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    In the first video Kim,Fabi and especially Logan is so funny. I loved this trio. :heart: By the way Logan Tom is the coolest volleyball player I've ever watched. I've been following her games from her Tenerife years where she played with Neslihan and I've never seen her so happy and smiling in another team before Fenerbahce. I know this would be a miracle but I would love to see her for at least one more season in Fenerbahce.

    Japan women’s volleyball national team coach Masoyoshi Manabe and his wife and Fuji TV visits Fenerbahce Universal.. Some players and coach Ze Roberto gave an interview to Fuji TV.
    Manabe also said " Turkish League is definitely the most competitive one in the world."

    He definitely lied. :lol:

    Just arrived in Burhan Felek Sports Hall. The atmosphere looks cool but not many people in the hall unfortunately. Vakif girls look happy Ozge is dancing in every song. The match is about to start I hope for a hard fight.

    I wholeheartly suppor Leo for her to be flag bearer. She proved many times that she deserves that.

    From Heather Bown's facebook page:
    "Having an amazing time here in Italy. Ran this morning around the city. Felt so nice to go in and out of all the little streets, then cut through the center to get back to our hotel.
    I want to urge all of you to vote for Leo LoBianco on Facebook to be the flag bearer for Italy this summer in London. I'll try to find the page and put it up here. It doesn't matter that your not from Italy. So everyone vote for Leo shes a wonderful friend and person!!"

    Heather is such a nice girl. I really enjoy reading her posts on facebook. :thumbup:

    Thormann is amazing so far for Schweriner. Her one foot attack remind me of Oksana Alparsan.(She used to play for Vakifbank years ago) Both of them perform all their attacks on one foot no matter if it's back row or front. Has Thormann ever played for Germany NT?

    Well. I think you guys are exaggerating Gizem's situation. First of all her playing bad at the moment does not mean she did not deserve to be in the starting six in NT last summer. Looking at her latest performance, you guys are talking like she was always playing bad and never deserved to be in NT. Last year Gizem played a fantastic season, she won best libero awards in many competitions and deserved to be in the starting six of NT as much as Gulden.. You all know these but somehow you prefer to ignore the success and just see the faults and bad performance. I am not saying she should have been in the starting six. Motta made a choice and I think he took a risk letting Gulden play after a very long recovery time. Gulden played very well but in the middle of the tournament Motta changed his mind and used double libero. He either did not like Gulden's performance or it was ust a change of game strategy. Nobody knows.

    And about the tweets, her boyfriend's reaction to the situation was really rude and annoying but noone can blame Gizem for his fault. Apperantly Gizem was really sad after what happened and wrote some tweets realted to the event. Well If I were in her shoes I would not wrote my complaint in such a social network but some people like to share what they feel immediately which is understandabe to some extent.

    What annoys me is that some users forget that the players are not robots and expect them to play in top form every single game. If they don't, people start to accuse the players as if they committed a crime.