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    Chill out guys! First of all SRB is playing their first GP. There is no draw in GP. In making groups they are taking in consideration position in last year GP. The teams which wasn't play always are in worst situtation. There is no fault of Poland that Russia, Korea, Serbia, Cuba, Argentina, Peru didn't play in 2010. Ofc Poland has very good relations with FIVB, but this is not for nothing. We organize tournaments and we have big support from TV Polsat. Probably only Japan and maybe China could secure this too.

    How come does Poland always play Grand Prix?
    I really like Poland NT and appreciate Polish people's love for volleyball. On the other hand it is unjustice for me to give so many wild cards to a single country for big international competititons no matter what. Poland is one of FIVB's favourites, the others are as you mentioned China and Japan.
    One of FIVB's and CEV's missions is to promote volleyball but both of them just suck at this. :thumbdown:

    These players drew my attention lately with their good performances in WGP:

    Konieczna (What was Chiappini thinking keeping her on bench all season? Such a good player. I liked her jump serve) ,
    Okuniewska (She was already good in WCH and she is more self-confident now and a better player)
    Giel (She was the best player for Cuba lately. I like the way she attacks but her block performance is not as good as her attack. Don't know why she always looks as if she is about to cry)
    Kim Yeon Koung (No words. can't wait to see her in Turkey)
    Saori Sakoda (She is my new favourite player in Japan. She is so quick and she jumps quite high that even tall blocks could not stop her)
    Xu Yunli (She hardly finds a spot in the starting six of China but I think she is a very good player. She was wonderful against Germany yesterday)
    Malagurski (I knew she was a talented player but did not expect her to play so well in outside hitter position. Serbia will be a really strong team if Nikolic joins the team in a good shape or the way she was in Vakifbank)
    Rasic (She improved her skills a lot in a few years. At the moment she is the best scorer middle blocker in the tornament)
    Burchardt (She is a brave and strong player. She deserves a spot in starting line up for some games)
    Emilce Sosa (Her stats look impressive, she is the best blocker of GP at the moment but I have not watched her yet)

    I really enjoyed watching Germany, Poland, USA, Serbia and Brasil's teams. The best game for me so far was China-Germany.Final round will be so interesting with many good teams. I wish China wasn't that bad. It could be more fun to watch)

    I really like Eva and wish all the best for her. I agree with StarNight at this point. Bulgarian federation should support their players instead of the coach. Eva and Strashmira have been playing for Bulgaria NT for long years. I do not think they would act unprofessionally otherwise they would not be playing for two of the best club teams in Europe. They should not end their NT career in such a way. They do not deserve that.

    I've written all these assuming that they had conflicts with the coach. The real story might be totally different. Hope to see Bulgaria with its full roster in ECH.

    I just read that Laola broadcasts won't be available in some countries, including Italy, Poland and Germany :mad: I can't believe it, there is no TV channel in Germany who would show WGP!!!

    What is the sense of broadcasting WGP if it doesn't include the countries where the volleyball is most popular? :down:

    I'm in the hall right now cheering for the Czezh but they're making so many mistakes and Serbia serves quite strong. Not so many people in the hall. Referees are terrible.

    Turkey:3 - Croatia:0
    Turkey will be orginising European League Final Four third time next week. We did not manage to be champion in previous editions and looks like we're gonna lose this one too. No team spirit, no rhythm, bad blocking, bad back row defence, bad reception and bad setting... Ozge was horrible today. Neslihan seems to be out of shape. I hope Esra and Naz joins the team as soon as possible. Once more I wtinessed how important Esra is for Turkish NT.

    I enjoy this team, I think we have a very strong national team, but I don't understand beacuse Barbolini doesn't call together Nadia Centoni as opposite, she could be a very important player for our national team..! :roll:

    I agree. If Barbolini gave as much chance to Centoni as he gave to Ortolani, Italy would be more succesful.

    Now I respect more then ever to Croatian players. This message shows under how difficult conditions they are working. Last year they played in World Championships, Mia,Senna,Maja, Sanja was with the team than, seeing how the Croatian federation is behaving, it is obvious that they've made a lot of sucrifices just to play for their countries. I hope Croatia finds an urgent solution and treats these players and coaches as they deserve.