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    i am glad that that annoying perugia team lost the final game of the series in front of their own fans after leading 2-0. i hate the way they celebrate after they make a block. it is so irritating. especially that clown podrascanin. i hate him and the coach. they dont deserve to be in such team anyway. podrascanin is definitely gone. he is not at desired level. he doesnt belong to that team. and that coach, even though they swept all the cups in italy last season, that coach sucks. and it became evident that he does. the only reason they swept lube last season was lube was loser. they also lost the cl. otoh lube won the most important cups. lube can enjoy their victories they won in the last 5 days all summer long while perugia players may be happy with blocks they made this season.

    Also that Anastjohvic or something. I don’t even bother learning his name. He is nothing but a showman. did he ever win anything?

    Lanza played good only because no team would care for him. He can kill %100 and it is OK because everyone knows he won’t be enough.

    I have to add one more thing:saint:
    In my opinion Danesi does not have the fighting mentality and the personality that is needed for a middle blocker.

    I usually like your comments but you are one sided on this. Robin is a good attacker but not a good blocker which makes her incomplete MB. She is good but not that good to give awards with this performance.

    And i noticed how she stares at the other side of the net, how she always object. We would have seen it more if they would be winning.

    Here I should make important correction, Skowronska didn’t give any transphobic comment, she said that for her anyone can be gay, hetero, trans and she doesn’t has problems with the world. But when she has to play against woman who was man before, then she has problem. She played already for many years with and in front of many players and she sees the difference. That was her point.

    you guys are definitely missing the point. The things that he said are official crimes and while you guys are defending that troll, he doesn’t even bother to come and say “sorry, i was misunderstood or i don’t know what i was thinking”. Do you know why? He meant it when he said those things. And i bet he is going to say more!

    But no worries, i will still be around to back you up when he comes and makes a racist/transphobic/homophobic statement.

    He has said some unpleasant things for sure and should change that. I don't remember homophobia from him to be honest but maybe I've just forgotten.

    Would it be because you have Skowronska’s picture as your profile pic? She made some transphobic statements about Tiffany so I wonder............

    It was a good match by the way. If only Conegliano would have played their usual game, we all know what the result would be. Novara played like a team when it mattered the most. Congrats to both teams.

    We love and support you Crovolley, you'll get over these rough times as well. You always do <3

    I will never understand how you can support that troll. Are you going to support him when he goes and makes some racist or homophobic stuff?

    And Matthias you never delete anything racist or troll things yet you come and delete my posts. Are you a troll as well or a racist? This is nonsense. You don’t deserve to be an admin here. DISGUSTING! Go on be your loved troll because that’s what you deserve!!!!!!!!

    Well, I didn’t see this coming. I haven’t seen some of these players playing and hope it will be good for them playing. I am excited for this new team.

    According to Bruno Voloch, Minas made an offer to Sheilla Castro.

    Considering that Bruna will be out at least until November, they needed to sign a top-level opposite. The problem is that they've signed with Deja McClendon and Roslandy Acosta, reaching the limit of 2 foreign players according to the rules of our championship. Basically, considering the options available in the national market, I believe she's a good choice.

    She didn’t play for the last 3 seasons and she had been playing poorly last seasons she played. I think it is a gamble and hope it will work out good both for her and Minas.

    I still remember the very day when a friend of mine told me Chirichella is the next Thaisa.

    Great times...

    Well, it was said for Kubra as well.

    She has been playing well since finals of Turkish League but was nowhere to be found for the last two years.

    Turkey was powerful at times, but very messy most times. Also the defense/reception was just too bad. Aylin Sarioglu is not doing well, Simge and Gizem as liberos are on another level.

    Good job Italy, Pietrini was amazing and I'm liking Fahr more and more. Even sorokaite was good today

    I don’t think Aylin played bad. She was good most of the time.