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    I agree about playing with 3 MBs but I would put Karmen as Opp since she can do slides better than Mina

    He watched Karpolj when he was younger, obviously too much. But guys, just don't expect any sort of apologize from him.

    NOone expects any apology from this disgusting man, but all supporters expect FB club to fire him. Such physical harassment shouldn't be overlooked. :mad: this is not his first time he shows such terrible behavior :wall:

    any idea about Giulio Bregoli? I think he is doing a very good job with Chieri last couple of years. Does anyone think he could be a good candidate?

    No offense but why would Santarelli want to move down? He's sitting pretty right now with Serbia! Most top coaches are coaching top teams so they probably wouldn't want this job

    Noone said that he would. But if this spot was available before he signed with Serbia NT, I'm sure he would have applied. Same would probably with Lavarini. Of course nobody expects him to leave Serbia NT, especially now that he succeeded so much in such a small amount of time

    Well, if Turkiye can snatch Guidetti from Netherlands years ago, I don't see why they can't do it again with Santarelli.

    I think it was a different situation back then since Guidetti was married to a Turkish and just had a kid. On the other hand there's nothing binding Santarelli to Turkey.

    For trainers who are earning well at their own clubs, money won't be enough incentive

    Well I should clarify. I don't think there's anything wrong with dreaming or fantasizing about something. TVF is the second (?) richest federation itw... money can talk.

    I just dont agree with the thought that Ze or JLP wouldnt be passionate about coaching a foreign NT or they'd be worse than Ferhat for whatever reason... JLP literally coached the USA lol

    Sure, it 99% won't happen... but it doesnt mean someone cant dream or think about it... what are forums for if its not for 50% nonsense, 25% memes, and the occasional rational talk :lol::lol:

    You do you babe

    i know i cant possibly be reading some of yall wouldnt want Ze or JLP.... is it april first or something?


    It is not that we won't want them. Obviously it is not going to happen. Signing with Karpol would sound more realistic than signing with either of these. So I don't see the point of fantasizing about something obviously not gonna happen🤦

    I agree that going for ze or lang ping doesn't make any sense. They need someone who is hungry for success. Santarelli would have been the best, now there's no better candidate than Gui. Anyone will be a downgrade at this stage

    l agree with everyone, what I do like about Ferhat is that he at least always tries new players on NT I guess. He isn't choosing conservatively and I doubt we'd have overused players for tournaments like VNL.

    People here said Mazzanti but I knew that's not happening, maybe Italy will get Guidetti though to force Egonu to return to NT indirectly.

    But his choices are sooo random. It is not like be finds a gem and helps her to develop. He insisted to play with Nursevil Aydınlar as second setter in NT. Where is she now? She could barely play as backup in mediocre teams since then.

    I don't think Ferhat is the one who could elevate this team. In our team there are big egos as well, they need someone with a charisma and big name so that they would respect. I can't imagine someone like Ferhat can train Eda, Ebrar or Zehra

    Her performance in Firenze so far explains why she was on bench in Novara :whistle: Apparently she can only perform well when she's the sole undisputed star of a team, which might explain why she supports Vandebroek unlike many other Belgian players :/

    This is really a thing. We have seen this with a lot of players in the past. A player shines when she is the only reliable player in a mediocre team and then once she is transferred to a bigger team with better players, she flops. We had couple of such players in Turkish league as well. That's why I am always trying be careful while evaluating star players of mediocre teams

    I'm not happy that GUI is leaving. He did create his fair share of drama by excluding so many players but also he gave turkey a lot. Turkey NT reached their biggest accomplishments under his guidance. Not approving every decision he made, but he is one of the best coaches out there, now we will probably replace him with a worse one.

    Obviously this was his own choice rather than federation. Federation now makes it look like as if it was their decision, just avoid criticism from public.

    People can keep dreaming about ze or lang ping etc but realistically it will be either Mazzanti or Ferhat, neither of them is an upgrade to Gui🤦

    With Arina and Voronkova playing on this level and Goncharova also with great perfomances in Russian League, it's such a shame they can't represent Russia on NT tournaments

    With all respect to Goncharova, I think Russia would better play with Parubets as Opp. She can help Arina with reception and still contribute as much as Goncharova.

    I agree that they could have easily reached to at least semi finals in last WCH if they were allowed😩

    Congratulations to Eczacı, everyone is playing better than their usual selves that's why we should give credit to Ferhat. He is not my favorite trainer but credit should be given to when it is due

    Nika is a big liability at reception which is not a surprise to anyone but problem is neither Derya nor Bajema are not any better at reception. That's why to me the team composition of Vakıfbank outsides are completely wrong this season.

    It's not just her individual stats that are so astonishing like that she is currently the 1st scorer, but how much her play is contributing to her team's success. Okay look, I know there's only been 4 games so far, but many Turkish users here were saying prior to the start of the season that her team is one of the weakest in the league (some said bottom 2). And for Bianka Busa to make such a team, a team with no other half-way reliable scorer apart from her, in the top 5 (alongside the 4 biggest names Vakif, Fener, Ecza and THY) after 4 rounds in the second best league in the world...:obey::obey:

    Who said PTT was one of the weakest in the league?:what: as pre-season predictions, Ilbank was pointed as the weakest by almost everyone. sigorta shop, Bolu and nilüfer were the other 3 who are predicted not to make it to playoffs. I didnt see anyone pointing PTT out as one of the weakest teams. Most people including me were doubting because of Caric and her injury history. So far it seems like this was a fair concern.

    By the way another person who doesn't get enough credit in PTT is Merve Tanyel. She is playing very solid so far although she is one of the shortest outsides of the league. She attacked with 39% (Busa with 40%)

    As Bogdan mentioned, PTT played against 3 worst teams of the league and they lost against only decent team they met. Now they have matches against FB and Eczacıbaşı. We can tell more about their capacity after these two games

    I said at least for now. What, should we shut up until the end of the season. What's the fun without sharing observations with clear constraints and reservations...

    dude last season I started criticizing ferhat for not having any results against any team during preseason and you bashed me again like this. I just didn't see they had it and it turned out to be true eh? Maybe not all early comments are so off dear mr. Know-it-all:)

    Well what's fun if I won't be share my opinion when I disagree?😉