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    So Saint Raphael played last night like nothing happened, naturally winning 3-0 and progressing further. :roll:

    If the CEV lets this one slide like that, I don't see what's going to stop stronger teams from sending only 7-8 players to away matches in these early rounds and cut the travel costs.

    Everyday CEV breaks another record of ridiculousness!😱 I'm ashamed of the fact that CEV is the federation of my favorite sport😒

    I know THAT. But what i tried to tell was the team she will be playing won’t help her in anyway. She could have been loaned to Nilufer or something.

    Training with a mediocre team won't help her. Now she can train with best players and great coach. With current roster of vakıfbank, both she and Tuğba will get time to play during the season. So there's no reason to loan her to a mediocre team right now that will prevent her to play with vakıfbank.

    They can't play in both Vakıfbank and another club from Venus sultanlar ligi. It makes sense to let them play in first Division instead of keeping them on the bench. Meanwhile they can still play and train with Vakıfbank. I think guidetti is doing a good job managing youngsters

    As we all know ,zhu has the highest pay now. zhu still stay in vakif because vakif refuse CVA's request and raise zhu's salary.Zhu's agent wants a higher salary for her but vakif didnt accept it until zhu maybe will be a assistant coach in vakif .add a job ,so they can add money.anyway,this season zhu still improves her salary.we all know vakifbank has so many young players and they are not stable and dont show much talent Zhu will help in this part.we all know now Chinese NT has many young players now.they have same problems.CVA wants zhu to come back to China to help improve young players.we know Zhu is a good attcker and blocker.these things are important for a good team.she has improve a lot in receive and deffence now. so much experience she can share to young players.after 2 years in vakifbank,zhu got all MVPs and victories in Clubs. this season we can see she is so relaxed even vakifbank in a danger situation.we can see something from vakif vs fener.and this atitude will help her a lot.we can enjoy more good matches this season.

    This doesn't make any sense at all. Teaching how to attack or block is trainer's job not Zhu's. I can imagine federation wants Zhu's to join to NT trainings early since Chinese league doesn't last as long as Turkish one. All other reasons you guys claim are pointless.

    My first thought was that it looks like a handball. But then most important for me will be the flight characteristics, i.e. how it will affect my float serves...

    I am curious about that too, I wonder if that will benefit jump servers or jump floaters:teach:

    Should have continental qualification first and world second. That way teams will have 2 chances instead of 1 because of unfair ranking points system. Top ranking 30 teams will get to play both if needed.

    I think this would be the most fair way to go! CHN-USA and BRA are all hard to eliminate for many European teams but the second tier teams in these continents (KOR, DOM, ARG) can be beaten by many European teams easily. When CHN-USA-BRA already qualified via world Q, they give unjust slots to the countries from their continents. :down: If the continental qualifications would have done earlier than world qualifications, it is very likely that European teams could grab all 6 slots :roll:

    Assuming SRB, CHN, USA, BRA and CMR could win their respective continental qualification tournaments. The pools for the world qualifications could have been as following;

    Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D Pool E Pool F
    Russia Netherlands Italy Republic of Korea Dominican. Rep. Argentina
    Canada Bulgaria Germany Thailand Puerto Rico Turkey
    Belgium Kenya Mexico Azerbaijan Kazakhstan Czech Republic
    Croatia Colombia Trinid. & Tobago Peru Poland Cuba

    To me, this pool composition would have been more balanced and fair. In this way, teams like Poland and Azerbaijan can get the chance to show if they deserve the spot more than KOR, THA and DOM

    Although it is becoming very off topic I have to say I don't agree with you. Coming out in Turkey does have consequences, Turkey has standard Middle East mind site about this issue and I can see that it will be a lot of bashing when Ebrar become more famous. On the other hand, in turkey gay female relationships are not taken seriously, that's why people don't react as bad as they react to gay male relationships.

    Openly gay people does exist in media but they are being ridiculed and used as stereotypes.

    About the relationship of egonu and skorupa, I don't think it is any different than ortolani and mazzanti. Indeed I find this kind of trainer-player relationships more problematic since there is a 'tennis teacher effect'

    There are so many players that are underrated but it is not they are white. Egonu is one of the players who get the most praise despite being black🤔

    I call this BS claiming lack of appreciation for diouf and sylla

    Oh, no doubt she was affected by her losing the starting spot in NT. There was one particularly unguarded short interview done immediately after the disappointment at 2014 World Championship where you could see a small glimpse how bothered she was by it. I mean, this 17-year old child was taking her place (you must remember that at this time, she was the biggest star of Serbian NT). Sure, she had a major shoulder injury she recently recovered from, and Terzic used that as a public excuse to use her as sub (while she herself said she was completely fine, and ready to play).

    But also, I wonder that in such cases (particularly in the cases of Brakocevic and Hooker, but also several others), the fact they were no longer stars of their NT had an effect on us, the fans and spectators, just as much as on players themselves. I have often stated that, in female volleyball, you can't be a true superstar with just your club achievements. There are only very few players who don't have successes and great games with their NT whom we are willing to call world-class, and that only tends to last a limited number of years, before they fade from public perception of "world-class star".

    i dont think nt success is the most important one. For instance, ravva is one of the most dominant and respected mb in the volleyball history without any NT success. Same goes poljak although she has been in Olympics when she was young in later stages of her career there is no success with nt but she is still considered as one of the best MB in the world. Barun is known very well too although she barely ever played for NT. We can count several Ukrainian players as well since they did never play with NT. And of course most recent example is haak who is compared to egonu although she has no success with nt