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    Does anyone know, where i can buy a shirt of Manon Flier or Fancesca Piccinini??? :sos:

    As for Piccinini's, I know that Volley Bergamo has an official store (here:…sk=view&id=483&Itemid=141), but I don't know if they do international shippings.

    As for the Italian NT (I think someone asked about it), there is a new shop that sells jerseys and other things (…99b5e317e75bea30897c7f717).
    As far as I can see, they ship across Europe (but it costs A LOT! 40€ just for the shipping...).

    YAY! :dance6: :dance6:
    We won...
    These girls will make me die someday! They are AMAZING. I'm so, so happy. :cup:
    Of course nobody talked about this in the Italian media, I had to surf the web to find out, but still. :thumbsup:
    I'm so sad I couldn't see the match. From your comments, it must have been great. ;(
    Well, anyway.

    And after ECH there were people on this forum, who said you wouldn't have chance against Brasil... :)

    Thank you! :)
    There were also many Italians who said that without Aguero we wouldn't win a single match. It's always good to prove them wrong. :thumbsup:

    YES! It was about time we won against Brazil again!! :dance6:
    I'm beyond happy!
    Too bad I can't see the games of this tournament...I don't see Eurosport. :wall:
    How I wish i could see tomorrow's match against Japan...I'm sure it'll be memorable!

    @ Ania

    Italian commentators were impressed by the beautiful halls (especially the Centennial Hall) and by the amazing audience.
    And I agree with them. :)

    @ Mateo

    I love the "Gioli: mamma fast & furious" poster too! I don't know who invented that slogan, but now everybody uses it when talking about her. :lol:

    Italy is impeccable in this tournament.So how come in 2008 Olympics with the same roster?

    Well, in the Olympics we didn't have Del Core. And there was the sad story of Tai Aguero's mom, who died when the Olympics had already started (Aguero flied back and forth from Germany to Cuba a couple of times hoping to get a visa to see her mother, but they granted her a visa only after her mother had died).
    So...I don't know. Many little things happened, that had a negative effect on the girls' morale. I bet today we'd win that quarter final. But in sports like volleyball, the nerves are very important. If your head isn't completely in the game, you'll probably lose. That's what happened to Italy during the Olympics, I guess. :(

    @ yates

    Too bad that in two of the countries with the best volleyball NTs, all the media care about is football/soccer. Maybe if we keep winning they'll change their minds. :)

    @ Konrad: FIRST PAGE today!! :D

    Omg!!! Piccinini is so jealous at Flier!! As Flier was getting her MVP award, in the back side was Italian team to see, and especially Picci. As Andre Meyer was giving her the award, he kissed Manon 3times. Piccinini rolled her eyes, made a sour face and touched with her finger to her cheeks 3times, while she was saying something to her teammates, probably about Manon =) She was like saying "yea kiss her, I bet u voted for her just for being near to her kissing her" =)))
    Omg it was soo funny, I hope I am not the only one who saw this.

    Ahahahahah, :lol: I saw it, but I think I knew what Picci was saying. In Italy, we usually give two kisses, while there in Poland, it seems that they give three (or four). So she was commenting on the fact that it's strange for us to give three or four kisses. That's what I understood, because she had the same reaction I had. :) Like: how many kisses do we have to give? :lol:

    BTW, has lucia crisanti entered the italian team? I haven't seen her in this tournement. I remember that Valentina Arrighetti was a replace of Barazza and Gioli. on the other hadns, too bad guiggi isn't on the team. although she was one of the members of 2007.

    As far as I know, Crisanti was called at the last minute to replace Guiggi, who was injured. But she hasn't played in the ECH. She was with the team, though. Yes, it's sad Guiggi wasn't there. Too bad she was injured. :(

    Congratulations to Italy. Great team. In final Netherlands disappointed. Especially Kim Staelens. Italians were better in every element. I agree with the MVP award. Gioli was very good, but for me Flier was better. Someone watched the award ceremony in Rai TV? I saw, that Martina was in the studio. What did she say???

    Yes, Martina was in the studio. Well, mainly she said that she was happy for the team, and that she was a bit sad because she wasn't there with them. She commented on the match a bit, and said that Gioli was one of the best players for her, but that the whole group was fantastic. You know, the usual things. But she was very nice. :)

    @ flyingdutchman: I agree with you mainly because Italy played very well on other occasions, but maybe not with the continuity they showed tonight. For example, yesterday against Germany we played an EXCELLENT first and third set, but we weren't able to keep our focus on the third set, and we had some problems in the fourth.
    Tonight we managed to get back on tracks when we were suffering in the second set, without losing our concentration, so yes, maybe it was the best match of the tournament. :)

    Sad to hear about it. But it is not first big success by Italy: 2002 - World Champion, 2005 - ECh silver medalist, 2007- European champion. Country with the best league in the world! And still nothing? Ninty AC Milan-Inter game in the row is still more exciting? :lol:

    It's sad, isn't it?
    In 2002 I wasn't the big fan of volleyball I am now, mainly because of the fact that, as I said, nobody pays that much attention to volleyball here. Well, I remember I didn't even know there was the World Championship. The first match they aired on tv was the quarter final against China. That victory helpeld volleyball a lot, because since then, they aired at least some matches of important events (ECH and WCH).
    IN 2005, i remember being able to see the final match just on satellite. We didn't win, and nobody ever talked about that silver medal. EVER.
    From 2007 onwards, they have paid more attention to volleyball, but I remember that the day after we won gold medal, the first page of the most important sports newspaper in Italy was about a FRIENDLY MATCH of Italy football NT against Faer Oer Islands.
    Our victory in the ECH was in the fifth or sixth page. Think about that. :thumbdown:
    We care more about what Mourinho has eaten at breakfast that about our volleyball NT. That's it in Italy. :D