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    They need an attacking OP to alternate with between Gong who is more defensive. Zeng didn't have a good performance this year, not to mention injuries that kept her from playing. Any word on what Yang Fangxu is doing now?

    After Asian Games 2018, Yang Fang-xu's message is still unknown until now.

    It is the rumor that she will be retired due to the injury. - For example, Bian Hong-min (MB) as the former MB of Chinese men's NT didn't play any matches after 2014 World League though he announced his retirement in 2016.

    It is the other rumor that she will rest a season again and again due to the injury like Season 15/16 and Season 16/17.

    Round 8 of the 2nd stage:

    Top 8:

    Beijing 3-1 Zhejiang [25-17,25-23,20-25,25-19] stacs

    Beijing: Leyva (OH) 7, Hu Xi-zhao (MB) 6, Wang Dong-chen (MB) 11, Li Run-ming (S) 2, Tillie (OH) 19, Jiang Chuan (OP) 18, Chen Tao (L), Subs: Zhang Bing-long (OH) 4, Yang Fan (MB) 2, Han Huang-guang (L), Not Play: Yin Jie (OH), Gu Jia-feng (MB), Wang Chen (OP), Liu Ze (S).

    Zhejiang: Zhang Jing-yin (OH) 0, Wang Zhi-ru (S) 4, Zhang Guan-hua (OP) 18, Lyu Tian-you (MB) 3, Jin Zhi-hong (OH) 11, Wang Chuan-qi (MB) 4, Yang Yi-ming (L), Subs: Chen Lei-yang (S) 0, Wu Hao (OH) 8, Zhu Zhi-yuan (OH) 1, Not Play: Ren Jun-bo (MB), Xu Xian-tao (S).

    Jiangsu 0-3 Shanghai [19-25,16-25,24-26] stacs

    Shandong 3-0 Sichuan [25-18,25-20,25-20] stacs

    Henan 0-3 Bayi [15-25,21-25,20-25] stacs

    Bottom 6:

    Guangdong 3-0 Fujian [25-19,25-15,25-14] stacs

    Hubei 1-3 Tianjin [19-25,21-25,25-20,23-25] stacs

    Hebei 3-0 Liaoning [25-22,25-17,25-19] stacs

    Yan Ni participated in Chinese League 18/19.

    She could join NT in 2019.

    Du Qing-qing is the best scorer of OPs in the 2nd stage now.

    Whether she will return NT as OP is unknown.

    Yan Ni played the first match in Season 18/19. Liaoning became "the other team".

    The rumor: Zhang Chang-ning's and Gong Xiang-yu's scores are wrong in Jiangsu's home march. Gong's should be higher and Zhang's should be lower. The replays can prove it. Team Jiangsu and other related personnels are thought to be partial to Zhang Chang-ning.

    I will correct the stacs of Jiangsu's home march a few days later. The errors of both teams are too many now.

    Round 5 of the 2nd stage:

    Beijing 3-2 Shanghai [17-25,14-25,25-13,29-27,15-10] stacs

    Beijing: Sun Wen-jing (S) 0, Liu Xiao-tong (OH) 25, Zhang Yu (MB) 12, Zeng Chun-lei (OP) 3, Dixon (MB) 12, Kingdon (OH) 2, Wang Lin (L), Subs: Ren Kai-yi (OH) 3, Chen Xin-tong (S) 2, Rourke (OP) 18, Li Wei-wei (MB) 0, Liu Meng-yao (OH) 3, Jin Ye (OH) 0. Not Play: Huang Jia-yi (L).

    Shanghai: Zhang Yu-qian (MB) 12, Qin Si-yu (MB) 13, Yang Jie (OH) 12, Kelly Murphy (OP) 23, Bian Yu-qian (S) 3, Zhong Hui (OH) 22, Wang Wei-yi (L), Subs: Zhang Lei (OP) 0, Ji Xiao-chen (S) 0, Jiang Jing (S) 0, Not Play: Zhang Yi-chan (OH), Jin Yi-fan (MB), Chen Rui-lan (L), Liu Ze-yu (MB).

    Jiangsu 3-0 Fujian [25-17,25-12,25-12] stacs

    Jiangsu: Zhang Chang-ning (OH) 12, Zhou Xin-yi (MB) 3, Wei Yu-xin (MB) 6, Diao Lin-yu (S) 6, Wu Han (OH) 7, Gong Xiang-yu (OP) 5, Zang Qian-qian (L), Not Play: Yang Wen-jin (OH), Wang Yu-qi (OP), Rong Wan-qian-bai (S), Xu Ruo-ya (OH/MB), Xu Lu-yao (OP), Bai Jie (MB), Ni Fei-fan (L).

    Fujian: Zheng Yi-xin (MB) 7, Lin Yue-xin (OH) 0, Liang Wei-fan (MB) 1, Liu Yang (OH) 3, Huang Feng (OP) 7, Chen Jiao (S) 0, Lin Li (L), Subs: Shen Yang ( S? ) 0, Lin Lin (OH) 0, Ye Jia-jing (OH) 0, Luo Hui (OP) 0, Not Play: Zhang Jing (MB).

    Guangdong 1-3 Tianjin [21-25,21-25,25-23,19-25] stacs

    Guangdong: Chen Pei-yan (OP) 6, Li Yao (OH/OP) 15, Rabadzhieva (OH) 27, Yu Jia-rui (S) 2, Tian Yue (MB) 5, Wang Xin-yao (MB) 8, Gong Jing (L), Yuan Wei-yu (L), Subs: Zhang Chu-nan (OH) 7, Wang Min (OH) 0, Zhang Feng-mei (MB) 0, Xu Xiao-ting (S) 0, Pi Yan-chi (OP/OH) 4, Not Play: Guo Jun-nan (OH).

    Tianjin: Li Ying-ying (OH) 30, Yang Yi (OP) 4, Crncevic (OH) 12, Wang Yuan-yuan (MB) 13, Yao Di (S) 2, Li Ya-nan (MB) 9, Liu Li-wen (L), Meng Zi-xuan (L), Subs: Yu Jun-wei (OP) 1, Not Play: Yuan Yu-mo (MB), Wang Jia-min (MB), Meng Dou (S), Han Yue (OH), Wang Yi-zhu (OH).

    Shandong 1-3 Liaoning [25-17,24-26,21-25,11-25] stacs

    Shandong: Qian Jing-wen (OH) 11, Cai Ya-qian (S) 1, Du Qing-qing (OP) 18, Song Li-qi (OH) 10, Yang Han-yu (MB) 6, Zhang Qian (MB) 9, Wang Meng-jie (L), Subs: Che Wen-han (OH) 0, Mei Xiao-han (S) 0, Sun Ru-han (MB) 5, Liu Jia-yuan (OH) 0, Not Play: Cao Ting-ting (MB), Song Xin-yu (L), Sun Jie (OP).

    Liaoning: Wang Mei-yi (OP) 17, Hu Ming-yuan (MB) 15, Ding Xia (S) 7, Duan Fang (OH) 18, Wang Lu-jia (MB) 2, Lin Xin-yu (OH) 9, Gong Mei-zi (L), Subs: Yan Ni (MB) 9, Shi Bing-tong (OH) 1, Xu Jia-nan (OH) 0, Not Play: Sun Xiao-xuan (OP), Sun Hai-ping (S), You Jia-qi (MB), Han Ying-xiang (L).

    live streams and replays of Round 5 of 2nd stage:

    Time: Dec.11, 19:30 UTC+8 [now]

    Matches [Top 8] :

    Shandong - Liaoning:

    Guangdong - Tianjin:

    Jiangsu - Fujian:

    Beijing - Shanghai:

    I think Shandong, Tianjin, JIangsu and Beijing will win the matches.

    2nd stage Round 7:

    Beijing 3-1 Shanghai [25-16,17-25,25-21,25-19] stacs

    Beijing: Leyva (OH) 23, Wang Dong-chen (MB) 5, Li Run-ming (S) 1, Tillie (OH) 9, Gu Jia-feng (MB) 0, Jiang Chuan (OP) 25, Chen Tao (L), Subs: Hu Xi-zhao (MB) 2, Liu Ze (S) 1, Not Play: Yin Jie (OH), Zhang Bing-long (OH), Yang Fan (MB), Wang Chen (OP), Han Huang-guang (L).

    Shanghai: Dai Qing-yao (OH) 8, Zhan Guo-jun (S) 1, Sabbi (OP) 13, Zhang Zhe-jia (MB) 12, Chen Long-hai (MB) 7, Cebulj (OH) 11, Tong Jia-hua (L), Subs: Huang Bin (OH) 0, Wu Peng-zhi (OP) 2, Not Play: Rao Shu-han (MB), Han Tian-yi (OH), Zhang Yi-chen (MB), Zhang Su-lei (S), Ding Hui (L).

    Jiangsu 3-2 Bayi [25-19,23-25,30-32,25-22,15-9] stacs

    Jiangsu: Dai Hai-bo (MB) 8, Yu Yao-chen (S) 7, Zhang Chen (OH) 15, Yuan Hui-long (MB) 16, Liu Xiang-dong (OP) 11, Slobodan Bojic (OH) 22, Yang Tian-yuan (L), Subs: Li Chen (OP) 4, Sun Wen-xuan (MB) 0, Not Play: Lyu Xing (OP), Li Shao-jian (MB), Zhou Li-ying (OP/OH), Chen Fei (S), Gao Zhi-yuan (L).

    Bayi: Miao Ruan-tong (MB) 8, Mao Tian-yi (S) 4, Yuan Dang-yi (OH) 13, Tang Chuan-hang (OP) 24, Zhong Wei-jun (OH) 14, Xu Jing-tao (MB) 13, Ma Xiao-teng (L), Subs: Du Hao-yu (MB) 0, Peng Bo (S) 0, Wu Yi-wen (S) 0, Not Play: Xiu Cheng-cheng (OP), Li Mu-zi (MB), Qu Zong-shuai (L), Li Li-ye (OP/OH).

    Shandong 3-0 Henan [25-21,25-17,25-15] stacs

    Shandong: Liu Meng (S) 2, Ji Dao-shuai (OH) 15, Fu Hou-wen (OH) 1, Zhang Zu-yuan (MB) 4, Geng Xin (MB) 11, Wang Jing-yi (OP) 19, Li Bo-han (L), Yang Hua-xing (L), Subs: Guo Lei (MB) 0, Zhang Xin-yi (OH) 5, Not Play: Sun Xiao-shuai (OH), Li Yang (S), Kou Zhi-chao (OP), Zhai De-jun (OP/OH).

    Henan: Li Yuan-bo (MB) 4, Liu Heng (S) 1, Yu Shuo (OH) 8, Jiang Zheng-yang (MB) 3, Du Kun-yu (OP) 9, Li Yi-ze (OH) 7, Fu Jia-yu (L), Qi Jia-hao (L), Subs: Sun Zu-qian (OP) 8, Yang Xue-shuai (S) 0, Yuan Bao-lin (OH) 0, Not Play: Li Rui (MB), Wang Zhe (MB), Cui Jian-jun (OH).

    Zhejiang 3-0 Sichuan [25-21,25-22,25-18] stacs

    Zhejiang: Zhang Jing-yin (OH) 10, Wang Zhi-ru (S) 1, Zhang Guan-hua (OP) 6, Lyu Tian-you (MB) 9, Jin Zhi-hong (OH) 9, Wang Chuan-qi (MB) 10, Yang Yi-ming (L), Subs: Liu Xu-deng (S) 0, Chen Lei-yang (S) 0, Wu Hao (OP) 10, Not Play: Li Cheng-kang (L), Zhu Zhi-yuan (OH), Xu Xian-tao (S).

    Sichuan: Du Hai-xiang (OH) 8, Guo Shun-xiang (OP) 12, Yang Guang (S) 0, Wang Zhao-rui (MB) 6, Peng Shi-kun (MB) 8, Li Rui (OH) 2, Liao Guo (L), Subs: Chen Bo-liang (S) 0, Chen Xi-long (OP/OH) 2, Wang Jin-jian (MB) 0, Not Play: Bi Xian-hao (OP), Cao Ling-jie (L), Liu Yi-chao (MB), Qin Song (MB).

    Round 4 of the 2nd stage:

    Shandong 1-3 Shanghai [21-25,25-21,8-25,21-25] stacs

    Shandong: Qian Jing-wen (OH) 9, Cai Ya-qian (S) 4, Du Qing-qing (OP) 13, Song Li-yi (OH) 15, Cao Ting-ting (MB) 7, Zhang Qian (MB) 13, Song Xin-yu (L), Subs: Mei Xiao-han (S) 0, Sun Ru-han (MB) 1, Song Mei-li (OH) 1, Liu Jia-yuan (L), Sun Jie (OP) 0, Zhang Ke-fan (S) 0, Not Play: Che Wen-han (OH).

    Shanghai: Zhang Yu-qian (MB) 11, Qin Si-yu (MB) 14, Zhang Lei (OP) 15, Yang Jie (OH) 20, Bian Yu-qian (S) 2, Zhong Hui (OH) 19, Wang Wei-yi (L), Subs: Ji Xiao-chen (S) 1, Jiang Jing (S) 0, Not Play: Zhang Yi-chan (OH), Jin Yi-fan (MB), Murphy (OP), Chen Rui-lan (L), Liu Ze-yu (MB).

    Jiangsu 3-0 Guangdong [25-21,25-21,25-17] stacs

    Jiangsu: Zhang Chang-ning (OH) 6, Zhou Xin-yi (MB) 6, Wei Yu-xin (MB) 7, Diao Lin-yu (S) 4, Wu Han (OH) 9, Gong Xiang-yu (OP) 12, Zang Qian-qian (L), Subs: Yang Wen-jin (OH) 0, Wang Yu-qi (OP) 0, Ni Fei-fan (L), Not Play: Rong Wan-qian-bai (S), Xu Ruo-ya (OH/MB), Xu Lu-yao (OP/OH), Bai Jie (MB).

    Guangdong: Li Yao (OP) 6, Zhang Chu-nan (OH) 4, Rabadzhieva (OH) 10, Tian Yue (MB) 0, Wang Xin-yao (MB) 6, Xu Xiao-ting (S) 1, Gong Jing (L), Subs: Chen Pei-yan (OP) 2, Yu Jia-rui (S) 0, Wang Min (L), Yuan Wei-yu (OH) 0, Zhang Feng-mei (MB) 0, Pi Yan-chi (OH) 3, Not Play: Guo Jun-nan (OH).

    Liaoning 0-3 Beijing [16-25,17-25,20-25] stacs

    Liaoning: Wang Mei-yi (OP/OH) 8, Hu Ming-yuan (MB) 8, Ding Xia (S) 3, Duan Fang (OH) 14, Wang Lu-jia (MB) 1, Lin Xin-yu (OH) 5, Gong Mei-zi (L), Subs: Shi Bing-tong (OP) 3, Sun Hai-ping (S) 0, You Jia-qi (MB) 4, Xu Jia-nan (OH) 0, Not Play: Yan Ni (MB), Sun Xiao-xuan (OP), Han Ying-xiang (L).

    Beijing: Chen XIn-tong (S) 0, Liu Xiao-tong (OH) 10, Zhang Yu (MB) 8, Liu Meng-yao (OP) 5, Dixon (MB) 15, Kingdon (OH) 18, Wang Lin (L), Subs: Sun Wen-jing (S) 2, Rourke (OP) 1, Jin Ye (OH) 1, Not Play: Huang Jia-yi (L), Zeng Chun-lei (OP/OH), Li Wei-wei (MB/OP), Guan Rui-ge (OP/MB).

    Fujian 1-3 Tianjin [16-25,25-20,15-25,21-25] stacs

    Fujian: Zhang Jing (MB) 4, Zheng Yi-xin (MB) 14, Lin Yue-xin (OH) 9, Liu Yang (OH) 12, Huang Feng (OP) 4, Chen Jiao (S) 3, Lin Li (L), Subs: Shen Yang (L), Lin Lin (OH) 0, Wang Jin-qin (OH) 0, Luo Hui (OP) 0, Not Play: Liang Wei-fan (MB), Wei Yu-lin (MB), Ye Jia-jing (OH).

    Tianjin: Li Ying-ying (OH) 25, Yang Yi (OP) 12, Crncevic (OH) 18, Wang Yuan-yuan (MB) 5, Yao Di (S) 3, Li Ya-nan (MB) 7, Liu Li-wen (L), Meng Zi-xuan (L), Subs: Yuan Yu-mo (MB) 1, Not Play: Wang Jia-min (MB), Yu Jun-wei (OP), Meng Dou (S), Han Yue (OH), Wang Yi-zhu (OH).

    live streams and replays of Round 4 of the 2nd stage:

    Time: UTC+8, 16:00, Dec.8

    Top 8:

    Jiangsu - Guangdong:

    Fujian - Tianjin:

    Shandong - Shanghai:

    Liaoning - Beijing:

    I guess Guangdong, Tianjin, Shanghai and Beijing will win the matches.

    So does anyone know why Guerra left Shanghai? I'm really curious. I thought she was injured, but clearly not.

    During the matches of the 2nd stage of Chinese League, Zhang Yi-chan didn't play well but Zhong Hui replaced her and helped Shanghai win Guangdong and Jiangsu. If Yang Jie is Guerra's substitute, in theory, Shanghai should be more strong.

    I also give some old messages:

    Sean Rooney and Igor Yudin joined the training camp of Shanghai men's club in 2013 and 2015 but they didn't join Shanghai at last.

    I know Shanghai women's club is different from men's one.

    After I know the rumor that the warm-up match against Guangdong [sets: 2-3] before the league, Guerra's new messages are unknown until now.

    Beginning on Dec.14, the training camp of U20 ( and U18? ) players for the first time in "2019":

    Head Coach: Yuan Zhi

    Assistant Coaches: Wu Xiao-lei, Gao Zhi

    Doctor: Wang Kai


    S - Jiang Zhi-yuan, Lian Tang-jie

    OP - Lyu Xing, Diao Jian-fei, Gu Qin-fan

    OH - Wen Zi-hua, Zhai De-jun, Wang Wen-jun, Chen Shen-ao, Qu Hao-nan

    MB - Tao Zi-xuan, Deng Xin-peng, Zhang Dong-zhen

    L - Li Tian-le

    Beginning on Dec.9, the training camp of U20 ( and U18? ) players for the first time in "2019":

    Head Coach: Bao Zhuang

    Assistant Coaches: Xie Ji-yang, Yu Chang-wen, Yang Jian-bin

    Doctor: Wei Yong-ji


    S - Sun Yan, Zhang Xin-yue, Yang Xiao-rui

    OP - Wang Yi-fei

    OH - Che Wen-han, Dong Ming-xiao, Zhou Ye-tong, Wang Jia-zheng

    MB - Xiao Yang, Xia Si-jia, Wang Wen-han, Zhang Yi-wen

    no libero?

    why isnt one of the good teams of the Chinese leagu here instead of this team ?

    i mean Tijanjin,Jiangsu,Shandong etc..

    Money. Shaoxing will also publicize itself. Tianjin hopes to participate in Club World Championship 2019 by "free money" by winning Club Asian Championship 2019 in TIanjin.


    I don't believe any Zhejiang's coaches! Zhejiang's women's volleyball becomes weaker and weaker when Li jing's and Yang Zhou's teammates and earlier ones are almost all retired. Therefore, in this season, Zhejiang even enters Bottom 6 of Chinese League 18/19.