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    the 1st stage of convocation lasts quite short, Japan is not a bad test, ze admits japan has the world best rhythum and the fastest pace of play which is quite similar to brasil, moreover the friendly schedule has been fixed up in an earlier time, brasil would not change their pan plan for any other reasons.

    pan is a good preparation for brasil young players as well although the results dont appear satisfied at all.

    JAPAN has accepted BRA invitation and the team has its right to make for their own strateges or plans for the whole year competitions

    I respect your opinion.But I insist mine too. :)
    The first convocation is almost one and a half month.Probably. :roll: Certanily Ze used more than one to two weeks to help players recover their physical strength.That is weight training first.Then in my opinion the friendly matches or any other matches(If they played the Pan American Cup, a not very competitive tournament)should be a part of the whole training process.You know what ,Ze is a great coach without any question.But playing 4 matches with a team similar to Brazil itself. :whistle: And also the team is a B team.I basically agree that Japan has the best rhythm,the fastest pace and even best defence technique.But Japan B is not better than Japan A,right?And I think Brazil is afraid more of teams with height and power.If a team combining speed ,height and power very well like Italy last year would be very difficult for Brazil to handle.And from CBV site the friendly matches were fixed in June.But the specific dates were changed a few times.That means Brazil cooperated with Japan's schedule.However it is Brazil who invited Japan and thought Japan is a good traing partner.So Brazil should accept the fact that whatever team B or team C Japan would like to send to Brazil.That's why I feel that CBV was kinda fooled by Japan. :cheesy:

    As to Pan American Cup yes I agree with you again it is a good preparation for young players.However should these young players be sent there.I don't buy it.The average age of the youth team is 18.And as CBV site said they used the Pan American Cup for those young girls to prepare for South American Youth Championship in the next half year.Shall I say it is to use a steam-hammer to crack nuts.I would say letting Brazil youth team playing with Japan B team is a better choice.But that would be disrespectful to Japan.In the long run till 2016 Rio Olympics those girls are just 24-year old.A team who can win Olympic champion is usually composed of different age groups.Even half of the present Brazil team A players may play well till 2016.If Ze decided this year the team A will just play two events.Why not give other NT bench players or B team players a chance to gain experience and show their abilities.Brazil could use their real B team to play a military game.Why not play the Pan American Cup.They could let youth team to play the military game too. :whistle:I would quite believe what you said in other thread that Brazil did this if on purpose in order to balance the south american power in world level competitions and maybe give pressure to FIVB to give more tickets to South America in WGP. :lol:

    Thank Bartek,Nostromo,pappi for answering my question. :rose:

    To pappi you mean Poland has the wild card for World Cup?So is there any wild card for WGP 2011? :what:

    Well I expressed my disappointment and kinda anger in other post about Brazil giving up 2011 WGP.I know perhaps the WGP will be close to 2011 Pan American Games.However if Peru could make it why not stronger Brazil?Brazil could send their second class players to be in Military Game for a ,shall I say not very important champion but easily and kinda unadvisably giving up WGP2011.Why not just send the military team to Pan American Cup?And is it so significant to win world youth championship?I don't quite understand. :wall: All I can think is that Brazil will definitely hold again a stop of WGP.So they could spoil the Pan American Cup.

    probably not the same composition for Japan.....

    Japan Team B has been sent out for MVM and Brasil Friendlies, the head regards these matches as a train and test session for young talented players.
    right now Japan team A (apart from some key players like Megumi, rest on injuries) has been convoked in Tokyo for another couple of weeks at home.

