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    I'm sad the USA lost, but in the same time very happy that this young girls achieved this results! The lack consistency but they'll get there and when some players like Larson and Akinradewo come back (I wish to see Logan back!!) it will be a very very strong team! I'm already excited for the WCH 2014!

    Kwiek used interesting substitution with Binet in backrow. She didn't substitute nominal OH (De La Cruz/Rivera) but Arias on serve. After Binet's serve when Puerto Rico got point, Castillo came back but replaced Rivera in backrow. Two rotations later Rivera came back in front row and De La Cruz went on serve and Binet stayed (Rivera changed Castillo). After PUR got score after De La Cruz serve, Castillo changed De La Cruz. In next rotation Arias went back. What do you think about such a solution, is it better than classic change for back row? For me it worked well, especially because both Rivera and De La Cruz could serve and Binet was in 3 positions in backrow(5 an 6 for Rivera and 1 for De La Cruz and Arias). Arias didn't serve but it was better, because she had sometimes stupid mistakes there.

    Candida rocked on the block, especially in last set. She had 6 kill blocks :thumbsup:

    So happy bout her.. Arias is a great young strong MB.. I hope she can play in Europe soon.. she'll develop and be even stronger

    Let's make things clear! Bahar is a really nice person as far as I observed from Vakıfbank and NT matches alive and she id doing her best. However, this is her best! She has very very limited potential. She has very good blocking technique, I mean when she catch the ball she manages to make it block points. Yet, she desperately lacks of block anticipation which is very crucial for a MB. And this talent is something that you have it or not :roll: Thus, I totally believe that if Turkey was not soo unlucky about MB position, Bahar would not play in starting six of any other top teams in this GP (Can you name one?) To my criteria, Bahar is a bad MB to play in at high level NT. She seemed OK in Vakıfbank because she was blocking with great players like Brakoçeviç and Glinka, also with great coach as Guidetti. On the other hand, Eda is a true talent, she has been amazing MB since she was 17. I am not saying she is a superb blocker but a very complete player (she has played as OH and Opp before just like Berenika or Skowronska) In Turkey case, since all of our MBs suck at blocking, Eda's contribution at attacking makes her indispensable. I accept that she has not been performing well last two years, but she had always severe or mild injuries, even in OG. :whistle:

    I agree about Eda.. but I don't think in fact I know this is not Bahar's best! I can't rememer exactly because I am not such a huge fan of Turkey to watch all their past matches but a match I remember she was superb is the match against Russia in Olympic Games Qualification Tournament in Ankara.. she served many aces blocked and made points.. However I agree about her certain level.. I don't dislike Eda, don't get me wrong I like her a lot.. but I am irritated when people make her a world class MB and say she is the best and Bahar and all the others Turkish MB suck.. I am not denying her skills for a slide attacks and other (like you mentioned played OH and OPP) but when talking about a complete MB she is not.. so Turkey is still searching till then better keep Bahar in the starting 6 or they'll block with Naz, Neslihan and Gozde alone

    Dani Scott will also come back to the team for NORCECA. And btw Dani, if anyone is interested, here's a long interview with her, that I made a week before WGP (looks nice via google translator). She's one of the most inspiring players ever. Her passion and love for volleyball is just amazing. And it's wonderful to hear how she talks about the USA team and the work they all do there. It just made me love USA NT even more.…erzam+jeszcze+zdoby%C4%87

    (If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask)

    She got divorced?! I didn't know that

    Again the Bahar trash talk.. she is not a bad MB.. she did disappoint me today too. I believe in her and I hope she'll get better.. And please stop just stop saying Eda is the best turkish MB.. Can you please tell me how is she?! By running slides every single point not blocking not hitting simple middle attack?! And she was good yes, I said this and I'm gonna say it again - she hasn't done anything for Turkey since maybe ECH... Yes he was injured, she is injured but still there were times she played and her connection with Naz was a disaster, she was either late or early and stuff like that.. And her blocking can't talk about that! Even the few block she has are blocks of Naz or somebody else who the FIVB believe are hers because the setter should be a better blocker than the MB..
    Yes the MB are the biggest problem for turkey, Bahar is underperforming I agree on that, but she is not a bad MB.. even the best MB in turkish league.. if I'm wrong correct me :D

    So next up BRA-RUS...if some of Russia's players repeat their ridiculous behavior from Universiade final I might actually support Brazil, but I believe they'll win anyway unless Marichev suddenly came to his senses about his system of play...

    You know I agree about behavior, it's sometimes fun to watch especially cubans but... :lol: I somehow understand Obmochaeva when she screams, because she is the only one really playing you know.. only she is scoring, blocking trying to make it work soo somitimes I understand her, but however it is not acceptable