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    I don’t have a source honey, I know for a fact that somethings are happening behind closed doors and I believe this happened in the same way. It sounded a bit weird how she quit and it was leaked some players used doping, she was in that list.

    Oh, hey Alisha, tell us more about what you teach young kids. We are so wondering how you can even be near of kids after it was leaked you cheated, i mean as a cheater it is not a shock you are denying it, still. Lol.

    If there is no proof, then your accusation is just BS.

    what is the conflict between Nedim and Adis?

    I don’t like Nedim Ozbey at all. He pretends like a godfather on the court and whenever he disagrees with reffs, you could see how disgusting he behaves. Ataman Guneyligil also started to behave like him this season. So sad to see he is leading young players of Turkey and represent Turkey in NT level as coach. There was this gossip back then when he was coach of IBB, after many failed seasons, he was still at the helm of IBB and they said it is because he was old friends with Erdogan. I don’t know if it is true but he must be friends with someone for sure.

    I don't know about his friendship with Erdogan but I wouldn't be surprised considering his godfather attitude.

    About his conflict with Adis, GS did not offer a contract to Adis on time. So he had the right to be a free agent and accepted the offer from Arkasspor without a transfer fee. Of course Nedim Özbey didn't like this and was very pissed off to Adis and blamed him to betray his club. So I am curious how they will work together in NT.

    About Gökhan Gökgöz; this season was not his best season for sure but I don't think he played worse than all other OHs in the roster. He received with 27% attacked with 47%

    Baturalp Güngör reception 29% attack 49%

    Aydın Yasin reception 29% attack 50%

    Burutay Subaşı reception 27% attack 51%

    Yiğit Gülmezoğlu reception 25% attack 43%

    İzzet Ünver recepiton 22% attack 41%

    Halil İbrahim Yücel reception 21% attack 51%

    Bayram Efe reception 21% attack 45%

    Abdullah Çam reception 11% attack 38%

    As you can see, none of the invited OHs besides Baturalp, Aydın and Burutay played better than Gökhan this season. Also don't forget that he is the best server after Burutay. All in all, he deserved to be in the wide roster at least.

    She can't play for polish NT. There is some kind of issue between polish and belgian fedaration in this case. They wanted a lot of money from polish federation.

    Thanks for the answer, when was the last time she has played for Belgian NT?:teach:

    Aslan didn’t even play a half season, he was on the bench most of the time and didn’t show anything when he came in. We had similar NT seasons where he was fired from his club but got invited to NT as captain. His father is in Federation and he must be working so hard for his son.

    Where is Vahit Emre from Ziraat?

    Onurcan Cakir must be a joke as well. He was the weakest point of GS.

    I remember the issues with Aslan, he has been kicked out from his clubs multiple times due to his 'unprofessional behavior. I agree with you that his spot might be due to his father.

    Absence of Vahit Emre, Mustafa Koç, Gokhan Gökgöz, Halil İbrahim Yücel, Berkay Bayraktar, Murat Yenipazar are all weird to me.

    The wide NT roster that will join to the European Golden League is as following;

    Setters: Arslan Ekşi (Halkbank), Selçuk Keskin (Galatasaray), Oğulcan Yatkın (Fenerbahçe), Muzaffer Yönet (Galatasaray)

    OHs: Burutay Subaşı (Halkbank), Baturalp Burak Güngör (İstanbul BBSK), Yasin Aydın (Galatasaray), Yiğit Gülmezoğlu (Arkas Spor), Batuhan Avcı (Beşiktaş), Efe Bayram (Halkbank), Abdullah Çam (Halkbank), İzzet Ünver (Fenerbahçe)

    MBs: Mert Matic (Arkas Spor), Çağatay Osman Durmaz (Maliye Piyango), Doğukan Ulu (Galatasaray), Ertuğrul Gazi Metin (Jeopark Kula Bld.), Oğuzhan Karasu (Fenerbahçe), Halil İbrahim Kurt (Fenerbahçe)

    Opps: Metin Toy (İstanbul BBSK), Adis Lagumdzija (Arkas Spor)

    Liberos: Hasan Yeşilbudak (Halkbank), Burak Mert (Arkas Spor), Volkan Döne (Ziraat Bankası), Onurcan Çakır (Galatasaray)

    Setters: Selçuk is 37 years old and Arslan is 34. Although both of them are still pretty good, I am not sure if it is a good idea to invite them instead of investing on promising and younger setters such as Murat Yenipazar or Muhammet Kaya. Both Oğulcan Yatkın and Muzaffer Yönet are talented setters, I hope both will get the chance to play.

