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    Either you get the cup or you get a cup of tea to wave it to the winners. It's your decision.
    They will ask you what you've won? Little respect this has happened for the first time.

    Do not worry we celebrated enough :) The cup is the dream of others for us it has become the norm.

    Sincerely, Sabri Erdoganmasseur of Vakifbank

    I can respect your opinion but I don't agree with it because in my opinion Naz had a horribel season. Furthermore, you say Gözde and Gizem can perform better because of the presence of Costagrande, but you forgot that they have played a great season with Glinka. Hence, I don't think that their individual performance is dependet on Costagrande or any other player.

    For example, Seda did her best though it was not enough :!: I thought we would see them all fighting because the ladies of Vakifbank keep saying; we fight for every point this is our strength . We have seen nothing of their fighting spirit during summer. It was the complete opposite. They had three months vacation but that was not enough so they had continued to complain. Every day someone complained about the distance to Istanbul and their loved ones. I will never forget the interview of Gözde and Özge in Germany. They said they can't enjoy their marriage because of volleyball. Actually the whole interview was about family and marriage. :wall:
    Right now they are only tweeting about the club championship which shows how focused they are.

    Vakifbank spent a whole week in Switzerland but they are not tweeting about the stupid distance to their husbands. I'm very suprised because the ladies of Vakifbank are the most bitchy in Turkish NT. What has changed in a month? Also their individual performance is different. For those who don't now, Vakifbank's shining stars Gözde, Gizem, Naz, Güldeniz had a horrible NT season. :wall: :wall: :wall:

    Bergamo's President Bonetti: "Diouf comes back from Mexico with a knee distorsion. We give healthy players to Italian NT and they come back unhealthy. The way they abused of Diouf was totally wrong. She had to play many matches with senior NT during all summer, they never let her rest, but they didn't achieve the result they hoped at ECH due to their technical mistakes I'd like to underline, and so what did they do? They tried to achieve that result at the Under23 WCH!
    Diouf is a powerful buy also heavy player, you must know how to handle her but of course they don't. They do not know anything. They feel like they are the owners of the players and treat us like those who must serve them, they want Diouf and other young players to play often but they exploit them too much. I agree that NT is important, victories are important but they should realize that without us clubs, who invest money to develop these young talented players and make them grow, they wouldn't go anywhere. We (clubs) feel like exploited by NT, we invest
    our money and they abuse of it. I had already called Federation to ask not to take Diouf to Under23 WCH, but they didn't care so now I called them to say Thanks."

    The president is right to complain. If I were him, I would also freak out.

    Volleyball fans will have the chance for a meet and greet with Galatasaray Daikin at the Meydan shopping mall, on October 13th, at 2 pm. Eleonora Lo Bianco, Dobriana Rabadzhieva, Sinem Barut, Nihan Güneyligil , Ergül Avci and Neriman Özsoy will be there to sign autographs and promote Neriman Özsoy sports schools.