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    I would LOVE to see Macris in Europe, but she already renewed with Minas... I think Fabiola renewed with Sesc too, I don't know about Roberta, but I believe she will be in Osasco next season... So, Brazilian setters probably won't be taken in consideration...

    oh God I would love to see Roberta in Turkey. Maybe in Galatasaray. I watched the 2017 WGP videos and she was playing really well, far better than she is now. Dunno what happened to her.

    Maybe they go for Tomkom after all? To cover her block deficiency, they brought their young and tall setter Elif Sahin back, so she can change with Tomkom like 2-3 rotations per set?

    OMG this would be a dream come true seeing Tomkom in Turkey again!

    I think we talked about this before and someone said in FIVB tournaments they can't. Don't know about Europe but it's common for liberos to be captain in Japan V.League. Kobata was JT's captain last season.

    Oh didnt know that. I dont really follow JLeague. But it is an interesting idea.

    There is a potential problem in Eczacibasi's roster for next season, and that's who will be the new captain. I mean, it's only a problem because the only logical choice, seems to be one Motta won't consider, and perhaps with some reason.

    All of the older players (both domestic and foreign) have gone, besides the end-of-the-bench ones, and the new starting players are all young. The choices, besides Tijana, are either: 1)equally or even younger than her; 2)New players that have just now arrived; 3)Won't play more than a few matches here or there.

    There is also the possibility of making Simge the captain, but how often are liberos captains?

    wait can libero be captain?

    I have only known about receiving Opp. False Opp is new to me as well. 😂 Can Martinez receive decently? Maybe they can use her as receiving Opp. But Buijs need to make sure she can kill the ball all the time if they wanna do that. She didn’t really have a good season with Rexona.

    Why do you call it "false OPP"? I think it's fun, too. YOLO, baby! Hitachi has a wonderful false OP as well, Miyu Kubota.

    does Shinnabe considered as false Opp, too? Or Japan has always use the 4 women receiving system?

    They could, but no team does that efficiently in club level, or for a good amount of time at least:( But it's a nice idea, I dig it, false Opp is fun to watch

    Rexona tried it with Monique to disguise Kosheleva, right?

    Waleskinha covered Mari in receiving too back then.

    Loser is a thing of beauty. I would add Kochanowski of Poland on the MB line up.

    and yasss to Kobzar & Poletaev.

    The love story of Shai. Oh man. I live for those stories back then. People said London 2012 was one of the reasons that affected their relationship and Mari’s downward spiral on her career. So sad.

    I don't know if you meant to laugh but you should know that she had lost her mom a few weeks before and was not allowed to bury her in Cuba

    OMG NOPE IT WAS A WRONG EMOJI 😭😭😭😭 I know about that devastating news they talked about it on commentary. I felt really bad for her back then.

    Seeing Ajcharaporn outside of Thailand will be good. It is time for the new Golden Triangle of Thailand to step up their games and focus on France 2024. Having Chatchuorn & Hattaya in foreign league (other than Indonesian’s) will help them a lot.

    Agreed. Saw her pefromance on SEA Games before and was disappointed.