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    Regarding Elif Sahin, yes, she definitely should have been here but her setting to MBs are horrible, too. It wouldn’t have made any difference. If you watch her matches on youtube, you’ll see what I am talking about.

    Yasemin was OK in attacking before Karayollari but now she is horrible in attacking. She has to work on it a lot in the next season. Merve has a good approach and reading at block and I am sure she will learn a lot but I doubt her attacking will improve because she will be playing with Elif in Karayollari.

    I didn’t say these things about her just because of her bad performance at the VNL finals. I am talking about her general performance and development. She played good matches in GS when she was playing OPP, not OH which is her position. Do you remember any match she performed good as OG against a good team ? I don’t.

    I tried to explain it but clearly it is not understood. I don’t see the passion in her eyes. And I said it, I will be gladly apologizing from her if it changes.

    I don’t know what is wrong with people here, when someone shares an opinion, you go and share your opinion and it is finished. When someone shares an opinion about a team or player, most of the users come and attack. Try to insult with “yeah she should stop playing volleyball”. Yeah honey you guys are the only one who can have an opinion. That attitude is SICK. Blahhh

    I said it at the end of last summer and I am repeating it again, Hande won’t be the player we expected her to be, she doesn’t have the patience and she is not into hard work. She will make lots of money even this this level of hers. Unless, something or someone will change her, this is the fact.

    She may play an excellent match or two but she is not going to have a great tournament because she is not consistent. And I don’t see that it will be changing anytime soon.

    I will be gladly apologize to her and her fans if she’ll prove me wrong in the coming years.

    Racist? Me? according to what? I have Polish dad, Russian mom, they both are good persons. They always teach me to treat fairly to everyone. I am ashamed of yourself, you are using such words, you are 30 or over, you are not even civilized. You disguise your personality very well:down:. As a girl, I am gonna apologize everyone to witness your rude posts here. I mean you would be better to stay in your cave not come out.

    Yes, I'm an honest one. Fool one? Probably you need to look in the mirror you can see stupid one there. People do know who are trouble makers here, mostly users from which country is full of troubles. My mom words were like that, if a person in front of you are ignorant, you better to finish conversation, bcz they are not worth it. Hope smart ppl here will understand me better. As a girl, it is not proper to me to use such unpleasant words, but it's your way, what we can do, better to finish conversation with ignorant ones. Gud nite

    Girl, you better apologize for your own swearing at the first place. You sweared at me just because you didn’t like my comment. How immature is that??!

    Is anyone going to remove this troll user here? Maybe an admin? Who should be responsible of taking care of this forum and not letting this kind of trolls to this forum.

    First of all, I was in Istanbul and Ankara before and most of Turkish people don't even know basic English as far as I know;). Why you pretend you are from native English speaker country?:roll: I'm a very young one and I have a long way of improving my language skills;). You try to underestime my language skills? You are pathetic and poor:gone:. You are 30 or over but you sometimes made grammar mistakes here. You are not even civilized. Ofc sometimes people can dislike me because of my extreme honest side here. But afterwards people will like that side of me at the end of the day. Because I never disguise my base intentions here like you always did.

    Just remind you, Kadochkina got 3rd place in WCH, which Ebrar was on the roster of Turkey there. You are hilarious:rolll:. Bravo, congratulations, you are expert in your field, you perfectly disguise your unpleasant intentions about Stysiak;):gone::flower:

    You could probably write Brovkina or Pushina's name at least. They defeat Turkey before yesterday (3-2). We had a controversial relationship, that's why you suddenly started to dislike Russian NT and players, whereas your previous posts here were optimistic towards Russian players and NT. :rolll: I bet if you had such a controversial relationship with people from other countries, you would be 360% changed. I always interact with people in a straightforward way, and my recommendation you to act in that way, you don't need to be calculated, planned:gone: thats why I wrote being black and white is good for the grey matter.;)

    OK, dude. You have been to Turkey and you didn’t like it. We get it. You don’t come again and that is it. Go and see somewhere else and maybe talk about it in a travel forum or elsewhere. Stop mentioning it whenever you involve in an argument with a Turkish user. It just shows how troll you are.

    Difficult question 😁

    He just decided that these 24 hours more in Poland will give Polish team Olympic qualification, gold medal at ECH and WC :lol:

    But seriously, his explanation was that he wants to join team which is preparing to Olympic qualies in Poland

    Polish journalists make real drama because of it and that he left his team.

    Interesting choice indeed. It would have been a bit more sense if he didn’t go to Chicago at the first place with that reason but leaving just before last one match makes no sense at all.

    According to Iranian MFA, Iranian players were “arrested” on Chicago airport and held there for many hours right after landing in USA. There will be official protest regarding to this situation.

    What? What are they accused of? This is a scandal.

    When did Kovac even leave the Slovenian team? I had no idea Guiliani was their new coach before this tournament.

    I thought he was the coach of them but when I saw Guiliani, I remembered that he was appointed as the new coach.

    I have a question, is there a point to make 3rd place match? Does it even mean anything at the end?

    Yes she did. Dani's footwork was very quick

    Yes, I also remember that she did. I remember when Zetova was injured in Chieri and Scott played as OPP and even attacked from back row by sliding. Logan Tom was in the team, too and Guidetti was the coach, If my memory serves me right. They had that different one piece jerseys, like swimsuits. I think she also player as OPP at the end of her career.