    In the end of July, Japan will take part in this so called Italy Tournament (known as Piemonte Cup) as a significant preparation for WGP tours and WCh. of course. during then, Kimura Saori, Araki Erica, Takeshita Yoshie, Sano Yuko will gather with other young players i think

    Well.Excuse me can I say Japan fooled Brazil.I mean many teams used MVM as a preparation.So Japan team B was Ok to be there.But I know Brazil used their real team A for the 4 friendly matches with Japan.Fabiana and Sheilla even injured during the serial matches though they are not very serious injuries.And what's worse at same time Brazil gave up NORCECA 2010 Pan American Cup by sending youth team instead of their team A who was playing friendly matches with Japan team B.I think everybody knows the direct result that Brazil may not be in 2011 WGP.Brazil has a glorious history in WGP.They would probably win their 10th WGP champion in 2011.No matter Brazil did this on purpose or just out of ignorance or arrogance (thinking their youth team strong enough to guarantee a ticket among other Pan American adult teams :whistle: ) in my opinion the price is kinda high. :down:

    :what: Will Japan still use their B team to play this tournament?
    I find Japan is so active in playing different friendly matches this year.But in my humble opinion Japan is not a very competitive team.They have techniques of course but their height esp. team B is such a weakness.

    Can anybody help to tell me?
    1)The two teams in final will have right to play 2011 WGP?
    2)Is there any other preliminary tournaments for being in 2011 WGP?If not that means we lose Brazil USA and Cuba in 2011 WGP? :what:
    Thank you.

    OK, as a brazilian let me tell you, this new of Erika being hermophrodite is not true!!!!!! She did had a problem cause she born with problems with her ovary and uterus, I'm not sure exacly what problem I think she born without it, so when she was younger, she had different hormons concentration of course in her blood, that could be missunderstanding as there is why for a time, she had to make exams and everything to prove it was something natural. But she is not hermophrodite hehehe I think it is a mistake for turkish newspapers to write that, not very professional and maybe they should have checked before the true history before writting.... :S

    Érika is a great player and a great person, Im sure she will help a lot your league to grow.

    I think it may be just her male hormone was over a certain level during the period of growing development.Both male and female have male and female hormone but at different levels.But in the growing process some girls have physiological disorder for some reason except doping.That is why some girls have severe acne and heavy body hair.However most of them could be cured.And generally speaking it is not a serious illness.Anyway I hope Erika is healthy.I remember I read somewhere she wants to be a mother.So good luck to her in the new team.

    CHN - DOM 3:0 (25:18, 25:23, 25:19)

    Dom played great in block but apart from that they made so many errors. Lisvel Eve had a very bad day and it seems Dom has no reserve OHs because she was replaced by Jeoselyna Rodriguez (Opp). And what is up with Vargas? She looked so weak, is she injured?

    From China news site #12 Echenique injured. :what:

    what about liu yanan and yang hao? is there any chance for them to come back to the Chinese NT? i really hated Chen Zhonghe back in 2008 when he decided to just put yanan liu on the bench. yes Ma Yunwen has the power in terms of attacking, but that's the only thing she got. she can't even dig and defend on the back row like Yanan Liu does. As for Yang Hao, i'll always believe that she is way better than Li Juan. but how was she playing today?

    Yanan Liu and Yang Hao will not be in NT.If the coack asked them back I think they will not.I remember Liu played few matches last season.I am not sure whether she injured or the coach just wanted to give more chances to young players.And Yang Hao played in Lang Ping's club Hengda Evergrande last season.But she is fat and her ability falls.I think they both enjoy the relaxed lives now.

    Does anyone in China have any idea how much money Evergrande is paying players? We're hearing about European clubs paying 1/2 million Euro or even more to top players. How much is Evergrand offering to Logan Tom and Kimura? How much did they pay Feng, Hao and Zhou?

    Are other Chinese clubs going to start hiring foreign players?

