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    Ï'd like to know which teams take part of the european league... it looks like those that didn't qualify for the World League play this tournament. Can anyone confirm this information?

    Brazil has won both the 2001, 2003 and 2005 junior championships (u-19) as well as the 2005 (u-17)

    From the 2001 u-19 NT we have in senior NT today: Sassá, Jaqueline, Paula and Sheilla.

    From thw 2005 u-19 NT we have in senior NT: Fabiana Claudino

    There are two setters people here say will be very talented:

    Danielle Lins (183cm) - current setter of Rexona-Ades
    Ana Tiemi (187 cm) - current setter of Fiat Minas

    There's also one libero a like a lot: her name is Veridiana, she played the u-19 world championship too, Zé Roberto invited her to train with the NT but she had an injury. Now she is playing for Portugal. I hope she could come back to the NT cause her reception is very good.

    There's also this girl called Thaisa, she's 195cm tall and she is currently playing for Rexona-Ades. She is a very promising middle-blocker.

    Hi everyone! I'm also from Brazil! I'm from São Paulo but I've been living in Rio de Janeiro since the beginning of this year. Maybe I'll move back to São Paulo in two weeks, I'm not 100% sure yet.

    I am a huge fan of Brazil women's national team. I like Brazil's men national team too, but the women's team is definitely my preferred. I like to watch men playing soccer and women playing volleyball. I ike Gymnastics and Tennis too, but not as much as I like volleyball.

    I hope we could discuss a lot about volleyball here.

    Dearest Nastja!

    I wish all the luck for you and for this forum. I'm pretty sure this forum will become number 1 soon!

    I don't know what happened to make you leave womenvolley.com, but I surely support you in your decision! If you need anything, please let me know! I'll be very glad if I could help you!

    Hope to meet you online soon!