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    It was quite the opposite. Her teammates had problems with her because all the spotlights were always on her and not on the team. It's not her fault if she is the most popular player ever on the ITA women's NT. All the drama started from her jelous teammates, not from Picci.

    I think there were always rumors of internal issues in Italian NT, I remember Piccinini’s name all the time, she didn’t want Aguero, she had problems with Barbolini, Lo Bianco and Gioli. I am not saying she is the problematic one but if you complain about some coach publicly and then sign with his club teams a few more times, this sounds weird and it makes you seem you are the problem.

    I am sure some players were jealous of her but I still hope she won’t come back to NT.

    Is there any chance Brakocevic could return to the Serbian NT for the Olympics?

    Maybe Piccinini could play her fifth Olympics, but I think Mazanti was pretty clear about the chances of her returning to the NT...

    I really hope Piccinini won’t come back, she is not the type of player they need. They need someone who can solve non-volleyball related issues inside the team and help girls focus on their purpose. Piccinini, on the other hand, always had personal problems with players or coach in NT, so she is kinda opposite of that player. I love her and she is a true legend but this is the truth.

    I think Serena Ortalani was this problem solver in 2018 but she quit NT and later they had some drama in 2019. I hope Lucia Bosetti will be able to handle this responsibility next summer.

    Is Vassilevskaya still active? She was right up there with Fofao as the best Setters during that time. And she has to set the ball that high because all her teammates are sooo tall.

    I remembered Elena Tyurina like for a libero she was the weakest member of that Russian Team.

    she was one if the worst libero I have seen and her body language on the court gave negative vibes all the time.

    Who can blame a player if she doesn’t want to work with Karpol?

    This is super weird, right?! If you're shortlisted in the Korean draft, why in the hell her manager would make her sign with another club? They should've waited for the results from KOVO.

    and this is not the first time. They have transferred players after season started and teams those players playing were not willing to let them go. Its both club’s and player’s unprofessionalism.

    Neslihan has "zero" manegerial experience. Vakıfbank is the best club in the world.

    I expect her inexperience will cause quite a few problems...

    Her "assignment" is purely political and reminds me of Ferhat Akbaş's becoming NT coach...

    Her presence will only mean new headaches for Guidetti...

    well, both Pelin Yuce and Basak Koc had zero managerial experience as well. Neslihan played in best clubs for years and knows how to be a part of it. She was a player in the past and she will be a manager now. I am sure she will learn the job quickly and adapt to it. It is not uncommon star players becoming manager, if Gozde was becoming manager of Vakifbank, who would have been surprised? Neslihan has been working for TVF and is an important name for FIVB and CEV. I believe it is a great choice.

    Guidetti is like a boss in Vakifbank, if he wants manager to be changed, they change it. He wanted Nalan Ural gone, who was an important name in Vakifbank for years, because she was minding his business and she was gone. I am sure he was part of Neslihan’s recruitment. Congrats to her.

    Anyone heard anything about Matthew Anderson? Many sources bring up he already parted his way with Modena but anything about his future club?

    Is it going to be 100% Asia? I can imagine Olympics 2021 will be his last. A few American players are going to play their last Olympics (Anderson, Smith, Holt, Kawika Shoji) so I assume they're going for their last shot. It would be better for his performance if he still played on the highest level. After Olympics, he would easily find a job in Asia to make some money before retiring.

    I believe both Anderson and Holt can play one more Olympics, why do you think this is their last one?

    Am I the only one who think that Mirkovic transfer might be connected with the fact that she is Tijana’s best friend? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to spread hate or fake news here. It’s just super strange for me, that the club like Eczacibasi risks a lot, hiring inexperienced player (on that level) for such an important position. I was also thinking that she isn’t a big upgrade over some Turkish setters (Gamze for example). But maybe Eczacibasi, after many disappointments with the setters, wanted some fresh blood, considering that their whole team is really young. Anyway, I wish her all the best, hope that she will prove that I was wrong with my speculations.

    Do you really think that any professional team would transfer a player based on friendship to a certain player? I found it surprising as well, yes but I don’t think it is based on her friendship with Boskovic. They must have seen something in her that meets with their plan.

    Can't you translate or at least sum it up? Thanks

    It says It is not confirmed information but it looks like her agency doesn’t have FIVB license which is needed for international transfers and her agency’s local partner doesn’t have TVF license so club couldn’t transfer her officially and it is not known if she will come.

    I have just started reading Ripley series from Patricia Highsmith last week. First book of the series, The Talented Mr. Ripley was amazing and I am about to finish Ripley Under Ground. Both are excellent psychological crime novels and really captivating. I find Patricia Highsmith’s writing ahead of its time and worth to try.

    Nilufer said btw they are surprised to see some sites are posting fake news about them, mentioning players they never even reached, clearly shading VoleybolPlus. They told people to be aware of those kinds of sources.

    I'm surprised, Voleybolplus is known as a good source normally. But indeed they were messy to say the least yesterday, I knew it was shady before even seeing anything from Nilufer.

    They had similar problems a few years ago as well. They even had a disgusting quarrel with Nesve Buyukbayram, who has just ended her relationship with Murat Yucekok at the time and they said they won’t be publishing news regarding “this” player.

    They said Buse Kayacan was going to play for Nilufer and she said “how come I don’t know that? I haven’t signed or agreed with any team” and later she indeed agreed with Nilufer but it doesn’t matter. If a player says he/she didn’t sign anything, we have to respect that and believe it. If you try to be nasty over it as a volleyball website, you are disgusting.

    No I'm not ashamed about it. It's just I don't see a club to pay a foreigner play as libero in Turkey. We don't have many examples of that in history either . Only name coming to my mind is Yuko Sano and we know it was mainly for CL and bcz of sponsor Daikin. I think clubs see it as waste of spot for another foreigner and money.

    Nicole Davis and Valeriya Korotenko played for Fenerbahce.