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    After seeing Ataman losing his temper and swearing to refferes, I dislike him. I used to like him, but I cannot stand those kind of macho behaviors. Disgusting....

    Maybe, he is more into become godfather of volleyball, just like Fatih Terim and Nedim Ozbey, instead of focusing on how to be a better coach.

    Is Quesque actually playing middle blocker or it's just a mistake on the TVF website?

    On the other hand, how did Gulmezoglu end up as outside hitter? I never asked. Wasn't he supposed to be the best setter of his generation?

    I don’t know what was the reason of his position change, he had a chance to become a good setter, now he is just an average OH, not effective against good teams.

    Yes they took Bursa's spot as they were bankrupt but some people were a little confused. They are not the same team, and I don't think its true that Aydin would be top 6 pre season. In fact, most people predicted they would be at relegation round as they have one of the worst locals in the league. They got Fulden now, but I doubt she'll stay there.

    We all miss Bursa, with Joycinha, Fatma, Ipek, Özge Kirdar etc. etc. :(:obey::gone:

    their president said their goal is to be playing in european cups and achieving big things both in TL and Europe. When you have bad coach and bad locals, it does not matter that much who you transfer as foreigner player.

    i think Eczacı should consider getting Yasemin Güveli back for next season..she is the best local blocker currently..if her offensive game is enough for Eczacı then she can do what Zehra's been doing .. this would mean a significant upgrade for Eczacı providing keeping on trusting Gamze/Ezgi

    Yasemin is a good blocker, that is for sure. It is not just this season but it is hard to judge her attack with the sets she get from Elif, her current setter in Karayollari. Elif is really young, her sets to 4 and 2 can be really bad but her sets to her MB are horrible all the time. Hope Yasemin can prove herself.

    Please, Pope, don't make it personal. You can share your opinion, but please stay calm and relaxed. There's no need for extra drama. ;)

    I don’t think he is the one making drama here. Some people come here and try to create drama by blaming people for things that are not real, they always call others names but they are the real trouble here. Those some never come here, share their opinion and see what other people say. All they do is blaming, creating drama and trying to spread their negativity. Pope is just trying to express his ideas so I don’t think he should back down.

    Don’t get me wrong, this is not against you :)

    I agree with you. I think the reason they are smart is Guidetti. He explains it very well to his players, over and over again if it is needed.

    Eczaci gets the local player they want but they don’t use it. They don’t transfer good blocking MBs.

    I didn’t know they considered Salinger, it would be a shock for me but I wouldn’t be suprised after all, Eczaci likes loser coaches a lot.

    I dont agree with you. I think any team can get trophies . yes, Vakifbank get the most champions in these 3 seasons.but I think they deserve it. Dont you guys see how smooth they played recently? They are improving their skills every match. and they seems have the spirit of solidarity. no offense to other teams.other teams change their rosters every season ,but vakif keep the main rosters and has a good team work. They want to win, Gui always talks to Cansu or Gunes when they cant focus on the court. what is boring ?Vitra seems buy all good players except Zhu .what does they want ? yesterday is just a normal match.lets focus on play-off and CL. what we want are good matches . dont waste time on complaining who shouldnt get champions anymore. Time will tell us.

    i think you misunderstood what I meant to say. I don’t have anything against Vakif, they work hard, they have great connection on court and they play pretty good when it is needed. They start slow at the begining of the seasons but when time comes, they play pretty well and win most of the time. There is nothing wrong with that.

    But, I like diversity, I don’t find it entertaining when a team win it all, every year, again and again. Vitra and Eczaci are investing as well but cannot manage consistency. I expected Eczaci and FB to solve their issues and manage to improve their games but it has not happened so far and I have to remind you that play offs are approaching both for CL and TL. Don’t you think it would have been better if they have addressed their issues and solved it already? That is what I expected to be honest.

    Boskovic only got bad sets in this game for sure. But this is their first loss this season and they just played 2 days ago and will play again this Tuesday. Motta probably just wanted to save Boskovic. It was clear to see all Vitra players were not truly invested in this match. In the playoffs and CL we should see this team at their best.

    But I have to say. Motta took Boskovic out during the WCH a few times and that was really stupid.

    I got your point, Pope but I don’t think Eczaci played a series of good games this season so far. I mean, yes, they won many games, even won most of their matches in straight sets but I haven’t seen good connection between players, enjoyable game etc. they haven’t reached to their potential, they win because they have good players and someone can step up when it is needed so they can win the game but it won’t work all the time when facing strong opponents. This is what happened in WCH. If they keep playing like this, I don’t see them winning CL or TL.

    FB is not reaching to their potential either, I don’t want to see Vakif getting another trophy, It is getting a bit boring. No offense to their players, they are playing good but some other team should get it this year.

    I have always been a fan of Motta but I have to be honest, I wouldn’t be a fan of him if this season was the first time I watch him and his team.

    Does he really think it is going to work with Busra ever? Or Gozde? What is Guldeniz’s role in this team? We have seen many times how her defence and serving was useful for her team, why doesn’t she get a chance when Kim comes to serve? Why didn’t he use Yasemin last season at all and then send her to 2nd league? Why is she still on loan in that team? Why can’t he see it is not going to happen with Gamze? Why couldn’t he see that hitters weren’t getting the balls they wanted against Vakif in this match? Did he really think it was Boskovic’s fault? Why does he have to wait until it is too late to make changes? It is not Halkbank you are playing against!!!

    It is not just for this match, it has been like this even when they won the match.

    There was this saying how Boskovic plays like a beast in NT and she is a bit underperforming in her club compare to her performance in NT. Do you guys really think she has the same role in Eczaci? Maybe Eczaci can’t use her.