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    I thought only the OH1 has to hit from 2 in rotation 1? is zhu playing OH2?

    hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me can chime in

    I agree. She seems improved in the last few matches, of course they are not imoco/milano/novara, but still glad she improved.

    Another thing tho, IDK why Zhu is not hitting from Zone 2 right now, she used to good at it and now Pietrini has to do that and she basically couldn't kill any ball from Zone 2 ;(;(

    Yeah Zhu is playing OH2 which doesn't make sense, Zhu should be playing as OH1 both because she's better attacking from 2 and because given Pietrini condition it doesn't make any sense to have her as in the front row without the opposite.

    But yeah Pietrini can't attack from 2, she never did tbf, she's always been OH2, just in national team she plays as OH1 but they use the weird rotation so she still attacks from 4

    Oh didn't notice Pietrini was having such a bad season. What's up with her? Isn't she supposed to be an 'offensive OH'?

    She started the season injured (back injury) and from what I heard she was still feeling pain until not long ago and struggling to find a good shape. She seems to be getting better in the last few matches though

    At least for Yao Di and one of Malinov-Di Iulio... they cant be worse than who they're replacing lol

    I don't know about that lol, I'd guess the one leaving would be Malinov and I'm not sure if she'd be an upgrade considering the (very little) time on court she had this season she was playing crazy even for her standards

    was Diouf bad in this match only or is she bad in general so far?

    anyone watching Scandicci v Chieri? Really not sure what their talent strategy was but seems like they spent their money in the wrong place… why Belien and not a setter?

    they never had any good strategy lol, they just spend a lot of money for the sake of it

    Probably Guidetti will take over Italian NT and Mazzanti will take over Turkish NT

    Mazzanti to Turkiye is more likely than Guidetti to Italy imo, considering there's the rule of not double job and there are already some legal actions (not

    sure what/who exactly, it's on the men side) about it and he's definitely not leaving Vakıfbank lol.

    That being said it's not like italian federation is new to contradicting themselves so who knows lol

    I agree Cambi is doing so bad, I hope Guiducci gets at least tried in a more serious capacity soon. But I don't know, maybe it could be just that they need to find their rythm, Herbots and van Gestel are probably worned out after the summer, and playing like this every three days or so it's impossible to build condition back and actually get time to train together.

    But if they get in good shape later on could be still good, this year there's going to be the playoffs for Challenge Cup for every team that doesn't get relegated so if a team is not great during the regular season and doesn't get to the playoffs still could get a chance to play in Europe. I think a lot of the teams are actually aiming at that

    kenia was in Beijing, not Athens, right?

    wasn’t Adams hurt? Who even is Novara’s fourth OH? A local?

    Yeah i watched back the rai transmission of the game and Lavarini was complaining a lot about the schedule/injuries on the interview before the game, both Adams and Danesi were hurt and also Caterina and Bonifacio weren't at the best. I do agree tho lost for lost i would have given some chances to the bench, fourth OH is Giovannini she's not great but last season in Cuneo was still a useful backup at times, she could have been at least tried, and same for Varela considering Bonifacio was kinda useless yesterday.

    Chieri on the other hand is showing such a great performance, I'm curious to see how much they can keep up with this level but it's obvious they're benefitting from having the whole team rested and having already with good connections from last season.

    That being said Cazaute numbers are wild so far, she's attacking at 54,4% with 0.47 efficiency and recieving at 43.3% with 0.41 efficiency, plus extremely solid block (0.39 per set) and serve (0.44 ace/set). I don't think she can keep up this good for the whole season but still I'm not going to be surprised if she's going to get snatched by a top club next season