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    By the way, some people complain about voronkova flipping at important games. She once again proved them wrong. Her great defense, reception and attack worked very well. With Boskovic, she was the reason for the win yesterday

    crovolley you were making fun of Turkish clubs, as I told you before, group games are worthless. Let's wait till playoffs when the results actually matter. And Eczacıbaşı won those two games when it really mattered. So think twice before making fun of Turkish teams next time. Otherwise they will shut you down with the results anyways😏:lol:

    You missed the main point. Big clubs have a huge influence on the market. Players don't go analyzing the market and choose a smaller team "to even out the competition." They choose the best offer for their career. Big clubs however, have the power to make the league better (by not hogging good players and letting them sit on the bench anyway. I already told you how Vakifbank unprofessionally poached Markova. And you're too dense to see the point.

    I'm sure no player wants to be a benchwarmer, no matter how much they're paid.

    You miss the point that big clubs can make offers and players could refuse them if they are not greedy for money and actually think about their playing time. This happened before multiple times, not all the top players accepted to be a bench player when they get an offer from a big club. If Fetisova failed to reject their offer, it is 100% her responsibility, you can't blame clubs for making an offer to a player.

    By the way , asli replied you with her amazing performance yesterday. Now you know why she plays instead of Fetisova 😏

    because this isn’t club…. National teams shouldn’t just be out looking around for talented youth all over the globe and trying to naturalize them

    Not true, naturalizing her has huge advantage for the club as well. Look at how advantageous naturalization of Vargas was for Fenerbahçe. It is obviously interest of club as well. Not only for letting her play in NT but also counting a player as local in the league is a big plus for the club. So I totally understand if they would make such a move. It seems like they didnt anyways so noting to discuss further

    For me it's definitely Haak, Egonu, Boskovic in top three. Vargas is soon there but hasn't proved it yet, she is also more power but easier to "shut down" than those three from what I've seen so far. Call me out if Im wrong but isn't Vargas spike reach like 10 cm lower than the other three?

    And I'd say Boskovic and Egonu are not as consistent as Haak but can get into a higher "god level" tier than Haak sometimes. :P

    But to count out Haak from those three is weird to me, considering all of her achievements as Steven brought up.

    Vargas is above all 3. She proved that many times last year with her consistent performance. We will see if she is fully recovered now, if she is she is on a level by herself above other 3. She is not as error prone as Egonu anymore, she is a better server than boskovic and Haak as well.

    Wait I’m confused.. Turkey tried to naturalize her ? Lol they have no shame. I’d love to see video her though ! We need a big OPP

    Why wouldn't they try to naturalize a player they invest since she was 12 years old. Basically she would learn how to play volleyball in their academy. They would invest a lot her development and education. I think it is very fair that they could offer her naturalization. Of course it is at the end the player's own decision to accept it or not but to me, it is not like unexpected to offer naturalization to someone that as a club invests so much

    right. We don't call out big teams hoarding players just because they can afford to.

    like that country who naturalized a lot of players "because they can" 🥴

    Why are you blaming players who are just looking for the best contracts for their careers but not blame big clubs who actually have the power to influence the movements of players?

    Turkiye has clubs that even go behind proper channels and try poaching players disrespectfully.

    Why is it so hard for you to understand that clubs CANNOT force players to sign contracts. Have you heard something called free will. Like every player has one?🙄 What's in your delusional world? Fetisova really wanted to go to a club she can be starter but Fenerbahçe put a gun to her head and made her sign a contract with them?🤦

    Every player has different priorities while signing contracts. Some goes to clubs which they can be starter while others choose to sit at the bench of big clubs for money or chance of winning medals. It is dumb to blame clubs for that instead of players who choose to sign those contracts with their freewill. So it is on Fetisova 100%. And why do you assume that she is unhappy with sitting on the bench. Probably she is happy with the money she get and will get medals in both cl and Turkish league without doing much.😉

    1- sometimes you make very intense comments with a know-it-all attitude, that's why we clashed but no harsh feelings from my side!

    2. By not replying those people, they would create this wrong image among certain players, which is very wrong in Ilkin's case because I've watched all NT games last summer and very aware of her match by match performance.

    As I mentioned in my previous post, I think the players below are locked for Paris



    Ebrar- İlkin- Hande-?-?


    Gizem Orge

    13th player: Simge or Ayça

    I think 10 players are almost sure to be in final roster except of an injury case. There are two slots left for 12 players roster (assuming 13th player will be a libero)

    11th player will be the 4th OH. She will be one of the following OHs: Neriman, Derya, Tuğba or Meliha.

