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    Can any of our Italian users confirm whether the whole thing about Egonu being called 'monkey' by an Italian TV presenter is actually true or just a mistake in translation?

    Either way seems like the presenter could've used another analogy.

    The presenter didn't mean to actually call her "monkey" but she did, I just saw a small clip so not sure of the full context but basically the guy before her said "Italy will have to shake of these two monkeys" (monkey in this context was figuratively meant as burdens/potential issues) and she said "You talked about two monkeys, I think there's going to be a third, Egonu" I guess meaning her performance is going to be the key for the tournament. It wasn't meant as a racist insult but she should have known better than keep using that analogy instead of saying something else

    You can be sentenced to death with little process of illegal drug in Asia. It depends on the local laws. Repect and learn the local laws before you enter the country.

    This is off topic, but per Russian legislation up to 6 grams is only an administrative offense (a fine), not criminal offense, and she had less than a gram so yeah a 9 years sentence it's not a political thing whatsoever :whistle:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but i remember back in U17, Rebechi was quite awful as a OH. Couldn't score many points against big team such as Russia, Serbia and Turkey. And her reception was also shaky, considering how short she is.

    I am glad she is willing to transform her role from OH to libero. Her defense and setting is good for this age.

    She was probably the best scorer for Italy back then, she was honestly impressive as OH considering her very evident physical limitations

    Yeah there's no way they're forcing over one month stop right in the middle of the leagues (likely way more considering the teams will also need to train together before the start of the competition), no one is going to agree with that. I don't think a scattered group stage (similar to FIFA nation league) would work either unless they completely change the whole calendars and have leagues finishing much later/starting much earlier

    I never said something such a 'She has African roots, so she's not real Italian".

    I said Malinov is Bulgarian and she is. Both of her parents are Bulgarian volleyball players, who played in Bergamo where she is born, she know bulgarian. So i don't know how is wrong if i say she is bulgarian and how this can offend Malinov or some of the members here.

    As for Antropova, same thing, i said she is not italian. She was born from russians parents and literally came in italy at age of 15 just for volleyball.

    Saying Malinov is Bulgarian is the exact same thing as saying Egonu is Nigerian, except you picked the white girl for your example thinking it wouldn't come off racist lol. They're all born in Italy/lived most of their life in Italy and have italian citizenship, so they're italian. Italy is not at ethnic state

    I know that I've already asked about that, so sorry to bother, but there's 10y residency rule for non-EU citizens to obtain Italian citizenship (besides citizenship by marriage and some special procedures), right? With everything what's going on with Russia right now and her saying that she's willing to play in Italy, I wonder if there's a chance for her to play at the 2028 Olympics when she plays in Italy since 2018.

    Yes, after 10 years of residency and she can ask for the procedure to start, for regular people the process can last up to 2 more years (and they changed the law recently, it was up to 5 before). I'm sure that for someone like her it's going to be easier finding good representation and an easier process but I don't think she will get a passport before 2029 unless the law changes

    Antropova is not on the national team nor is going to be in the next future, so when you say "Italian roster barely have real Italians." you're not talking about her, you're talking about the current ones and every single one of them is a real italian (whatever that means) unless you're a racist. Looks like you don't even know what racism means

    You are fool, who like to change context of things.

    If italia is volleyball nation, why you need Antropova who is Russian, same as Zaycev for example. Even Malinov is Bulgarian.

    Degradi is italian, but she is benched. Obviously wins are most important to you than pride.

    This is racist indeed lol. They are born in Italy and if not lived most of their life in Italy, where are they supposed to play? How many generation of pure italan blood do you think are needed to play as italian? And also most of them are "real italian" also for your standards lmao, there's only 4 players out of the current 15 having non italian upbringing.

    According to Antropova's ins, at the moment she is still waiting for the ruling and response from FIVB about her appealing. Hopefully everything go well and we can see her play for italian NT in next year VNL.

    She already proved that she is one of the best opp right now in Seria A1 even though she is only 18, a high school girl :). The combination of Russian athleticism and Italian volleyball skill is just amazing to watch. ( Zaytsev says hello )

    She won't be able to play for italian NT regardless next year, she doesn't have italian passport. This is just to play as italian in the league.

    TBH, i followed the underage group from generation 2000 to 2006, i never saw any italian opposite's spiking skill as awful as her. I don't think Lavarini will put a lot of effort to transform her attack since she just a backup player. Even Marco Mencarelli couldn't do anything to improve her as opp, so he used her as OH to win silver in U18. She also played OH in the club italia in the past season in A2 and lead the team to win over some powerful teams because she has so much power in zone 4. Let's wait and see she grows but i am really pessimistic about her career as opp. (Mencarelli will coach and lead the U19 team after this tournament, curious to see how he would change ituma's position or not)

    She played as OH receiving in less than half the rotations (always 10/15 attempts at best) and it was always 5/6/7 direct mistakes or so. Again I do agree she's better attacking from the left right now, but I don't see those reception numbers improving enough in the near future to be a full time reviving OH and the teams that would change the formation to hire an OH like that are very limited. Again not talking specifically about the under tournaments cause the option to have her play as non receiving OH is available and already proved to be effective, but for the sake of her career she better improve her efficiency from the right quick

    I do think Novare made a huge mistake recruiting Ituma as a backup opp for Karakurt. That girl is not opp material and this EYOF and the coming-up CEV U19 will prove that. Poor Karakurt will have to play whole time on court because ituma is of no use as a backup opp.

    I do agree going to Novara wasn't the best choice, but for her career it would be better to play as opposite, her reception/defense skills are straight up awful and she could much easier improve her attack from the right than those. For the NT in this age group they can (and should) play with viscioni as OPP and her as OH, but in clubs it's going to be much harder for her to find a team have that sort of formation