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    Turkey lost against Serbia in a friendly match. They lost it 1-3 and sets 24-26 20-25 25-20 23-25. Looks like all players were used.

    There is an agent who posted a few little videos on her story so if anyone wonder, they can check. She also posted a video but i believe there will be more. It doesn’t say so much about the match but just gives a few sights :)


    To explain this in more detail: according to a Turkish source, voleyboldefteri, Terzic kicked Antonijevic off from the NT after a fight. In another tweet he wrote that Maja was convinced to come back but she asked to be the captain as well and she got it. Now Serbian NT is divided in half and some girls are not talking to each other at all. Not sure why he tweeted such a thing but I don't see a reason why he would lie.

    I agree on Serdar about Ana, she was not that impressive this summer.

    well, that voleyboldefteri is such a drama queen. He always exggerates and makes a big fuss about his gossips. He says ooh i got big news but i can’t share because i promised not to share and now all of a sudden he gives this big piece of information after being abscent from twitter for months. He was just Grindering out there giving no attention to volleyball and came back and trying to get attention.

    I am not saying he is not correct or this is absolutely false since I don’t have any clue about this incident, but I knew for a fact that this guy just likes attention and trying to get it.

    And he said “i just learnt Maja is back to NT” OMG thats like old news lol.

    Jeez, what's her problem? I mean, she even was Zivkovic's sub a few times, why not Maja? Does she hate her that much?

    with Maja in the team, it’s not likely for her to get playing time while with Zinkovic, she will get her playing time if she performs well. And also it’s not that hard to replace Zinkovic since she plays so boring and all she knows is setting to Branicka and Boskovic.

    It turned out she's been out of contention ever since the match against Bulgaria. She's got some physical issues, apparently.

    i believe i remember Ana didn’t want to be the second setter after Maja and now that Maja returned, reason would be she didn’t want to be the second one.

    I don't get the fuss about Ezgi, she is clearly at the same class with Cağla, if not worse

    i am not makin a fuss, she is clearly more creative then that Cagla girl. Setting to zone 4 and not even delivering the sets her attackers want.... that just stupid

    As second setter, it won’t work with Cagla. It could be anyone else but not her. I wish Ezgi was there, I don’t like her that much but she is far better then Cagla for sure.

    I am sooo disapointed in Gamze.

    official. derya cebecioglu is training with national team A, so i think derya will be the 4th wing-spkier. i can't like guldeniz in national team again. seyma, meliha and guldeniz are player better in reception and hande better in attack, so i prefeer derya. derya and hande in attack and seyma and meliha in reception.

    I am not really sure if it makes sense to bring an inexperience player to WCH when she didn’t play a single match at senior level. Ebrar was a big prospect too and look how it takes a time for her to adjust to senior level.

    Gamze was needed in this team. Neither Cansu nor Cagla could give what Gamze would have given to this team. If this news is true, It is quite absurd that you ask to be the first setter since you don’t ask that, you get the role by your performance. Gamze is more experienced but I have to be honest, Cansu played very good and proved she is more of a team player so she earned that spot by her performance.

    If this is true, it is really so unprofessional of Gamze. And it is best of the team that she won’t come back.

    I was so angry with that looser Ferhat that he didn’t invite Gamze because of his stupid personal issues with her, now, she shows us how she is incapable of being a team player.

    Last year was a joke, I never understood that break just for Gozde’s wedding. That was quite unprofessional of Guidetti as well.

    I dont think she used to hit from backrow...she probably did that a couple of times in special ocasions. It was never "a thing". She got 3 or 4 sets and scored 2 times, I believe. Nothing special. She didn't block anything either, but she showed much more attitude and willing than Bia today.

    I am pretty sure it was more than “a few times in special occasions”. I even remember she prepared to spike from the back row, she attacked even when it wasn’t even a set, just a high defense bal. it seemed it was something that trained back at the time.

    ITA-RUS now live @ VolleybalNL Facebook site.

    Italy playing with the kids again. Sure, it's a friendly tournament, but why don't they at least put on a mix of A and B players?

    I think it is more productive and educational when you put a few young players along with real starting players. They will be think “we lost but we played with young players”.

    Learn how to read, moron and don't ever quote me again.

    he should be the first to be banned. I don’t understand why he is tolerated so much when people kicked out for less reasons. He is always provacative.

    Caterina Bosetti in the press conference said she had an offer also from Vakifbank (I guess to replace Gozde Kirdar), but she preferred Casalmaggiore to restart her career after such a bad injury.

    I like her a lo. Hope she gets back to her top form, even better. Maybe finally we get to see what we expected from her. I don’t want to compare them or anything but Gozde had a big injury back in the days as well and she kept working, she didn’t give up. Hope, Caterina will do the same. It would have been nice to see her in Vakifbank although having both Robinson and Caterina would have been a waste of time for both of them.

    By the way, her parents are responsible and coaches of young players of Vakifbank.

    I believe Gamze will join later since she will be getting married soon. Otherwise, all setters are inexperienced to be taken to WCH.

    If the concerned Federations: FIVB/WADA/National federations cannot/wouldn't make the case, then one better stops short of making such wild accusation here, even revived such unproven accusation. Not something pleasant to read, sounds offensive! It's obvious that there is no proof to back up the case here. Just leave it to the concerned Federations.

    oh yeah as if they are working so great.. all they think about is money. Of course i will talk about it in order to point out the fact that what matters is volleyball, not money. And yes, these things happen, two important players couldn’t play an important tournament because of this and i have a right to talk about it. It’s nothing againts China or anything. It is just the fact.

    AFAIK, A good numbers of podium players were tested. Furthermore, 6 teams were living in the same hotel and eating the same food for almost a week during the competition. If the food were contaminated as you pretend, then it won't be only these two players were tested positively.

    If you say so and i am PRENTENDING this, why did Karch say they brought their own food on the Net Live? And why these two players were cleared after a few months?

    If the food was contaminated as you pretend, then why only two players from different countries (Italy and Serbia) were tested positive? Why the test results from other players (living in the same hotel and eating the same food) were negative?

    not everybody tested for doping in team sports. It is like a lottery. Maybe that was the reason, even Karch said the food in China has this kind of affect and they bring their own food. Maybe that was just the city last year? Would it be?

    Someone else explained it better with medical words and stuff but i dont remember.

    All I know is they were tested positive because of it and then case drop within a few months but they missed ECH last year. And god knows what an awful experience that was.

    Last year some players were tested positive for doping because of the food they ate in China during WGP and they couldn’t play for WCH. USA NT brought their food last year and did the same this year. Looks like FIVB doesn’t care this and China gets to host finals and preliminary rounds. What if same thing happens and players cannot play WCH? Was there any precauting or preparings in order to avoid this?