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    I dont think Sheilla's under performance. I think Fabiola's sets should improve a lot to say the least.

    Zé Roberto was really stupid in the match against Italy. He decided to test Mari as Opp in the 2nd set and brought Italy back to the gane. With Sheilla on court either we won the sets or lost in the extra points. He should have tried to test Mari as OPP in the end of the 3rd set, after Brazil had scored a good Margin of points.

    I believe Brazils reception is a joke and Fabiola's sets are not Good. Unfortunately we dont have a good setter or Russian attackers. How I miss Fofão!

    I am pretty sure we need Garay and Brait in the team, as well as Adenizia. I also think Tandara should be in the OG roster.

    Unfortunately Mári and Paula are not the same. I think Garay and Tandara desserve a chance. Unfortunately Natália is not at the top of her form either.

    Unless Brazils team improve a lot, USA will beat us in straight sets tomorrow.

    Brazil's Team probable roster for this weekend will be:

    S: Fabíola, Fernandinha and Dani Lins
    OPP: Sheilla and Mári
    MB: Fabiana, Thaísa, Adenízia and Juciely
    OH: Jaqueline , Paula Pequeno and Sassá (Fê Garay's participation is open to question cause she is feeling some pain in her arm)
    L: Fabi, Camila Brait

    As for the other discussion in this WGP thread, I don't see any point in putting labels in teams or in players behaviour. Each player/team has its own characteristics and they don't do that to please or annoy the audience, it's just the way they are. We have to judge teams and players for what they produce on court, not for the way they express their emotions or react to a particular situation. They are just athletes, they are human beings and they don't even have to be role models. So, personal tastes apart, what really matters is the volleyball discussion, technique, team play and tactics. All the rest is just the rest.

    I bought the tickets to watch all the Pool E matches of the WGP. The stadium which will host Pool E matches is just a short drive away from my house and I'll be able to see Brazil, USA and Italy NT playing right before my very eyes. The volleyball-marathon will start on Friday! I barely can't wait for the weekend! I hope all teams could show a good level of playing and I hope Brazil could win all its matches in straight sets! LOL! Just kidding! I hope I could see great volleyball no matter the result.

    From Zé Roberto declarations, the probable starting six of Brazil's NT will be:

    S: Fabíola
    OPP: Sheilla
    OH: Garay and Jaqueline
    MB: Adenízia and Thaísa
    L: Fabi or Brait

    In my opinion the OG roster will be:

    S: Fabíola and Fernandinha
    OPP: Sheilla and Tandara
    OH: Fê Garay, Jaqueline, Paula, Sassá and Mári/Natália (I believe the 5th spot as OH will be disputed between Mári and Natália).
    MB: Adenízia, Fabiana and Thaísa
    L: Fabi and Camila Brait

    I feel sad for Volei Futuro because it seems the team will no longer exist. On the other hand, I feel happy for Osasco's team, they'll have a pretty nice squad: Fabiola, Sheilla, Jaqueline, Garay, Adenízia, Thaísa and Camila Brait. It will be difficult to stop them.

    I'm so glad with Sollys Nestlé roster for next season: Fabíola, Jaqueline, Thaísa, Adenízia and Camila Brait are staying for next season and Sheilla was hired to replace Hooker. Unfortunately Sesi hired Tandara, but I hope either Priscila Daroit, Mári or Paula Pequeno could be hired to replace Tandara.

    I used to admire Fernanda Venturini a lot, but she really disappointed me through out the years.

    I think Brazil's Federation has no obligation to pay any tribute to her and that's why I think such awarding is not necessary:

    1) Fernanda Venturini banalized her retirement. There were four retirements during her career.

    2) When she was 28 (at the top of her form) she decided to retire from the National Team. We surely could have done a lot better with her on court from the 1999 season on but she didn't want to play for Brazil. I mean, she didn't give a damn for Brazil's NT from 1999 til 2003 and she only came back to the NT cause she knew we had some chances of winning Gold in Athens and when we lost she started to criticize Brazil's coach José Roberto Guimarães.

    3) In 1998 when she retired from NT instead of helping Fofão, she declared to the press that Brazil's team would have a lot of difficulties with Fofão among the starters, because Fofão was too shy and she wouldn't be the leader Brazil's team need.

    4) In 2008, one month before the OG she created a very embarrassing situation in the NT when she declared she wanted to play the Beijing OG. Zé Roberto had to give a press conference saying why he wouldn't choose her for NT.

    I think it is hard to pay a tribute for a player who always reconsiders her retirement. It is difficult to take her retirements seriously and besides, when Brazil's Federation needed her the most, she decided to stay home. Of course she helped Brazil's NT but she could have done a lot more if she was really committed to achieving good results with the NT.

    It seems Brazil's NT roster will be pretty much the same as the previous one, with the exception of the return of Jaqueline and Natália.

    So, the probable roster will be:

    Setters: Dani Lins, Fabiola
    Opposites: Sheilla, Tandara
    Outside hitters: Fernanda Garay, Jaqueline, Mári, Natália, Paula and Sassá
    MIddle-blockers: Adenízia, Fabiana, Juciely and Thaísa
    Liberos: Camila Brait, Fabi

    I believe the starting team should be:

    Setter: Fabiola
    Opposite: Sheilla
    OH1: Fernanda Garay
    OH2: Jaqueline
    MB1: Adenízia
    MB2: Fabiana or Thaisa
    Libero: Camila Brait

    Zé Roberto has the mission of recovering both Paula's and Mári's volleyball if he wants Brazil to fight for gold this OG.

