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    Foluke wants her spot back! :super:

    It was so great to see her in that video. Amazing how dedicated she is. She says she has day off days but she still do yoga and pilates on those days which is great. Love and respect ❤️

    Talking about Rasic, it's been a few years since she hasn't shown that fire she used to have before. Is the other turkish MB so bad?!

    Melis is definitely not on this level. She is there just because she was in Vakif from the youth age and most probably she doesn’t complain being a sub all the time . Kubra would have been useful but she is still out due to a back injury, if I’m not wrong.

    The fifth set was won by Egonu alone with some contributions from Hill and de gennaro and errors from Vakifbank. Fuck my neck is so hot from all the nerves and excitement.

    I am still shaking. How did those girls even manage to play? Vakif should have closed the match. Conegliano is still Conegliano except Egonu. Nothing legendary over there except Egonu and De Gennaro. All other chokers are still choking as they always do.

    For me, Conegliano isnt really a team composed of legends. Over the years, the club has gathered players who seem to have good chemistry when playing together. I think it is also the reason why they are fun to watch.

    Do they play the most enjoyable volleyball? Yes. Are they legend? No.

    Legend is something that you can be over the years, when you achieve some big titles again and again. Even when you struggle, you find your way and get the title. This is not something that Conegliano achieved yet. There are legendary team squads, Conegliano is one of them but they haven’t achieve anything big yet, not even CL let alone WCCH. Even if they win both this year, that doesn’t make them legend, this is something that needs to be achieved again and again. just because some bunch of players you like play there, it doesn’t make them legend.

    Sorry, my mistake. Yeah they won the CL but messed up the league.

    there was a weird foreign rule that season, 2+1. Seda Tokatlioglu got injured in that semifinal (no surprise there, no offense), Ze’s brain froze (no surprise there either) he couldn’t think to let Eda play as OPP and they couldn’t let Tom play because of that stupid foreign rule. They lost because they played without an OPP, not because they were worse then Vakif.

    Yes with Skowronska, Osmokrovic :obey: (one of my favourite player), Eda, Furst and i think Sokolova. I remember this team from epic match between Fener and Vakif in semi final of Cev Cl that would be so epic match

    one of my favourite.

    Also i must to mention that Jelena Nikolic was like a beast at that match i think she was also best scorer of final four.

    she was the best scorer and rightful MVP but it was given to Glinka.

    Ozge played terrible and Nilay saved the match, yet Gui played with Ozge again in the final and they beat Baku easily and became the champion. Ozge got the best setter which was a shame.

    Also I remember she said that she waited till the last minute for Fener to sign with her again, but they didnt, and won the whole thing next year without her...

    and she told because of her son, she didn’t want to move out of Italy but Mehmet Ali Aydinlar promised her that he will make sure she and her family get whatever they need, she decided to come. I think her son has a special syndrome so that’s why she didn’t come at first. Mehmet Ali Aydinlar and Fenerbahce’s president at the time had personal problems so his sponsorship was canceled. She was a special player.

    I completely agree. Motta did the same last year, Larson was his queen and untouchable and I understand that a bit, Larson is very special but seriously Lloyd and Gibbemeyer? That's lame Motta, hope you get fired soon.

    I was really happy when he came back because I trusted him. So far he didn’t achieve anything, he didn’t bring any young player out of nowhere, his team doesn’t play an enjoyable game, WHAT DOES HE DO?

    Motta, players that you pay millions make lots of mistakes and you cannot even open your mouth. When your young player makes a silly mistake and say i didn’t touch the net, you don’t go to video challenge, you discourage her.

    when you were fired without an explanation years ago from NT, i was so sorry. Maybe that was what you deserve.

    Polen is doing well first time since like 2012, move away from ur top clubs girls!

    You and I must have watched different match. When Polen was transferred to PTT this summer, people on twitter was going crazy how she finally going to get the chance she deserved, going to shine and get back to NT, as if she was a big player but didn’t get a chance in Fener. She had many chances and simply never used them properly. And now we see how bad she is, yesterday was one of her best games, if you can call it a good performance.

    By the way, according to some tweets, Ozge was THY’s captain and they changed it to Aneta. It is said that it was a decision decision.

    It is indeed a short tournament and I have my doubts these girls are going to be able to achieve their goals. I hope I will be disappointed but given their current shapes or little playing time they get in their club team, I don’t see them winning easily. Kubra is still absent and even if she comes back tomorrow, I am not sure if she will be able to reach her top shape. We all know how bad she can be when is in her top shape.

    I wouldn’t exclude Cansu from the roster, especially not for Gamze. I wonder who will be the second libero. Gizem is good but drama between Gio and Gizem last summer would get in the way. We will see.

    Im surprised with Chieri's defeat as well. I expected a tougher battle.

    And it seems like Novara plays better without Brakocevic on court. Or is this just a matter of chemistry?

    It’s like beginning of the season for Novara, If Brakocevic wouldn’t have injured. They were without an OPP and struggled at first but just when they were kind of getting in shape, Brakocevic came back and now they need to addapt to this new set up. I am not sure if she is still fit to play in high level volleyball, we all will see as the season goes.

    Galatasaray is one of the teams I find enjoyable this season in TL. If they wouldn’t have made those silly mistakes at the 3rd set, maybe they would have won it and made it 2-1. I like Anthi a lot, I am surprised how well she receives. I hope she will reduce her mistakes and become more solid. I think they are trying to be more brave rather then hitting cowardly. That’s good. Alesia is mess. I know sets are not the best but it definitely got better compare to beginning of the season. Belien should get more balls like Asli.

    Gabi was really good, her attacks and receiving and diggings were really good and smart. Meliha was bad, no surprise there. Cansu was good as well, I would never say no to having Maja in TL but Vakif should have decide on one setter and stick with it. I am not sure if this will work out. They are still working on their play, I am sure they will be better at the end of the season.