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    I think Osasco will play with the following team:
    S: Karine
    OPP: Ivna
    OH: Ju Costa and Samara
    MB: Larissa and Bia (maybe Adenízia)
    L: Léia (maybe Camila Brait)

    I am pretty sure that Jaqueline, Tandara, Hooker, Fabíola and Thaísa will not play this tournament, which is a pity because, Osasco's team with its full force is a very strong candidate for being World Champions.

    If I had to guess which teams would play the WC I would say:

    South America: Brazil and Argentina
    NORCECA: USA and Dominican Republic
    Africa: Kenia
    Europe: Serbia and Russia / Serbia and Italy / Russia and Italy
    Asia: Thailand and Korea
    Host country: Japan
    Wild card #1: Poland
    Wild card #2: China

    FIVB criteria is political, not technical. As far as I know a wild card team has never grabbed the Olympic spot in the WC, which means FIVB tends to choose the weaker teams so that the other teams, which did well in the continental championships, will have more chances of qualifying for the OG.

    The only exception, in my opinion, was the choice of Italy in 2003.

    I believe that happens because a tournament which is long and played in the round-robin system runs the risk of becoming too balanced and maybe two strong teams teams from the same continent can kill each other's qualification chances. Then, they would have to face each other again in the continental qualification tournament. I believe this is especially true in Europe's case.

    If I am not mistaken, there will be 12 teams playing the World Cup

    With all due respect to the other South American teams, Brazil will qualify as the champions and the 1st runner up can be either Argentina or Peru.

    I believe USA will be NORCECA's'champions and the 1st runner up can be either Dominican Republic, Cuba or Puerto Rico, but I believe USA and Dominican Republic will qualify.

    It is very hard to predict: Serbia, Russia, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Poland and Turkey can be the European Champions. I have no clue about the European teams wich will qualify.

    I believe Thailand, China and Korea will fight for these two spots. I think Kazakhstan is evolving but not enough to qualify for the World Cup


    Algeria, Egypt or Kenia will qualify


    WILD CARD #1

    WILD CARD #2

    Brazil's NT normally consists of 4 or 5 OHs, 3 or 4 MBs, 2 setters, 2 OPPs and 2 liberos.

    I believe we'll have the following situation for the next rosters:

    OHs: Mári, Paula, Jaqueline, Natália, Garay and Sassá are the candidates for the OH spots. If I were Zé Roberto I would choose Mári, Paula, Jaqueline, Natália and Garay.

    OPPs: Sheilla and Tandara would be the chosen players.

    MBs: Thaísa, Fabiana, Adenízia and Juciely will be the candidates for the three spots, the first two already belong to Fabiana and Thaísa. Adenízia and Juciely will fight for the third spot.

    Setters: Dani Lins and Fabiola.

    Liberos: Fabi and Camila Brait.

    I see what you mean, Rafael. For me Brazil's block and defense did not work because of a wrong service tactics. Brazil's strategy was to serve on the libero in the beginning of the march and such strategy worked well. Thanks to Davis poor service reception in the beginning of the set Brazil's team was able to tie the match after losing 3 to 9.

    The problem was that they didn't change their tactics as the match unfolded and Davis started to pass the ball in perfect conditions to Berg and she could trick Brazil's blocks with her ball distribution. The US team started to feel more and more confident to receive Brazil's serves and on the other hand Brazil lost its patience and started to commit mistakes.

    Being behind on score have pressed Brazil's team a lot and the Brazilian girls got trapped. It was a lesson on tactics of the US team.
    Besides that, Natália really felt pressed by the US team serves and Dani Lins could not use our MB's effectively. Another problem was that if Dani Lins have improved, Fabiola could not set as well as she was doing last year. Zé Roberto could not replace Dani by Fabiola and had to insist with Dani, who was not setting any ball to Thaisa or Fabiana and when the balls to the opposite or to the OHs did not work, the US defensive system was prepared to defend and even block our MBs. In fact, the entire gymnasium knew that when Brazil's service reception worked, Dani Lins would set the ball to our MBs.

    My opinion is the following when it comes to Brazil s team OHs :

    Service: Jaqueline, Mari, Natalia and Sassa are the best. Garay is OK and Paula is the weakest player.

    Reception: Jaqueline and Sassa are the best. Garay played well this WGP but I think she is not as consistent as Jaqueline and Sassa. Paula and Mari are ok and Natalia needs to improve a lot, she is Brazil s weakest player when it comes to service reception.

    Dig: I think all of them can dig well, but my preferred are Jaqueline and Sassa.

    Block: Paula and Mari are the strongest. Jaqueline, Natalia and Garay are not in the same level as Paula and Mari. Sassa is Brazils weak point.

    Attack: Paula, Mari and Natalia are the best in my opinion. Jaqueline and Garay are in a little lower level and Sassa is Brazils weakest player.

    yeah.. i miss those days.. all teams are trying to beat cuba. poor cuba though, totally blanked out by other teams in this grand prix... ;(

    I remember him saying before the 2000 OG that Brazil''s team was not in the same level as Russia and Cuba and to be champions, Brazil's team only chance was having Cristina Pirv (who is married to Giba) and Danielle Scott (which is married to a former brazilian player) in the roster. I also have to clarify that he said that just to illustrate Brazil's team situation, he has never asked Dani Scott or Pirv to naturalize and play for Brazil.


