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    I agree, Cuneo is showing the effects of the virus..especially Strantzali.

    I don't know why they didn't go with the full squad against Scandicci. Ungureanu, Signorile, Zachaiou and Candi were missing..or at least they are not on the stats

    Trainer said after Covid situation and Degradi injury he's trying to save the players for matches against direct opponents, they've a lot of games crammed

    Is Giannelli going to be able to play next week in Champions League? That would be a huge problem for Trento, a match lost during the league is not necessarily a big issue, but three matches in Champions League without a setter are going to be dramatic

    Reading a release from Wiesbaden newspaper labeling her as "one of the best opposites" in the USA.... they were about to hoodwink themselves lol

    It's all for the best. Hopefully Roma found a good replacement or a youngster to use. I've never followed the second division.

    Roma is actually one of the best A2 team this year, they're the main contenders for promotion with an all italian squad and a bunch of youngsters, so it all worked out for the best :rolll:

    You're correct. She got sanctioned or suspended by some Italian authority. (someone else may be able to expand) Tribunale federale? because her reason (family emergency) didn't make sense or something

    Yes I was just reading about this now, she got a three months sanction because she left the team without any kind of notice and also changed her reasons (first it was a family emergency, then she talked about incompatibility with the club)

    Pretty poor substitution from Lorenzetti. He gave up the block of Micheletto so someone can set Nimir backrow. It should've been the reverse.

    I'm not getting that sub either. Michieletto and the other setter could be subbed as many times as he wants (both are u23 italians) I don't get why he doesn't always sub Michieletto in the backrow

    Her last reported injury was from back in 2016

    It's obviously not that, she's having problem since this summer but i dont know why the club is not making a clear statement about them. Last official report was like a month ago more or less, just that she wasnt available for a match (she had libero jersey on multiple times this year)

    As far as I know a regular player cannot be assigned as libero unless the libero claims that she is injured but then she is not allowed to be back to the court. At least this was the rule in turkey

    No yeah, of course she has the libero jersey for this match (Merlo is covid positive)

    "Não, bateu um pouco de desespero, né? Porque, como você falou, só tinha eu, então.. Achei que... sei lá.. Só pedi pra que desse tudo certo (...) Começou o jogo e eu comecei passar muito mal, assim... Sei lá, né? (...) Enjoo, muito enjoo, ainda tô na verdade"

    Starting the sentence with "Não" just like she did, it almost like using "So" in the beginning of sentences in English, it helped her to think a little bit more about what to say... If it was the first word that was the difficult part for you to understand

    Thanks for the whole trascript! I actually speak portuguese (even though is getting rustier by the day) and understood everything else, just couldn't get enjoo and obviously I was spelling it wrong while looking for it :lol: