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    Asli kalac is having an amazing season so far. I'm not only talking about her latest epic performance (26 points against THY) she has been very consistent at both attack and blocking in almost every match so far. Also she has a very good jump float serve. I think she should be the 3rd MB for sure during OQ

    Well, Vakifbank should go as a Mini Serbia with Maja,Boskovic,Mihajlovic,Rasic and Vitra as mini Turkey Naz,Eda,Zehra,Meliha,Hande,Ebrar etc......That should be fun.

    How could that be fun to watch exact same teams that we watch during summer is playing against each other:down:

    I don't like this idea. It should be forbidden by FIVB. Winner will have the best club of the world as a title, in this case it will not be true for Chinese teams if they would win

    The most important players for Turkey's success in last ECH were Eda, Naz, Simge and Zehra. This 4 are starters in their clubs and still playing very well. Wings were not decisive anyways so not playing full time doesn't make a huge difference for Turkey. By the way Ebrar has been playing as starter mostly but as OH.

    I doubt that Guidetti would take the risk to take young and inexperienced players Tuğba or Derya to an important tournament such as OGQ. Only addition to the team would be Aslı Kalaç who has been playing amazing so far at both blocking and attacking, given that Kübra won't be ready yet after her injury. Or Yasemin Güveli could be taken as backup since she has shown good performances.

    Neriman as OH would have been a huge addition to this young roster. We need experienced players at wings. I indeed would like to see Güldeniz with the team if Guidetti will be doing some changes in the roster. She is the best local receiver in the Turkish league

    Yes I blocked you......but since you posted on Serbian NT I wanted to see who posted so I just clicked and it was you. I still have you blocked lol.

    Liesss! You can already see the name of the user when you see a blocked post, you don't need to click on the post.

    "I read all your messages but I still have blocked you" :lol:

    This can be partly true, but one does simply not get a lot of sets/points if they were not good enough. When someone gets so many sets it's actually only natural for the kill% to gradually go down in numbers. A player could be playing with 37% 33 kills, maybe another 20% of those resulted in free balls or the opponent left disorganized or something else. If someone is top 5 best scorer of the league though we can surely say they're doing something right/have been playing good. Kill% is not everything either, a player could be 70% but only played a couple matches as a sub.

    This argument is wrong, one could easily get a lot of sets just because there're not other good options to set or they simply play a lot of tiebreaks. Tutku Burcu Yuzgenç is 3rd best scorer of the Turkish league but her killing ratio is 29% which is terrible for an Opp. Does she get a lot of sets/points because she is good? No. Because her teammates are even worse and half of their matches were tie-breaks. So getting a lot of sets does not necessarily correlate with her 'goodness'.

    While best attackers are ranked generally there are thresholds to set certain amount of sets to attack, the ones who attacks too few are already excluded from the rankings anyway.

    ????? It does matter.

    Today Conegliano`s middles combined for 7 kills and 1 block. For a middle blocker to not even score a single block against a weak team in a game....well just because she`s playing for Conegliano it does not mean she`s a Top Veltman is certainly the 4th best even though she`s playing for a weak team.

    One can be best scorer by just playing a lot of tiebreaks. If someone's attacking ratio is around 33%, it doesn't matter how many points she scored, she probably was getting a lot of sets.

    By the way, what happened to 'i'm blocking you, I won't see your messages again'?😏

    I disagree with that she does not have a great season. She is the third best mb in italy seria a by number

    of points, she have 21 block in 5 matches(0.875 per set) and bad percentage in attack but she had had never be amazing spiker. But her efficency in block and good service is priceless for Serbian national team(and for any club where she is playing).

    Number of points doesn't matter (according to this ranking Kelsey Veltman is 4th best MB, do you really believe that can be true?) What matters is her attacking percentage and it doesn't seem good at all.

    With Popovic in such a great shape, I'm not sure Stevanovic will be missed. She is not having a great season so far anyways

    Dijkema is the most mediocre setter among the top teams. Dutch team has great individuals in every position except setter and Libero. Lacking a good libero is something a top team can compensate (just like USA) but without a good setter, I'm already very surprised how much Netherlands achieved in last 4-5 years

    Koolhaas is having such a solid season so far. I knew she was a good blocker but never seen her playing with such a good killing ratio:white:

    I don't like Ayça at all and their second Libero Şule is even worse:down:

    I wonder where Melisa Memiş and dilara bagci are playing this season. Both of them have more potential than Ayça

    I agree with you that Skorupa has been disappointing so far. Her sets for pipe and zone 1 is very imprecise and clearly there is a miscommunication between her and wings. She is doing OK job with MBs but not like what everyone was expecting from her. She is an experienced player, so she would get in shape soon hopefully

    How does the 2 libero system work? And how about the transition from 1 lib to another? Do they have to change to the player first and then change to the next lib or can a lib replace another lib directly?

    Just like players in other positions (offensive/defensive outsides or blocker/attacker MBs) liberos have some areas they are specially very good at, either good defender or good receiver. That's why a trainer can use receiver Libero on the court while receiving and use defender libero while serving. Trainer doesn't need to make a sub, they can change anytime in the game (of course after a point is finished)

    Ece Hocaoğlu was one of the worse OHs in turkey, I'm still surprised why Aris transferred her🤔

    Is this Yasemin player on a path to NT? I see she's had some Montreux, VNL, U, and Club World action.

    She is from same generation with Zehra. Yasemin is the blocking type MB. She joined to the NT this summer but didn't get many chances since all of Eda, Zehra and Kubra were in great shapes. She definitely has great potential and will be complementing Zehra&Kübra after Eda retires