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    Orkun Darnel seems very hopeful about Galatasaray. According to his interview in voleybolextra, he says that Galatasaray was the key team that caused a nigthmare season for Guidetti (honestly I dont know which season he is talking about and what Galatasaray did). He adds, Vakıfbank's unbeatable record of 54 matches motivate us and Galatasaray is the team that can end this. If we were in champions league, with our foreign players rotation, we would have a bigger advantage but now in Turkish league, I would say we are equal.

    I understand how Orkun feels after all these really good transfers. I think Galatasaray will be much more challenging than last year however when we compare Guidetti & Barbolini, Guidetti is much heavier. I don't know which 3 foreign players Galatasaray will choose but I hope Montano, Saori and Lo Bianco will be there. Honestly I prefer to see Gamze instead Lo Bianco and Veljkovic as a 3rd foreigner but I dont think Barbolini has balls to make such decisions. :read:

    Last week he was criticized because he was very cautious with his words, now he is criticized because he tries to make a good atmosphere for the match. Sometimes I feel sorry for him though I do not really like him. :gone: Btw. Saori is not with the team. :!:


    Yeah and that was how many years ago? I guess volleyball players got a bit more expensive since then :cheesy: Once again, Galatasaray is a blackbox at the moment and we dont know what this team will be capable of soon. I'm sure they will start ruling the Champions league sooner or later.

    Also most players would not prefer Turkey if the money is not enough. Why Turkey when they can live for example in Italy. Thus, Turkish clubs have to spend more money in comparison to other European clubs.

    Another thing, according to Mr Cibara, Galatasaray Daikin had the lowest budget compared to other 3 big teams in Turkish league last season. I'm not sure about this season though.

    G. Saray could not do half of the foreign transfers without the help of Daikin. Furthermore, the chairman of G. Saray stressed that volleyball is one of the sections that makes no financial profit but debts. Therefore, they want to cut the money in the future to continue with young players. They indeed see investments in young players as necessary for the future. I wish more Turkish clubs could invest even more money in volleyball.

    Sorry but how is that ignorant? Volleyball is a sport first and a business second, so it's quite reasonable (as a neutral) to enjoy seeing a team that raises its level and plays with fighting spirit beat a 'Chelsea' team with loads of cash. Italian volleyball's foundation isn't the past results themselves, but the passion that those results have bred. Give me that over a financial 'arms race' anytime.

    Fact is, if Vakifbank is the Barcelona of volleyball today, it was Bergamo few years ago. If Galatasaray Daikin is Chelsea today, it was Perugia in the past.

    It is very annoying that some people are waiting for the opportunity to bash Turkish clubs with this "they have money but we have spirit" thing.

    If Vakıfbank is the example of the great transfer policy, Galatasaray is the totally opposite one :wall:

    On the paper, you have by far the strongest Opp in the world, one of the best setter who was at a level of legendary ones such as Fofao, Takeshita and Feng a few years ago, a great all-around OH, young and talented MBs and decent level, strong OHs with good back-up players. AAAAAND this is the game they show :cursing: Barbolini manages to screw everythings up with even this kinda roster and I really wonder who would hire him after GS kick him out, which I hope would come true soon.

    Congratulations Imoco! They have my favourite MB duo also :heart:

    Vakifbank has won everything in how many years? Luckily for us they have continued after all the mistakes of the past.

    Well, they would indeed invest a lot of money in developing own young players, as several clubs already do with own volleyball schools. But that is not my point, what I meant is that some people think that money can buy success at will, but this is not possible. Of course, Galatasaray with their money can buy big stars, but it is wrong to think that this automatically means they'll have a good team. Probably Montano and Lo Bianco together earn as much as Conegliano's whole team, but still Conegliano won this match because they displayed some values that money simply can't buy, like LOVING volleyball and FIGHTING until the end.

    Oh no, don't tell a fairy tale! You know as well as I do that Turkish clubs also invest in young generations. Let's face it, German teams would invest in better and more expensive players. I have no numbers, I don't know the budgets of the clubs. According to a Turkish newspaper Vakifbank had a budget of 8 million euro last year.

    Of course money is not everything. However you sound very ignorant when you compare Italian and Turkish clubs. Italian volleyball has some financial problems, however, Italian clubs are not the poorest. Moreover, they have a great past, thus they have a good foundation. The best of the world had played there. No matter what happens they can build on this foundation. In contrast, Turkish clubs are trying to build their own foundation, best example is Vakifbank.

    What would german clubs do if they had more money? Would they invest in cheap players as they do now? And the rest of the money you would probably give to poor children, right? :rolleyes:

    I've heard Montano and Saori arrived just yesterday, hence I keeped my expectations low. Nevertheless, I can't stand Massimo Barbolini anymore, G. Saray looked as bad as the Turkish NT. :whistle:

    On top of that, the TVF is not really interested in making volleyball more popular because they are connected to the conservative government which doesn’t like to see women in shorts doing sports anyway. :down:
    I’m sure volleyball could be very, very, very popular in Turkey. :heart:

    Soccer is probably the most popular sport in the world. Furthermore, it is a money making industry. Also the NBA, NFL and F1 are kind of industries. However, in order to sell a product you have to do advertising. In sports, the best advertising you can do is broadcasting. This is the reason why volleyball federations pass the broadcasting rights to TV channels. Thus, it is their damn job to broadcast the matches. First, Volleyball has to reach the people because they won’t wake up one morning and think let’s go to Burhan Felek. :teach:

    Our goal is the Champions League

    "I think we are a very good team. With every passing match we will improve. I can not wait for the league to start. Playing with Lo Bianco is the dream of players from all over the world. Because I think no one can question her setting, quality, and career.

    I see G. Saray as a complete team that is hungry for success and exiting goals. The final should be the goal of every team participating in the Champions League. If we look at the Champions League from the perspective of G. Saray, I think we have every possibility and an adequate staff to be the winners of the CL. However, we can realize it if we work very hard and focus on the goal.

    It is not important for me that my ex coach Marcello Abbondanza is coaching Fenerbahce. I play to win against every opponent.

    Vakifbank had an outstanding winning streak and has won all matches. Perhaps they will also win all matches this year. There is no guarantee that it will not happen again. In the same way, no one can guarantee that we can not beat Vakifbank. Among the opponents of Vakifbank, we are one of the most powerful teams and we have the capacity to beat them, therefore, anything can happen at any time.

    I am following the Turkish league. Here are very important players. For example, Kim in Fenerbahce. We had played against each other in Korea. It will be interesting to play against them. On paper the teams are very strong. I think we have to be on the field to measure or skills. Then we will see the strengths and weaknesses.

    G. Saray has very good young players. I think they are all very good and promising. They show character on the field. I want to become a coach one day, if I were the coach I would choose these young players in my team.

    Our supporters should not let us alone. We can give them a beautiful season. We want to see them in every match. We see them as the 13th player, as a part of the team. They should be with us in away matches.

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