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    It was known Stefana was going to skip one year after the Tokyo 2020 and most probably have a baby. Now that Tokyo 2020 is going to be held in 2021 and there isn’t any rumor about her, do you guys think she decided to get pregnant now and come back second half of next season? If there will be any season anywhere of course.

    The possibility of neslihan's return the courts to play as starting setter for eczacibasi is higher than this.

    Bongaerts? It's good to see some people with worse ideas then nalan ural lol. She is super unstable, she needs at least 2 yearsto play at high level. First, she should play as starter in german leaguge.

    well, after all those years, no one can be worse then Nalan Ural. lol

    I know it but Moscow has a very experienced Russian setter - Babeshina. Maybe they should try her ? I always find Dijkema annoying :D I like the other setter from The Netherlands - Bongarets way more.

    Dijkema showed many times she is not the setter you would want in your team if your aim is to win trophies. I don’t know the current form of Babeshina but generally I would choose Babeshina over Dijkema.

    It seems just funny to me that people trying to find an excuse for a troll. He knows very well what he is doing and does it intentionally. That is it.

    I said loud and clear a few times that this forum lacked of a decent, dedicated, neutral admin. After saying Matthias should leave his admin responsibilities but stay as an active user because that was not the problem, I was attacked by his friends, called some nasty names, was asked to leave because I wasn’t happy with their friend’s work. Wasn’t it our democratic right to express our opinion? Or were those jokes as well but my interpretation was bad intended?

    agree with you. They were great in WCH 2018 as well.

    The first time I watched Sloetjes was in 2012 Olympics Qualifiers in Ankara. She was very good in attack already. After that she struggled with injuries If I’m not mistaken so I lost track of her for a few years.

    I also remember an interview of her a few years ago posted here most probably by you. She said she loves playing volleyball and will be playing all of her life, she also made some jokes by saying “as long as I don’t have to receive, I will play”. Sad to see she lost her ambition for volleyball. I hope she will take some time off and miss it and get back stronger more then ever. I really love watching her.

    No way, she have valid contract with Eczacibasi for the next year, and she feels like home in Ecz. Honestly i would like to see her out of Ecz, maybe corona make some changes in Ecz budget but i doubt, very low possibility for that.

    I don’t think it would affect their budget, the family is old money and their main business is pharmacy so I don’t think it would affect them that much.

    Wow. Those teams 😍

    I didn’t know Djerisilo was OH before, I thought her original position is OPP but she played OH at the late of her career.

    Maja and Krsmanovic seem like a different people.

    I loved Ana when she played for Cannes and always rooted for her. I always wonder what could have happened if she didn’t have those two horrible injuries. Maja was a bit on slow track those days because of her boyfriend and volleyball didn’t seem her first priority. Maybe we would be watching Ana leading Serbia. Who knows.

    Euphoria, Succession and l'amica Geniale (My Brilliant Friend). Those were the best series of 2019 in my opinion. Non of them are on Netflix, they are on HBO but maybe you can find them on the internet. I like Netflix too but I find most of their shows waste of time. Not all but most of them.

    I recently watched The Crown, Dead to Me and Wanderlust, just started to Rita.

    if you like Nordic shows, Bron and Forbrydelsen are the best.

    Books of l'amica Geniale are great as well so If you like reading the books first like me, you should give it a try.

    Problem is when you point out something like that to a woman, it sounds harsh and inappropriate. If you do the same to a man, everything is okay.

    Pro atheles takes care of they bodies. Now I don't even know whether Hande was more thin or not and I don't care. Of course, if she stays in her best possible shape, she's a better player, like every other human being.

    yes but I already explained that my point is not about a women’s body, an athlete’s body.

    There are a lot of interviews that top athletes give where they explain how what they are eating help with their performance. Even Kelsey made a video where she said what she eats and how she train.