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    How is this match going? I am unable to watch it. My bet is on Halkbank.

    PS: how silence this CEV cup forum is? Halkbank too is a Turkish team. Well, it is not Fener. These Fener fans use the term "Turkey" only when it comes to Fener. If Fener was playing here at CEV final, they would be attacking me a lot here now. Go Halk, bank of Folks..

    How shameless are you? You know very well were the turkish fans are. I will try to report you!

    And the others? how many teams could u count for compete in europe from turkish league? We r talking about the league not just particular ones.And if u still think that eczacıbası is successful after all there is no more word.

    Your are not Turkish? I would like to quote Gözde Sonsirma but it's to offensive before F4, so better not. :D

    Rid of? there was no offense in what i said.I just say what i think.For me turkish clubs dont get the success as they spent and it shows that they r not as succesful as u think.

    I was joking. My opinions is turkish clubs have success on European stage. What I want is a better league.

    So what?Players have their own rights to chose clubs. Some users claimed that turkish league is the best one in europe for now.If it is 'real' there shouldnt be a trouble as u said.Its so clear that there are just a few turkish players on high level.So there is not a balanced league.Im saying just taking the expensive players means nothing for a long term.So for me this is artificial and temporary situation.So compare italian league with turkish one sounds really nonsense to me.

    Btw i have to say that although italian league is not on high level as before, for me its the best league for watching still thanks to volley culture. ^^

    If there were only few Turkish player the NT would be not this good. Also young NT is very good. I don't know if you read recent interviews of Eleonora lo Bianco. She always says Turkish volleyball league is rising while Italian is becoming worse. She is right when I look at past and compare with today. As I said before Turkish volleyball is in a process. It is not the best but one of the best. We will try to dominate Europe for a few years so don't think that you can get rid of us soon :teach:

    Was this the reason for banning him? I read it, they said such things before Azerrail-Yamamay game. But, you didn't ban them then when they said such words. So, this means their such words were not real problem for mods there, but, saying "Congrats Fakro" became suddenly a big problem when or after Fakro's win over Fener. So, stop being liars, stop trying to show yourselves as good people to people here in Inside with people all over the world, mostly from Europe.

    By the way, that Azeri came to there, perhaps, he doesn't know English and can speak only Azerbaijan Turkic dialect so that he could have conversations on the volley. But, you know Azeri dialect, some small differences. For ex, they say "ucak dustu" (airplane falled) while we say "ucak indi" (airplane down on the land, landed.) Maybe, your translation "smash" is incorrect and maybe, "ezmek" is normal saying in Azerbaijan. As Azerbaijanis say "Basa dustun?" (put in your head?) or, as we say in Turkey, "anladin"? "Basa dustun" or "anladin", the both can be translated to English as "understand"? (you coming here as if you all are Turk nationalists, but, you even do not know Turkic languages. Indeed, you all are comedy.)

    Such words are immediately deleted. The person got a warning. The reason for ban is the combination of all. Saying congrats cannot be a problem because everyone is saying nice words about Fakro. The people of Inside have to decide whom they want to believe. It is you who brought the dicussion of other forum to Inside. Every story has two sides.

    In that turkish board Azerbaijani fans write "We will smash the heads of Yamamay players". They got banned, came here and now try to blame Turkish board. Hahaha :rolll:

    U just got this from what i wrote? The important part is 'not being a team' the budget part comes later.Its seen so easy that except vakıfbank( and maybe Gs in cl) other turkish clubs are just waste.And im against supporting a team just because they have more expensive players.Muszyna played better,could handle to be a team and won.Thats easy , no need to complaining about nonsense things.

    And i really think that no right to complain after these funny line referees.For me muszyna won the last set 15-10 cause last attack of werblinska was too in. :roll:

    Turkish clubs are waste as long as Turkish player go to Vakifbank and Eczacibasi. Where is the Turkish NT in the league?

