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    There are rumors floating around about Benjamin Patch and his teammate Taylor Averill. It's not been confirmed though. All these photos are from Ben's instagram. Maybe they are just good friends.

    they are just good friends. Taylor has a fiance, in fact, Ben takes their couple pictures. I also saw these kind of pics of these two but they are just friends. Taylor seems to be a cool guy, i am sure lots of guys would have thought people would think they are gay so they wouldn’t share such pics.

    I had no idea Ben was Mormon.

    I didn't decide that just because she has short hair and a masculine personality btw if that's what you're trying to say... :wavy: I already posted about that a while ago and feel no need to repeat myself.

    well, I don’t think Ebrar is hiding in the closet. I saw her in the street, holding hands of her girlfriend.

    That is so cute. I love both of them more for being so brave.

    I also think Mia Jerkov and Dilara Bilge are a couple. They share lots of pictures together even before Mia came to Besiktas.

    In my opinion, Arelya never got credit for her play. Not just this match, generally. Cagla gets lots of chance in good club teams and NT shows nothing and people still think she is capable of something. Arelya never got this kind of chance. Hope last summer was the last year we saw Cagla in NT.

    Jerkov is really bad. Her attidute is not helping either. She is the one making mistakes and she still complain. You are the old one in this team, you should be better, not just as a scoring option, with your behavior as well.

    I think that is just how she looks all the time. If you haven’t watched her over the years you would think that.

    Agree with this. She is so quick in block and hope she gets to show us her normal performance. In attacking, it is clear Gamze and other players couldn’t find their rythm yet. She doesn’t play with MBs much and you can see timing is not working either. I like Gibby and hope she will show how fighter she is.

    Yes she's EczV player loaned to Karayollari ;)

    she was performing very good when she was loaned to Besiktas as well teo years ago. Zehra was in the same team. They both were loaned to Besiktas and Zehra picked up by Guidetti to Vakifbank last season and look where she is now. Hope Yasemin will get her chance and shine.

    Wolosz is playing amazing in Conegliano, there is no doubt. But you cannot call her best yet, she needs to prove herself in other systems and other teams. There are other players achieved lots of things in different teams so no, she is not the best.

    Just watched FB played. Vargas, Bricio, Bahar, and Eda all have killer serves. They are going to eat teams with weak reception line alive! Ana must be so happy that she can play the system that she is used to -- sets 80% of the ball to the Opp. She has Boskovic on the NT, and now she has Vargas.

    in Cannes, she used to play with MBs a lot so i think she likes playing with MBs a lot. I expect her to play with Eda a lot.

    I think Lauren will be out. Beyza and Bursa are good enough to cover MB line. ECZ needs both Kim and Larson on reception, and Boskovic on attacking. It's interesting to see how Gamze performs in her debut show for ECZ. She's terrible on setting at the end of the last season.

    yes but Ataman said that one player already had a contract with another team for the next season and he couldn’t make her play her best and he was frustrated because it affected all team. He might have referred to a player or a few, don’t remember that well but I am sure about it. I think it was why she played poorly during CL F4.

    Well, looks like it was a smart decision by Boskovic family by not accepting Galatasaray’s offer. As we saw many examples, Turks does not know a single thing about devoloping players so Boskovic would be just a bench warmer like many other young players do..

    I don't see your point. It is not like they play handball doing club season, it is the same sport same competition. It could be tactically different maybe but these players know each other very well since they have been competing against each other for a long time. So there is no point not to play with these players for the super Cup match

    I believe you don’t have an understanding of professional sport at all. Anyway, i made my points and you made yours.

    Why not? Vakıfbank has exactly the same 4 foreigners that they had from last year. Only missing player from starting 6 is Naz, and considering that Cansu indeed played last part of the season players already should be used to her sets too anyway. The only foreign player that might not be ready is Robinson since she probably didn't train attacking for whole summer and it will take time to get in shape.

    I don't expect too much from Eczacıbaşı because their team has some new comers like KYK and Gamze, especially playing with a new setter might be tricky to adapt in such a short notice

    I am not talking about the chemistry here. Players were focused to WCH for months and practiced for it. After it, it will be a bit hard to focus to club season in this short amount of time. After all these physical preparation for WCH, you cannot believe how even a short break makes you feel like you haven’t been on court for months.

    But for the season part, yes, Vakif is mainly the same compare to last season except Gozde and Naz. Cansu was already there for the last two seasons so it won’t be so hard to find setter-hitter chemistry for them.

    On the otherhand, Eczaci changed their setter, and it will take some time to find their rythem. I also wonder if Kim and the others will be able to get along considering Kim was a fanatic Fener player for a long time lol

    I am sure Gibbemayer won’t have a problem making friends with the girls.

    You don't get the point. I'm as moderator as Matthias and the others. I can talk about Kiraly as much as I want till I do it in the right topic.

    90% of Crovolley's post are off topic. As a moderator, I have to keep order. I'm on other forums, if I go as off topic on those forums as he does here, I would be warned or banned immediately.

    And last. He can't call anyone "crazy fan".

    I hear you. I simply cannot understand how these people can sympathize with that guy. He is off topic most of the time and his most comments does not make sense. He is just blindly fanatic which makes him a troll most of the time.

    And since he cannot argue, he says “lets go back to the topic, this is off topic”. Just typical of him.

    I am curious if Vakifbank could have their four star players show up in the upcoming super cup? Someone said they are not all ready yet? It would be a nice match if both Vakif and EZ have all star players fight for the first champion in Season 2018-19.

    well, For my opinion, both teams shouldn’t let their main starts to play in this upcoming match. It would be meaningless but most probably federation wants them to let those players play. Plus, both teams will want the cup.

    Who has missed the great collective team effort of previous champions? Is it going to be new 'trend'? An opposite taking 60+ sets and monopolizing the attack. How many points Barbara Jelic would have scored in todays volleyball if she was born 15 years later ?

    I was think the very same thing. I thought Barbara Jelis was the last person who could do this. It does bother me so much but both Boskovic and Egonu hit so well and so hard it is like you cannot get enough of it.

    I am not sure what to write. Both teams played great tournament, especially Italy, their game was so fun to watch. I want to thank both teams, they both deserved it but it is sports.. although I was disturbed by Serbia’s defeats in order to help Japan. That was a no no.

    Bosetti and De Gannaro were the hidden figure of this success. Not sure they were hidden, I mean many people appreciate them but still they were just great and I am sure many wouldn’t understand how important they are to this team.

    If we were not living in a world that appreciate only spikers, I would have wanted to give MVP to De Gennaro. But it is so unrealastic to expect such thing.

    From Serbian side, it was a bit more expected but Italy was not expected. Even when important moments, They played really great.

    It may be a little early to say this, but if De Gennaro doesn't get Best Libero then there is something very wrong with the people choosing the individual award winners.

    even if De Gennaro does get Best Libero, there is something very wrong with those people.

    She is just amazing, btw.