 (25-19, 16-25, 25-23, 23-25, 11-15)
    JT x Hitachi Sawa 3-0 (25-21, 25-20, 25-19)


    01 Toray 21-4, 46 pts
    02 Denso Airbees 18-7, 43 pts (63-31)
    03 Hisamitsu Springs 18-7, 43 pts (63-40)
    04 NEC 13-12, 38 pts (56-50)
    05 Okayama Gulls 13-12, 38 pts (51-48 )
    06 Pioneer Red Wings 13-12, 38 pts (48-49)
    07 JT 12-13, 37 pts

    08 Toyota Autobody 10-15, 35 pts
    09 Takefuji Bamboo 7-18, 32 pts
    10 Hitachi Sawa 0-25, 25 pts

    thanks pappi,ı wouldn t know anything about japan s league.there is 9 foreign players?Okayama Gulls does nt have anyone?

    no,Okayama Gulls didnt contract any foreign player this season, but their native players seem more competitive this year....quite interesting...they have only middle blockers with a height of under 180cm, but they can make troubles to other teams with smooth quick attacks and good defense... :super:

    Thank you A LOT for this topic! Brings us a bit more of asian flavour to the site :D
    would be really nice if u could update the results once in a while to keep us all updated... Im really interested in this league and i would love to see a match too :lol:

    Im curious if skowronska will decide to play in japan as well, as she mentioned sth about it...
    If so, what do you think what team would it be?

    yes of gonna update the results and the stats in a minute...

    Kasia would like to play in Japan :heart: , it would be fantastic...i prefer her playing for Pioneer Red Wings, coz this is a very strong team guided by the former USA NT coach Mr Yoshida, and this team won lots of champion titles in Japan League history....most importantly, the Pioneer Team is more like a well organised team with no weak position...many excellent players from Japan NT are working in this group like the top scorer kurihara Megumi, Sasaki Miki, experienced middle blocker Tajimi and rising star shoji Yuki.....

    besides, kasia is a wise and quick attacker with good skills enough to control the loop arc, the speed, the falling point in the air, and i'm sure she can follow the fairly quick rhythm of the teamwork in Pioneer as well...

    btw, i dont think Usic does a good job here...

    erin aldrich from USA....celebrates with her teammates of NEC....

    i think you guys know her very well.....she is the key player in Japan NT, the outside hitter SHIN (Miyuki Takehashi), she played for Vicenza in ITA a1 last few, aldrich is her mates...

    Pavlova from Kazakhstan (Hisamitsu Spring) is trying to spike through the double block from NEC....

    Pavlova celebrates with her teammates!!!!!!!!!!

    i would like to make a brief introduction to make sure everyone here could understand the Japan V League

    2007/08 Japan Volleyball Women's Premier League (short for: Japan V league) is the top of volleyball Leagues in Japan, with 10 clubs and more than 300 registered players excluding foreign players. there has been strict restriction on foreign players transfer, as each team can only contract with ONE foreign player in order to introduce super attackers into the League fighting....

    Japan V with quite long history is one of the most successful leagues in the world since the ever beginning. this is her 14th tournament now. in the end of 90s, more and more foreign players were intended or invited to play for Japan V, there was an all-time boom during that period....but too many foreign players in court led some more consequences like many young japanese players weren't given enough chance to perform in the gradually became an overwhelming harm to the essential policy of volley sustainable the beginning of 21st century, Japan Volley Asociassion has appealled a limitation on foreign transfer (1 foreign player 1 club became a mandatory regulation widely-followed)

    9 Foreign players in Japan V League:


    DE LA CRUZ De Pena Bethania (DOM)
    Shirt Number: 18

    Nickname: Betty
    Position: OH
    Height: 188cm

    Pioneer Red Wings

    Senna USIC (CRO)
    Shirt NO: 22

    Nickname: Senna
    Height: 191cm
    Position: Opposite

    Denso Airybees

    RONDON Cindy (DOM)
    Shirt NO: 28

    Height: 189cm
    Position: MB


    MORENO Pino Kenny (COL)
    Shirt NO: 03

    Height: 185cm
    Position: OH

    Hisamitsu Springs

    PAVLOVA Yelena (KAZ)
    Shirt NO: 11

    Height: 186
    Position: OH


    Erin ALDRICH (USA)
    Shirt NO: 11

    Height: 185cm
    Position: MB

    Takefuji Bamboo

    NIKOLIC Jelena (SRB)
    Shirt NO: 25

    Position: OH
    Height: 194cm

    Toyota AutoBody

    JOINES Jennifer (USA)
    Height: 191cm
    Position: MB

    Hitachi Sawa

    ZHANG Fanghe (CHN)

    Height: 185cm
    Position: Opposite


    01 Toray 21-4, 46 pts
    02 Denso Airbees 18-7, 43 pts (63-31)
    03 Hisamitsu Springs 18-7, 43 pts (63-40)
    04 NEC 13-12, 38 pts (56-50)
    05 Okayama Gulls 13-12, 38 pts (51-48 )
    06 Pioneer Red Wings 13-12, 38 pts (48-49)
    07 JT 12-13, 37 pts

    08 Toyota Autobody 10-15, 35 pts
    09 Takefuji Bamboo 7-18, 32 pts
    10 Hitachi Sawa 0-25, 25 pts

    the 25th round is the second last round in regular season, Toray/Denso/Hisamitsu has qualified to Top 4 Final round tournament because of distinct performances, NEC/Okayama/Pioneer/JT will fight for the last position next round, Takefuji Bamboo and Hitachi Sawa were quite disappointing this season to stay in the dropping zone.....

    sorry to hear this bad news....he was great...

    frankly, even though he wasn't hurt himself, his physical condition was still far from completing high stressing tournament like OG in Beijing.....he was seldom sent in court during the WC 2007 in Japan and out of the 12 roster for OEQT in Turkey this January.

    i'm afraid that he's gettin' farther from ESP NT....

    de facto, whatever happened on this match between Jesi and Perugia would not effect the consequences at all......

    if Novara qualified to the F4, Grupo 2002 would meet Zarechie Odintsovo/Amstelveen in the semifinal, and Novara fighted with Jesi/Perugia

    if Novara didnt qualify to the F4, Grupo 2002 would meet Zurich Volero in the semifinal, Odintsovo fighted with Jesi/Perugia as scheduled....


