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    Yeah, right. There has to be something personal, it can’t be that others have the freedom to have an opinion just like you do and it is not just entitled to you. As long as you are not wrong, it can be anything.


    I know I don't pay close enough attention but does that mean the USA Team has never had anyone under the age of 22 y/old, or so?

    I don’t know about the rule and wasn’t even aware of it just until now but both Logan Tom and Foluke Akinradewo started playing in senior team when they were under 20.

    Two times in a row that in the same rally, Robin is not finishing the point, Novara is always ready to stop her slide with the block or the defence ready to dig her. So at the third set in the really, Wolosz has to choose Egonu.

    In the first match, it was the same. Weird, cuz Robin slide is between the top ones.

    Ps: Good words from Lavarini. :drink:

    what did he say?

    The ball clearly touched Hill. She is such a liar. What a shame.

    she might not have to admit that that ball touched her but she goes and tries to convince her opponents. And what do you expect from Imoco? It was just last year they mocked Covid as a team while people were dying.

    But she was literally the 2nd or 3rd best receiver of the league xd So how is she poor in her main responsibilities?

    The problem is that even though she plays good - Ayca receives so many negative comments here just because Gizem is on the bench. You DON'T know if Gizem is currently in better shape than Ayca. I know that she is not happy in Vakifbank and I think it's great that she is leaving because as for a libero she is still quite young and able to play on high level for many years and you are right that Guidetti's behaviour is very wrong. I just think that Ayca is not the one to blame and instead of putting all the negative comments about her ( I'm not talking directly about you but I have noticed so many comments saying that ,, she doesn't belong to this level " or that she is HORRIBLE etc. ) some of you guys should really appreciate the progress she has made. She is playing in VAKIFBANK - the best or 2nd best team in the world. It is very difficult to play in such team and she is doing her job right.

    do you find Berrin good based on your observation or based on stats? Because I made my comments based on what I saw when I watched THY.

    as for Ayca, I agree with you there are unnecessary comments towards her when she is not to blame but you are the one who brought her into this discussion. I never said anything bad about her, I find her good and very hard working and she should be included in NT and tried but it is also a fact that she is not good enough to play Olympics or a libero you trust to play in CL finals when you have other liberos who are better and more experienced but won’t include because of the coach’s ego.

    when he first arrived in Piacenzia at the end of last summer, they shared a picture or video of him on instagram and I was shocked how skinny he was. He seemed better in the season though.

    I guess you haven’t seen a horrible libero then :sos:

    She is only 22 and already playing in one of the best teams in the world and she is not just a basic libero. She is extraordinary, she even scores points. I really find it hilarous that so many people here are saying how bad Ayca and Berin are when they are both the future of Turkey NT. So many people here are very not objective. I remember not long ago when Gizem Orge replaced Ayca and she played super bad. Her reception was like 30% and she wasnt defending at all and still some people said how amazing she is :D A libero that isnt playing good from the Turkish leagu ( I still wouldnt call her HORRIBLE as you are doing ) is the Fenerbahce libero.

    what makes my opinion subjective and yours objective? I have nothing against her and my opinion is based on her performance which I gather by watching her. Her scoring points doesn’t change my opinion when she is poor in her main responsibilities.

    As for Gizem, you are correct she didn’t perform well when she came in but how can you judge her when she is better than Ayca yet still benched for reasons unrelated to volleyball? Do you think it is easy to stay motivated and in form when you are benched whole season in such environment? Your coach doesn’t want you, you are better but he favors another player instead of you, puts her in front of you? This is pure mobbing, by the way. You can imagine yourself in such situation in your job but even that wouldn’t be sufficient because you never know until you find yourself in such situation. I hope nobody would have to experience such mobbing.

    Thank you! That's a pity, always liked Neriman, I think she deserved to get a taste of being in an OG for the last time. Hate the fact that Guidetti is such a great coach with so many personal problems with players.

    About the inconsistency of Neriman: I would choose her over Hande at any time.

    yes but we don’t know how she would play because she has been playing in Japan for the last 4-5 years.

    I think involving Neriman would do more damage than good at this point where she wasn’t a part of the team.

    I am so sorry for Russel. He is one of my favorites and can’t believe he won’t make it to OG. Sander wasn’t as he used to after his injury whenever I got the chance to watch him. I will be looking forward to seeing how their line up will be. Having a paid spectator as coach will hurt them for sure.