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    I agree on Frosini, she's a good player but even in A2 she's not dominant I don't see her becoming NT team material, I honestly think Ituma is more promising. Last year in Volleyrò I really liked Diop, but she was totally wasted this year in Roma. Adelusi is good, but she should go back to play as OH full time and not opposite IMO. This year in A2 there were some interesting players that I would like to see tested on A1, also Piva (OH from Ravenna) was surprisingly good.

    I think Lichtman not being available really threw some players off. She was one of the better passers week 1 (although DLC has one of the best passing %s so the server isn't that great)

    Clark and Tupac should've been the first liberos picked.. Velez is a ? from me

    I haven't really followed first week but omg Bethania one of the best passers? Serve not being great must be an understatement lol

    Well Imoco wasn't superior all season, Novara had won italian cup already and Imoco had a very shaky path on CL that season, getting almost eliminated twice (on pool phase and vs Eczacibasi). She was superior on the italian championship finals but not all that superior in general.

    No, the cup winner it's the 4th pick for a spot in general, not for cev cup.


    idk, it's pretty shocking to me. i don't even play soccer and I know about Beckham, for example.

    Tbf soccer has much more exposure and Beckham it's also very famous for reasons that go beyond sports (many international campaigns, he married one of the Spice Girls etc). You don't need to play or follow soccer to know who Beckham is, there's no volleyball player with that kind of fame

    Looks like you were out for 2 months and not updated abt what just happened. Krob did not joined the team in week or days ago because she was in contact with someone from thy i think that was madison and only joined the team again against novara. Have you heard about false positive and false negative result? It's actually common right now. You may want to do some research.

    And also like i said i am not saying the news is not true but in strategic point of view this is possible.

    Oh well, my bad about Kelsey.

    But no, it's not a thing that's possible. If the team really falsified the documents, that's just huge sanctions waiting to happen, I don't see why would they risk it for just some more time while the "fake infected" wouldn't even be able to partecipate in trainings and go to Novara. It honestly makes zero sense to even think about it

    So fb has positive cases. How about novara? I mean they were in contact in 3 days ago. Yeah? If not and i am not saying this but is it possible to postpone this mstch in order for them to have long rest, strategies and win against novara in next game? I am nit saying the news us fake but this is possible right?

    Also, was krob cleared when she joined the team? Hmmm

    Not the conspiracy theories now 💀

    CEV doesn't allow postponement, look at Eczacibasi. The players infected are out of the game and that's it.

    Krob joined the team like two months ago and obviously went through quarantine and multiple testing, or do you think she just infected everyone now? That would be a first, incubation time of two months, she should be studied! :cheesy:

    And do you really think they would falsify documents tests whatever just to postpone a match when they could get in much bigger trouble for it?

    Please take your tinfoil hat off :rolll:

    Can someone remind me or redirect me to a post of the rule of deciding CL spots in Serie A1? What are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd priorities to look at?

    1st to champion, 2nd to first in regular season, 3rd to finalist, 4th to Cup winner then by regular season standing

    Why undeserved? All italian teams reach qf and 3 italians teams with one feet on sf

    They did amazing campaigns in cev tournaments and they prove this year that 4 or below places in italian league can do a good performance

    Because if you want to watch italian teams battling just watch the italian league.

    Spots for Champions League have only been max 3, I'd understand giving a wild card if some team drops or something but straight up giving 4 spots it's just unfair

    Keep in mind that Scandicci used to hire multiple foreign middle blockers and they are able to do so again this year limits-wise (Malinov, Pietrini, Merlo), if Thaisa received an offer from Italy, it is from Scandicci and Monza, and it seems that Monza wants to get Heyrman's replacement within a league, because this is generally a way they build its teams. The fact that Scandicci has already signed two Brazilian players, makes my hypothesis even more probable.

    It doesn't change a fact that hiring Bia is a risky move to say the least, but I wouldn't be so sure that Bia-Lubian will be a starting duo.

    There's the limit of obly two foreigners from the same country, so with Natalia and Bia signed already there's no chance for scandicci to hire Thaisa

    There were many rumours about bad issues between the players. Maybe the deals about next year affected badly the chemistry (that wasn't still perfect ).

    With that said, I would have never kick away De Giorgi, that I consider a great coach, for Blengini (I don't like him that much). The moment is really delicate now.

    To me there was something going on underneath, now the bomb exploded.

    I think the issue was mostly about De Giorgi having issues with some of the players, and well Blengini is a known yes man so there's that. But yeah De Giorgi is a much better trainer.