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    i do not see this as a problem in fact i think this would help larson be tougher in the coming years which is crucial while logan tom's performance is deteriorating, the us nt must have a vocal leader and if larson will be the one to do it then it is alrright with me

    Nevermind it has gone too far. I still think she is a great player and will be very important for the USA in the next years to come but USA never had this kind of behavior in the team. Logan was always the leader and she never acted that way.. If you remember there were some issues back at the 2010 WCH when US lost to Brazil and Destinee twitted something about ''some people need to grow up... etc'' But after it was immediately deleted and after that Hugh never allowed chemistry problems in the team

    No. 18 is Irina Voronkova.

    I do not think Larson's reaction is intended to be mean, but more of a release of frustration.

    well yeah... but i still think she shouldn't act like this. First of all i isn't nice when you see it and second it reminds me of Cuban players and how they are always mad when someone makes a mistake

    People act very differently depending on the context. Without being able to hear what she's saying or be in the practice gym I think it's unfair to judge her based off of your perception of her body language. She's been in Kazan for three years now so I'm sure her teammates have a much greater understanding of her on court personality than any of us do.

    I do not judge her and I still think she is a great player but seeing that kind of behavior isn't nice. I remember a situation during the match against Rabita the other OH no.18 (don't know her name) who is just 18 years old made a reception error and she ''yelled'' at her an made some face. So I wonder if Logan and Stacy did stuff like this to her when she was struggling with her reception at the 2010 WGP and WCH

    Yup, and she also likes to join in the trashtalks through the net when Kazan plays against Dinamo Moscow. Must be Gamova's bad influence ;)

    I have a huge respect for her as a player as she has grown so much for the last 2 years and I don't want my opinion on her to be changed by some silly behavior like this.. I guess in USA NT is a great chemistry applied by Hugh and Logan - that's why I want her there forever

    Has anyone else noticed that Larson is very different playing for Kazan that for USA. Not talking about her game but her attitude. She is very impatient and I don't like her body language while playing, especially losing. She is not literally jelling at her teammates but she is making faces and some similar stuff you know... (remember Ramirez, she always does this kind of stuff) I do not know if it's about the couch but in USA NT she would never do something like this, neither Hugh nor Logan or the other veterans would allow it.

    So sad for Cuban NT. First Calderon, Carillo, Ruiz and Ramirez left after the Beijing Olympics. Then Sanchez left and just when they were finding their rhythm Kenia Carcases left. Silie retired and now Santos, Salas and Silva are also gone! And they could have been a great team, the played great in the Pan Am Cup against Brazil in the final. Huge loss for Cuba

    Why on this facebook page is written that Hugh McCutcheon will be the new coach on Italy WNT? I am confused, very confused! 8|

    If that's the case I lost all the respect I had for him.. I mean I still think he is a great coach but he did not agree to coach USA because he had other plans with some college.. and now this...

    you say VB didnt show thier real game in first two sets.. what were missing in Vb's game in first two sets? Did they not serve well, did they not fight,did they not do defence or block?

    It was the reception they missed.. and it wasn't Glinka who couldn't pass but Gozde.. She was neither passing nor defending well, I really thought Guidetti would sub her out

    im cuurious about this matchup last year fener won in the semis despite poor performances from middles and tom because of kim's amazing play, liuba's leadership and gamova's average performance, now i wonder if montano can perform at a high level? and who among the players of kazan will provide the leadership needed? will it be grun? :D

    Logan did not perform poor IMO. If by good performance you mean score than yes, but her role has been different for some years now.. She served great! And not talking about passing and defense.. so I think you're wrong.