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    Starting tomorrow at 6 am local time, Greece is in lockdown as well. Civilians are able to leave home only for the usual "necessary reasons" (work, supermarket, pharmacy, doctor etc) and only carrying the proper identification and certificate. Greece also had 94 new cases in the past 24 hours,counting 624 in total,as well as 2 additional deaths (bringing the toll to 15).

    Thank you!Well said!

    Troll aside,there's a misconception that the people that died that had "other illnesses" were like,at home in bed seriously ill and then the virus came and killed them.That is wrong.People with diabetes,hypertension,asthma etc are fully active people that go to work,have families and some of them are even doctors or nurses.It says absolutely nothing to me that 99 % of the people that died had other illnesses.Not to mention that many, fully healthy or not,people that get the virus and develop pneumonia,even if they recover,are left with irreversible damage to their lungs.So death is not the only complication that should be concerning us.

    THIS is what is mind boggling to me, really!
    We aren’t even talking about a two month span we are really sitting around discussing a league to resume in a matter of weeks... at the PEAK of this pandemic.... Madness.

    Exactly.We are in the middle of a pandemic that we can only guess when is gonna end.And even if someone could tell us "You know,folks,this whole chaos is gonna end-let's say- on June 1st.After that no more cases,no more deaths etc.",people have the illusion that things will just magically return back to normal from one day to another.Yes,at some point we will start getting out of our houses and students will return to school/ university and hopefully we will again be able to hug our loved ones without having to wear protective gear.But the repercussions on pretty much every level for the whole world and each country separately-the economy,the industry,the tourism etc- will be huge,and are still unpredictable.So we have to keep in mind when discussing about literally anything "after" the coronavirus,that situations,and facts and circumstances will not be the same as "before".(I hope what I said makes sense 😁)

    There is lines but many cases that are not severe are being ignored. Actually this happens everywhere, Netherlands press is just free enough so the people know it. The reason is simply because there is a shortage of tests worldwide atm compared to the Coronavirus cases.

    I send Greece and the whole world a lot of love, we all closed borders but are also working together as 1 as never before. Many people ignored us (who were raising awareness) for weeks and now Biologists are finally openly speaking of 'the worst pandemic since the Spanish Flu in 1918' which let's remind ourselves killed 50-100 million people. It doesn't have to mean it will happen again, but why are we taking a guess, there is also sadly enough people that don't care and see this simply as a matter of natural selection :O

    Yeah indeed that's the situation everywhere...Not only a shortage of tests,but also labs,personell etc...There are cases in which if you are not considered a suspicious enough patient,you have to pay 300+ euros to get tested in a private lab (and even that is not always possible).

    At least now many people have come together.I'm in a facebook group and people were volunteering to go shopping for groceries for their elderly/sick neighbors,for example.There is hope.We may have to physically distance ourselves from one another,but it is evident that,mentally,all of us are in this together.

    I'm hoping every single one of you is healthy and safe and stays that way <3.And that,soon enough,we finally can hear some good news...

    In the Netherlands they are basically not testing people anymore. I have a friend with serious symptoms aside being ignored.

    The major reason for this is probably that there aren't enough tests in the world right now available. :( the numbers are way higher worldwide moee than we know

    Isn't there an emergency number or something like that for people that have suspicious symptoms or travel history to call and be told what to do?Or are you guys being advised to just self quarantine if you exhibit symptoms?

    Somewhat irrelevant,but in Greece people at 9pm all applauded for the doctors,nurses and hospital staff from their balconies-it was something really emotional to watch.I know it has already happened in China/Italy/Spain,but seeing it with your very own eyes was different.At least not all Greeks are ignoring the safety orders....

    I'm starting to think that people over here are seriously lacking a brain and common sense.Yesterday ski resorts and organized beaches were closed down (since they were flooded with customers AT THE SAME TIME).So today,people gathered at the non-organized beaches nearby,bringing with them barbecues and tents and games.Someone who was playing a game with his friend ("tavli", for those familiar with it,i'm not sure what's the correct term in english) told a reporter that he's not at risk of contracting the virus because of the way they were sitted (facing each other) and that because they had the dashboard of the game (whose dimensions are like 50 x25 cm) in between them,the were at a safe distance from one another:rolll::rolll::rolll::rolll:.Also the police has arrested almost 100 business owners for operating their stores against the safety measures.

    "OMG of course yes!Call as many people as you can!Make sure you also all share the same plate,drink from the same bottle,and don't forget to embrace and kiss each other upon arriving and when leaving!"

    Δεν θα μάθουμε ποτέ.


    No one:

    Rich sports players to Coronavirus:


    Well depicted!

    Also sports players during other times of the year:

    "Being a (whatever sport) player is exhausting y all!You never get breaks and you constantly have to travel!You almost never have time to yourself!If only we could have a week or so to stay at home and rest!"

    The funny thing is that,the majority of students,for example,while in school or university, always complain about not having enough time to rest,sleep,watch Netflix,surf online etc because of the homework/study overload.

    Parents are complaining because they work the whole day and when they come home they are dead tired and go directly to bed and don't have time to spend with their children.

    People are complaining because of the fast daily routine,they don't have enough to clean their house,do laundry,cook or even learn a new hobby.

    NOW that they have the entire day to do JUST ALL THESE,they are complaining because they are not allowed to go out to eat or drink coffee or meet people they would otherwise meet every day.

    If this is not paranoid I don't know what it is.

    45 people have been arrested in Greece for violating the safety measures taken (the majority of them operating their businesses,restaurants,hair salons etc) while being prohibited from doing so.

    Today the beaches in Attica were flooded. As well as the supermarkets.

    Unfortunately it's not just Imoco or a couple of clubs.There are dumb people everywhere.Europe just refuses to learn from China,South Korea,Taiwan and all the other countries that were able to stop an enormous spread of the virus.

    The point is not whether or not training is legally still allowed. We're talking about supposedly full grown,mature adults with common sense. They should understand why something like this is dangerous. The goverment should not have to ban everything for people to realize that they have to stay home. They should not have to close down restaurants and coffee shops and malls and gyms,cause people should know better than to gather in places like that in the first place even if they're legally allowed to!

    in greece after theatres, cinemas, schools, universities now they announced that café, restaurants, bars, museums will be closed.

    Yesterday the cases were 117, today are 190.

    Before one week most people couldnt imagine that the situation will be so serious in greece.

    I was just coming here to say the same thing.What is scary is how things escalated so quickly.I remember in Monday only like 20 schools were closed and now our whole lives have been put on hold....It doesn't even feel real!

    That's interesting,I did not know in Greece we use the term "Kolonya" as a substitute to the word perfume...if you told anyone that you use kolonya to sanitize your hands (although it also has alcohol) you'd probably get weird looks...^^.Thanks for the explanation!

    The picture is indeed gone (I'd like to think she realized her/her team's mistake and took it down out of respect and not because of negative comments) but I can see her profile as usual and it came up when I searched it.Maybe there was a temporary issue that was fixed?