    OHs: Burutay had a pretty good season. He is a very balanced OH with both good attacking and reception skills, also a very good server. Unfortunately he has been getting injured every summer and manages to skip the NT :roll: I hope this year he would finally decide to play in NT because he is pretty much the best Turkish player we have. Both Baturalp Güngör and Yasin Aydın are good choices. But these two are more of defensive OHs. It is very surprising not to see Gökhan Gökgöz in the roster. He is our second best OH after Burutay. I know he didn't have a great season with his club but he should have been invited for the wide roster.:hit:Another surprising absence is Halil İbrahim Yücel who has been the reason why Maliye Piyango reached so high season. These two should have been there instead of Yiğit Gülmezoğlu who has been playing very bad so far (still very surprised how can he be starter in a team such as Arkasspor:white:) Abdullah Cam and İzzet Ünver also spend whole season at bench so I am really surprised that they were invited instead of Gökhan and Halil. On the other hand. Both of young prospects Batuhan Avcı (19 years old) and Bayram Efe (17) were starters in their clubs and have played well. I hope one of these two would be 4th OH next to Burutay, Baturalp and Yasin.

    MBs: Emre Batur was our hands down best MB this season. He is also the most experienced one in the international level. I am very surprised to see that he wasn't invited. Mert Matiç will be the starter for sure since he is most balanced MB at blocking and attacking. Çağatay Osman Durmaz should be the other starter since Doğukan's attack is not as good as the former. On the other hand, Ertuğrul Gazi Metin has been very solid at blocking but so-so at attacking. Biggest surprises are the absence of Mustafa Koç and Savaş Vahit Emre. Maybe Mustafa was not spectacular but Savaş Vahit was hands down the best attacking MB in the league including foreigners although his block is not very strong. These two should have been in the roster instead of Fenerbahçe's two mediocre MBs Oğuzhan Karasu and Halil İbrahim Kurt:down:
    Opps: Adis (20 years old) is a great prospect. He should be the starter since he is a better server and blocker than Metin Toy. I have the feeling that coach Nedim Özbey will pick Metin over Adis because of his conflict with Adis:aww:

    Liberos: Volkan Döne is the best receiver among these options. Hasan Yeşilbudak should be the backup libero. Burak Mert didn't have a good season. So it is a surprise for me to see him in the roster. Even bigger surprise is to see Onurcan Çakır in the roster, who is supposed to be a defense specialist libero but he can't defend at all:white::down: He is there just because of the trainer is from Galatasaray:roll: Berkay Bayraktar who is both younger and way more talented should have been called instead of Onurcan Çakır

    All in all, the roster is fully of surprises to me. I don't like the fact that Nedim Özbey is the trainer of Galatasaray. As you can see from the roster selection, he has a lot of bias. If Burutay wouldn't get away with another injury excuse again, and play as good as he does in Halkbank, then this team has a lot of potential otherwise, I don't expect much.

    Can Dominika Sobolska play for Polish NT or is she Belgian? She had a great season this year, especially at blocking. Her team was terrible but she almost always had a decent performance

    Today I was feeling in a good mood to come back to the forum. Dunno, maybe the Easter mood influence was a part of this feeling...

    I logged in and I found people fighting in the volleyball couples topic, with Fabio desperately trying to be part of the discussion, thirsty of drama.


    Welcome back! Don't leave so quick next time, your absence increased the amount of Fabio per person 😂

    I know it feels like Stevanovic had such a terrible season. But still she`s the 6th best score among all middles (202 points) and tied for 3rd in blocks (58) with Adenizia.

    Total numbers of blocks or points don't make any sense. What matters is block per set and attacking ratio. Otherwise, just playing many tiebreakers already can make you best scorer or best blocker without a good performance

    You never miss any chance to exacerbate every single discussion, do you?😒

    It was not in a funny way. She cleared wanted to have some fight. She knew that. But now she can't handle her own dicussion. There was no need to compare Maja to Fernanda Venturini, because the subjects were very very very much different

    Sidney, I like you as a forum user and we are on the same page in a lot of discussion but this time I really don't get why you get so offended:what: Joana was obviously teasing with a funny way ( I love her sense of humor by the way). Although she is Serbian I have never thought she was being unfairly fanatic about Serbian players. Life would be very hard if you take any glimpse of opposing idea as an insult and believe that the person says this just because he hates Brazilians:white:

    You know you only said that because he is a Brazilian. This forum is xenophobic since as far as I remember.