    It was an almost perfect league for the Osasco's team. Their statistics are just amazing:

    1) Only three defeats during the entire championship.
    2) No defeat by 3-0, every match they played they won at least one set.
    3) The three defeats occurred in the first half of the preliminary round and the team was not complete when they lost. Fabiola and Hooker were missing against Minas and Vôlei Futuro and they were only bench options against Unilever.
    4) After the second half of the preliminary round, the team had 100% of effectiveness. All victories were in three or four sets.
    5) The team ended up the season with a 16-0 win-loss record.

    Me too. Such awards are based on the statistics overall the tournament and as Hooker got injured and didn't play in the beginning of the season, her figures were not as good.



    Sollys Nestlé/Osasco 3 x 0 Unilever/Rio de Janeiro (25-14, 25-18, 25-23)

    The Osasco's team was far superior than the Rio's team. They passed like a compressor roll over their opponents in the 1st and 2nd sets. In the third set, if it was not for the mistakes the Osasco's girls committed and for the referee error, when Jaqueline scored a point in attack and he gave the point to Unilever, they could have beaten Unilever in straight sets without letting their opponents score 20 points.

    What a victory!

    It was a really nervous match and I was impressed with the mistakes both teams committed.

    Vôlei Futuro played like they did in the 1st match and Unilever didn't destroy them like they did in the 1st match of the semifinals because they were too nervous and made too many mistakes. Mari and Sheilla were not scoring at all and instead of serving tactically in order to force Fernanda to set them the balls, they decided to miss the service. The difference in points in every set showed both teams could have won it.

    I also agree that VF gave the second set away and also the match when they suffered their black-out after having scored their 22nd point. Paulo Cocco didn't do anything to change that and he could have replaced Joycinha by Ana Tiemi in the back of the court and also Ana Cristina by the substitute opposite in order to have a better blocking and also best options for attacking the ball.

    I don't know what's happening to Fernanda Venturini, but she committed terrible mistakes in setting again. I heard she has her knees injured, maybe that's why she is not performing well. It is sad to say that she has been committing awful mistakes in the last matches.

    I think that Osasco is by far the favorite team for the final match. They are a much more balanced team, with a much better service reception and taller middle-blockers. I also think that the fact they had one more week to prepare for the final match will help them to recover. I hope they could beat Unilever next Saturday, they have made a terrific campaign so far and the only matches they lost was when Fabiola and Hooker were out of the team because they were injured. From the second half of the preliminary round on, they remain unbeaten and they have an amazing 15-0 win-loss record. They are definitely playing the best volleyball this season.

    I heard rumours that a very strong team will be formed for the next season, this team will be hosted in Campinas, which is the second biggest city of São Paulo State. José Roberto Guimarães will be the coach and the players will be Fabiana, Sokolova, Mari, Fofão and Ramirez. I believe such roster is pretty impressive, even though neither Mari nor Fabiana are at the top of their forms this season. Maybe the Campinas team will at last change the story of the Golden Medal Match of the Superliga.

    It is really strange to hear this. I always heard people saying lots of good things about Vôlei Futuro, especially the way they treated Sykora after the accident she suffered.
    Besides, everybody tells that the structure Volei Futuro created in Araçatuba is just amazing.

    We tend to oversimplify things and I see no point in trying to make everybody look at Unilever as the good team and Vôlei Futuro as the evil team.

    Bernardinho always yells at other coaches and the referees during Unilever matches, which is really not elegant at all, to say the least. Besides, when Unilever was defeated by Vôlei Futuro in the preliminary round, he left the gymnasium as soon as the match finished and did not let the players give interviews. I think that was really disrespectful towards volleyball fans.

    I remember another episode of Bernardinho's fury in the Osasco's gymnasium after a loss of Rio de Janeiro. He broke the locker-room door with a kick.

    For this reason, Unilever can't blame Vôlei Futuro for not being rational after a defeat, they are not either.

    As for not letting players talk to their opponents, I think this is the way Vôlei Futuro found to keep their players with a high level of concentration and aggressiveness for the match.

    Today's match:

    Unilever 2 - 3 Vôlei Futuro (25-22, 22-25, 20-25, 25-22, 07-15)

    I only hope Vôlei Futuro could keep their level of concentration for the next match. If they serve well and if Ana Cristina could use the Middle-blockers, then VF has chances of winning the next match and advancing for the final match against Sollys Nestlé.

    It will be nice if that happens because players like Sheilla, Mari and Fabi, which will probably be starters in Brazil's NT will begin to train with Sassá and Dani Lins earlier and that will definitely help the preparation of Brazil's NT for the 2012 season. Besides, I am sick and tired of the same teams playing for Gold in Brazil's League. Since the 2004-2005 season these two teams face each other. If Vôlei Futuro advances for the final match, at least the gymnasium will be neutral.

    Go Vôlei Futuro!

    :lol: YEs, but that It is what I was saying, 2008/2009, Unilever lost last round to OSasco, and Paula said that unfortunate thing of Ouro é nosso, and Osasco ended first that year. Unilever got São Caetano in semifinals, It was first year of Mari and Sheilla there..wasnt it? I dont remmember anymore eather..hehehe Then the year next I think Unilever ended first, but final was in Ibirapuera.

    WEll anywya, It doesnt matter..hehehehe I was just trying to say I dont like this rule of NEUTRO gym, cause is never neutro!! hehehe I miss the time of 5 games finals!!! :( ;)

    I like the 5-match formula better too. This one-match thing is the way they found to make players deal with the pressure of not having another match to try to change the outcome of the title decision. It also saves preparation time for the NT.