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    I find the performances of China and the Netherlands worrying and underwhelming.

    But everyone can raise their level till Wch, I think there are a lot of competitive teams and it will be tons of fun.

    For me: Italy is the dark horse!! They're quite super explosive and lately they have been good defensively as well, that's a killer combination.

    I agree! I'll also be cheering for Italy next to turkey 🎉 they have a great generation now that can play for 3-4 Olympic cycle just like generation of piccinini, lo Bianco etc has done before.

    That's right, sadly. She had to undergo a minor knee surgery and won't recover in time for WCh. Malešević will have to step up now.

    I don't remember if it was already mentioned, but Mina Popović was operated as well and is definitely going to miss the WCh.

    Any news about Mihajlovic? Is it sure that she will be ready for WCh? So the serbian OHs will be Mihajlovic, Malesevic, Milenkovic and Busa?

    I am pretty sure it was more than “a few times in special occasions”. I even remember she prepared to spike from the back row, she attacked even when it wasn’t even a set, just a high defense bal. it seemed it was something that trained back at the time.

    Maybe you are confused with Carillo? She was attacking from backrow regularly although she was MB

    I don't think the absence of Daalderop would hurt NL teams much, both Plak and Buijs can sub each other any time. I think the most critical position for NL is Maret. There is no single defensive OH in the roster. In the case of her injury, the team would collapse:whistle:

    This team needs a leader (not a screamer) Next to Eda, only leader character is Hande and Simge. One of these should be on court no matter what, otherwise the team looks lost after a few consecutive mistakes

    Tuğba made 3 reception errors in 1 set. She is clearly better attacker than Saliha but with such fragile reception, she doesn't deserve to be in WCh roster

    16 players roster for Turkish NT for Rabobank Tournament. young tall setter Elif Aydin is out. This tournament will be very important for OHs since one of them will be out. I expect either Saliha or Tugba to be dropped out. Also Aylin Sarioglu since she is the weakest among the 3 liberos

    Setters: Cansu Özbay, Cansu Aydınoğulları

    Opps: Meryem Boz, Ebrar Karakurt

    OHs: Hande Baladın, Meliha İsmailoğlu, Şeyma Ercan, Saliha Şahin, Tuğba Şenoğlu

    MBs: Eda Erdem Dündar, Beyza Arıcı, Zehra Güneş, Aslı Kalaç

    Liberos: Simge Aköz, Gizem Örge, Aylin Sarıoğlu

    I saw some of her highlights in youtube. she play different position. not sure what will be her position in ageo. I believe each team are allowed to have two foreign players. so, they might have another player aside from Santiago.

    It will be difficult for the Japanese players to play in Europe. simply because they have different style of play. the "communication" is a major aspect of that. I remember Saori playing in Vakifbank and Galatasaray. her coach said she didn't do well. not because she is not a great player but because the "type of play in Europe is different compare to asia. we have Zhu & KYK who are both shine in Europe but that is because they are very tall same as European players and had a coaches who trained them very well.

    I agree with you. Japanese players are system players and they are only functional in the asian system that's why I don't see any Japanese player that can be useful in a European top team. however, this is not the case for Chinese players since CHN is playing more like a russian style instead of traditional Asian style volleyball. That's why many Chinese players can be good assets to European teams. for instance I would love to see Yuan (MB) in Europe

    Why is Pettke out? She is not a great MB but considering other options she seemed to be best next to Scholzel, and she also has more experience in international level. :whistle:

    Did you get any chance to watch Nele? I remember her from youth/junior NT but then she was just back-up player for Geerties and Izquerdo. I wonder if playing in USA improved her a lot

    You mean renewed right? To resign means to quit :whistle:

    It is interesting that Japanese teams started to sign with foreign MBs instead of OHs or opposite players in last two years.

    I wish they would organize continental championships and once the continental berths was gone, the remaining countries could fight for the other spots. Now Brasil will probably get a spot via world qualification which will give a free spot to other South American countries :down: Same with USA and CHN.

    Depending on draw, there could be 7 European teams in OG in theory at least :super:

    Thanks for the explanation. Pity that we can't see Leyva here, it is a big pleasure to watch her :heart:

    Can someone explain what's the difference of Pan American cup and Pan American Games. Which one is more prestigious? :teach:

    I think Neriman can be a good addition to this team only as an opposite if Ebrar does not fix her problems. I don't mind seeing Neriman in the squad for WCH either. It would make me really pissed if she joins the team as OH though, I think Meliha-Seyma-Hande trio did a solid work there, plus we have some good prospects like Tugba, Derya and Ilkin to be the next OHs. Since we are having a temporary problem in the opposite position, Neriman can be a good alternative.

    I agree! What she can do as Opp is way more than what she can offer as OH. Instead of having 3 liberos, we can take 3 Opps