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    I agree with you about defensive OH position. I had high hopes from Perinelli because her attacking also improved in last two seasons. It is very unfortunate that she got injured. She could definitely play in VNL this summer to get some international experience.

    Also L. bosetti is playing as a second libero nowadays. Her contribution at offense is not existent, which wasn't the case before her injury.

    I think second Opp should be sorokaite since she can play both oh and opp.

    Who do you think will be libero after de gennaro retires?

    With how JT playing right now. I am thinking that lowe and drews did the right decision to play in short league and be able to train and play again together. JTs chances is getting smaller and smaller for that slot.

    I think she made the wrong choice by playing as Oh, she could have grabbed second Opp position easily if she had played as Opp this season

    I see you want to say a better organized team yet you can never know that before the season. So although I understand your point, Boskovic's choice is also logical cause Eczacibasi has regularly been a Champions League team with 1 Champions League title and 2 world titles also got some local cups with many finals.

    Also for next year It's not even sure if Monza or Busto can qualify to Champions League. Plus even Egonu is too expensive for Italian League, there's no team that can pay for Boskovic(even when she reduces her payment) other than Monza which we can't say a better team than Eczacibasi in general. So she chose to stay in the team she feels well and got paid well even though they seem to create an awkward team for the next year.

    I agree, it is not like there are many clubs who can pay her salary. Unless she wants to go to Korea or China, there are not many options without reducing her salary.

    At the end of the day, it is a player's own priority so I find this discussion pointless

    I dont think the team would have won even if it were Egonu who played as Opp instead of Boskovic. That team is just Eczacimessy.

    We will never know the answer to that hypothetical case, i believe otherwise. She has done it with a worse team before. She could easily do it with the current roster of eczacı as well. Carlini is not way better than Elif

    Gamze could be good or Buse. But I guess Buse-FB done deal. I dont think there that many top setters.

    Naz, Cansu, Buse, Elif, Gamze, Ezgi D, Cansu A, Lila, Çağla, Sıla, Nursevil, Aslıhan, Duygu Düzceler, Buket, Arelya, Mısra, İrem, Simay, Eylül, Ceren Çınar, Merve Tanıl.

    These are the local setters. I think best options Buse, Gamze, Ezgi(if she is in right shape) considering Naz, Cansu, Elif are already taken

    it will be a question mark which kind of shape she will come back after pregnancy. She wasn't in a great shape in her last season anyways

    I've always prefered right handed opposites. Maybe it's just harder for Boskovic. Obviously, she's the best left-handed opposite in the world but... RH opposite can do more when the team is struggling because of the availability of more shots. I think it's just nature. Some may call it evolution because of a time when people calling the right side for a righty the weak side of the court.

    Yeah a lefty can spike with even the slightest open block but when it is an umbrella block... it's always a gamble even for Boskovic.

    I disagree, being left handed is only an advantage for an opp, not a disadvantage. It is harder for right-handed players to hit from zone 2, that's the reason a lot of offensive OHs like Mihajlovic, Daalderop etc don't switch to Opp because their attack is not as strong from zone 2.

    LOL, poor Boskovic as setter dependet opp, or to quote "CLEARLY, the one who wouldn't drag her team without a great setter".

    I mean that this is CLEARLY, nonsense. What is she doing this season, if she's not draging her team, with setters like Mirkovic and Elif (or the hypocrisy will go so far that you'll even say they're great setters). She is literary best spiker (among pins) and best scorer in general of the TL and was the best scorer in CEV CL RR, and the only reason (with just Ogbogu as decent player continuously) why Eczacibasi pass the group phase. I'm sure that none of this mention player (Egonu, Goncharova, Gamova,....ETC lol) would not have done a better job in such a team like Eczacibasi this season.

    Hold your horses! You don't need to be so fanatic about your favorite players that can't handle slight criticism. She is one of the most paid player in the world. Everyone comments that oh it is not fair that poor boskovic is suffering in Eczacıbasi, she should leave bla bla.

    To me it is fair to question her contribution to the team as well. She is one of the best opposite in the world. But she couldn't win anything significant with eczacıbasi. And I'm sick of hearing people blame either coach or setters. If the setters were the problem then what's wrong with calling her as setter dependent opp?

    If you are wondering that, then you either count Zivkovic among the great setters, or you suppressed EuroVolley 2017 and the destruction of all opponents (including Turkey) by Boskovic in the combination where Zivkovic was the setter. I certainly think that it is one of the bigest nonsense to include Boskovic in the setter dependent opp.

    Well, Zivkoviç and underrated setter. I liked her a lot in Turkey and 2017 was her career peak definitely. I am not saying she is definitely setter dependent but clearly, she is not one of those who would drag her team without a great setter (Egonu, Gamova, Goncharova etc)

    It's simple, volleyball is a team-sport and for your team to work you will need a great play-maker if you wanna be on top, it's simple as that. We have seen Boskovic do great many times even this season, but when it comes to the very top level you can't rely on 1-man, it's not a 1-man sport. So I don't agree blaming her is fair at all. If you want to be the best club in Europe/the World you need more simply.

    Just because Egonu had an out of this world win with Novara doesn't mean we should set that as the standard. It's literally unfair and not how you build a great team at al.

    As always you are bending my words again😒

    I didn't blame Boskovic for the defeat, i was just pointing out that maybe she is a setter dependent Opp.

    Speaking of lack of local talents, Guidetti gave an interesting interview to an Italian podcast a few weeks ago. Among other things, he said that - as the Turkey's NT coach - he's been unsuccessfully advocating for years for a liberalization of foreign players in the domestic competitions. Basically his point is that since most of the teams (especially the big 3) use a foreigner slot or two for OHs and then they're forced by the current 3+1 limitation to have local players as subs, they end up having the best local OHs sitting on the bench of those teams. If no limitations were in place - again, that's his point - the big teams would be able to hire foreigners as subs too, and this would push local OHs to look for a starter's role in smaller teams, which in turn would have them earn more playing time and have them develop more.

    (Honestly, I don't really agree: I prefer the Italian rule, limiting only the number of players you may field on court at the same time...)

    I dont agree with him at all. This season many locals get a chance to be starter and shine. If there was no foreigners rule we would see many cheap foreigners filling all the spots.

    What happened to Halkbank? :what:

    Edit: I hate how worldofvolley exaggerates so many things.:white: I thought Halkbank were outside of the top 8 but it seems like they were ineligible of the playoffs because of the more brutal format the league instituted for this season.

    They lost some crucial games and ended up as 5th. They sucked at european cup match against a very weak opponent so I am not said that they are out of semis.

    Only positive thing about Halkbank this year was development of Efe Bayram who is full time starter and showing amazing performance at the age of 18