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    According to the photo about the training of Team B, the training roster of 2018 AVC Cup is:

    S - Sun Hai-ping, Chen Xin-tong

    OP - Wang Mei-yi, Chen Pei-yan

    OH - Liu Yan-han, Duan Fang, Zhang Yi-chan, Ren Kai-yi

    MB - Yang Zhou, Zheng Yi-xin, Gao Yi, Yang Han-yu

    L - Meng Zi-xuan, Gong Mei-zi

    In theory, Liu Yan-han, Ren Kai-yi and Zheng Yi-xin all could play the match as opposite hitters.

    Zhu Yue-zhou (OP) is said to join Team B but not in the photo.

    According to the news, because Ding Xia, Diao Lin-yu and Yao Di are all in Team A.

    Besides Sun Hai-ping, Team B for 2018 AVC Cup will call Chen Xin-tong once more.

    The wide roster of Chinese NT for WCH 2018:

    S - Li Run-ming, Mao Tian-yi, Liu Meng, Yu Yao-chen

    OP - Jiang Chuan, Tang Chuan-hang, Wang Jing-yi

    OH - Ji Dao-shuai (C), Liu Li-bin, Zhang Jing-yin, Du Hai-xiang, Zhang Bing-long, Zhang Chen, Yuan Dang-yi

    MB - Rao Shu-han, Chen Long-hai, Miao Ruan-tong, Zhang Zu-yuan, Peng Shi-kun

    L - Tong Jia-hua, Ma Xiao-teng, Chen Jia-jie

    without the players who participated in the qualifier of WCH 2018 - Zhan Guo-jun (S), Li Rui [MB born in 1990] and Chen Tao (L)

    Ren Qi (L) won't participate in WCH for the fourth time after 2006, 2010 and 2014.

    In the photos of the team outing to Mount Putuo I noticed there was no Gao Yi, but instead Yang Hanyu. Has she been participating in the recent training?

    If there are no other problems, Yang Han-yu will be the fourth MB in Team A. Wang Yuan-yuan's injury is still not well. Gao Yi ... might have to participate in 2018 AVC Cup.

    After U18 got the sixth, U20 got the fifth, Sichuan got the place below the eighth and not going to Taiwan for 2018 AVC Cup, I only hope Team A who will particapate in 2018 WCH and Team B who will do in 2018 Asian Games can both got the better result.

    The wide roster of Chinese women's NT participating in 2018 AVC Cup:

    Head Coach: Shi Hai-rong

    Assistant Coaches: Xie Ji-yang, Hao Xi-yu, Yang Jian-bin

    Doctor: Yu Hong-jing


    S - Yao Di, Diao Lin-yu, Sun Hai-ping

    OP - Zhu Yue-zhou, Wang Mei-yi, Chen Pei-yan

    OH - Liu Yan-han, Duan Fang, Zhang Yi-chan, Ren Kai-yi, Che Wen-han

    MB - Yang Zhou, Zheng Yi-xin, Wang Yuan-yuan, Gao Yi, Yang Han-yu

    L - Meng Zi-xuan, Wang Wei-yi, Gong Mei-zi

    The training players will be notified later before Aug.12 in Zhangzhou, Fujian.

    I give the schedule again:

    2018 Asian Games: Aug.18 - Sep.2

    2018 Montreux: Sep.4 - Sep.9

    2018 AVC Cup: Sep.17 - Sep.25

    2018 WCH: Sep.29 - Oct.20

    Only a rumor:

    Perhaps only 12 players of Chinese women's NT will participate in Asian Games 2018 in Indonesia because some players need more time to relax.

    Zeng Chun-lei is even suspected of not going to Indonesia because she has to go to Montreax as the captain of Chinese women's NT.

    I hope it is a joke though just I hope.

    Perhaps I used some Chinglish words and sentenses. Sorry.

    Because of lack of players, Shanghai VC and Beijing VC both refused to participate in 2018 Asian Men's Club Volleyball Championship.

    Sichuan VC will participate in it.

