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    Apart from the ones already said, some years ago there was a good youth program in Turin, but I don't remember the team so I may need some help. Can it be Lilliput?

    Yes Lilliput, Lubian started there but after her generation they kinda faded, not sure if they're even still playing

    Which clubs are the ones with best youth academy traditionally?

    As already said Volleyrò has been one of the team with the best program in a while, this is the 10th final in a row they get in this competition. Imoco has also improved a lot their youth program in the last 5 years or so, currently those 2 are the best. If you check the under NT from Italy usually the majority of the players come from those two teams plus maybe just 3/4 players coming from other clubs

    Off topic but Santarelli said in an interview that Turkey is the only country with two OPPs (Vargas and Ebrar) of very high level and he would try to find a way for both of them to play. Imo, if Antropova were to play the European, Italy would have an even stronger duo of OPPs. Do you think Mazzanti would try Antropova as an OH? Barbolini already said she is not a bad passer.

    Eeeeh, Barbolini said that 2 years ago or so when he first started working with her. He was asked again recently during the playoffs (if I'm not wrong before the second game with Milano) and he said he thinks she first need to focus on improving and establishing herself as opposite. Which tbh I don't disagree with, the few times I saw her playing on reception she's passable at best, meaning it could be ok playing with lower ranked teams in regular season but not even close to an acceptable level on higher level. As opposite she's obviously on a good level already but she can be shaky, she has a long way to go as far as consistency go

    She was already doing do during the last matches of the Pool Promozione A2. Apparently they saw that she could also play as an OH. I just hope she stays playing as an MB. She's just too good of an MB

    I know, but in A2 she was playing as regular OH, here as an old school MB - in the middle when in the front row and on libero position in the backrow

    Considering Manfredini plays in Sassuolo in A2, and this tournament is for U18 clubs (B1 levels) so I guess she doesn't participate at all. She outgrow her teammates already.

    Adigwe is just too powerful for this age and defeat Volleyrò with approximately 25 pts in 3 sets. :obey::obey:

    She is three years younger than Antropova, a very promising opp:heart::heart:

    Manfredini plays in Moma Anderlini, they were eliminated in the quarter finals by Volleyrò and ended up in 5th place. I watched a little of the 5th-6th final this morning and she was playing as MB but staying in the backrow for reception 😂

    Anyway couldn't watch the final between Volleyrò and Imoco but I'm not surprised Imoco won in straight set - the organization for this tournament this year is crazy. Both teams played already twice yesterday (quarter finals in the morning and semis in the afternoon) and Volleyrò ended up playing 5 sets both times (Imoco won both in 3 sets). Yesterday already in the semi you could see the girls from Volleyrò were worned out, I doubt they were able to gather enough energies (both physical and mental) in the morning, I'm assuming an overall poor performance and many "dumb" mistakes. They should at very least have the final in the afternoon not the third game in 24hours or so

    The post about Mayu Ishikawa was removed from Wanny De Filippo's Instagram profile: evidently it was a mistake or a misunderstanding with the team's management...

    However, I think we can consider it official: what do you say?

    Probably they just sent him the mock up for the announcement next days and he just published not realizing it 😂…e-a1-femminile-2023-2024/

    Can take this as a reference, but seems like Squarcini is actually staying at Conegliano;)

    (The predicted starting line up from volleynews is a mess for some of the team:gone:)

    Eh i wouldn't take this as an indication of Squarcini staying, probably they just put it up and haven't checked it correctly yet? There's more than some player leaving that's still listed on the team they played in this season

    How come changing sport Citizenship is so easy in Italy? What's the requirement? Without changing your passport, you just change your federation? Does the player still have to wait for 2 years?

    You need the passport, De Kruijf has been in Italy for many years so she can apply for citizenship (she likely already has). The 2 years waiting is only for national team

    I didn't mean it like that. I'm just surprised that there's not a single word about her actually being a Conegliano player.

    eeeh it's not that surprising honestly, for some reason teams don't "announce" if a player is on loan. A good number of the italian young players (under 25 or so) are either Scandicci's or Conegliano's, but it's rarely announced as a loan, you kinda have to trace the movements back to the youth team

    I don't trust the translations that much but did they mention a position? Other than Mayu, Ogawa left Toray also and like Mayu she is not in the VLeague transfer portal. She is a very undersized MB though, so I have doubts. :lol: I wonder who can they get from Japan. Arisa Inoue does not have a team yet, but rumored to be with Himeji and currently in the transfer portal.

    Yes they mention the position (OH)

    Little OT, Trento beat Brescia 3-1 and got promoted to the next Serie A1. Relegation battle will be entertaining.

    I just hope those rumors going around don't turn out to be true (or at least not all of them), those OH in particular just didn't look like an A1 line up

    Graziani has grown a lot: she has a very solid block (Very strong against OH, needs improvement against MB) and is improving in attack (although she still has limited technical know-how for high level)...

    She's certainly an excellent prospect: she's physically fragile and this has slowed down her growth a bit which could have been much faster...

    Her biggest problem is character and approach to the game: she's a very soft and moody player but, since the beginning of the season, she's been improving in this aspect too...

    She will be the only player reconfirmed in Florence who will TOTALLY change the entire rooster...

    Do you know if Firenze is getting Acciarri back? I haven't followed Club Italia super closely but she from the little I saw/her overall stats she's had a good season

    So, is Conegliano pretty much just keeping the entire roster (except Gray) for the next season? Did Kelsey renew in the end?

    I which Squarcini would've taken Scandicci's offer... I like her a lot, but it doesn't seem like there's a place for her in Conegliano now that Fahr is back. She's better than Mazzaro for sure.

    Pretty much yeah. They're changing some of their backups setter (Bugg) opposite (Piani) libero (no idea who's coming but Pericati is leaving) but looks like not much other than that

    apparently, there seems to be disconnection with Drca's rumored Fener transfer. her management is now saying she hasm't signed the Leningradka contract for next season and that the negotiations are still on for Fener? I really wanted Startseva for Fener since she is familiar with Fetisova and Arina.

    It was also reported few days ago that Leningradka made an offer for Lloyd