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    For sure You are clown of volleyball world :lol: 2 Teams from Africa- joke which made laugh in Everyone who read that.

    I don't need your vollayball forum. You -professors of volleyball- countinue laughing. I will not be here anymore. I can't stand people like you. Selfish, toughtless and much more thing like these.

    Maybe yes, but this team would be like Algeria in WGP, every match 0-3 and difficulties with achieving 15 sets in single set :whistle:

    Yeah, it's another point of view. But i think FIVB should give more chances to African teams. For example, in grand prix 2 spots for Africa can be good. Therefore, they will be more experienced and they can struggle with good teams.

    I don't understand why African champions can not participate in this tournament. Its name is Grand Champions Cup. But in every edition we're seeing South Korea as a team given "wild card" !!! I think Japan+ 5 continental champion is more suitable and fairer. :teach:

    I don't like this tournament system. Play-off matches are really unnecessary. Previous method is better than current one. Related to this, i really do not understand the classification of teams. CEV says Croatia is 5th and Italy is 6th. So they simply ignore the play-off results. This is so ridiculous. And I think Czech Republic must be 9th because they were 2nd in their pool. OK, if you take into consideration the overall results, Netherlands got higher points, but this is not logical. And if CEV uses overall results to order the teams like Netherlands-Czech Republic case, why don’t they use play-off matches to classify 5-8 teams? :cheesy:

    I also suggest that number of teams which will play in European Championships should be increased. 20 is better I think. By this way, Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia, Greece, Slovenia, Hungary, Israel will get a chance to qualify for finals. 4 groups composed of 5 teams might be well. FIVB have used this format this summer. But i don't like 4 teams qualify for Top-16 round. I think first 3 teams of groups will advance 2nd round. The remaining is the same with the previous system used in 2007 and 2009. Maybe we can add quarter finals instead of direct semi finals.

    BTW, Direct qualifiers of 2015 Eurovolley: The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Serbia, Russia, Croatia and Italy.
    Turkey and Poland will play qualifications. :mad: But maybe Poland is given a wild card. Who knows? :whistle:

    Naz best setter of the World?! No way. She is not now and will never be. I agree she is a very good setter, but that's all.
    Ognjenovic, Berg, Antonijevic, Lloyd, Takeshita, Tomkom and a bunch of other asian setters are much more talented than her. No comparison at all between Naz and them.

    I don't agree with you about Antonijevic, Lloyd, Tomkom, Ognjenovic. Yes they are good setter. But i'm underlining that Naz is only 23. Fofao was second setter of Brasilia until she was 30. So, for being a world-class setter, age and experience are very important factors. Outside hitters or opposites don't need it. For them best ages are between 20-27. But for a setter it's 25-33. And remember that Naz played in Champions League as first setter of Eczacıbaşı when she was only 15. Selected MVP of European Junior Volleyball Championships in 2008. How many setters has got such a career? Yes between 2008-2011 Naz hasn't improved her game much. But especially in last 2 years she could show her capacity again.

    Naz has been playing in F4 for 5 years consecutively. And she has been chosen "best setter" two times in a row. She is not only the talented, but also very experienced now. She probably will be best setter in the world within few years. Even now she can be considered one of the best. Special congrats for her! :teach:

    Big congratulations to Vakıfbank. They showed their huge power once more. Now i'm sure that vakıfbank is the best team in the world right now. Also i expected gözde is mvp, brako is best spiker and fürst is best blocker. Individual awards of champions league is always like a joke. Never understood.

    Kolomiets, Ivanyunishka, Aysun Özbek, Elif Ağca, Shvets, Neslihan(MVP), Necla Güçlü

    Also 2005/2006 MVP: Aguero