    The roster will be:

    S - Yang Guang, Jiang Zhi-yuan

    OP - Cao Yi-ming, Zhang Jin-cheng, Liu Yi-chao, Bi Xian-hao

    OH - Li Rui (OH born in 1997), Guo Shun-xiang, Zhou Tong

    MB - Qin Song, Wang Zhao-rui, Wang Qing-jiang

    L - Liao Guo

    without Du Hai-xiang (OH, Chinese NT A), Peng Shi-kun (MB, Chinese NT B), Chen Bo-liang (S, Chinese NT U20), Chen Xi-long (OH/OP, Chinese NT U20), Gao Qi (OP) and Chen Tao (L)

    Plus: Jiang Zhi-yuan is too tired because he will go from South Africa to China due to BRIC Games 2018. Therefore, 4 OPs and 1 setter went to Myanmar. Oh, my god.

    Maybe this roster will be a preview of the WCH roster also, but instead I would replace Yang Fangxu and add another middle blocker. It also depends on how unlisted players perform in the other upcoming competitions.

    Hope Zhang Changning takes it easy and doesn't injure herself when she plays.

    In theory, Wang Yuan-yuan is the fourth MB if her injury is not heavy.

    I hope the three MBs of the winner of 2013 U18 WCH, Yuan, Wang and Hu can all participate in 2018 WCH.

    Is this a B team or A team ? I'm asking because I see some familiar names here.

    btw your U20 team lost to Iraq ?!??!!! how come

    It's B team but older than A team.

    The style is like Iran B team in 2016 AVC Cup.

    Why did U20 lose to Iraq?

    These are both excuses:

    1. without many much stronger players: Zhang Jing-yin (OH, in senior Team A), Peng Shi-kun (MB, in senior Team B), Wang Dong-chen (MB), Xiu Cheng-cheng (OP) and so on - specially without Xiu Cheng-cheng - Qu Zong-shuai as Bayi's player could arrive in Bahrain. Why couldn't Xiu?

    2. China U20 underestimated the opposite team though in 2017, Beijing VC without Jiang Chuan, Zhang Bing-long. and Liu Li-Bin has lost to Iraq's VC.

    The 14-player roster of 2018 Asian Games:

    S - Li Run-ming, Zhan Guo-jun

    OP - Wang Jing-yi, Li Li-ye

    OH - Zhang Chen, Zhong Wei-jun, Yu Yuan-tai, Yuan Dang-yi

    MB - Zhang Zhe-jia, Li Rui (Henan), Li Yuan-bo, Peng Shi-kun

    L - Ren Qi, Chen Jia-jie

    In theory, these 14 players won't participate in 2018 WCH.

    The official 14-player roster of 2018 Asian Games:

    S - Ding Xia, Diao Lin-yu

    OP - Gong Xiang-yu, Zeng Chun-lei, Yang Fang-xu

    OH - Zhu Ting, Zhang Chang-ning, Liu Xiao-tong, Li Ying-ying

    MB - Yuan Xin-yue, Yan Ni, Hu Ming-yuan

    L - Lin Li, Wang Meng-jie

    How about Asian games rooster tomen !

    There are no messages about it.

    There is only a rumor from a fan from Viet Nam.

    I couldn't write it.

    PS: China U21 has been the winner of 2018 BRICS Games in South Africa through winning India U21 and South Africa U21.…s/chn%20china/team_roster

    The wide roster of Montreax 2018:

    S - Yao Di, Diao Lin-yu, Sun Hai-ping

    OP - Gong Xiang-yu, Zeng Chun-lei, Yang Fang-xu, Wu Han

    OH - Li Ying-ying, Duan Fang, Liu Xiao-tong, Zhang Chang-ning, Liu Yan-han

    MB - Yuan Xin-yue, Gao Yi, Wang Yuan-yuan, Hu Ming-yuan, Yang Han-yu

    L - Lin Li, Wang Meng-jie, Meng Zi-xuan

    I think Zhang Yi-chan is better than Liu Yan-han now but Liu Yan-han is in and she is out.

    The roster of 2018 U20 ACH from July 21 to July 28 in Bahrain:

    Head Coach: Li Hang

    Assistant Coaches: Yang Jian-bin, Gao Zhi


    S: Chen Lei-yang, Chen Bo-liang

    OP: Zhai De-jun, Diao Jian-fei

    OH: Tian Cong, Chen Xi-long, Yuan Bao-lin, Yang Yi-ming

    MB: Qi Qi, Qi Fu-min, Sun Wen-xuan

    L: Qu Zong-shuai

    without many stronger players: Zhang Jing-yin (OH), Peng Shi-kun (MB), Wang Dong-chen (MB), Xiu Cheng-cheng (OP) and so on ...