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    Comedy series: If you like British humour Coupling and Little Britain are my favourites.

    Comedy Movies: The hustle, Spy, the Heat

    Sci-fi: The man from Earth, K-PAX, Contact

    Drama: Queen of Hearts, Sons of Denmark, Jimmie

    LGBT series: Queer as folk, Please like me, Looking

    LGBT movies: Call me by your name, God's own country, 4th man out

    Thanks for sharing this! It is incredible to see Naz is playing such a mature game at the age of 18. There isn't any such talented young setter nowadays.

    Eda, Neslihan and Naz are my favourite 3 Turkish players and each of them excel at every single element of volleyball (Eda played as receiver, Neslihan played as setter, Naz played as attacker) Recently, players started to specialized at only one single element of the game; nowadays we have OHs who can either only attack or receive, MBs who can either only attack or block. That's why I think starts from older generations could always beat newer star players in a hypothetical game

    Many teams did that when the MBs could still pass. Both Osasco and Rio when they had Mari Steinbrecher at the roster did the same thing with her. She didn't rotate on the back line. Valeskinha (who played with her in both teams) would remain on the court and Mari would be benched by the libero (Arlene or Fabi).

    Also Walewska was able to receive as an MB right?

    For me, it seems like Haak just does not care very much about Swedish NT. I get the sense that she considers it as a secondary priority and that her effort/motivation into it is low. I mean, the organization and management of the particular NT in question are substandard or third-rate, hardly professionally managed, and so vastly inferior in relation to what she experiences abroad while playing for a top team in a prestigious pro league that I doubt it´s easy for her to redirect/adjust and take it very seriously. The last summer she didn´t even play at all for Sweden and I doubt she will play much for them in the future as well due to the reason mentioned above.

    Was she injured last summer or it was just by her unwillingness?

    Um...that's not how moderating works or how the dynamics of internet forums operate. You assign all the perceived positive atmosphere you associate with this site to Matthias' influence, but you clearly don't wan't to associate the negative ones to him. That's a contradiction #1. But the much bigger problem is that when you have a completely hands-free, no-interference "moderation" (and what exactly is being "moderated" then?), then the atmosphere and dynamics of the site depend completely on its membership, and what that membership brings with it, either toxicity and attention-seeking insecurity, or healthy debate and discussion.

    But as with real life, negative voices are always the loudest, and even one rotten apple can spoil the whole bunch. Witness: this site. That's the whole purpose of internet moderation: to remove rotten apples. That is why Matthias is a failure as a moderator, whether you realise it or not. We shouldn't have to be forced to ignore him (especially since the ignore function does not seem to be working!).

    well because negative ones are not created by Matthias, they are created by the newcomers who invaded this forum with all the unnecessary accusations and conflicts. So please get your contradictions straight.

    How do you know he has hands-free, no-interference "moderation"? Did you expect him report you every single moderating action he has done? since you don't know it, means he didn't do it. Logical fallacy #1

    I sincerely think that people here enjoy bashing crovolley just because it is a fun daily activity for you all. Otherwise just block and avoid him for a week, just a week! and you will see the problem will be gone and we can continue to talk about volleyball (if anything left to talk about nowadays)

    What are you talking about, do you live in some kind of utopia and believe that everyone is impeccably reasonable and that you do not need the rules is just common sense?Of course, I am not saying that I just obey the rules and reject common sense, but I can only guarantee for myself just like everyone else individually, but the rules are there to regulate and give everyone equal opportunity.

    A 100 times to reiterate that the blocking option may not exist, I can still see what he likes and I can see that he has commented and if he is the thread creator I can easily see and comment on it, so I am not an anarchist and I do not want at all to persuading with people like crovolley, expecting some sort of tidy system, and expecting the person executing it to do something, and saying that it doesn't care about anything, if he doesn't care let it go and let someone else to work through the necessary work. Again, I do not know what the organization of the forum is about this, and I do not know if Mathias is a person who is able to do it at all, but if so, he is certainly guilty without talking.

    What kind of utopia do you live in that you think once there is a rules section the trolls will read them all and will behave as such reasonable people all of a sudden?:what: While Crovolley said many times that he will get other accounts if you ban him, what's the point of banning him (pope was banned from this forum many times but he kept coming back) the only way is to block him. Why is it so hard to avoid someone? "oh I see what he likes" don't be such a snowflake!:aww: I blocked Umu11 but I can still see he is liking every single post of beri, should I also demand Umu11 to be banned from the forum just because I can't handle seeing his messages quoted by others or I see what he liked?

