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    I heard rumours that Vôlei Amil is interested in hiring a star from abroad, names like Grun, Sokolova, Skowronska and Kim were mentioned, but it is more likely for Amil to hire a strong receiver for the OH/OPP position. Natalia and Tandara are not good receivers. They can also hire a foreign middle-blocker. I would love to see either Harmotto or Furst playing in Brazil.

    It is sad to see that neither Paula, Mari or Fernandinha are receiving offers from Brazilian teams. Paula even offered herself to play for Unilever but it seems Unilever is interested in other OHs.

    It is too early to predict if Sheilla or Jaqueline will be able to maintain their level of performance in 4 years as well as it is too early to predict if Brazil's team will be a real candidate for winning gold in Rio de Janeiro OG.

    Overall, all teams are getting better and better. In the mid-90s there were only a handful of teams which seemed to fight with Cuba for the most important titles: Russia, Brazil, USA, and China. All the other teams were in a lower level. Last decade Italy entered this top teams roster and other teams have improved a lot like Germany, Poland, Serbia, Turkey and Netherlands. In the last couple of years, Japan has also shown how good they are and we could watch the evolution of Thailand, the Dominican Republic and South Korea.

    I really hope Brazil could maintain their level, and it is nice to see the renovation of the team won't be as traumatic this cycle was it was 4 years ago. Anyway, it is crystal clear to me that other teams will be as strong or even stronger than Brazil and the pressure of winning the OG before their fans will be more like a threat than an advantage to Brazil's NT (The 2007 Pan-Am Games are a proof of what I am claiming).

    I also think Zé Roberto was lucky in London and his criteria for picking the 12 players for these OG were really questionable to say the least. We have a good team and so have other NTs.
    USA, Russia, Serbia, Italy, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Japan, China and South Korea also have excellent players and can beat Brazil. If all Brazilian players could play in high-level, if we don't have injury problems and if our coach makes the right decisions, then we are one of the candidates, but it is just impossible to say if there is or not a favourite for winning the 2016 OG right now. Lots of things will happen until 2016.

    Brazil's NT updated roster

    Setters: Claudinha (Vôlei Amil), Dani Lins (SESI SP), Fabiola (Sollys/Nestlé)
    Liberos: Camila Brait (Sollys/Nestlé), Suelen (SESI SP)
    Middle-blockers: Adenizia (Sollys/Nestlé), Angélica (Vôlei Amil), Bia (SESI SP), Leticia Hage (Praia Clube/Banana Boat)
    Outside hitters: Ellen Braga (EC Pinheiros), Fernanda Garay (Fenerbahce), Priscila Daroit (SESI SP), Michelle (Praia Clube/Banana Boat)
    Opposites: Monique (Praia Clube/Banana Boat), Tandara (Vôlei Amil)

    It seems to me the starting team will be:
    Fê Garay - Priscila Daroit - Adenízia - Bia - Dani Lins - Tandara - Camila Brait

    So far, 14 players were called for Brazil's NT. I believe Juciely, Natália and Gabi will join Brazil's NT after the Montreux Volley Masters cause they will play the South American Championship next week. Then Brazil's roster is likely to be the following:

    Setters: Claudinha (Vôlei Amil), Dani Lins (SESI SP), Fabiola (Sollys/Nestlé)
    Liberos: Camila Brait (Sollys/Nestlé), Suelen (SESI SP)
    Middle-blockers: Adenizia (Sollys/Nestlé), Angélica (Vôlei Amil), Bia (SESI SP), Juciely (Rio de Janeiro)
    Outside hitters: Ellen Braga (EC Pinheiros), Fernanda Garay (Fenerbahce), Gabi (Rio de Janeiro), Natália (Vôlei Amil), Priscila Daroit (SESI SP), Michelle (Praia Clube/Banana Boat)
    Opposites: Monique (Praia Clube/Banana Boat), Tandara (Vôlei Amil)

    It seems to me that the starters will be: Dani Lins - Tandara - Fê Garay - Natália - Adenízia - Juciely - Camila Brait

    Jaqueline's permanence in Osasco depends on her husband's permanence in SESI. I think both of them are likely to stay, just like it happened with Dani Lins and Sidão.

    That being said, the Osasco's decision of hiring one or two foreign players will depend on Jaqueline's permanence.

    Tandara is being disputed by SESI, Campinas and Unilever. I've read that SESI and Campinas offer is way higher than Unilever's.

    I agree...

    I heard rumours she has already signed with Amil Campinas, she was not officially announced because her contract with Unilever will expire only after the South American Championship.

    Personally I think Unilever team is not being ethic at all by criticizing the job of other doctors. They can even be sued for that.

    As for her transfer, I think this is something very common. Signing a working contract has nothing to do with gratitude. If Unilever wanted her for another season they should have signed a two-year contract with her. She signed a contract to play the 2012/2013 season with Unilever and she has been honouring it.

    In objective terms, Unilever is not interested in covering Campinas offer.

    In Brazil there are rumours that Garay have really high offers from abroad. People is saying she is going to Rabita Baku, but they also mention offers from Russia.

    As for the Osasco team, the starters will be pretty much the same: Adenizia, Thaísa, Camila Brait, Sheilla and Fabiola. Jaqueline is likely to have her contract renewed as well. If the Osasco team could sign with a top foreign player then they will keep as strong as in the last season.

    Sesi-SP seems to be getting stronger. Elisangela and Sassá won't have her contracts renewed. They have signed with two players which were in Campinas last season: Pri Daroit and Suellen and with Ivna, which was Sheilla's back-up in Sollys. They also have kept Dani Lins, Fabiana and Bia.

