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    probably you forget last WCH, let's remind it you again, Russia 3-0 Turkey (w/o Kosheleva, Goncharova, Malykh, Khodunova):roll:

    Parubets and Voronkova didnt skip single game in Russian Superliga like some players did in other Superliga ;)they are just tired:gone:

    Probably, you forget, in sports there is no yesterday, it is only about today:roll:

    Gözde Yılmaz is being a great useless player again:obey::roll:

    I think having such a versatile player like is very very useful for the team. I would rather take her as backup opp than Meryem for sure.

    My concern about this roster so far libero Simge's bad shape. She had an amazing VNL last year. She was so-so during this season in Eczacıbaşı but her level dropped significantly during the end of season. I don't understand how Eczacıbaşı will rely on an inexperience newly converted libero as back up of Simge:aww:

    Aslı showed us all one more time, it is not all about height. 6 blocks!:cheesy: Unfortunately, Yasemin didn't make a good impression during the limited time she played. I think Aslı deserves more to be the 4th MB next to Eda, Zehra and Kübra considering she is very good serving sub as well. Zehra played finally a good match after playing terrible in last two game and being the reason of losing both matches. I hope she can mature her game and be more stable soon. Otherwise Kübra can easily grab her starting position next to Eda.

    I hope people would finally agree that Ebrar as OH is not a smart idea, at least right now.

    Russia is lucky to be grouped in an easier pool in the Olympic qualifier because based on what they are showing, boy they will be in trouble qualifying. None of the new players really showed positive prospect. Libero and setter is a big worry. Lets just hope Goncharova and Kosheleva have enough gas to bail them out in the important upcoming tournaments.

    Yes I agree, Russia could have been kicked out easily in other pools. Not only their youngsters but also veterans like Voronkova and Parubets are in a terrible shape:white:

    Matthias leaves after episode 1

    Love you Beri!:rolll::rolll:

    Do you realize you do these things that you accuse others but act as if you are innocent? There must be something really wrong with you.

    Is there a psychologist who is willing to help this fellow user free of charge? He is in real need of help.

    Indeed if someone is willing to help you, I am fine with paying it for you!;) but I guess you are just a lost case

    well, you give opinions about “useless” players based on a few matches and say they are not useless at all but when someone else says something about another player based on a few matches, you go and give lecture. How crovolley of you!

    How is this related to how you called gözde Yılmaz is useless while she is proving you wrong every match she played during VNL. You get a chance to bash a user you don't like and just trying to team up with others. How pope of you!:roll:

    So far ebrar is receiving badly although simge and Meliha are trying to cover most of the field right now.

    it is hard to overcome a bias. people presume a defensive player is always a better receiver than an offensive one. they also would be shocked if i said kyk is better receiver than larson. well, they should be cuz it is true.

    btw you see how şeyma is receiving. how could ebrar be worse than her?

    It is hard to overcome a bias. People presume when a defensive player makes a mistake anybody can not be worse than her. Maybe we should put Kübra as receiver, she can't be worse than Şeyma right?:aww:

    Receiving is all about reflexes which requires thousand times of repetition. Just because ebrar didn't suck at reception in a few matches she played, it doesnt mean she will save the reception line against such a great server team. Good that guidetti agrees with me and we don't see ebrar getting slayed in the field;)

    When did Ebrar ever receive terrible, I honestly never seen it, maybe 1-2 matches maybe not. People just assume she is bad because she plays as Opp and is very tall. Her performances as OH say something else:teach:

    But I agree with you that Belgium is serving well, indeed even Meliha and Fatma are struggling.

    1-2 matches? She only played a few times as OH anyway😂

    I'm not saying she is a terrible receiver but clearly she is the worse compared to other 3 and most inexperienced one. Belgian servers would eat her alive and this will only ruin her confidence. I would rather bring her back next set as opp