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    This week I read an interview with Guidetti where he said that last year Brakocevic cut her finger in a very stupid way (though he did not say which way) before CL F4 and that was the reason for her weak performance there. It's somehow ironic when players get bad stuff off court, like Dresden's Katharina Schwabe being out for the whole season after falling down the stairs on the way to training :aww: Somehow I think getting injured while playing is kind of....cooler :D

    Brakocevic's finger (or actually the soft part between fingers) was cut by the net after the training. I don't know what they were doing that moment though :lol:

    Sheilla is a great addition to this team.. Vakif really needed such technical player as her.. Maybe she is not in her best shape and not the greatest killer on court but their defense, serve and overall play is very good.

    What's up with Gozde.. She hasn't played at all has she?

    it's said that she's a bit sick so she didn't come to this tournament with the team.

    I could only found those. Probably there are more players.

    Desiree Gold - Salihli Belediye
    Shadare McNeal - Salihli Belediye
    Alesya Safranova (club claimed she's gonna play as local player though) - Karşıyaka Asrın Group
    Marina Tumas - Karşıyaka Asrın Group
    Victoria Grigorova(website says she is Turkish??) - Rota Koleji
    Olga Geyko - Balıkesir Belediyesi
    Elena Kovelenko - Balıkesir Belediyesi
    Mirjana Komlenovic - Seramiksan
    Aliona Martiniuc - Bolu Belediye
    Elena Litovchenko - Halkbank
    Yulia Tsvetkova - Halkbank

    Dinamo Bucarest is quite a grandma team with Germanova, Trombitas and Manu, though Manu is not as old as she looks (only 34, I thought she was also near 40)...

    oh my god I didn't see Trombitas in the list :white: :white: This team is as old as Beşiktaş :lol: They also have Corjeutanu in the wide roster...

    wooooooooo another cup :cup: Congratulations Vakıfbank, and especially Çağla :cheesy: :cheesy: :cheesy: I love this girl so much, she's so brave :heart: I really didn't expect such score, I thought we would see very fresh Kim-Montano duo. Where's Montano by the way? And no MVP award? Stupid TRT didn't show the ceremony... And Meatballs, I feel just like you, it was so sad to see Eda playing that bad because of injury :( It took too much from Eda :S

    But ECh 2015 is after World Cup. That's the problem. I don't know CEV's ranking, probably it's the rank of ECh 2013 so Russia and Germany will play there as European Qualifiers. What about Asian Championship by the way? Is it after World Cup, too?

    Congratulations to USA :obey: Hill&Harmotto :obey: After a very weak club season Hill played a great World Championship. On the other hand totally opposite happened to Larson. My personal MVP goes to Alisha Glass for making the system working :win: Congratulations to youngsters of China too! they could have won the match but they need some reception first.

    There are so many annoying coaches on top level... Congratulations Brazil! They definitely deserved this bronze. Congratulations to Italy too! I think 4th place for Italy is a great success. Amazing Del Core :obey: even though she didn't play well today, she's the reason why Italy is in semis.

    Congratulations to China... I really don't support any of semi finalists but I'm happy that finally China managed to show its pottential. They will be dominating female volley in next years again, if they win tomorrow it will be a bonus for them :P

    Oh god, I can't believe how wrong Ze Roberto was today... After losing first 2 sets, he substituted the only good players on Brazil's side, Sheilla and Fe Garay. The rest of the players were really bad, how cannot he see that?! Especially Jaqueline was terrible both at attack and reception. This man won tons of tournaments but now he fails once again in WCh because of his blindness(I want to say stupidity but that may be too much...) Anyway, having no alternative for Dani Lins paid a lot for Brazil as I told before.

    I really don't support any team in semis but at least now we will have some surprising winner this time.