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    Chinese women's NT finished this year's matches with the victory.

    Although Chinese League 18/19 doesn't start, I will give the roster of Chinese NT in 2019 that just I guess:

    S - Sun Hai-ping, Ding Xia (if her injury isn't heavier), Yu Jia-rui (the same situation as Ding Xia*)

    OP - Gong Xiang-yu, Wang Mei-yi, Ren Kai-yi (with reception, she has the ability of spike in the right side and without too much injury)

    OH - Zhu Ting (must have enough time to relax), Li Ying-ying, Liu Yan-han*, Duan Fang, Zhang Yi-chan, Wu Han (however, her reception is unknown because she plays as OP for a long time)

    MB - Hu Ming-yuan, Yang Han-yu, Gao Yi, Zheng Yi-xin, Wang Yuan-yuan*, Yang Zhou*

    L - Wang Meng-jie, Meng Zi-xuan (her defense must be much better than now), Gong Mei-zi

    Thank you Tomen.

    Could you please give your Rating about The Teams (from the best to the worse in each Group A + B)?


    Because Sichuan is without foreign players in this season, in my opinion,

    Group A: Shanghai > Bayi > Guangdong > Zhejiang > Henan > Fujian > Tianjin

    Group B: Beijing > Shandong > Jiangsu > Sichuan > Hebei > Liaoning > Hubei

    After losing to Italy again, Who is the weakest? OP? OH2? Libero (Lin Li is injured and in fact doesn't play more matches)? Yuan Xin-yue (MB1)?


    Do you know, if the CVL having now an other kind of schedule? with sth like a Tournament Style, cause Matches will be played within a week, in one City. with no home and away Games!? Or isn`t this website not updated for month?…onMatches.aspx?ID=3&PID=2

    The course will be shorter because of the schedule of the qualifications of 2020 Olympics, 2019 VNL, 2019 World Cup and so on.

    Round 1 to Round 7: Each group, single cycle in a place (Beijing and so on in Liaoning, Shanghai and so on in Zhejiang)

    Round 8 to Round 15: double cycle in home and away

    Semifinals and Finals: Bo5

    Many fans still think Yuan Xin-yue should be replaced by Hu Ming-yuan or Yang Han-yu after they saw the match of CHN against USA in Final 6.

    However, please remember that coaches' minds must be more (or better?) than fans'.

    Live Stream:

    Guangdong Evergrande - Cannes

    Fang Yan (coach) and Rabadzieva is in Guangdong now and was in Cannes before.

    Guangdong Evergrande loaned Zheng Yi-xin (No.18) in the warm-up tournament.

    VOD (video): waiting for update

    line-up: Yu Jia-rui (S), Chen Pei-yan (OP), Rabadzieva (OH), Zhang Chu-nan (OH), Tian Yue (MB), Zheng Yi-xin (MB), Xiong Xue-hua (L)

    PS: Zheng Yi-xin and Tian Yue are both receiving MBs in theory.

    Thank you, tomen . If you happen to have spare time, could you please upload news about match today in WCH from Chinese media?

    It's OK though I just rest on Wednesday and Saturday in one week.


    Yang Fang-xu (OP) might be retired due to her heavy injury.

    Whether Chen Li-yi (OH) will be retired is unknown.

    Whether Dong Ming-xiao (OH) joins Tianjin is also unknown.

    I think it's because shes making more mistakes and errors than Wang Mengjie. The second libero is just simply doing a better job and Lang Ping gives her the start.

    In fact, Lin Li played worse than Wang Meng-jie in Chinese League 17/18 though Wang is just a little better. Meng Zi-xuan, Gong Mei-zi and Wang Wei-yi as other liberos in this year's NT are also not perfect.

    Thais not playing well...and even then it's a close game. Yan Ni and Zhang Chang Ning playing below par. Thais really miss Acharaporn.

    In theory, Hu Ming-yuan should replace Yan Ni not only for serve. Zhang Chang-ning didn't play one international match before WCH this year but she is still better than Liu Xiao-tong and Li Ying-ying [Duan Fang, Liu Yan-han and so on] now. Therefore, she has to pay her attention to all the matches of WCH 2018 though she is not 100% healthy.

    “Here comes the boom” seriously needs to just go away now. Practically half the points in CHN-THA are followed with that. Either that or something from the complete Avril Lavigne collection.

    In Chinese language, “Here comes the boom” even hears like "Yi, Er, San, Woo!" [One, Two, Three, Go! in English language]

    After five matches of WCH 2018, there are some messages as below:

    1. Ding Xia is injured and Yao Di is not good.

    2. Zhang Chang-ning is still injured and Li Ying-ying doesn't play well and neither does Liu Xiao-tong.

    3. Lin Li and Wang Meng-jie are both unstable.

    4. In theory, Hu Ming-yuan is the substitute of Yan Ni. However, is it better that she replaces Yuan Xin-yue like the 3rd final match of VNL 2018?

    5. The last person that didn't play one match in WCH in Chinese women's NT is Wang Na as the third setter in 2014. How about Yang Han-yu?

    6. In 2019, the opposite hitters of Team A must need new players.