    How come such an international forum could be xenophobic?🤔

    I think you misunderstood Joana, she just referred to the discussion in the other thread with a funny way.

    My opinion on the wide roster:

    Setter: Gamze's absence is not a surprise after such a disappointing season. It turned out that leaving GS was not a good move. I expected her to be our starter setter in the absence of Naz but she couldn't use her chance unfortunately. I am curious about the shape of Naz. I hope she will make a great come back after her pregnancy. I expect her to play some weeks of VNL to get in the rhythm with the new youngsters. I've never been a fan of Ezgi Dilik but so far she deserves to be in the roster more than Cağla Akın and Gamze Alikaya does. It seems like Guidetti likes Buse Unal a lot (he even invited her last year while she was playing in a mediocre team.) I like her technique and blocking skills. I would count on her more than Elif Şahin who seems to have a lot to improve. Depending on Naz's shape, this position won't be a problematic one for us.

    OHs&Opps: Seeing Neriman in the roster is great news. I really hope that they will sort the personal problems out and she can play during ECh and qualifications. She is still in a young age to retire from NT. Our current team lacks experience since we only had Eda as an experienced player last year. Having both Naz and Neriman back to the team will upgrade the level of youngsters as well. I am curious about what Guidetti thinks about opposite position. Meryem had a terrible season so she should finally be out of picture. I wonder if Gui wiil keep experimenting with Ebrar as OH or he will just stick with her as main Opp and alternate Hande&Neriman as offensive OHs. I agree with popular idea of playing with Hande as Opp if Neriman will be back to the team. Although Ebrar has a huge potential, Hande as Opp is more reliable than Ebrar currently. In the case of Ebrar&Hande being Opps, Neriman-Meliha should be the OH duo since Meliha had a very solid season, she played pretty good at both reception and attack in addition to her tricky serves. Fatma is very inconsistent to rely on as a defensive OH, except a few matches this season she was a liability for the team at not only attacking but also at reception. I prefer Seyma Ercan as a back up although her performance throughout the season was erratic, at least she is a better blocker&server. Saliha Şahin didn't play much in Karayolları and whenever she played she didn't show anything special. It is sad that neither she nor Tuğba Şenoğlu made the steps to the next level. It seems like Guidetti also gave up on Derya Cebecioğlu, which is fair considering she barely played this season. On the other hand, I would rather see these 3 young and promising players in the roster instead of lost cases like Melis Durul and Gözde Yılmaz. Both Hümay Topaloğlu and Cansu Çetin had OK performances so far but I would have invested on Ada Germen insted of these two since she seems to be very solid at receiving although she played in the worse team of the league.

    MBs: This position is our strongest position considering Eda is one of the best MB in the world. Zehra's level dropped a lot in the second half of season. Good that Kubra's level increased meanwhile. I expect both of these to play during VNL and the best one will be starter with Eda. Aslı Kalaç might be the player who improved most this season. She was very consistent at both blocking and attacking. She is becoming a very solid MB considering she lacks of height. Based on stats, she is the best local attacker after Eda Erdem and 3rd best blocker after Yasemin Güveli and Zehra Güneş. I hope she will get a lot of playing time during VNL. Yasemin Güveli will be fighting for the 4th spot with Aslı Kalaç. Yasemin is one of these pure blocker MBs such as Fetisova. She had many matches that she made 8-9 killing blocks. However, she lacks attacking, if Guidetti could help her to improve her offense, she would be a great MB considering she is already a blocking machine. I hope she will finally be back to Eczacıbaşı next season and get chance to work with Motta. On the other hand, I have no clue why Beyza Arıcı is invited. She had an operation on her shoulder so I really doubt that she will be fully recovered this summer. Meanwhile Dicle has been pretty good so far. She was very good last season as well. For some reason, Guidetti doesn't like her:aww:

    Libero: Simge is a top libero and her season was very solid except maybe two matches this season. Gizem Örge also played better than last season so I expect her to help Simge more this summer. I am not big fan of Aylin as a defensive specialist. I hope Guidetti will use her as a normal libero this summer.

