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    actually Ebrar is still listed as best OH of the league only player beating her is Ece Hocaoglu and the only reason for that is that she is listed after 1 match.

    On top of that Ebrar is the best server of the league with the most aces :gone: never in a 1000 years would a foreigner player with those statistics be a bench player sorry this is a fact in my eyes.

    You are right,she should be a starter.However I don't think it has anything to do at all with her being a lesbian.It's just a foreign player playing the more important matches,because she has more experience and needs to find her rhythm with the team,not because of Ebrar's sexuality or performance,otherwise Gio would not give her any court time at all.Of course foreign players have a longer leash compared to the domestic ones when it comes to their places on court but that's pretty much in every club.

    Gabi was very good today, in all aspects of play(serve is maybe squeaked a bit) but she was amazing in reception, have some really good defence and very sure in attack, also worthy of note that connection between her and Maja is better from game to game and i like a lot vibe and fedback after every set of Maja to Gabi. Even she was the best blocker of Vakif but i couldn't notice that during the game. In one word IMO she was amazing.

    That and she was declared the MVP of the match per Vakif's instagram.

    „Our player Hande Baladın had an unfortunate injury at today’s game against Lodz. According to the medical report, Baladın had metatarsal bone fracture on her left foot broken and her treatment has been started immediately.”

    -Eczacibasi Twitter account

    Poor Hande!Getting injured only a while after having the chance to be a starter and showing a great performance!I wish she has a speedy recovery....

    I love this VB roster!The players seem to have clicked together really well (even Bartsch who has been with them for about a month) and even though most of them are not scoring machines,they function exceptionally well as a team in pretty much all aspects...

    Greek commentator:"Lloyd is doing an amazing job setting her hitters"

    I'm right here wondering if we're watching the same game...or if she can identify Lloyd among the players on court...

    I feel so bad for the ECZ players...and especially for Tijana...

    I rushed home since finally a CEV match was broadcasted live here but to be honest I was a little disappointed... Of course I'm happy Vakif won but I expected more from Scandicci,to put a little resistance!And so many mistakes...

    Bartsch can have some great kills and then 2-3 errors in a row.I hope she becomes a little more consistent...Shes one of my favorite players...

    And Milena...I didn't watch the whole game but at least during the 3rd set she had quite a few errors as well.

    I'm personally glad I'll never have to receive a Haak serve...Or have to hit with Zehra attempting to block me...

    Congrats VB!

    Also I never thought that I would miss the usual FIVB commentators...but today I did...At least they know that there is no player named "Sletjeah" (Sloetjes), "Yunez" (Zehra) or "Braga Gemaregge" (Gabi) in either roster😁

    😂😂😂😂😂 Well honestly italy at 8th position was a bit ridiculous expecially after world champion and after gran prix 2017

    As was Argentina higher than Turkey, or Poland lower than everybody else... Of course it's not like now it is 100% correct but at least the top 6 countries right now are indeed top 6 (just maybe not in this particular order).

    The last big competition was WCH, they stayed in second stage of competiton.

    And they can be happy if result is gone be the same at Olympics. :flower:

    Wow VNL, World Cup, without real competition and ECH 3rd place:what:

    Too bad all tournaments now give ranking points...

    I'm 100% sure that if Italy had won one of these competitions they would suddenly become important to you.Even if their opponents were teams ranked 20 places behind them.

    Italy is among my top 5 favorite teams and I have no doubt they could win the whole thing if they wanted and tried hard to,but people like you make me not want to see them on the podium.

    And USA second loool.

    This is not 2016 anymore :lol::lol:

    Yeah,yeah we know.These points must have been gifted to them,since they are such a useless team that has hardly achieved anything.Italy should have been 1st,since they have the best opposite, best middles,best libero etc in the world.It is evident,since in 2019 they won the VNL,the World Cup,the European Championship...


    Absolutely heartbreaking.

    I don't follow NBA or any other sport than volleyball to be honest,but he is a legend who impacted so many lives,many of whom were not even related to basketball.Praying for closure and peace for his family and all the other families impacted by the crash and may he,his daughter and the rest of the victims rest in peace.

    Isn't Jordan born in May 1997?Which would actually make her younger than Tijana,born in March 1997?

    I find it funny how some of you just speak with absolute certainty about some players' developments (or non-developments) in the future,as if you've already observed them. It is wrong to get overexcited about Jordan since she just started her professional career but it's equally wrong to say that she will never be as good as X,Y,Z, exactly because she JUST started her professional career.

    And Goncharova got injured in the WCH, had she played against China, Russia would have a better chance. I think had Goncha played, Lang Ping would probably have played with B team, because Goncha would push Chinese Players really hard in the game....not something that Lang Ping wanted.

    The problem with Goncha is that when she is in,the test of the team relies too much on her and slowly disappears.That may work against South Korea,DR,or Germany,but against equal or stronger teams,it's bound to fail.I believe that during that game (Russia vs China 2018 WCH) Russia was able to get a set (and almost took another,if I remember correctly) exactly because all the other players had to step up to cover for Goncha.

    My heart aches for every player dealing with injuries but especially those who are injured during or prior to an Olympic year😭 Lucia may be no scoring machine or big blocker but she's like the glue of the Italian team...