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    Beşiktaş paid their participation money to TVF. But the problem is they couldn't pay last year salaries to their ex players yet. That's why they couldn't make any transfers yet. I believe they are trying to find a solution for that. But if they can't find a solution they might withdraw at the end.

    According to some rumors Beylikdüzü didn't even pay the participation money. So I guess they don't want to participate.

    That would best! 16 teams is just too much for a normal season

    For such a small country as the Netherlands, they had an exceptional squad the last few years. So I don't think they can compete at the level as they did the last years...

    On the other hand I didn't expect this squad to reach this level before 2015. At the WCH 2014 they were a real mess:D

    Hope they can find a good coach who can develop younger players. There are some prospects such as Hester Japser, Indy Baijens, Annick Meijers who can take over the spot of the older players. This in combination with players as Bongaerts, Beliën, Lohuis and Daalderop you don't have a bad team at all IMO.

    Dutch had an exceptional generation that reached their peak at the same time. Some might say they 'overachieved' with such limited roster (starters might be strong but back-up players were not on high level). I can imagine some of the veteran players might lose motivation knowing that they won't be playing in OG.

    Daalderop is the only one that I like among the Dutch youngsters. If she improves her reception, she might be the key player of Dutch NT

    BTW, netherlands is not that small (17million) :lol:

    Now another question: who is the youngest volleyball player who attended to OG and who is youngest player won a medal in OG.

    I'm guessing one of the Cubans? Or Artamanova? She was 17 when she attended her first OG

    I was wondering who is the oldest player in OG? And who is the oldest OG medal winner?

    Google didn't help much, do you guys have any idea? If I understand it right Samuele Papi is the oldest male who competed I OG. Is this correct?





    I would have replaced Aysun Özbek with Zehra. Aysun might be one of the best slide attacker( if not best) I've ever watched. She is one of a kind. Pity how her career ended☹️

    She had so many injuries. I think thats the number one reason for not being able reach her full potential. When she recovered from the injuries she chose to sit on the bench. She would be a good option for teams such as Kale 1957, PTT etc. But probably she doesn't want to leave Istanbul and her boyfriend (Fenerbahce Basketball team captain). Maybe she can play for Besiktas or Beylikdüzü.

    I don't think injuries were the real reason. She simply doesn't have the defensive skills to compensate her lack of height on high level volleyball. Her attacking was okay on youth level but she doesn't have any chance on senior level to play in sultanlar ligi as a starter. To me she is overachieved at junior level thanks to greatest generation we had at that age group and her individual awards were mostly because she was the team captain

    All in all I wouldn't be surprised if she signs with a second league team

    TBH i dont know what people think about Lana Scuka on this forum and how they descirbe her in the past, so i dont know what the first sentence from this part mean exactly, but IMO she is just average and sometimes even worse than that, i follow her since her starts in Slovenian league (truly in first season in which i watch her she was very good, actually i think that she was MVP of that season), but after that her season in Italy and again in Slovenia, she simply drowned, she had a potential but now she have 24 and she is IMO worse than she was with 19,20 years. Last season in Pomi she was bad, she wasn't starter but when she have a chance don't show anything special. She is better receiver than spiker but even in receiving she isn't stable. I don't like this transfer, they could enlist some young, "unestablished" talented player.

    Definitely agree! I've thought she would be a big shot when I first watched her in u tournaments but then she turned out another promising youngster that ended up being average player.

    I wasn't happy with her reception but as you mentioned, her attacking is worse.

    I think Yeşilyurt overachieved last season with a nicely built roster with Vakifbank backup players. Keeping half of their roster is nice move, they are young and another year playing together will make a difference to them. But adding Scuka who is neither very experimental nor talented youngster, is not a good move from Yeşilyurt.

    Koolhaas was the most important player in their roster, I wish they would have kept her instead

    I hope she has a stable reception bcz she will play next to Derya.

    Bad transfer!

    Her reception was not good even in Italian league, I can see Yeşilyurt reception crumbling again just like last season. Indeed Scuka might be a downgrade to Tuğba. I don't see the point of transferring such low level foreigners :down:

    She got the job because of her relationship with TVF and her popularity in the volleyball community. That's called "politics" as opposed to merit.

    Being popular also her asset and if the club values this assets, which obviously they do, then it is based on merit. Having a good network and being popular are good assets for such a position

    Wasn't Pelin Yüce co-founder of Penivo, the player agency? So she had some experience running a business...

    Neslihan wasn't even a captain in her team (Eczacıbaşı) , She showed no special talent for leadership or solidarity, She was pretty self-centered like most star-players are and there's nothing wrong about that...Her assignment to Vakıfbank is not based on merit, She should have at least worked 2-3 years in a similar position...Same goes for any "fresh" recruit, Gözde Kırdar whatever...

    We don't know if Guidetti had a say on the matter, and getting rid of Neslihan will not be as easy as getting rid of Nalan Ural I can tell you...

    It won't be the end of the world for Vakıfbank, they're like a well-oiled machine, but I would have liked a more experienced, more professional kind of manager...

    There's a misconception problem here. Being player agent does not require leadership skills. It requires having a good network and nice communication skills. I'm not saying she will be the best at this position but not being a captain is a wrong justification in your argument

    Also what do you mean by saying that this is a political move? What kind of politics could involve at this transfer?

    Do you guys think that final 12 for OG is already determined? I think the only spot open for grabs is 4th OH position between Milenkovic and Lazovic