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    EZC already signed Hanke.. they have Asuman and Ozge - not sure.. signing a 4 setter would be nonsense.. and signing Nootsara is even more crazy because every one of this setters could play in the starting 6 in a different team..

    I was also quite surprised when I read the interview...probably the language differences make the interview sound different than what she intended to say, because she never said any similar things in German interviews, for example when she won league MVP she always said she is nothing without her team and everybody works well, that she couldn't do anything without good reception and good attackers etc.

    Thought about that too.. However I'm looking forward to seeing what she can do. In fact I'm excited for next season even more.. I think many teams in every league have made some good transfers so I think it will be more unpredictable..

    Oh my! Isn't she a bit too confident.. even when players win individual awards and are asked about it they don;t say stuff like that. However a good transfer for EZC. I have a question.. Are Ozge and Asuman both staying? 3 setters like FB this year

    Khrzhanovskaya is pregnant, Ponomareva will definitely retire, no news on Efremova. There were articles on Kazan is negotiating new contract with Bown, so she could stay there. Although it's clear that Kazan is in need of world-class OH much more than MB. So Bown could stay only for CL games, maybe?

    maybe they can transfer Logan so Kazan will have no worries about reception and defense.. and Larson will focus more in attack..

    Kubra isn't promising or anything like that she is damn slow Mb i don't see any future in her. Eda in her prime was best Mb in Turkey now Bahar looks better but who knows how will Eda return from injury

    Not saying Eda isn't good but she is not a good blocker.. and MB's job is to block too.. she is good in attack not doubt about that.

    Cagla is even younger (borned in 1995) ^^

    I have no doubt Kubra is a promising MB but she won't start instead of Bahar for sure.. A can't understand why everybody on this forum underestimates Bahar so much.. Not saying she is a world class MB next to Akinradewo, Poljak or Furst but she is the best turkish MB (no Eda is not, she is just a solid slide attacker) and this year in turkish league she was the BEST Blocker although Furst and Poljak were there... Vakif has a very specific style in terms of block-defence so I think she is the most suited for that..

    I don't get it why do you think Radecka is a bad setter... I that Russian thing I disagree, she sets her MB quite a lot.. Can you explain more specifically why is she a bad setter

    No news about Berg? She said she wants to stay in Turkey, but GB, Vakif, Gala and Ezc have setters so no place for her there... She can still play I think, no more NT so during the summer she rest her knees... And maybe it's time for her to play somewhere in Azerbaijan.. does Azerrail have a setter? I think it's a bit foolish to ''retire'' at first then to come back just for several months to play, not at your best level.. and then to stop playing again because you don;t play in Turkey.. She is such a great setter it would be sad not seeing her play anymore...

    it's sad that Marchenko's level got so down.. she was once the best player Cannes had, when playing in the CEV CL F4, i remember her getting all the points.. and now she can't pass nor score.. and I'm also surprised by Osmokrovic passing, not in a good way.. she used to be such a good passer, an all around OH i mean.. and now..

    when is the 3rd matches?

    It's today, but I don't know when.. I want to watch it too.. I think it will start in about 1 hour but I don't know, since I don't understand russian I don't get their webpage.. Anyone knows when it starts? Can you put a link here??

    I think maybe you should add Lauren Gibbemeyer and Alexis Crimes to that list, they had a great season.. I haven't watched Paolini too much this year, so do not know about her... The OH are a little weak in terms of passing.. only Jordan is a great receiver and Kristin is a decent passer.. I don't think there will be a spot for both Hodge and Klineman.. maybe if Logan will be back then they can work something out.. however well see.. Strong roster however!

    I think Laura Dijkema is a good setter... she deserves a chance to play in better league, at least Italian as now the economy is bad and all the ,,stars'' are leaving... She'll be very useful for some teams and she'll improve for sure.. at least she's not expensive so some teams may sign her

    Fully agree with you. Larson is one of the best OHs in the whole world right now :super:

    I absolutely love Larson. I think she is one of the best all around OH in the world... but I don't think she has surpassed Logan. Not in any way... Logan is not THAT great in attack anymore, but even her role was not to score... she could do it she proved in the final against Brazil when Hooker was stopped. And we know Logan is never playing for her club the way she plays for USA, so you can't compare that in terms of attacking. So I don't think Jordan has passed Logan in anything. Still great OH and if Logan doesn't return she'll be very very useful for USA

    I would love to see Piccinini playing once again in Brazil even if it's in Osasco. I don't get the whole "Osasco needs a stronger hitter because Jaque is a good receiver". Piccinini is an all around player and the chance of having Jaque+Picci+Sheilla is great for any team. Plus, with Picci they would only assure good receiving players who would give more chances to players as Thaisa and Ade to shine. I really hope Osasco can sign with her although I'm not so sure it will happen

    I am absolutely with you on this one. I also think Picci is a all-around player.. she is a good attacker, not like Del Core for example.. Picci can receive for sure but she can attack very well.. With Brait and Jaque she won't be under pressure for passing, that's for sure.. but as you said she can pass so that Thausa and Adenizia can attack

    Thanks :win: