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    Well I had to read 3 times and I still don't get what you said and I think you didn't get what I said. I didn't mean the narrator was praising Sollys at all if that's what you got.

    The narrator didn't praise Sollys at all but instead he kept telling Sollys was winning due to Unilever mistakes and that's my point. Why couldn't they praise Sollys when in fact Sollys scored more by their own merits than mistakes from Unilever? And yet he couldn't say some good words to Sollys and kept telling Sollys was only winning due to Unilever mistakes. But if it was the opposite way he would tell Unilever was doing great and not Sollys doing many mistakes.

    Sorry, vblover. I misread your first post. I thought you wrote you can't understand why Sollys fans complain about narrators, not the opposite.

    Then we completely agree with each other about this subject. I also remember in the 3rd set, when Sollys came back after a good sequence of serves of both Thaísa and Hooker, that they were telling that Unilever's reception was a disgrace. What's the point of not giving the merit to the Osasco's team?

    I heard some people saying that Bernardinho and Rede Globo have a close relationship, he even presented a TV program in SporTV called Momento Olímpico. I believe they tend to picture Unilever as the good team and their opponents as the evil team whenever they broadcast Unilever's matches.

    Anyway, SporTV narration is way better than Rede Globo's narration. I felt like watching the first clash between these two teams with the mute button on. LOL!

    Maybe I mistaked the year, or the case, but I remember Erika saying once that the rule sucked cause Unilever was fininshing first and had to play in São Paulo, that Im sure. ;) I imagined It was 2009/2010, cause It was the year the final was played in SP.

    EDIT: I as thinking....The year you are talking about I think It was 2008/2009, that Unilever lost the last round, and Osasco ended first, after the match Paula said the Gold is ours, and the final match was in Maracanazinho, isnt it? Im almost sure we ended first in 2009/2010. But I cant say Im sure, cause I dont remember exacly..hehehehe

    You know, Joana, I used to have a pretty good memory. Maybe age is coming and I am not able to remember these events, especially because they are very similar. Always Osasco vs. Rio de Janeiro deciding the title.

    I was referring to the 2009/2010 season, when Sollys Osasco were the champions. They were champions in Ibirapuera Stadium. Besides, Paula was playing in Russia this year. Paula left the Osasco team after the 2008/2009 season. I was pretty sure the Osasco team finished first cause they have beaten Unilever in the 1st round with a five-set victory and then in the 2nd round in 4 sets. If Erika said that, then I must be the mistaken one. LOL!

    I was just watching that game again and I can understand why some Sollys fans says narrators praise most Unilever than Sollys. It was 9 x 3 to Unilever at second set. Sollys made 1 spike point (Ivna), 2 aces (Jaque), 2 blocks (Tandara, Adenizia), 3 mistakes (Valeskinha, Mari, Fernanda). So we are only talking about 3 mistakes and yet the narrator kept telling Sollys made points ALL of Unilever mistakes when in fact they didn't.

    I just didn't get your point vblover. You said Sollys had merits in scoring their points and narrators were telling that all the points were due to Unilever's mistakes.
    They are not giving credits to Sollys for their points but saying that they occur because of Unilevers mistakes. I don't think that not giving the merit for the team which deserves it is a way to praise this team. I believe your argument proves exactly the opposite.


    I am afraid you are wrong when it comes to the 2009/2010 edition of the Superliga. In the 2009/2010 edition of the Superliga, Sollys Osasco finished first and they faced Pinheiros in the semifinals. The other semifinal match was decided between Unilever and São Caetano. I remember pretty clearly that Sollys finished 1st. They have beaten Unilever twice in the preliminary round and again in the final match, and also twice in the South American Championship.

    As for the match between Unilever and Sollys yesterday, the third set was also amazing. Unilever was leading 14-12 and Sollys came back with a 12-1 margin over Unilever to score 24-15. I believe that was when Sollys broke Unilever's spirit.

    Yesterday's match was really nice to watch!

    I felt thrilled during the entire match. I believe Osasco has a better team than Unilever, but Bernardinho makes the difference and minimizes the gap between the two teams. On the other hand, I believe Sollys Osasco feels the pressure and they always commit much more mistakes than they usually do when they face Unilever.

    The Osasco team have got all the 33 points they disputed in the 2nd half of the preliminary round. No team could win 2 sets against them after Fabiola and Hooker recovered. This is a very impressing record in my opinion.

    The most important consequence of this 4-set victory is that Sollys is now the 1st ranked team of the preliminary round, which means that Unilever and Volei Futuro will battle in the semis. My hopes of a final match between Sollys Osasco and Volei Futuro are still alive.

    The quarterfinal matches are already defined:





    In my opinion the best matches to watch will be those between Minas and Sesi, Even though Praia Clube has beaten Volei Futuro in the tie-breaker last time both teams met, I believe the result of this other clash is quite predictable.

    I've never seen Brazil's team in such a bad phase. Last time Brazil's team was playing this bad was in the final round of the 2007 WGP when they lost to Russia, Netherlands, Italy and China and before that Zé Roberto was not Brazil's team coach.

    Brazil's team is not confident on court. Service reception just doesn't exist, the setters are predictable and their sets are imprecise and slow.
    Blocking and defense are not working at all either. It just gets on my nerves to see Brazil's team on court.

    The team is surely suffering with the absence of Jaqueline and Garay but this is not an excuse for such a lousy performance.

    On the other hand it is nice to see Paula playing well again. Camila Brait should be given a chance as the team's libero. She's way more effective than Fabi. Tandara is also playing well.

    Mari's performance is very disappointing. She's by far the worst Brazilian player in the WC.

