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    Ebrar Karakurt still needs to learn for attack, defense and block in OPP position. Changing position of a very young player frequently can destroy her career. For me this is the case now.

    I wish they let her to go Yeşilyurt . She could play instead of Elif Boran.

    Is there any young talented OPP that turned/forced to be OH and succeed? This is not a shame, just a real honest question! Is there? Or was any?

    Well, I watched first game of the league and I have to say I don’t see any talent in Elif Sahin. She is young and all, she might improve in time but there is nothing she has to offer except her height. There are young players who have some raw talents and you would think that “if she works hard..” but that’s not the case in Elif, in my opinion. Considering she was transferred by Eczacibasi last year and is supposed to join them next season, I don’t think she will improve.

    It could be a forced reason due to currency rates in Turkey that Besiktas doesn’t have any foreign players but considering they always tend to find low quality foreign players with a few exceptions and waste their money with them, I think it is for the best. Their biggest problem is the coach, Kamil Soz who doesn’t have any volleyball understanding whatsoever.

    By the way, it was mentioned Kamil Soz was banned from attending matches for 4 matches from last season. Does anybody remember why?

    She did, but if Brakocevic is going to take a while to get back, they're going to need another italian on court, and there's not much around right now. So if they pay enough, i guess she could leave.

    Recovery of Meniscus Surgery takes little time nowadays but we don’t what is really going with her. If they are planning to sign someone else, it might be serious.

    There is an agent from Turkey that shares some stories and videos on instagram from friendly matches. You can search “penivo_tr” on instagram and see the videos. There are some stories and videos from today’s matches from a friendly tournament that THY organized.

    We will never get to learn real story that happened behind the closed doors. I don’t care after a point, no one will take the blame.

    I don’t care where her roots from, she chose Turkish NT years ago, willingly and she has been representing Turkish NT for years, proudly. A girl’s dream of playing in Olympics, playing in Olympics Qualifiers has been stolen. Whoever is the responsible of this horrible action or omission should live the hell in this world. Period.

    Turkish Media has not mentioned a word of this issue yet. Would that be really a mistake by Turkish staff or Federation? Wouldn’t Turkish media just attack FIVB or China if this was a setup? Or was it really a mistake by Turkish side and Turkish media is covering it as always?

    I have mixed feelings and lots of questions. I hope she will get to play tomorrow but I am sure even this situation effected her emotionally.

    She is with the team, however I'm not sure if she is injured or not. Tbh even if she was injured at this point, I think they would have put her name still on the list and she'd bench or they'd call someone else in to replace her.

    I still think it's a printing error or something like that based on this

    I checked her and other players’ IG account and she doesn’t appear in any pics but I also haven’t seen Eda, Zehra, Meryem. Let’s just hope that is just bug or something :(

    Sorry! I thought it was you, maybe I got confused you with Beri.

    Anyway, being in the same side with you feels weird😂

    Same here.

    I wasn’t sure if you were being shady or not for a second but at the end, I said this is Serdar we’re talking about, he doesn’t agree with anyone if it is not just for insulting another. Lol

    Unless he was hiding his game and will use Ebrar as OH against China.

    It is not a secret she can play OH and we saw how her attacking efficiency goes down. I think she should be the main OPP.

    I don’t know how Beyza’s shoulder is but she already started training with Eczacibasi and yes, she didn’t play much this season and when she started during finals she wasn’t impressive which is understandable because she was coming out of injury. I think, keeping in mind that she was very useful last year season, she should have been given a chance.

    Hande played as MB years ago and it was in junior level, it doesn’t mean she can perform good in high level if something bad happens.

    I think she has a contract/deal with Fenerbahçe, she'll likely join after giving birth, Idk how much of the season she'll actually be available though with a newborn... It's still a smart transfer imo for Fenerbahçe especially for Champions League and Foluke will need to play some high level volleyball before she joins the Olympics, a win-win situation

    I heard two rumors about her and one of them was that she was going to play in Turkey and other one was she was pregnant. Looks like the latter one is correct and who knows, maybe the other one will be correct in the second half of the season, too.

    Being good at VNL doesn't make her better than Kim Hill. Hill is more experienced, and she also has way better reception than Foecke.

    Yes, I agree with you and I also expressed it by saying “not that she doesn’t deserve or anything..”.

    I don’t think it would be a miracle if Dutch girls beat Italian girls. They are pretty strong and they showed us their quality every year. They haven’t played full squad and when main players started to come back, they were of course out of shape so If they are in good form now, I say why not.

    Yes, Italian team really is strong but Dutch Team as well.

    Of course he will choose his white princess Kim over anybody at anytime. Not that she doesn’t deserve or anything but leaving Foecke out seems sad since she was good during VNL.

    I am surprised he didn’t choose his other privileged princess.