    2007 - Brazil lost 2 matches, one to Italy (Tournament's winner) and also to USA in 5 sets. Brazil was leading in that game, 2 sets to 0 when Tayyiba Haneef-Park suddenly caught fire and led the USA to victory, I think she scored 30+ points that match.

    Question, when was the last time Brazil got beaten in 3 sets in a big tournament?

    It was in the 2009 edition of the World Grand Champions Cup, Brazil lost to Italy in straight sets. And before that, it was in the 2007 World Cup, when they lost in straight sets to Italy again. In the final round of the 2007 WGP, they have lost to China in straight sets too.
    And before that, Brazil's team last 3-0 defeat was against China in the final round of the 2005 WGP. They have also lost in straight sets to China in the preliminary round of the same competition.

    Before that, Brazil's last straight-set defeat in big tournaments was in the 2003 World Grand Prix, to Korea, this was the last match of coach Marco Aurélio Motta.

    We can conclude coach Zé Roberto is doing a great job with Brazil's team, he's in charge of Brazil's Women's team since 2003 World Cup and we have lost only 5 matches by 3-0.

    i'm not too assuming. i'm just stating the obvious. for instance, fabiana is shouting too much in the game but she's got 0 block and several service errors.

    Is it too hard to admit that other teams have qualities too? In 2004 Brazil's team didn't have strong and tall OH and besides this, Brazil's team has had too many ups and downs during the entire olympic cycle, Russia had more decisive players and they made the difference in the end. Brazil had to resort to a 19 year old newcomer to surprise Russia, but only her performance was not enough. On the other hand, the Russian girls never gave up and they had Gamova and Sokolova at the top of their forms and besides this they had legendary Karpol on the bench.

    Brazil could have beaten Russia in the 2006 WCH, but again, in the crucial moments, Russia had more decisive players and took advantage of the height and physical strength of their players. Besides this, there was an inspired Sokolova in the tie-breaker. Brazil was leading 13-11 and Sokolova started to serve and he only ledt the service position with the World title in her hands. Gamova also played a fantastic match.

    As for the 2007 WGP, Brazil has lost to all its opponents except for Poland. Brazil lost to Russia, Italy, Netherlands and China, which means that all these teams were playing a lot better than Brazil. In fact, the Netherlands team was playing superbly and deserved to win the title. In the World Cup, Brazil's team didn't have a perfect record, they have beaten Cuba only in the tie-breaker and before losing 3-0 to Italy, the American team had beaten Brazil in the tie-breaker.

    In the 2007 Pan-Am Games, Brazil had a perfect record before facing Cuba because the most difficult team they had faced until they meet the Cubans was the USA C-team. Besides, the Cuban team was playing very well both in 2007 and 2008, they finished 2nd in the 2008 WGP and finished 4th in the Beijing OG, they were a good team with strong players and grabbed the oppotunity when it appeared, which was not Brazil's team case.

    In 2010, the Russian team had the best campaign of the tournament. Sokolova and the libero gave consistency to the Russia's team service reception and the Russian girls were playing really well. Brazil has had difficuties against the Czech Republic and Japan, and they were able to even the match against a very strong Russian team, which has not played a 5th set before that final match. Besides that, Gamova played a perfect match. She was just flying on court.

    This year, Hugh Mc Cutcheon gave a lesson on tactics to Brazil's team and they could not recover from the bad 1st set. Besides that, the US team knew exactly what to do on court and they played very well.

    Brazil team is good, but other teams are just as good as Brazil. We should be proud of this silver medal and more importantly, we should be happy that Brazil's team is among top 4 since 2003 World Cup. We should keep the good work, but we should be aware that we are beatable too and other teams have very talented players and competent coaches too.

    The important thing is that we have gained another international level players like Fernanda Garay and Tandara this year's WGP.

    What a great performance of the American girls! They just gave a lesson on tactics to Brazil's team.

    Congratulations to the US Team!

    As for Brazil, I expected more from our girls, especially when it comes to serving.

    Brazil's campaign:

    Brazil 3 - 0 Japan
    Brazil 3 - 1 Germany
    Brazil 3 - 0 Korea
    Brazil 3 - 0 Thailand
    Brazil 3 - 0 Kazakhstan
    Brazil 3 - 1 Italy
    Brazil 3 - 0 Cuba
    Brazil 3 - 0 Argentina
    Brazil 3 - 0 Thailand
    Brazil 3 - 0 Italy
    Brazil 3 - 0 Japan
    Brazil 3 - 1 USA
    Brazil 3 - 0 Russia

    USA's campaign:

    USA 3 - 2 Serbia
    USA 3 - 0 Kazakhstan
    USA 3 - 0 China
    USA 3 - 0 Dominican Republic
    USA 3 -0 Japan
    USA 1 - 3 Serbia
    USA 3 - 0 Germany
    USA 3 - 0 Italy
    USA 3 - 0 Peru
    USA 3 - 0 Japan
    USA 3 - 2 Italy
    USA 1 - 3 Brazil
    USA 3 - 0 Serbia

    It is weird to watch a match of the Russian team which Gamova scores less than 10 points.
    I believe that if Maja had been this inspired against USA, they could have had a better luck yesterday.

    It looks like this match will be decided in straight sets. The Serbian girls deserve this medal in their 1st participation in the WGP. I wish they could repeat the good performance in the European Championship and win it.

    Go Serbia!