    The team which we almost don't know anything so far is Campinas. I have read that Zé Roberto intends to end up with Sollys and Unilever domination in the Superliga and that he is in Turkey trying to convince a top foreigner to come to Brazil. I think Vasileva will stay, as well as Walewska. There are rumours that Claudinha will be their setter since Fernandinha is no longer staying.

    I wonder if she, Paula and Mari will play in Brazil next season.

    My choices:

    Female players:

    1 - Sheilla Castro (for the amazing QF against Russia and for being Brazil's NT most regular player during the 2012 season)
    2 - Kim Yeon-Kong (for carrying the Korean NT on her back)
    3 - Fê Garay (for being a decisive OH even being 1.81-meter tall)
    Coach - José Roberto Guimarães

    Male players:

    1 - Dmitriy Muserskiy (for being so decisive in the OG Golden Medal Match)
    2 - Murilo Endres (for being rather short and even so such a complete player)
    3 - Bartosz Kurek (for the WL he played in 2012, which is a much longer tournament than the OG)
    Coach - Vladimir Alekno

    When it comes to the next season of the Superliga, I believe Osasco's team is by far the favourite to winning the title.

    In my opinion, Unilever, Vôlei Amil and SESI SP will clash to see who will be defeated by Osasco in the final match. I even think that Vôlei Amil is stronger than Unilever and I think this year Vôlei Amil and Osasco will play the final match of this competition.

    Sheilla suffered an accident at home and injured her left knee. Her presence in the first final match of the Paulista Champinship is open to question. I personally think she won't be able to play any match of these playoffs since she had a broken toe.

    Osasco was perfect in Brazilian league,so they're definetly not going to have ANY problems with teams from Argentina and Chile etc. but I think if they played like last year at the end of the season(with Hooker and Jaque in top-form) they could even challenge European clubs,maybe even beat them !

    In fact I think Osasco's team can beat any team in the world. And now they are even stronger in service reception with Garay on court:

    Sheilla - Fabiola
    Jaqueline - Fernanda Garay
    Thaísa - Adenízia
    Camila Brait

    This is almost Brazil's NT which won the 2012 London OG.

    Adenizia was a sub in this roster. Fabiola is Brazil's team third setter. Camila Brait is Brazil's team second libero.

    If the Osasco's gir could maintain their physical form, I would say they are favourites for winning this tournament.

    I'm really happy with Brazil's team second Gold Medal in the OG.
    Brazil peaked at the right moment and the epic victory over Russia gave the team the energy to go after the Gold Medal.

    Brazil could have finished 9th in this competition and thank to the US team we survived the preliminary round. Against Russia, when the match was 19-18 against us, Russia had the counter-attack and we were able to dig and score the point in attack. Again we escaped the 5th place in the competition and were able to fight for Gold.

    Now we are the Olympic Champions for the second time in a row and the what was the key for Brazil's success was their fighting spirit and will to win. They were not brilliant technically throughout the tournament, but they played the last matches with their heart.

    I would like to congratulate the American team. These girls are just great and they don't deserve to be criticized for finishing 2nd. I am pretty sure the US girls have a brilliant future ahead of them and it's not the colour of the medal hanging in their chest which will make them less brilliant or outstanding than they are.

    I would also like to congratulate the Russian girls for their campaign. They were unlucky in the quarterfinals but no one can deny how strong the Russian team is.

    Finally, I would like to congratulate Japan for their Bronze Medal after 36 years. Even not being tall these girls prove they can be medallists because of their excellent technique.

    Brazil's victory over Russia was something which I will never forget in my life. Besides the rivalry between the two teams, Brazil could finally beat Russia in a playoff match. After losing in 2004, 2006 and 2010, the history changed in 2012. What amazes me is that this current Brazil's team is weaker than the 2006 and 2010 teams.

    I hope we could play well against Japan, it will be a very tough match and we are having lots of trouble in the matches against Asian teams. Brazil's team has gained confidence and rhythm, but that's not enough to beat Japan in the semifinal match. We have to play well, especially when it comes to technique and tactics, which was Brazil's problem during the preliminary round: too many mistakes in service, a lot of missed counter-attacks and absolutely no effectiveness in defense. I can see Brazil's team improved, but they have to play close to perfection if they intend to beat favourites USA or revenge against Korea, either fighting for bronze or gold.

    A curiority: in 2008 we have reached the final match winning all the matches in straight sets and giving no chance at all to our opponents. In 2012, we have lost two matches and 12 sets already.
    In 2008 our record was 6-0 (18-0) and now it is 4-2 (13-12).

    In my opinion, Russia is clearly the favourite to advance to the semifinals in the match against Brazil for two reasons:

    1) They are more regular and more confident;
    2) Brazil's team defense is a joke;

    I am a fan of Brazil's team but I just can't see Brazil beating Russia this time playing the way they are. I believe Russia's team will beat Brazil in straight sets.

    According to Brazil's girls they lost their concentration in the 4th set, which is just unacceptable in the OG level. If Brazil's team continue to suffer such black-outs, we won't even reach the semifinals.

    Brazil and Russia played a 4-player friendly match against Russia and the match finished tied 2-2 (25-19, 19-25, 23-25, 26-24). I don't know which team is which but it seems Russia took both the 1st and 4th sets.

    Sokolova played the 4 sets and Kosheleva also played this match. Gamova didn't play this friendly match.