    Aysun Ozbek also had a very quick approach and did same kind of sliding in front of the setter.

    In this forum, everyone wrote their personal opinion. I can compare one team with another ones, which is normal in this forum. I dont know how democracy working among turkish users, they always wrote their opinions here as a normal thing but now it's my turn I can write whatever I want, it's my personal opinion.

    Nowadays, people express their thoughts about Trump etc. In this forum, people from Turkey 200 times wrote their opinions about Russian NT and etc NTs which is normal in their case, but not in our case?. I would like someone creates another thread and some people like me, we write our opinions there. I feel like we will never express our real thoughts about Turkish players and Turkey NT:roll:

    You agree/disagree it is my opinion, you can write everyone here about racism, homophobia which it is even not relating to our topics, even you repeatedly write it as a normal thing, but you try to interfere with us which is our right to express our thoughts here in this forum. If turkish users here are free to express their thoughts and compare Zahra with Thaisa, I dont think anything wrong to compare Polish players with Turkish players:gone: the first you yourself let someone express their thoughts and then judge someone being homophob or racist or politics. It's my personal advice to you;). Plz let us express our thoughts and a bit democracy, you agree/disagree.

    There must be something really wrong with you, I never told you that you can’t compare teams here, I told you that Turkey won their pool and deserved their place in the finals, you can express your opinions as much as you can. It is the reason that forums exist, but whenever someone tells something, you say “don’t bring politics into this” and yet you are full of politics and often mention it in your comments. You assault Turkish people in your almost all comments which is not a good thing.

    You must be the last person that anyone can get advice from, so thanks but no thanks.

    I am not continue this meaningless conversation as you did not see my point in my earlier post and I forgot that you have your agenda and will say what you have in your mind regardless of what the other person says. Even if said that I agree with you, you would have said these things anyway. It is like you are having conversation with yourself.

    I feel like Poland could do better job than Turkey and China B team. They even could play 5 sets against USA if there was no referee mistake in that game.

    There is no need to compare these two times in this way. Turkey was in the toughest group and was expected to be eliminated against China A and Italy A but they won against China B and Italy A, they played two matches in a row and they won. I don’t what was changed in that day and they played hopelessly in the Final 4.

    Poland was expected to pull an upset but they couldn’t. They had their chances but couldn’t use it. That doesn’t mean they are worse or better then Turkey. We don’t know how they would have played if they were in Final 4. There is no need to compare these two teams in this way.

    Regarding Turkey reached their peak during pool games, I don’t want to believe it, they were too many things that didn’t work and I don’t want to believe that level was their peak. I believe in them but with this kind of play, it won’t happen. They have to concentrate every single point, every single rally and they fail at it.

    I was also wondering where are Matic, Gungor, Gokgoz, Savas, Batur etc., why is Eksi starting setter after missing more than half season but so far Ozbey have results behind him. Ok, Turkey have had pretty easy pool in European Golden League but to beat Estonia in Estonia and Belarus you must play good.

    Yesterday they were keeping freshness for far more important match unlike Cuban coach Vives which kept almost all starters for 5 sets :rolll: I expect Slovenia - Turkey rematch on Sunday but again Slovenia should prevail. Won't be easy for them but still they are far more experienced team than this Turkish selection.

    Gokhan Gokgoz didn’t deserved to be called at all with his horrible performances, to be honest. Burak Gungor, on the other hand, deserved it very much and not called.

    I am not even going to mention Arslan, who is a troubled player, he is almost always called to NT, thanks to his father. And he is the captain this year, as if it were a joke.

    Oguzhan was useful for Fenerbahce last season but he cannot be the MB in a team which wants to promoted to VNL and get some medal in ECH.

    Let’s be honest here, maybe a bit harsh, too, Turkish Male Team has no place to compete in VNL. I cannot even imagine them playing against top teams. Even if we add the players who deserved to be called but weren’t, it won’t make it any better that much. It is a good dream but they are definitely not ready. I think this current generation won’t at all.

    Nedim Ozbey has this macho acts all the time which I simply hate. I cannot believe he is guiding young players of NT and club for years. No wonder he picks up Arslan as captain.

    Turkey won the U19 Balkan cup vs Serbia 3-2.

    Huge OH talent in Derya Çebecioglu (18 y/o, 185cm) upcoming for Turkey. She will play in Yeşilyurt this season in VVSL!

    Congrats. I hope Derya will improve and be great addition to NT. Her attacking style looks very mature and kind of reminds me of Nikolic.

    I also have to add that when she was given a chance in Vakif during last season, she didn’t even look promising but hope it will be her year next season.

    By the way, why the hell do they put this kind of horrible music to highlight videos all the time? They spend some time and prepare very nice videos and put those music. I can’t understand it.

    Well so far no surprise from Poland

    Good that you are almost always wrong:rolll:

    Oh, looks like someone is in need of attention, again. Honey, I just had a busy day so I don’t have the energy for you. You should seek it somewhere else.

    And, try to watch some matches and share your opinion about them without trying to insult someone. It looks soooo obvious now that you are doing it all the time :(