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2014 CEV DenizBank Champions League

  • Krasnodar beat Praia Clube, which is the 5th team in Brazil. They even lost a set. And Vakifbank beat Unilever, which had many problems in the beginning of the season.
    If Brazilian teams played CEV cup, I'd bet at least two of them would be semifinalists and one of them could even win the championship.
    If Brazilian teams played CL, I think at least one of them would be in the Final 4 (at least 4 Brazilian teams are better than Vitra).

    I don't think any of Brazilian team could win CEV Cup against FB. I agree with Soloblock, Brazilian league is one of the best league thanks to their good local players however I don't think their top teams can beat European's top teams :whistle: Also I wonder which 4 teams are better than Eczacıbaşı :roll: Unilever and Osasco maybe but the rest is not on the same level of Eczacıbaşı. Don't judge them by their F4 performance.

  • I wish I was wrong, but Kazan has what it takes to beat Sesi in 3 and I don't see this coming from the other side. Sesi is way out of their league. Of course, everything could happen and we already saw the best losing many times.

    However Vakifbank had an outstanding past season, I always thought Unilever with Logan Tom, Natália, Fofão in a better shape and Osasco with Jaqueline and Garay was on the same level. In my opinion, those matches will be a toss-up if they had played against each other last season. Nevertheless, the level of these teams is far from what they had showed past season and Brazilian teams are not strong enough for top teams in Europe by now. Even Molico.
    I'm not only talking about Kazan, Fener and Vakifbank. I guess Molico, Unilever and Amil are in the same league of Rabita, Vitra, Moscow, Piacenza and so on and under the 3 I named before.