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    I'm aware of that. Maybe there is a miscommunication here. What I'm trying to say is that this was never meant to be something regular. She played as OPP sub yesterday but this was never a role she practiced before on the NT. Spiking from the backrow as a middle blocker is one thing. Playing as OPP and regularly spiking from the back is another thing.

    I get you now :thumbup:Do you think she was playing as OPP yesterday just to get some court time, or Ze is actually thinking about it as an option for the WCH?

    Sorry, but you are wrong. I follow Brazilian NT since way before Thaisa's first appearence and I dont remember any of that. I think she practiced that only "for fun" and perhaps she spiked from the backrow only a few times when she was on position 1.

    I remember Thaisa hitting pipes.. Yes it was only when she was serving, but she definitely hit the pipe

    She is injuried. I think she was planned to be here in Brazil, because she said in instagram something like "I'm sorry I can't make it to Brazil I have a concussion".

    I read about that on volleytalk.. curious wheather she would have been there as Libero or Oh

    If Megan Cortney can do at least a decent job as libero.. I would go with her as a libero, and Robinson as OH for the WCH.. if things go bad, Kelsey can always step in..

    But since Robinson hasn't played as OH for quite some time, and she's not here.. I imagine her spot as Libero is locked

    They are playing in BIH friendly matches**

    Saying that Banja Luka is in Serbia is very political because Banja Luka is in BIH so administration pls ban things like this on forum. Thank you.

    She said 'serbian part of Bosnia'..

    why you always trying to pick a fight?

    thanks :flower:

    I think not given a 'bigger' role is a factor for Rosa's confidence being so low.. Before Hooker's arrival in Minas she was so good, even after that she had many good games. I like her game, her fighting spirit, her attitude.. I've read that she's always open for improvement, and that's what a young player like her needs.

    It may be :offtopic: but I just watched Kozuch play against Kerry Walsh and Branagh in Gstaad and she's doing pretty good.. she can even set overhead! I mean that's a skill even all time beach volleyball players can't learn, and she can do it. Unfortunately I don't think her attacking approach is the right one for the sand.. also she has always been a crafty player, with a big attacking variety but that included tips, and shots off the block.. I don't find her spike placement that good.. However I'm glad she enjoys playing on the beach, wish her a successful career

    I don't really want to see Russel in Tokyo. He makes too many errors. He's just lucky that he got a good club team that gave him the experience to play in high level but still his errors are always almost rookie mistakes. Defalco and Jaeschke have higher ceiling for improvement and consistency given a good pro experience.

    I don't know what you guys are yapping about but the match was above average. Sure there are mistakes here and there but I though it was high level as both teams are grinding on the floor.

    Well I don't agree on the level on the match.. Was it entertaining? Yeah sure, but that doesn't mean it was high level.. Too many errors, not too many long rallies.. also USA's defense looked messy to me, free balls and no one calls to get them, easy tips and two players jumping for them, not to talk about the net play... so many missed joust plays..

    Congrats to France.. but I do think USA could have done a much better job