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    one thing i don't understand about kwiek's work with the RD team, why is he always cycling through/rotating so many players? i mean, i understand some players are not available for every tournament but i don't understand why he's not working to have some players being the official starters so they can solidify their skills and playing. one day, the MB are rondon and arias, another match, it's eve and vargas. there's no consistency. and did you see how many players he's had as OP in the last few years? mambru, nunez, rodriguez, cabral, rivera, pena, de la cruz, martinez, even eve. another thing, the passing is bad and the MB rarely get a set, even on a free ball and a perfect pass... they need to bring in kiattipong, the thai coach, who's done a wonderful work with a team of short players, to teach them basic skills.

    I totally agree with you!! I thought the same thing.. It's good to know some players can play different rolls in many positions like Cubans can, but you can't change that many.. They have only setter, libero and HITTERS. No MB no OH no OPP.. they all play everything, I remember Eve playing as a MB then she changed to OH then she played OPP and they MB again. I would like to see dominican team with another coach, they have the quality to be in the first 5 teams in the world...

    cleger used to jump float. Now, she's jump serving.. so, she's trying to become the next Santos. However, I would prefer Giel to still be an MB if she goes to Europe. Hopefully. :wavy:

    Yeah, and I like this one better cuz the float was too easy to receive... and btw no one can replace Santos in terms of serving... no on one the world I think...Where is she.. I wanna see her play

    And now Cleger is playing great soo it's her time to defect from Cuba.. hahaha :D No really they have such great talented young players and if they change that stupid rule they'll be on the top of the world.. However I'd like to see Cleger and Giel in Europe!

    I thought Argentina is better than that...they showed no resistance and made tons of simple mistakes. DOM played a very average game, not bad for sure but also nothing great, but they won without any trouble. Arias is on the way to become a dominating MB.

    Castillo is definitely missed though :!: Binet is a "normal" libero but she has nothing of the confidence and sense for the game that Brenda displays on court.

    Of course she does, she is the best libero in the world.. and I agree about Arias.. imagine her and Akinradewo in one team :super: And

    :roll: just watch the next tournaments

    I don't agree with you.. I mean they are still not a top team but they are good, they have good players.. and some young too.. Lenka is a good libero, Kozuch is certanly a good OPP, she is just not a power hitter like Montano or Gamova.. And what's wrong with Brinker she is a good OH, she is becoming more and more all around this last year or two.. They just lack good MB, but these 4 years I hope they'll develop new ones

    If guidetti still thinks playing with her in grand prix there is no word :hit:

    Yeah I'm glad Kozuch is doing great! She had a rough season in Italy, I mean not in terms of scoring points because she always had the most but she lso had the most attempts, so not so good %.. Hanke is playing really well, I love how whenever she has a chance she hits the ball