    He refused to share responsibility with people who wanted to help and he said he doesn't care and doesn't bother to work on a better environment here bcs he does simply not think it's like 'back in the days' so he doesn't care.

    I really don't get this insisting on Matthias being amazing, once again I have never seen a forum without a rules/guideline section. I'm not trying to bash him, but if he refuses to see and hear everything we say I think it's natural some of us get pissed. At this point he is enabling a toxic aura here.

    Well, once again, let me repeat: you don't need written rules to behave yourself, a common sense should be enough. Why do you need a rules section? Do you think crovolley is behaving like this because there is no rules section in the forum?:aww:

    People like Matthias's work because we appreciate the fact that he has been neutral, considerate and reliable person in any conflict for more than 10 years and his contributions to this forum made this place such a pleasant forum to follow. I would definitely prefer someone like him instead an impulsive person feeding the drama herself.

    Please stop blaming Matthias for your lack of ability to ignore crovolley. I have the feeling that most of you guys simply enjoy bashing him instead of blocking/ignoring him. He is clearly a troll but when everyone keeps talking about him instead of blocking doesn't help at all

    Generally acting like an immature child and troling for attention which he so obviously didn't get from his parents is one thing, but pretending to be concerned about numbers in countries he doesn't like, and all but gloating about the fact there will be less deaths in his country than in those others is surely, SURELY taking things too far. If mathias still won't ban him after this, than he is nothing but a spineless coward.

    Dont blame Matthias for this again, he left the forum because of such mean and provocative comments 😒

    Decidedly not. At least not at the highest level of international volleyball (I'm sure she can win a game against Slovakia or Greece etc by herself sometime), and not yet. She might grow to be such a force soon, but she isn't one yet.

    Agreed, she didn't win any games against a remarkable opponent with Sweden yet

    In addition to what sloth says, you are simply not a mod, no matter how much you clearly wish to be, and have no power to enforce anything. So deal with it, boy.

    As for Haak, I'm not sure whether France could have strong enough squad to play in OG, even with her. Always have in mind the example of Bulgaria; names alone will not guarantee you success on the international scene.

    France is participating next OG anyways as a host so they won't need to qualify. Of course they won't be medal contender by addition of Haak but at least they can get some sets from other teams otherwise it would be ridiculously easy games.

    And about Bulgaria example, they very very rarely played with all top players at the same time. Vasileva, Rabadzhieva or Nikolova skipped tournament either by choice or due to their injuries that's why they are very underachieved

    I know. I was just saying that when you point out to a woman athlete, it's automatically body shaming to many people and when you do the same to a man athlete, then everything is okay.

    I didn't say that it is ok. I don't think it is up to any of us to criticize their lifestyle choices, no matter which gender it is.

    I have been meaning to say this but somehow haven’t and I just saw Turkey vs Brazil match in Grand Prix 2017, it is impossible not to notice how Hande put on some real weight. She better take care of herself because it might affect her performance and development. It looks like it affected her posture.

    I believe freedom and its everybody’s own body, they can do whatever they want to to their bodies, especially with the pressure the men put on women to look perfect all the time but this is not about it. When you aim to be a top athlete, play in a top NT and club in the world, you need to take care of yourself more carefully. Do not try to bash me by not understanding the point.

    Great example of 'I don't judge you, but I do'

    sidney's favorite, wilhite.

    madison kindgon.

    simone lee?

    I don't think Madison kingdom has a level to be competitive to be in next Olympic cycle. I bet one of the newcomers will take her spot

    My take. The reason why the West are having trouble with social distancing and the likes is the "closeness." In Asia (mostly), we don't hug or kiss each other when we greet each other. Mostly.

    Also the mask culture. It's a taboo if you're not wearing any type of masks. It's opposite in the West. Mask can help prevent the spread the virus, as what they say in Taiwan. Like 80% are asymptomatic, so a person may unwittingly spread the virus by just a simple forced exhale.

    Im not sure this is really relevant. You don't need to kiss or hug someone to spread the infection. Normal distance during a conversation is already enough for virus to spread to other person via aerosols. Also it is known that most of the masks don't help at all unless they are specialized medical material and changed quite often.

    I said they are doing good in preventing it from arriving at Turkey and I said I'm 99% sure that when it enters Turkey don't won't be able to contain it. It's also not just the government but also the mindset of people.

    Please if you don't read my messages, do not @ me anymore. I don't wish to respond.

    Thats not what you said but anyways...

    This is the official link showing the day by day infection graph for Turkey if anyone interested in