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    The roster of 2022 AVC Cup:

    S - Yu Yao-chen, Liu Meng

    OP - Dai Qing-yao, Zhang Guan-hua

    OH - Zhang Jing-yin, Yu Yuan-tai, Wang Bin, Zhang Bing-long
    MB - Peng Shi-kun, Zhang Zhe-jia, Li Yong-zhen, Jiang Zheng-yang

    L - Yang Yi-ming, Qu Zong-shuai


    the roster of 2017 U19 ACH:

    S - Chen Lei-yang, Chen Bo-liang

    OP - Xiu Cheng-cheng, Wang Chao

    OH - Zhang Jing-yin, Tian Cong, Yuan Bao-lin

    MB - Peng Shi-kun, Qi Qi, Wang Dong-chen

    L - Qu Zong-shuai, Yang Yi-ming (receiver for substitution)

    2022 Chinese men's volleyball national championship is finished.

    Finals: Shanghai 3-1 Beijing

    Caster: Ji Dao-shuai (in Chinese)…22:2321324797368058118364

    Shanghai (White): Guo Cheng (2), Wu Peng-zhi (10), Tian Cong (20), Fu Hou-wen (7), Qi Qi (19), Bian Shi-jie (3), Ding Hui (L)

    Beijing (Black): Liu Ze (19), Hu Zhen-zhuo (5)(lefty), Adecio Yin Ca (12), Deng Xin-peng (16), Wang Dong-chen (4), Gu Jia-feng (10), Han Huang-guang (L), Shan Qing-tao (L)

    Many of them are in the wide roster of Chinese men's NT.

    Adecio Yin Ca might join U20 NT for 2022 U20 ACH in August.

    He is the second player of African descent in Chinese NT.

    The first one? Yes - Ding Hui (the substitute libero from 2009 to 2010)

    Chinese men's NT has arrived in Serbia.

    Zoran Gajic welcame them.

    In the photo, three players from Shanghai and Wang Bin (OH) didn't still arrive.

    Zhang Zhe-jia, Dai Qing-yao, Qu Zong-shuai and Wang Bin will arrive in Serbia in July 25.

    I don't know how reliable this is but the Italian newspaper Il Resto del Carlino mentioned Zhang Jingyin and Yu Yuantai as two potential new players for the Italian club Modena. Modena is currently looking for one MB and one OH (so I guess only one between those two would be chosen)…tai-nel-mirino-di-modena/

    (Is the French league thing going to happen or is it still unknown?)

    If Modena wanted Zhang JIng-yin or Yu Yuan-tai (I don't think Yu Yuan-tai could join Modena due to his weak spike and unstable reception; he never played as a libero), the 15-player list of Chinese men's NT in LNV Ligue A Masculine 2022/2023 would be involved by more fresh players, wouldn't it?

    YXY underperformed maybe she wasn’t 100% healthy. I notice you hardly see all of the players in CNT bandage or wrap free on their bodies in every senior international tournament even before it begins. There is something wrong / flawed in their training. Do they have real professional trainers who implement the various and correct training techniques/ workouts? During and at some point under JLP time, they had Rhett Larson and an Italian trainer under their care. Going overboard isn’t going to be beneficial.

    We all know Cai Bin, Diao Lin-yu and Wang Yi-zhu got C****-19 but no official news can be given.

    Therefore, why didn't Yuan Xin-yue say about her injury on her shoulder and as the captain, she wasn't replaced by other MBs once?

    We all don't know!

    I just say the sentence:

    Cai Bin isn't the best head coach now.

    However, who could replace him and could not be afraid of many non-sports factors ?

    Raul Lozano didn't prove that he could do it from 2017 to 2019 in Chinese men's NT.

    Because 2022 AVC Cup wasn't held in Chinese Taiwan and some NTs won't participate, Chinese men's NT decided to "return" 2022 AVC Cup in Thailand!


    I hope more substitute players join NT because we all know who "influenced" Chinese men's basketball NT by C****-19 now !

    One match of Jiangsu Provincial Games (University Group)

    the news about Shandong Provincial Games (male event)

    At least, why didn't Xie Sheng-yu (S, Shandong/Zhejiang), Yang Jia (MB, Jiangsu) and so on join U20 NT? You could get the answer.

    I know it is an excuse but in fact, due to the Provincial Games, U18 NT and U20 NT are both lack of better players.

    Of course, it is just an excuse.

    In 2022 U18 ACH, Wang Yin-di blamed the setter in Set 4 of the final.

    In 2022 U20 ACH, Zhuang Yu-shan blamed the setter in Set 3 of the final, too.