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    Unfortunately, I could not find streams for all games so far, so I can't say much about the tournament in details. However, and quite expectedly so, the level is somewhat disappointing. Teams obviously lack chemistry most of the time, national teams' season has just ended and maybe those from South America could've enjoyed slightly more time for preparation. UPCN have 4 Europeans in the starting 7, so I guess their situation is pretty much the same. Some of the players hadn't even practiced with their teammates before arriving to Belo Horizonte, so overall we can not only say this is made obvious on the pitch, but also criticize severely FIVB (again) for the absolute lack of reasoning when scheduling the events till January 2016. We've seen much better performances from both Cruzeiro and Zenit, but at least we can hope for a dramatic final. Cruzeiro is composed of players who had had more time together to prepare for the tournament and yet they were beaten by the individual skills of the Russians. Cruzeiro's game is surely more enjoyable to watch, they play very fast balls, but they seem out of sync at times - certainly not the team we saw 2-3 years ago (for various reasons, including age, lack of new signings, injuries, etc). I think Zenit might even repeat the score from Wednesday evening and will probably win the whole thing for the first time.

    Russia sport is showing it

    Yeah World of Volley said the same


    Because of large debts to foreign players in the 2014/2015 season, FIVB (the International Volleyball Federation) and CEV (European Volleyball Confederation) have decided to ban international transfers for Dinamo Krasnodar!

    It means that Russian club had to start the season without Brazilian playersFabiola and Fe Garay and will play without both until further.Fe Garay remained in home country while Fabiolais currently located in Krasnodar, waiting for solution of the problem.…nsfers-for-krasnodar.html

    Well can't blame her if she isn't getting paid. That will ease the monetary problems for Krasnadar as well. Of course they have to pay her what they owe her.

    Gamova will hopefully be back in November


    She is recovering from knee injury and according to the head coach of the team from Kazan, Gamova will return to the court in the middle of November.

    “We plan her comeback in the middle of November. But, this is just our prediction. In the next week, she will have new medical exams and we will have precise date of the return” says Rishat Gilyazutdinov.…mova---injury-update.html

    Wow with the way they were bringing in players left and right, thought they had money to pay them. Now they have gotten expensive local players as well. I hope things stabalize for them.

    I missed the Moscow-Kazan game. Obmochaeva had 24 points from what I read. I am going to go watch the replay.

    The game just started...malova didn't play? Kazan's coaches clothes are awful!

    Garay is still in Brazil, more specifically in Osasco training with the team, she suffered an injury in August during the friendly matches and was recovering there, but I believe that this week she travels to Russia.

    I saw Fabiola after the game along with the players, she was not related for this two first matches, but I don't know why :S

    Thanks for the update. Maybe Fabiola wasn't used because those two opponents weren't the hardest? or maybe suffering from a slight injury

    Sokolovo is playing so bad, I hope that She will not be in Russian NT :down: ...Same for Sanja Popović. :|

    Yeah she wasn't great and this is against Leningradka. It wasn't the best performance from the other Krasnodar players but they pulled it off.

    Are Fabiola and Garay still with the Brazil NT?

    Dinamo Moscow vs Krasnoyarsk will be played at 19:00 (Moscow time) today, according to Streamhunter, Laola TV will broadcast it :)

    Damn I missed it. Moscow is going to have such tired players and I read that NT will start training for Olympic qualifications in December.

    Gamova will miss Kazan's game against Moscow in round 2.


    Moscow starts with Kosianenko-Goncharova-Lyubushkina-Fetisova-Bavykina-Markova and Malova.

    I hope she won't be starting all the games. I want to see Morozova and Moroz more so that we can see if they can help in the NT.

    As for Markova I agree she needs more consistency, I like her though She will probably be replaced by Scherban when she is fit, especially since they will need the players who will be called up to NT to be in shape.

    Anyone know the starting lineup that Krasnodar had played with?

    Scenarios to Reach 2nd Round
    Clinched in Red

    Is it 3 from each group advances to second round?

    I highly doubt that. She will continue to play volleyball for the next few years. After that, no one knows, but as Emil said, she was just in Moscow's team photoshoot and getting some awards.

    Sokolova, Pasynkova and Scherban have the same level of reception but Sokolova is the most experienced and has the strongest nerves from Them so She should be with the Team in Rio.

    Pasynkova's reception was not good. If Scherban has the same reception as Sokolova does right now, then Scherban should not go to Rio either. Sokolova's reception was not good last year, simple as that. If she improves this year then we can talk about her maybe being on the wide list for Rio, but she hasn't played at a high level like Gamova the past few years.

    or can fail in reception in the set point for opponent

    Exactly and her reception was awful last season. I have a great respect for Sokolova and what she has done, but I think some people are just talking about her, not having watched her the last couple seasons. Unless she shows an improvement this season, she doesn't belong in the team. She hasn't played at a high level for a while now.


    For those saying it is not wise to take Gamova back, do you honestly
    think Malykh can do a better job than her? I don't think so.

    No one is saying Gamova shouldn't come back. We are saying Sokolova at this moment will not be helpful so no reason for her to be back. She has not been playing at a high level for a while now. She would have to be really great in this season for me to think she should be on the extended list.

    Morozova was not great the past season in Moscow. Plus she was injured, it's better now that she started the season with Moscow, if she can find form, she will be in the running. She is much better than Orlova and Lyubushinka! but she needs to do much better than last season.

    I like that Moscow has upgraded. OH will be a battle between Markova, Bavykina and Scherban. although I think Markova an Scherban will keep
    their starting spots from last season. It is a great problem to have. Hopefully Kosienko will spread the ball around more. She has options.

    By the way Olessya Nikolaeva is on loan at Omsk? or she left Kazan completely?

    anyone know where Marchenko ended up? she was in Moscow last season.

    Gamova is more decisive yes, but she should be a backup for Obmochaeva. After everything Obmochaeva has done, she deserves her starting role. Sokolova has been bad for a while, and if you think she will magically improve for Olympics, then you haven't been watching her games recently. She would be more of a liability. Enough of bringing the old generation. I do agree with bringing experience but some of the others also have a lot of experience, and only if the experienced ones still play at a high level.

    This is a new generation and they have been playing together for a while and building a comrade. What Russia needs to do is diversify their game, Kosienko is too obvious at times with her setting, if they can switch things up and use the middle a lot more!, things won't be as telegraphed and teams would have a harder time against them. They also need to continue working on their reception, that is a big problem, as Kosienko can't at times do anything but give it to Kosheleva or Obmochaeva because of where she gets the ball. Defense is getting better.