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    That defeat with Firenze was a blessing for Imoco. Imagine the pressure they had. Now they are free :drink:

    Let the count begin… here you go:…_Ow/?utm_medium=copy_link

    Guys what do you think about the rumored offers from Turkey to Paola? 1.5 million per year. She won everything with Imoco so, besides the money factor, she might want to have a new experience, a new beginning. But it would be painful for the Italian league to lose Egonu. Wherever she plays, the hall gets almost full. I think Novara is the only Italian team who can hire her, but they have Ebrar for two seasons… However, any team is fine, I just hope she won’t leave Italy…

    I don't think Novara has that kind of money. If she's leaving Conegliano, I doubt it would be for another italian team

    lol The federation needs to conduct the final interviews with candidates and Pasini already knows the results :D

    Yeah it's not the first time he does that lol, he gets some info that's true and reliable but not finalized and jumps to conclusions and tries to sell it as if it's already set in stone :lol: In general I'd say to always take what he publishes with a grain of salt

    They really should hire another OH in January, i really expect mutual agreement about Brankica contract break. Lazovic - Gennari is solid duo, even Davyskiba can help from time to time, but they need one more strong attacker to make a deep and balance OH position. OTOH i have no idea about the name :gone:

    They could try with Kim once the chinese league is over, I guess they have the budget for that and she recently said in an interview she would like to play in Italy since she never did. Or maybe hire Meijners back? I've no idea what she's up to, but I think it's weird she doesn't have a team :/

    Well this is getting out of hand lol and sorry for off topic everyone.

    There is one thing that I totally don't understant.

    I assume she came to Italy having russian passport. She didn't have any connections with Italy before that, right? She also doesn't have EU passport.

    And then... she started playing for Sassuolo. How is that possible that they (Sassuolo) registered her as Italian? Shouldn't she have any visa/other permission to work in Italy?

    It's allowed to be registered as Italian if you have a visa and don't have a previous registration on your home country (the home country federation has to provide documentation of this, and russian federation did). I don't know exactly how did she get the visa, but she moved to Italy with her mother and I think they're a rich family which would make thing easier

    This whole Antropova situation is getting real messy, FIVB ruled she would have to play as Russian and Scandicci/Sassuolo would have to pay the iternational transfer for the season she played in Italy, and Scandicci agreed to this (Camera is back from her injury so they can cut Milanova without foreigner issues). But apparently now she wants to appeal to FIVB ruling, so she will likely stay out for even longer. I honestly don't know what to think of this, I just hope she gets back on court as soon as possible