    I hope Brazil's team could recover just like Italy did after the ECH.

    Don't worry Celso Brazil will win over USA. USA always plays bad first match in every competition. And in the last time Brazil lost to USA so revenge will be like hard core heavy metal music as clock wake up from night dream to USA.

    I really hope so, Bartek! I wish I could be as confident as you, my friend.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed!

    I couldn't agree more! We have to bear in mind that the same thing happened in the 2003 edition of the World Cup. Brazil and China played in the 1st round of the tournament and they were the top 2 teams of the competition.

    I hope Dani Lins could play well. I don't feel confident about a Brazilian victory with her on court. I am also worried about Paula. She is not at the top of her form and her serves are too weak. I hope she could serve again like she did in Beijing. Brazil's problem is that Garay and Sassá are good receivers, but not tall enough to face the US block. If Mári and Paula's reception doesn't work, it will be very difficult for Brazil, especially because we depend more on Thaísa's and Fabiana's attacks than the US team depends on its MB's attacks. Besides, both Larson and Tom are tall and have good service reception.

    Even winning the Pan Am Games, Brazil's team didn't play well in my opinion. If a young Cuban team caused too much trouble to Brazil in Guadalajara, I believe the mains US team can beat us in straight sets and that will be no surprise.

    I just hope our girls could prove me wrong. I even accept a victory in the tie-breaker! LOL!

    Expected roster, although I miss Jaqueline ;( , but it's clear why she isn't with team.

    I wonder what happened to Natalia. I think she is not at the top of her form yet and that is why she is not in this roster. More importantly, though, is the fact that Sassá and Jaqueline have a very good service reception, which is not Natalia's case.

    This is the link to Jaqueline's press conference after she got injured in the neck. I got moved with her words.

    Go Jaque!


    This is what happened to her in tthe 2nd set of the match between Brazil and Dominican Republic. It was a very serious accident, she could have got tetraplegic. She suffered a fracture in her 4th and 5th vertebrae of the neck and luckily nothing happened to her spinal-cord. Jaqueline told that she suffered a dismay right after the accident and in the first seconds after she woke up she was not feeling either her arms or her legs because of tingling.

    Now she is ok and she has to use the cervical necklace for around 6 weeks (in case of luck maybe 4) and she will be able to play volleyball again this year yet according to the doctors.

    Thank God she is ok and she will be recovered soon!




    Going into the tournament didn't both the players and coaches say that they brought the A team because they haven't won the title since 1999 and because of their loss in Rio 2007?

    I agree that he took a risk taking the whole squad and this a consequence of that risk. Perhaps pride got the best of him. What happened to the Brazilian "B" team that was training earlier this year and played in Russia?

    Zé Roberto's reason for bringing the A team to Mexico was the need to keep the team training together for the World Cup. If he hadn't brought the A team, he would have had to release all the Osasco's or Unilever's players to play the Club World Championship and he didn't want the team to split apart 3 weeks before the World Cup.

    What happened to Jaqueline was just a fatality. Luckily she will be able to recover, the only thing which really concerns me is the lack of rhythm, but there will be the WGP 2012 and I hope everything works out fine with her and all the other Brazil's players. Since 2009 we have been having injury problems with our outside hitters: Paula had her knee surgered in 2009 and didn't play the WGP, Jaqueline asked to be dismissed because of her wedding, in 2010, Mari and Paula had problems of injuries, in 2011 Natalia had the problem with the benign tumor in her tibia and both Paula and Mari got injured too, now Jaqueline suffered this accident and won't be able to play neither the Pan Am Games nor the WC and in the same match Garay suffered a minor twist in her ankle. Hope our girls have a better luck in the OG year.

    In handball wasn't so colour for USA.
    USA lost the match 5-18 to Brazil.

    Actually the match finished 50-10 to Brazil. The Pan-Am Games are the OG qualification tournament for the American continent's spot and Brazil is fighting for its 4th title in a row. We are a continental powerhouse when it comes to handball. In fact, handball is the most practised sports in schools in Brazil and maybe that's why in the American continent no one can beat us. Besides that, the only American team which can play international level matches is Brazil. I also think that this experience exchange with handball top teams like Denmark, Norway, Russia, France, Korea and so onis something Brazil's team has and other teams in America don't. Besides that, the vast majority of Brazil's team players play in european leagues and Brazil seems to be the only American team with a Handball National League.

    Sorry for the offtopic

    I think that the least Poland can do in the World Cup is play with its full force and honour the wild card they were given.

    It is difficult to predict who the wild cards will be, especially because there are lots of European teams which are strong enough to qualify for the OG through this tournament. maybe that's why FIVB doesn't invite lots of European teams to play this tournament.

    So far we have already Japan, China, South Korea, Brazil, USA, Dominican Republic, Serbia and Germany. With all due respect to Argentina, I really doubt they can beat Brazil today, so I think South Korea is already qualified for the WCH. I don't have any clue about the African team which qualified for the WC, in fact I don't even know if this Championship is over or not. I tried to find information about it in the CAVB home page but I couldn't find anything out. I believe that either Algeria, Egypt or Kenia will grab the African spot, though.

    I believe Russia should be given a chance because they are the current World Champions, Italy, on the other hand, are the defending champions of the World Cup. so it would be fair enough to invite them too.

    Tomorrow's matches will be a repetition of previous clashes of the preliminary round.
    Turkey beat Italy in a 5-set match and Germany beat Serbia in 4 sets.

    I believe Germany are favourites in the match against Serbia, but this match is very balanced and both teams have chances of winning. In the bronze medal match I believe Italy won't play as motivated as Turkey and I think Turkey has more chances in this match.