    Schedule has been announced (to be confirmed after the second playoff matches of Top 6):

    04.05, Semifinals

    Grupo 2002 MURCIA (ESP) vs Asystel NOVARA (ITA) / Voléro ZÜRICH (SUI)

    Zarechie ODINTSOVO (RUS) / Dela Martinus AMSTELVEEN (NED) vs Sirio PERUGIA (ITA) / Vini Monteschiavo JESI (ITA)

    In accordance with the Regulations, in case that 2 teams from the same country reach the Final Four, the match calendar will be automatically updated so that the 2 teams mandatory meet in the Semi-Finals. CEV will confirm the final match calendar after the end of the last playoff matches.

    04.06, Finals

    Classification Match 3/4: Losers of the Semifinals

    Final 1/2: Winners of the Semifinals

    hi joanamss,

    yes, Pavlova is playing well in the club of Hisamitsu Spring, in Japan V League this season, togher with Yuko Sano, Omura Kanako, Shuka Oyama....the team stands at the 3rd place among the 10 clubs in Regular season...

    as shown in the statistics, Pavlova leads the top among best scorers (pts in total) and best attackers (pts/set), 8th place in best attackers (spike %)...

    this year, Rodon, De la Cruz had been in contract with 2 japanese v clubs with perfect performances. vargas is in Turkey after a recovery from injury, Rodrigues is playing in Puerto Rico, who's gonna retire from NT after OG this summer....they are the key players of DOM team anyway.

    I was not judging but giving my comments to it, which is pretty legimit cos its a discussions board ;)
    and my reaction about the japanese league was more a positive "shock" than a negative.
    Whenever i think of league etc the Japanese league is one of those i dont think of, just because it is (unfortunatly) not present here. And im pretty sure that its a pretty nice league, cos of the interesting japanese way of playing volleyball.

    ive got quite a list of 07-08 JPN V League videos, dont know if anyone's interested in it.....

    Hmm, i agree with you on the Bundesliga
    but its kinda weird to see poland so close to germans level, same as russia... I really doubt that and i mentioned my reasons before already...
    Its also interesting that u mentioned the japanese league, which is not present in our european heads at all... So its really hard to compare their level with "ours"... so i would put the japanese league into brackets for my option.
    And i totally disagree with Spains league on the 2nd rank... Just look at the Championsleague or other european championship (esp. this year).
    Besides Murcia there is no team really able to fight for titles on the european level. And with the new rule the spanish league will break down totally, while other countries like Russia and Poland dont have to stress themselves.

    different people hold their own definition of "GOOD LEAGUE"....

    i've clarified that i never ever watched a single match of Polish lig, but i can see polish clubs work in IECL or CEVC, quite disappointing, isnt it?

    well, superliga and japan v here are two comparative Leagues, i didnt mean to ask you to judge them at all.....why bother? at least, i think the teams are quite competitive in the worldwide stage.

    if you would like to classify the leagues, i'm afraid counting STARS, ACHIEVEMENTS is not enough. we should consider their conception, running expenses, budget, financial support, player salary condition, the volley culture of their NT, potential of sustainable development (such as ESP, ITA, RC Cannes, Zurich Volero, including TUR may face more difficulties at the very last point, i agree with you), TV Broadcasting Capacity, audience box office......and so on....

    all the above specialised factors would decide the mode of the Club Construction and whether its gonna be "Good League" when we have chance to watch it...

    1/ LVF a1 (if you would like to watch most fierce fight and volley stars)

    2/ SVF (only 3-4 top and rich teams with big stars)

    3/ Superliga (focus on Finasa, Rexona, Minas, Brasil Telecom, Pinheiros only.....brasilians born for volley)

    4/ Turkish Lig 1 (has less limitatiion on palyer transfer, but the level of the lig is still on developping)

    5/ Japan V League (strict restriction on foreign players, each team one foreign player, like nikolic, rondon, pavlova, de la cruz, joines are in different clubs)

    6/ Russian Superleague (womens championships are still have big difference to the mens work.....although its changing a lot...most important, the coaches should try out some new conception)

    7/ Polish Lig 1 (seldom watch.....but i know its working well and becomes more and more popular in CEV)

    8/ Bundesliga (i got a small clip of one of their matches, a big crowd of strong women playing slow volleyball)

    After many teams are going to be classified at the end of this Championship? 3 or 4?

    Well....Serbia, Poland muct get the quali!!!!!
    And Japan as well....

    4 vacacies in total, the rules like this:

    1. the winner of the tournament will qualify to OG

    2. apart from the winner, the best asian team of the tournament will qualify to OG

    3.apart from the 1 and 2, the 2nd & 3rd best ranked teams after the winner will qualify to OG.....

    hopefully its clear for you


    i think serbia, poland, japan are the huge favorites.....dom, kaz,kor will try to get the 4th

    besides, if JAPAN gets the WINNER, theres gonna be another asian team (approx. KOREA) directly qualify to OG as the best asian team.......its understandable, isnt it....