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    Nice interviews!

    Only part I don't get is, if schoot really wants to get herself challenged why does she join project 2022?:what: this indeed sounds like definition of comfort zone for an international player

    so no dalia wilson?:aww:

    Turkish male team iss following the trend of female team as 'team of missed opportunities':down:

    After winning against Russia, they could have been number 1 in the group and reach even to semis. However the losses against Netherlands and especially Finland made win over Russia meaningless. Losing at tiebreaker is always painful to watch but with this results turkey missed WCh participation for next year, which means there's no national competition for them besides European League in 2022. Turkey won European League already multiple times. This new team desperately needed to play in WCh. It could have been a great experience for our youngsters.

    As mentioned before, our setter is terrible. They missed Aslan ekşi a lot. Also our trainer is a joke for this level. It is literally like trainer of Polish female team🤦 I think libero was also very problematic as expected

    Adis was kinda disappointing. He didn't play bad but after his great season in Serie A, expectations were high from him. Efe mandiraci was the revelation of the tournament. I hope Efe bayram would get the other starting oh position soon. It seems like Burutay will get 'injured' whenever it comes to NT season anyways:roll:

    Venezuela is not there?😱 I thought they were growing as a volleyball country after they participation in og, pity that they are fading away from world volleyball scene

    They are really trying to milk the drama lol(does it make sense, milking the drama:lol:)

    I can't watch all these interviews brtkk, now it is your turn to watch this and update us with juicy drama!😜

    I don't know whether anyone shared it before, but it seems that the problem between Kübra, her manager and Giovanni has been solved. Kübra's management company shared this a week ago. Below the post it says that "People get along by talking to each other." The day after this post, Kübra started training with Vakıfbank.

    So we missed Kübra in ech because they couldn't speak before the tournament? 🤦

    I listened the instagram interview of Neriman. A few important points:

    What do you think about Guidetti?

    Neri: He is a great coach and a great trainer. And these are the only good things I can say about him. He is extremely unfair and inconsistent with what he says and what he does.

    What was the reason that you were not selected for the NT?

    You should ask the NT trainer. He played in NT last time in 2017 ECH when Turkey reached the bronze medal (she was the best scorer with 23 points). Apparently, she wasn't considered in the project for this Olympic cycle.

    Neri: She thinks being a trainer in both NT and a club are very unfair and unethical.

    What do you think about the new NT members?

    Neri: she finds them very inspiring, she has good contact with team members, always in touch with the team captain (Eda), Cansu and Ebrar although she has never played with the last two before. She says she is very proud of them.

    Did you get any offers from Turkish clubs?

    Neri: One of the big clubs made an offer to her 5 times (probably THY). One of the teams she has played before made an offer to her (probably GS). And a few offers from smaller Anatolian clubs. But she didn't want to sign a contract in Turkey due to the emotional pressure she experienced (gossips about NT, about her personal life etc). She doesn't say she will never come back but she doesn't plan to come back in the near future

    Her regrets?

    Neri: she got an incredible offer from Mehmet Ali Aydınlar when he made a dream team in FB (with Sokolova etc) for 3 years. But she didn't accept it because she didn'T want to sit on the bench. Now she regrets it a bit because she only likes to play for clubs that have big supporter groups.

    Which coach do you want to work in your career?

    Neri: she praises a lot to Dehri Can Dehrioğlu, she thinks he is an amazing coach and he will have a great career.

    Her favorite seasons were the first season in GS and the season she played in Karşıyaka. she was annoyed that Eczacıbaşı dragged her back from Uralochka when she run away from her club at the age of 17 years old

    In general, she is angry with Federation member Kurtaran Mumcu (he said Neriman doesn't have patriotic feelings anymore for NT) and an old volleyball player Burcu hakyemez Dal (This is a retired, very mediocre player, speaks bullshit all the time). Neriman kind of threatens them that nowadays it is easy to prove someone wrong with technology and voice recordings etc (I didn't understand what she meant there but I guess she knows their dirty stuff, she doesn't advise them to mess with her, she also trusts her lawyer a lot, her lawyer won all the court trials so far :D) She makes fun of Burcu's terrible career as player and commentator.:lol:

    Overall, it was a genuine interview. Clearly, they bothered her a lot, she felt the emotional pressure during her time in Japan as well due to all this bullshit news. But she didn't want to talk in order not to harm the NT before OG.

    I can't agree more with Neriman, she is so right with her statement about Guidetti. He is a great coach and trainer, but that's it! all his drama with players are so unprofessional. I feel sorry for Neri. She has been in such good shape in the last 4 years. She could have been a great joker player in this Olympic cycle thanks to her experience. We lack exactly Neriman type of player!

    I recently heard a rumour about citakovic and djerisilo had a big fight during WCh since citakovic's husband slept with Ivana at their hotel. Did someone hear something like that before? It could be totally groundless gossip too

    I have watched 30 minutes of it. Btw I am not a fan of both. In summary, they have talked about players that quit the national team at some point: Gizem Guresen, Gizem Orge, Kubra Akman, Naz Aydemir, and Neriman Ozsoy. Burcu was saying the current manager of the national team had either lacking the conflict resolution capacity or she was not given the authority to resolve the conflict. So apparently Naz also has a problem with someone or with a few people in the national team (players or staff). About Neriman, Burcu has said that she was not a fan of the style of Neriman so she was not sure whether Neriman could contribute to the team or not, she said maybe ( with belittling gestures).

    Off-topic: Pals, I lost my password and I am not getting reset e-mails. Do you know how to solve this problem?

    Audacity of Burcu hakyemez to even comment on Neriman's volleyball style. She doesn't know any shit about volleyball, I'm surprised that people let her speak as if she is an authority

    It seems that Arina won't go to Fenerbahce in the end because the Russian Federation won't give the transfer. At least, this is what Gian Luca Pasini, journalist of La Gazzetta Dello Sport, writes in Italy in his blog. He is the most informed for everything regarding volleyball in our country. He states (I'm translating from Italian) that "it seems that the Russian Federation doesn't want to release the international transfer to the Turkish team." Maybe Russian fans know something more precise about that.

    Wow, that would be a big blow for FB, seeing lazareva's disappointing performance this summer, they really need a power spiker like arina and I'm not sure if ana Cristina is ready for it yet