    All in all, I am happy with the names in the wide roster (except Dicle vs Beyza). With the addition of Neriman, this team could make a lot of surprises if Naz will come back as strong as before pregnancy. :super:

    Mingardi season was pretty horrible honestly. Im happy for Villani but honestly can't understand why Angelina isn't in the list.

    For the other players Lubian is busy with school and Gennari and Bonifacio have chronic problems and injuries that's why they aren't in the list.

    P.s. 😍😍😍 Josephine obossa. Can't believe this girl play in A2 she is so Underrated 😢. And i would love to see Omoruyi and Adhouljock on the list

    Is it a new injury? Bonifacio has been pretty good this season and she didn't seem to be in pain whenever I watched her. I think she can easily be 4th MB. Also I miss Di lulio and Tirozzi, both had good seasons in their teams. What about Olivotto? She has been one of the best blocker of the league:teach:

    Italy has/had amazing receivers, I mean,Piccinini,Del Core,Bosetti sisters,Marcon, Di Iulio... all them can cover most of the court with the libero. Marcon has been the best receiver in Europe for years problably

    I agree with you on Marcon. She could easily play as libero in a top team. To me, Piccinini, Del Core and Bosetti sisters are more all-around players. Italy almost always played with a balanced OH duo. I don't remember when was the last time they played 2 receiver system or a defensive&offensive OH duo.:teach:

    are Asian players not of any considerations? lol... if just talking about Kelsey, Gabi, bosetti etc. type of player wise, I think a few Asian players can probably do similar....just asking...

    I don't think they are good options to cover an offensive OH since they are used to play in a system. For example, Saori was a great OH but she had been very disappointing as a defensive OH in both Vakıfbank and GS since she is not used to cover someone else in the reception line. To me, the best nation who is good at covering an offensive OH is Serbians. Molnar, Vesoviç, Blagojeviç, Maleseviç, Busa etc they all did a decent job to cover an offensive OH, sometimes receiving only with a libero. In this regard, if Vakıfbank will keep Zhu and will rely on a defensive OH, they should keep Robinson instead of Gabi. As someone mentioned earlier, Gabi is a great defender but her reception is not as good to cover her lack of attacking skills. Gabi can be useful with another balanced OH and play a fast system, otherwise she wouldn't be more useful than Robinson with the current system of Vakıfbank

    Kulan had an amazing season last year. Pity that none of the Turkish teams signed with her. She is one of these underrated players. I don't any other OH as tall as her and can still receive decent. Also Rahimova is playing pretty good so far although THY plays with a weird system due to Ruseva's pregnancy. I hope Rahimova will stay in the league. Her serves are pleasure to watch!

    Zhu is rumored to leave, same goes for Rasic but still their main problem is setter.

    Same goes to Eczacibasi, both outplayed by Italian teams because setter weren’t on high level.

    And We can agree about Fener and Gala, they need better setters.

    I don't think Eczacıbaşı lost because of their setter. They lost because of Boskoviç's injury and Vakıfbank lost because of Egonu not that Carlini played amazing.

    She had it last summer and started trainings in April now. She did not get injured again I hope? That will mean end of her career otherwise :(

    Saw her picture on instagram now, such a terrible injury, two years in a row :( I hope she comes back stronger than ever.

    Terrible to hear, she was supposed to be a great prospect. I liked her jump serves. I hope she can manage to recover soon

    Roman Danilov kind of broke the system as he scored 53 points (7 aces, 68% attack efficiency) in a play-out match between his Arhavi Belediye and Afyon Yuntas. Stats

    Meanwhile, are the semis played in a best-of-3 format? In that case, Fenerbahce and Arkas made it to the final as they have a 2-0 advantage over Halkbank and Galatasaray, respectively.

    I was gonna write about this as well. What a monster performance! 😱 And yes, Fenerbahçe and Arkas reached to the finals. It is very surprising to see Fenerbahçe in the finals after such a bad performance during the regular season. Arrival of Hidalgo made a huge difference for them. Also Emre Batur is finally back to his pre-injury shape.

    Arkas reached to semis with great performance of Adis lagumzija. I can imagine that he was extra motivated to play well against his old club Galatasaray. I wonder how he will work with Nedim ozbey, coach of both Galatasaray and my, after such a bitter breakup with Adis