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    I didn't watch the match because it was really late here.. So as I'm looking at the stats. Sander only had 6 attempts in 2 sets. If USA really wants to win, I think Sander needs more set.
    And they need to lessen their errors. 37 errors are just too much.

    Godina has spoken.
    We believe the women national team of Russia disappointed many of our hearts with a heartbreaking result (Final Ranking: No.4, defeated by Brazil, United States of America and the Netherlands) in the World Grand Prix Finals last week. Especially when the Olympic Game is closing in less than 2 months, Fans around the globe started to worry about the national team and blasted out their thoughts and comments via different social media platforms, including our all-time favourite, World Champion, Elena Godina who shared her candid comments on the team’s performance in WGP as well as head coach Yury Marichev on the official website of Dinamo Moscow for which she is now working. Volleyrussia now summarizes a few major points which many fans also share per below:
    1. Weak Composition of the Team
    Gosha perceived that the quality of player was not on par with the top ranking teams in the world, manifested by miserable defeats in the final round in WGP. Experience is a very key factor for playing international tournament and the team just lacks experienced attackers except Natalia Goncharova and Kosheleva. The weakness of the team went worse and obvious since Tatiana Kosheleva suffered back injury during training. It seems that quantity comes first rather than quality to Marichev. Attackers enlisted in WGP 2016 include Goncharova, Kosheleva, Shcherban, Ilchenko, Malykh, Malygina. Gosha especially blamed Marichev for turning down many rescuing options for the team including the calling for Gamova, who recently met with her old pal, Godina and had a deep chat. (see in the photo posted by Gamova in her Facebook). In fact, not only for attackers, many fans opined that 3 setters were too much for the team while Sheshenina and Startseva were not given enough chance during the games.
    2. Wrong Tactics
    Goncharova was the main scorers throughout the tournament and only had chance to rest when double substitution was called. Usually she was replaced by setter Startseva while Pankova was replaced by another opposite attacker, Natalia Malykh. The problem with this substitution not lies upon missing Goncharova on the court but Maylykh standing at zone 4. Gosha recalled a past interview with Malykh who admitted that she could not manage to attack in zone 4. Therefore, the substitution tactic was destined to failure that it even gave a break for the opponent (Maylhk in zone 4; Ilchenko in zone 2)
    3. Marichev’s Questionable Passion
    Well, he may have brought 2 European Champion titles for the country. Frankly speaking, the head coach of the national team failed to achieve impressive results in other major international events such as World Cup and World Championship. Conspiracy about his losing passion for coaching national team began to loom over the country especially Marichev recently revealed that he will be coaching Polish club next season.
    It seems too late to make big changes to the game plan at the moment. Volleyrussia share the same wish as Godina that Tanya Kosheleva can recover and get back in shape in time to save the team. In the preliminary stage of Olympic Game, the pool composition is still favorable for Russia in which only Brazil seems to be the only rival. We also hope Marichev and the whole coaching team can take this opportunity to reflect on the overall mistakes identified in the WGP and correct them promptly.
    Original Article on Dinamo Moscow website (Russian version only):…r-comments-over-marichev/

    I thought the final 12 players were confirmed. I saw a post on facebook saying that the final players were
    OH: Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning, Hui Ruoqi, Liu Xiaotong
    MB: Yan Ni, Xu Yunli, Yuan Xinyue
    OPP: Yang Fangxu, Gong Xiangyu
    S: Ding Xia, Wei Quiyue
    L: Lin Li
    So It's not true at all. I really want Zeng Chunlei to go to the Olympics. As for the setters, I'm hoping it'll be Ding Xia and Wei Quiyue.

    We almost have the same lineup except for the setters, I'd take Ding Xia and Wei Quiyue.

    I'm so done with Karch!!! Fawcett is the best among the 3 opposites. A better server and blocker too. ;( ;(
    I wish USA will not make it to the Semis/Finals of Olympics, I just want Karch to learn his lesson.

    I saw this in the WGP thread.
    "CHN lineup for final 6 WGP
    OH: Hui, Liu XT, Liu YH
    MB: Yuan, Yang, Zhang
    S: Shen, Yao
    OPP: Zeng, Gong
    L: Lin, Chen"

    So I'll assume that the missing players are going to Rio.
    Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning, Yan Ni, Xu Yunli, Yang Fangxu and Ding Xia.

    I wonder who are these 7 Main Players and I think it's safe to say that they'll go to Rio.
    1. Zhu Ting
    2. Zhang Changning or Huo Ruoqi
    3. Yuan Xinyue
    4. Yan Ni or Xu Yunli
    5. Lin Li
    6. Ding Xia or Shen Jingsi
    7. Zeng Chunlei or Yang Fangxu or Gong Xiangyu

    PS: Bold names are surely going to Rio(imo)