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    If Caterina really doesn't want to play for the N because she thinks Picci would get the spot to Tokyo anyways, then she doesn't deserve to be in the NT.. That's a bit Diva attitude IMO. Sure she's having a great season, and her defensive skills would be really appreciated, but let's not forget it has been a while till she has performed good. She WAS a great talent on the junior level, and never met the expectations in the senior category.. IMO she's not confident enough that she's better than Francesca. I don't blame her for feeling a certain way because federation is pushing for Picci, but sometimes you gotta get over yourself and bite hard.. it's Olympics we're talking about

    I don't agree with your point of view. It is not like she doesn't want to fight for a spot but if she knows that federation would make Piccinini in the roster no matter what, there is no space for C. Bosetti. We also don't know about what's going on with her and trainer

    Hande was by far the best outside of whole tournament and could be named as MVP as well but I understand Meryem was outstanding when it mattered most

    Another undeserved title for Wolosz:down: Naz or hanke should have been rewarded, I agree with the rest

    USA, BRA and CHN have always been medal contender for many decades whereas Europe always had almost 10 teams which are not good enough to beat these 3 but can beat the rest of teams in other continents. However recently, Europe has two powerhouses SRB and ITA that are serious medal contenders for OG and WCh:super:

    ugh baby girl the first two sentences... we dont feel her... so you have the audacity to be racist bc you are greek or sumn???😭😭 im sorry do you REALLY think that turks like greeks at all? because they dont lmaooooo😭😭💀💀 you have to be a stupid to think they like greeks but you know what turks still aint doing? trash talking about other nations lmao thats pathetic. and btw i know you are trying to be nice and stuff but being greek doesnt give you the rights to be a racist🤗 that mentality stinks im sorry for you

    For the record, Turks do like Greeks although each nation has a group of very nationalistic low-educated people who hate others based on race but who cares about those idiots anyways🥰

    So yeah, yesterday...

    They didn't play any WCh before 2006 and this will be only their 2nd olympics. Not to talk about Men's team, which has done literally nothing.

    Compare that to Brazil, USA, Russia/USSR, Italy, China, Cuba, Japan, even Korea. Only Serbia has a similar short history like them but at least they have a strong men's team since a long time ago.

    I mean, no disrespect, it's good progress for such a little time. But they are in diapers still.

    What's the relevance of male team in this discussion?:what:

    Volleyball is also a mental game guys, as almost all the sport. We shouldnt forget that guys. You could have trained a lot, you could have amazing skills, such a high jump, be well known cuz of your poisonous serves, etc but when the head isnt on the court, you just arent there.

    Turkish girls really know how to cope with it. I know they are a young team too, but having players as Eda and Naz, two warriors of 1001 battles, it helps a lot. And some girls have already played a lot of VNL matches, clutch matches in TL and so on. It isnt Turkey fault that Germany is so so so shaky and it isnt able to show their well organized game. Matches like this we have watched so so so many (Slovenia in both ECH final, Cuba in 2010 WCH, etc, etc).

    Sure, the germans still have some time to wake up, but it is set 2 already.

    Definitely agree, players like Naz and eda are needed for these matches.

    And Germany is missing Durr badly right now

    Turkey is pretty blessed to have two good setters with such different styles. I don't have ten years of watching The Naz perform miracles like ya'll do. In the year or so I've seen her she has good times and bad times. Cansu also has good times and bad times, but her spirit is one of the main reasons I've come to love the Turkish team. No disrespect to The Naz, but good luck to my sweetheart tomorrow

    To be honest, Cansu had her moments during this tournament but when it mattered most Naz was the one who get the job done. It is not Naz's best performance yet (just to keep in mind she is still getting in shape after pregnancy) but you can easily see how much experience she has and this helped so much in both of the tiebreaks in last two days:obey::rose:

    Caprara is not a magician, no one should have expected a big improvement after a few weeks. I think she should stay, there are not many good trainers free to pick for anyways.

    I am curious if Meijners will stay in the team or she will turn her team down again since she won't be playing in OG? I think NED should finally make their overdue generation change. I don't expect Grothues, Schoot and Meijners would be playing in 2022 WCh, I would also doubt if Sloetjes, Dijkema, Buijs, De Kruijf and Koolhaas would be still play on a high level for 2024 Paris.

    NED should build a team around Knip, Belien, Plak, Bongaerts, Lohuis, Jasper, Daalderop. This wouldn't be very strong starting line up but Dutch should start from somewhere if they are aiming for Paris

    I totally agree with you. Now I hope all word understand that Italian coaches are not god and I hope Federation understand that players are not so important to fired and choose new coache. On the end coach and sport director from Federation must go for me after this loos.

    With this logic, you think Poland should keep Nawrocki although they don't want him at all?

    I really wish I could go and watch it (+ we'd meet) but I work till 17:00 and then I still have to go to Apeldoorn... (+ I have finals for Uni tuesday)

    So I have to skip sadly.

    Btw I also almost bought em for today but thank god I havent :lol: that atmosphere looked great though

    Bummer! I have a volleyball game myself tomorrow in Utrecht, I hope I will be able to make it:super:

    Hit me up if anyone else from this forum will be in the gym tomorrow, we can have an inside-volley banner:rolll: