He/she does not seem like someone that follows volleyball at all. Turkey have beaten Russia around a month ago without Neslihan, remember? Gözde & Neriman were enough back then. Now we even have Polen as an alternative. Gamova's return may look good but can damage team spirit as well. I expect big scandals from the Russian NT in this WCH :box:

    Maybe you do not follow enough HE-SHE would have them at home, a then followed two wins RUSSIA WITHOUT Gamow and Obmochaeva that was not in shape! And you're confusing here is a page for Turkey, a not TO RUSSIA :lol: :cheesy:

    Obmochaev what did You expect?

    Croatia plays in World Grand Prix zone 3 with Kenya and Australia inter alia.

    Once they Bartek Dominicana ... I expected to win easily Canada, which is nothing particularly true ... Yes it is a friendly match, but if you bully against them do not see them in the World ... :lol:

    sheilla better get her act together and start playing well again. gamova's back and if she's back brazil will need sheilla at 100% fast or else it will be russia again at the WCH.

    Sheilla vs Gamova! bring it on! :box: :D :super: :cheesy: :lol:

    I like how you think, Gamova long was not as good as Sheila goes out :heart:

    No complaint. The best players we have at the moment will be there. Luckily for us, no injuries this time. It would play a decisive role for Brazil.
    I'm fine with Monique out. Carol and Adenízia are more helpful by now.

    Nine days to go. I'm counting down. :dance6:
    Go Brazil! :super: We deserve it.

    To deserve crying again for the World title ... :flower: Enjoy watching a hand :lol:

    Sokolova will not play for the national is ok anyone expect anything else :?: Not only because there is no physical readiness to play, but she is not mentally stable .... Taking Russia will be of the best, but Russians always sa show that should not be underestimated ... :drink:

    Ok, Obmochaev tell me what's happening to Obmochaeva)) Why does she look so heavy, so uninterested in what's happening. Will she really be ready for WCh?)

    What can I say, we have a problem with it .... Very often fight .. :lol: :lol: ...Jokes apart, I have no idea what happened to her, maybe there are problems that do not yet know. I wonder how of the top 5 striker in the world, it came back ....I hope to get better and see her as soon as possible, again in the fire and ice of course :rose:

    RUSSIA rely on Kosheleva as TURKEY OF Gyuzde and Neriman ... And I do not agree that the Russians day by day getting worse .... In the world you will see a very different Russia ... :heart: :heart:

    I wasn't talking about the diversity of opinions. What I mean was the level of language and quality of context. "Gamova team and hopefully punish Brazilian World" kinda comment means nothing whereas detailed analysises or assertions with some supporting arguments add a lot to this forum ;)

    Cool, just fans and those who love Russian volleyball understood me ... Because the pain of 2012 is very large .... And my problem is that I write novels and analyzes or I'll write a few words :win:

    Good for Russia and work out that my prediction ...... Kosheleva to me is MVP of the match :rose: , Mali is now in better shape than Obmochaeva ... Zaryazhko not for this team... To Startseva clear without it Gamova tragic ... Malova really great, but I expected it to Kryuchkov on the field .... We should not underestimate the Russians .... have special greetings from the Russians .... And this is just the beginning, Russia ANSPs to show more good game in the race to defend and block! And finally Fetisov was an impressive :heart: :dance4: :dance4:

    Short news from Russian team - Natasha Malykh will play as starter in the 1st round in Ankara, Obmochaeva hasn't made a good shape to play starter so she mostly likely will be staying at bench. Shlyakhovaya is out of roster now and the starters would be Podskalnaya and Zaryazhko.

    about Turkey - To me it's a big surprise that Neslihan and Naz not playing at home :whistle: Unless they're injuried or not available to play...

    Now I have to delete my predictions.. Barbolini :down: :down: :down: :down:

    Now I have to delete my predictions.. Barbolini :down: :down: :down: :down:

    I do not know what attacked him Barbolini, proven coach is ..... Neslihan left out of the squad, I do not understand what the problem is ... the World is at the forefront and he knows it ... :P