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    I remember this tournament and liked Kazan a lot but cannot forget how well Voronkova played when she was given chance. She was really OPP then If I am not mistaken and she was very strong. Nowadays, she looks like regressed.

    I'm sure there are, but unless they're planning to move long term there I don't think they would want her to move around a lot. Obviously everything can happen, it was just speculation!

    I really would like to have him here and in long term. If he wants to have his family with him, Eczacibasi is the best club that would support him in every way and provide many good opportunities.

    I think alexia may play for nilüfer next year.I heard dehrican wanted derya and alexia to nilüfer last year.

    that would have been nice.

    Once/If she gets citizenship, I expect Guidetti to hire her as back up and work on her. I want her to play regularly but lear from a good coach as well. Kamil is one of the worst coaches you would want your young players to work with.

    Lloyd was never my favorite. I'm glad we were able to move on when we did.

    Glass retiring was an awkward time. Carlini and Poulter weren't ready so Lloyd was the natural choice. I wish Glass would've hung around for a little while longer

    I too wish Glass would have played longer. She wasn’t my favorite but setters tend to get better after their 30s so she might have been doing great things right now.

    You're so sweet. I feel like covid changed my priorities. I never thought I could retire before being 40 or 45, but, after my season was cancelled, I feel like not coming back on court. It's like waking up after a long nice and messy dream. I don't even feel annoyed by crovolley. My volleyball fire may be over.

    QPL is over party.

    Be honest, are you Gozde Kirdar? 😝

    I hope you will find the joy in volleyball again.

    ok but in setting and overall she was a good setter i don't say she was bad

    But she wasn't an awesome setter

    Alisha was great only for fast system in US NT. Otherwise she was just average, nothing special. Lindsay was pretty decent for a long time and I think played in different systems at high level which made her better, for me.

    And why Poulter is mentioned? She just started her international career and doing good so far.

    It looks like GS tried to hire Kaziyski but he said he wanted to finish the league in Italy and be close to his family. There are rumors they transfered Yury Berezhko. How is he now?

    Probably a MB?

    I think there is a talk of a young promising Serbian MB that FB wants to invest but I don’t know anything about the mentioned player.

    As for Boskovic, I believe she likes the stability and feeling of home in Eczacibasi and Istanbul. I genuinely believe that she earns a lot. Whether or not it is a good decision is up for debate but financially, she is good which she well deserve.

    I really hope Ferhat won’t be the coach. I want her to leave if he comes.

    Well Maja is not getting any younger, and with foreign OPP, OH and MB I'm sure Elif will have more than enough playing time while Maja will be ready and in great shape for the most important matches, it actually makes sense to me

    Who can object to Maja? 😂

    They really need to decide what they want. I am not going to mention millions of mistakes they have made before. Last year they said they are going to invest in young players. So far they have created a fighter team. There are things they need to improve but replacing Motta with Ferhat is not going to work. I love Maja but what kind of a role she will take on is important. If Eczacibasi doesn’t have a concrete plan, it will be a disaster. Again.