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    Yeah Maja's whole face has changed, for the better I mean. Almost like her bone structure is different now. I don't know if it's fillers or simply good aging

    I don't agree on Nikolic.. She has always been a very stable player for Sebia, and their leader, even when they were far from world's top teams. This was one of the last years she played on a high level, then her form went down.

    To me the Courtney Thompson thing has been such a mystery, she was a good setter but then my question is that was it worth taking her in stead of Glass who had played almost the whole Olympic circle? Also in Rio, she was there as 3rd setter, I'd never understand.

    Maybe Karch took her to boost the team vibes or so which I really don't get either.

    The thing about that team in London 2012 was that Hugh looked at the 12 players as a whole.. not as first 6 and their replacements. So it was obvious Logan, Berg, Hooker, Davis, Akinradewo will play all the matches, unless an injury occurs. Larson and Harmotto were not as stable, which was understandable considering it was their first Olympics. He had Hodge and Scott on the bench to come in, whenever things get tough. Courtney and Hanneef were there just as part of the double sub, that's all. Same for Myashiro. So it weren't exactly the 'best' players who made the cut, rather than those who did the responsibilities they had in that team the best

    And then Alisha was the setter during the GP 12 finals, won the title and got cut from the Olympics. I'll never understand that.

    It was obvious Berg will play all the matches, and will only be replaced in case of an injury. So the second setter, really had to come just as part of the double sub. Alisha has always been a bad server, and Thompson a really solid one. The double sub worked better with Courney, so unfortunately Alisha got cut

    Best hands I have ever seen live. She was a goddess. And there were few years that I think she was the best setter of the world (2010-12; when she lost her starting 6 position in NT to Alisha Glass at the WCH and started pushing really hard).

    I don't think she 'lost' it. Berg wasn't there at the WGP, Alisha and Spicer were the setters. Then at the WCH she made the roster instead of Spicer, but Alisha was the starter.

    I haven't been really active lately and reading the posts now I can't help but wonder.. where did you guys get the idea that Courtney is a good passer.. even better to pass in a 2 person system? Yes Karch made her a libero in the NT but have you actually watched those matches? She was HORRIBLE, everybody served her and she couldn't give a proper pass.

    To be fair, she had a good debut as a libero, the first time she was put in that role, prior to her injury. I know she had good WCH with Novara, but that was mostly because of her attacking which nobody expected from her.

    She socres a lot because she gets many balls. She is the only hitter in her team. That's it. Her great season on Italy is based simply on number of points, which I don't trust at all.

    But that goes both ways too you know. Opponents know the ball is going to her 90% of the time, so they're ready for her..

    I love me some Rosa and I hope she pushes even more and gets to Tokyo 2021 :super::rose:

    Why not? She is so underrated player, she is great in both of receving and defence skills, she isn't attractive one but her role in Serbia is very important and Serbia is current World, European champ and Olympic vice champ and in every single succes of Serbia she was one of the best on her position, and that confirma stastic, surely thar statistic isn't always a 100% credible display, but if someone who played final at Olympic was also the best receiver of the tournament and someone who was first on the wch was first in digging stastic, ofc for someone more for someone less but her quality is unquestionable.

    *sorry for of topic

    Well I agree with Serdar on this one.. I agree with you a bit tho too.. Popovic is unattractive, but a really solid player, and she has a very important role in Serbias's success. However I don't think she comes in mind when mentioning world's top liberos. Busa also has a huge role in the serbian team, and without her, they probably won't be so successful, but you wouldn't say she's amongst the best OHs..

    Well American players have proved times and again they don't put too much effort in learning the language of the country they play in.. It's obviously not shade, and there are exceptions like Logan, who speaks perfect Italian and Portuguese..

    So it should be with players playing right now?