    There are 4 options for 12th player:

    • Second opp like Neriman
    • 5th OH Derya, Tuğba, Meliha
    • 4th MB like Kübra ( she's having a bad season, so Busra kılıçlı, Beyza arıcı or Yasemin güveli would be better choices)
    • Second libero to play as defensive specialist (either Simge or Ayça)

    Curious which strategy santarelli will have

    Isn't it that Meliha can not be in the short roster with Vargas? Like last year she was at VNL only 3rd week when Vargas was not there.

    I don't think it is a problem. I'm not sure but she only played in junior NT of Bosnia but never in senior NT so it doesn't count as naturalized player like Vargas. Someone please correct me if I remember wrong

    When do you think we can expect our roster for VNL? I think deadline might be 2 weeks earlier then last year due to VNl starting that much earlier as well, so middle of April?

    I expect Boskovic, Maja, Drca and Stevanovic to get full rest. The other might be invited to VNL just to see who can work with who or play a small part in it. I woud prefer all of them to get full rest tbh like before Tokyo.

    I think after season in our league so far, that Miljevic will be called for VNL 100% before Jaksic. Guidetti saw her twice in games vs Vakifbank and even commented that she was very good. Also if Perovic is called for preparation I think she will also be invited for her talent despite having shaky season so far after coming from injury (there is still 1.5 months of league season to go and she should be getting in better shape)

    Are Uzelac and Kurtagic counted amongst these 15 girls Nikolic mentioned or they gonna be playing VNL just so Guidetti can see where they are at compared to last season? They are young, they can sustain playing both VNL and being in preparations for Paris.

    Why do you think stevanovic should get rested? She isn't playing much in Eczacıbaşı this season and she is in a very bad shape. I think she should play vnl and justify her starting position

    I wouldn't say at all, she has some good games but since she gets so much hate and started season so bad, people think she is thrash.

    Check her game by game stats. Scoring 15+ points and receiving 20+ balls with not bad ratios most of the games is not bad. After 10-15 games of the season, ı am including cevcup games in these 10-15 games too, she is having an okay season.

    Her attacking average 37% this season. It is not good at all for an OH who can't also receive well. As mentioned before, she got so much chances and never get substituted despite of her horrible performance. She had only a few good games this season and last two games she is back to her terrible self again. I hope new coach won't show the same special treatment that ze did due to his nepotism

    😂 she played well everytime she's put in. What more if she has regular playing time. I just want these big teams to stop hiring good players only to just let them sit om the bench. Give them to other teams

    You pretend like they put a gun to the players' heads while signing🤦 the players should be the ones to be blamed. Obviously for some players, money or titles are more important than playing full time. And this is not a club's fault. Fetisova should have signed with another club if she really cared about playing as starter

    Are you even watching at all? She had close to NO chances. 🤣 how do you expect her to play if she just sits on the bench.

    Well she is training with the team, right? Lavarini sees her at the trainings and probably not convinced that she could be more useful than aslı. Considering drca is playing almost every game, it is hard to use a foreign mb as well. As I said, after Vargas is back to be full time starter, both Ana Cristina and Fetisova might get more responsibilities

    I think Tuğba, Neriman and Meliha should get a chance to play in VNL and fight for the 4th OH position of Derya since Ebrar, Hande and İlkin are all guaranteed at this point. However, I also doubt that Neriman will be okay to sit on bench whole summer even if she will be invited

    Karayolları is officially relegated. Çukurova, Aydın, PTT and Sarıyer are in danger. I think Sarıyer will be the second team to get relegated. Although they lost today Çukurova are playing well, I dont see them getting relegated. Same for Aydın they should be fine. PTT got an important win today which should help them to survive.

    Aydin lost so many tiebreakers this season after leading those tiebreakers indeed, I lost count of them🤦 I don't know why they get these total meltdowns in tiebreakers, they could have been in top 8 if they have won their tiebreaker sets this season

    I think PTT will relegate unless Sarıyer lost against karayolları

    i never understand why Fetisova is being benched all the time. She's a powerful MB. She's just dead in the eyes and not flashy.

    I don't know what to think of Anna C's career being on bench as well for majority of her 3 year stay in Fenerbahce.

    She was injured and slowly coming back while recovering. She will have more playing time once Vargas is able to play

    Fetisova is a good blocking MB but she is not the type who can attack well. It seems like Asli get her benched even for cl games. She could have been a starter mid level Turkish clubs indeed