    In some European countries we see crosses and we see burning flags and mosques pictures during a match. But no one calls them 3rd world country.
    You don't want to see pictures of Atatürk because...? I guess it has something to do with your political belief. Fenerbahce is not the Turkish NT. Fenerbahce represents Fenerbahce supporters. If you have no place for Atatürk in your heart you are a poor Fenerbahce supporter. So let it be the problem of Fenerbahce supporter. You can go to Vakifbank match with a Kurdish flag if you want. Do what you want to do. But don't give bad picture of peaceful Fenerbahce supporters. Yesterday, everyone including polish supporter saw how great they are!
    The man you call Mafia is the president of Fenerbahce. Did you expexted to see the president of Galatasaray?
    Don't you understand, this board is for supportes from all over the world. You can share your opinion here and you can criticize teams and players. It is fine as long as you do it in a certain manner. We know you hate Fenerbahce, we know you think your own country is a 3rd world country, and we know you don't want to see pictures of Atatürk. We all know it now! Thank you!

    As a Turk, I do not find this expression "3rd world" as an insult at all. But, generalizations are done mistakenly. This is not about Turkey, this match was about Fener and correct expression should have been "Fener is a 3rd world." But, anyway, these Fener fans have no right to complain, as they already doing worse things than things being done here. (see one of them says "you are faster than Turkish mods." This is confession. And, you deleted the words only with all bad language while they BANNED someone just he said FAKRO. Provacative? Well, everybody and especially Fener fans have been doing provacative things here, and nothing was done to them while they banned someone there at their forum easily. Mod, I suggest you to ignore their double-standard comments here.) Ok, this is my last post here at CEV cup 2013.

    My last word here:


    How does crying or blaming Turkey and Turkish volleyball help you? Thank you well done. People call your country 3rd world country. I hope you are proud! When it is not insulting for you go on, they haven't called Turks morons yet. I miss that one, come on go on...

    You can support any team you want on that Turkish board. Every board has rules. That Azerbaijani was not banned for writing Fakro!!! He is banned because of insultinng and provocation. Just few days ago an Azerbaijani wrote "we will smash the heads of the players of team X". To be honest I don't know if it was the same person. Still what kind of lanagueg is that?

    If Turkish users find the 3rd world country post insulting, I can delete it too. But the insult you posted left no doubts about having to be deleted.

    Obviously it was insulting. So my reaction was little harsh.

    Dear Polish fans Congratulations! :drink:

    Moderator note:

    Everybody is free to express their opinion here, but we cannot tolerate racist comments and personal insults towards other users. Such posts will be deleted!

    Since I am new here. Can I call other countries 3rd world or something like that? Is this my personal opinion an insult or provocation? Sad to see that my second comment on this board is already deleted. So much faster than turkish mods :rolll:

    This is my first comment on this forum. I have been enjoying reading this forum, however,after this nonsense of ErolGarip I want to write few words. ErolGarip
    is a good example of Turkish fanaticism. He is cheering more than polish people. Whatever, he has not the right to talk all turkish volleyball fans down. Turkish volleyball is in a process of developing and fans are part of this movement. It is better and it will be better! The Turkish forum which is mentioned here is the best example! I've read all comments there! Everyone is praising the team spirit of Muszyna and the performance of Werblinska and Popovic. Not a single bad word about the Polish team. In contrast people criticize transfer policies of Fenerbahce. Yes, one Azerbaijani fan is banned but not for his support for Muszyna. How can you ban someone for his support for a team? He was provoking all the time and was asked for better behaviour.

    I want to add. This board is international. Fans from all over the world share their interest for volley here. Why this hate against Turkey or Turkish fans? What do you know about Turkey to call it a 3rd world country? Have you ever been to Turkey? Have you asked yourself why non-turkish players praise Istanbul? Polish, Croatian, Italian, Serbian they are all happy in Istanbul. I don't know what to do. Do you need a thread about Istanbul so that you have a picture of the daily life in Istanbul?