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    I don't know why yall are freaking out about Vakifbank. It's the first 2 sets of the season, and Haak is already a disappointment and they've lost everything. Gabi has been with the team for a couple of days.. you can see there're huge connection problems, like in the timing and everything. Maja has never played with any of these players, except for Milena. Gamze already did with her main hitters last season, and has been training with Natalia this summer.

    The first tournament that Bjelica played for senior NT was the World Cup. So she wasn't at the WGP

    Actually I think it will be Robin-Chiaka. Egonu, Sylla and De Gennaro would be the Italians on court

    I dont get all the fool about Carli. We dont know that has happened in NT but she is still the best US setter for me and one of the best in the world.

    When some players choose to play in Turkish clubs or while playing in Turkey, they suddenly become such an avarage player by 'some users'. Such as Haak, Kim, Natalia, Carli that comes to my mind right now. Natalia: injury prone, Kim: not good anymore, Carli: 'OMG she got MVP award ahahaha'. And bla bla bla.

    Slöetjes was the one that most users didnt like her performance last year in Vakifbank and there were pages of comments how she had become an avarage player despite she was still good most of the time(anyone can have some bad moments but you cant expect a player to shine always when she has Zhu next to her) However I am soo sure that Slöetjes will be one of the best OPP in the world again because she will be playing in Italy next year. Everybody just take a note and you will see it:wavy:

    I used to love Carli, I mean I still do.. I don't know how she performed with Eczacibasi right now, but her last season with USA has been awful, and she was pretty bad in Brazil too. In the past she has been pretty impressive, but we're talking about her current form. Let's hope she gets back to it

    I Don't know why do people have problems with truth and facts? ??

    I know everyone would love me here If I just wrote what do you guys love to hear, sorry but no.

    Pope said it right, Yes he is brutal but at least He is not hypocrit like many of you.

    Why do you enjoy getting involved into drama so much? Aren't you tired of typing? Don't you have other stuff to do in your life?

    The thing that Kelsey needs to work on, is getting a rebound off the block when the set is not perfect, or when she has double block in front of her. She usually tries to hit every ball as hard as possible, and get a touch off the block, but with solid blockers that's not always possible. Great all round OHs like Logan, Picci, Del Core knew how to do that really well