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    Anyone watched the Fener vs Kazan match a few days back? The Russians of Fener are in a good form, and Kadochkina is slowly getting better at defense. I think this is the tightest competition when it comes to the wing spikers. I sincerely hope that Russia gets a better coach other than Busato.

    I only watched the Russian matches so it is really hard for me to understand why there are only two Russian players in the Dream Team. They dominated the competition (they only lost sets to one team and that was because most of the team showed a poor performance in attack)...

    Ituma, Kurtagic (it was between her or Sergeeva imo) and Wucherer were def deserving of their positions, Viscioni was the best opposite out of the F4 teams, never really noticed the performance of Italy's libero (Barbero) tbh.

    I agree, though while their wing spikers are a little bit weak in offense, that is compensated by their strong middles. What Russia needs is, as you mentioned, a go-to person specially for OOS plays. For Russia to win, they have to have perfect reception for the middles to work since Popova, their Opposite, is a little bit weak. I just wish, by U20 next year, the other Opposite Shyvdkia will develop into a legitimate and reliable opposite player already. I remember Akimova was very lost when she played U18 with Gorbunova and Kadochkina. But she had improved a lot when she played U20.

    Kapralova to me seems to have bigger potential on being a go-to scorer over Zamanskaia. I think the final game against Italy will be interesting, more than attacks, Russia needs to play their best blocking performance this game against Ituma to lessen her output (let's be honest, she is kinda Egonu-ing this tournament) since she's bound to get points nonetheless. They can either have really good distribution and a faster tempo so that spikers can easily kill balls or have a dominant wing spiker to help the scoring outputs of both Sergeeva and Suvorova.

    Kobzar seems to be better playing with the MB. OH and OPP were struggling in the Brazil match with the balls they got.

    Unlike the U20, the set of wing spikers this edition is quite weak on attacks, none of them seem to be the go-to person for Russia. Fortunately, their passing is not that bad so Kobzar can really give balls to their middle blockers.

    Has Arina been confirmed to play this tournament at all or she is skipping this entirely? With her, I would compare Russia akin to Italy with Michieletto on the men's side.

    Personally, I think she's skipping the tournament since she's already training with Fenerbache. But who knows, maybe she'll fly to Mexico before it's too late.

    Upping this thread, I think Russia should invest with Vita Akimova (Born in 2002, 197 cm) from the recent U20 World Championships. She would be a good replacement once Goncharova retires. With her, Fedorovtseva, Kadochkina, and a few more reliable MBs and liberos from the younger generation, I think we might see Russia become a big threat in women's volleyball once again.