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    It looks like Gundars Celitāns left Woori Card Hansae. He's isn't anymore in the list of players.

    I missed the game between Korean Air Jumbos and Samsung Bluefangs. Looking at the stats, Jumbos were leading 2-0 and the lost 2-3 at home. Ji-Seok Jung, Pavel Moroz and Hak-Min Kim scored 26, 25 and 24 points, but it wasn't enough :!: Middles were invisible as always. For the Bluefangs Grozer leaded the team but he didn't score that much, while the others gave their contribution.

    Edit: it wasn't Grozer, who's obviously going to play for Germany OQT and already missed the game against Simon and OK Savings Bank.

    I thought Gundars is injured? Korean Air definitely lost because of their errors. Korean Air committed 42 errors while Samsung only committed 10 errors.

    Here's the link if you guys want to watch the All Star game happened yesterday. This is fun

    And also, if you want to watch the previous matches(full). You can type(on youtube) the name of the teams in korean + 경기 다시보기 (date of match) or just as mentioned before you can watch it live via

    Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance - 삼성화재
    KEPCO - 한국전력
    Korean Air - 대한항공
    KB Stars Insurance - KB손해보험
    OK Savings Bank - OK저축은행
    Woori Card - 우리카드
    Hyundai Capital - 현대캐피탈

    EX.: KB손해보험 : 현대캐피탈 경기 다시보기(12.08)