    Here in China we can't believe that Evergrande hired Logan Tom.Is it really true?I will follow up news in China. :lol: As far as I know our league is short.Level 1 is three months or so.So last season it is said that Hengda Evergrande gave its top players like Feng, Yang Hao and Zhou CNY 150,000 each.That means CNY 50,000 (euro 6112) one month.This is an unbelievable high pay for volleyball players in China.Usually our players in level 1 will get around CNY 5,000 for girls .And for boys the pay is even lower.Of course there will be some bonus or reward.But generally speaking the salary is lower than in Europe.But I think if Evergrande did hire the high level foreign players the situation will be different.Hengda can afford the salary level as in Europe only if they want to do and Chinese volleyball federation allows them to do.So money is really not a problem.Personally I think it will be a good trend.And in China there is another female club from Guangdong province called Guangdong Jianlong is rich.Last year this club was in level 2 as Hengda.And it upgraded to level 1 too. And this club also hired a few former NT players like middle blocker Chen Jing and OH Wang Li Na and its coach Hu Jin who is former NT coach before Chen Zhong He.However except the two clubs other clubs are relatively poor.I mean the volleyball in China is still half-professional or we can call them the volleball-specialized teams.The local Sports Association is in charge of the team.And the sponsor is just responsible for giving the money to run the club.There is less control and less comercial attraction to the sponsors.So there are few companies who would like to invest a lot in volleyball.And some people think Evergrande wants to raise attraction thru sports in order to get its IPO.And after volleyball it bought a soccer club.All in all I still appreciate what Hengda Evergrande does.I hope our league could be more competitive and attractive.By the way the management system in Henhda is diffenernt from other clubs.That is what Lang Ping said a real professional club system.

    There is no income except sponsorhips and some clubs make money from bets but not too much. I havent seen any store that sells volleyball jerseys. Fans that come to games of clubs like FB, GS, BJK and KSK wear football shirts mostly and others wear shirts and jerseys given by clubs or players. Merchandising is not common in volleyball. And tickets are not enough to make money because most clubs have to pay venue rent for using Federation's hall. And also sometimes clubs can get money from transfers.

    Thank you and King for reply.Well. All in all Popularity is still good for volleyball itself :rose: .

    More news about Vôlei Futuro.

    It seems they will hire Brenda Castillo and Annerys Vargas.

    Vôlei Futuro's roster might be: Paula Pequeno and Tandara Caixeta (OH), Joycinha (OPP), Fofão (S), Annerys Vargas (MB), Fabiana Claudino (MB) and Brenda Castillo (L).
    There were rumours about the coming of Fernanda Garay to Vôlei Futuro, if this rumour turns out to be true, then the OH of the team will be Garay and Paula Pequeno and Tandara will be Joycinha's back-up. With Garay replacing Tandara Vôlei Futuro will be even stronger and definitely Brazil's #1 team.

    My reaction is OMG :white: By the way Volei Futuro will definitely be over the ranking limit.What will Brazilian Volleyball Federation do with Volei Futuro?

    Is it true that Costagrande had only 150.000 euros in Pesaro? If it's true it's a shame to pay so little for such a great player .How much the others were getting in Italy? It's not surprise that many players are leaving. The best players won't play in Italy only for the reason that it is consodered the best league in the world. The fact that many players would rather be on the bench in turkish club than playing in italian club shows what is most important for players. And they are right.

    Is it because of financial crisis in recent years that the salary is low in Italian league or it is always so low in Italy?

    To Turkish fans I have a question.Are your volleyball clubs making money?I mean like those European soccer clubs such as real madrid and etc. they do have big fame and popularity around the world.Their tickets and jerseys sell very well.But actually at least now they don't make money.I mean it is kinda pure investment.Of course I admire your companies' passion about volleball.But I am afraid it will be a fad.So ......

    As far as I know Rui Rui almost retired though she never announces it officially.Sigh :S .But she didn't play any match for a quite long time.Because she had very severe injuries and if she could be back on court she probably will not be in national team.We have other young players like Xue MIng, Ma Yunwen and Xu Yunli.They may not reach the height that Ruirui used to be.But right now Ruirui has no ability to compete a NT position with them.

    For Zhou I think there is only less than 10% of possibility to be back to NT.She has the same problems as Rui Rui : the age,the competitive ability.Though she is still very good in last season of Hengda Evergrande Real Estate club led by Jenny Lang Ping.But she hasn't decided whether she will play for next season or just retire to be with her husband in Hangzhou.So let's still wait and see.