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    Your roster makes sense but I would keep Cansu, she needs to work with Vargas and Neriman since she never played with them before. Buse didn't play much this season but I still have hopes for her. She could be a better sub than elif since she is a good blocker, server and played with Vargas before

    Italy surely will include the rest of starting players as bosetti,pietrini,chirichella and if antropova is eligible,her also

    Meanwhile serbia not only stevanovic could be added and I doubt she would make a lot of difference

    Except antropova, none of these had a good season so although they are better than current line up, I doubt they will make a huge difference for Italy unless they improve dramatically in a month. They need to win two of china, Brazil and Japan and all other teams which they are favorite against

    Serbia will get Boskovic in 3rd week, even if they win all their games in 3rd week (including china), they still need to win 3 out of 4 games (Brazil, Japan, Thailand, Croatia) next week that's why I said they might miss quarters. It will also depends on whether many teams will beat each other or favourites will sweep their opponents.

    Very good match! Congratulations to USA, Karch is criticized a lot but this guy has a system and all the newbies follow that system independent of whoever there is. Their defense was amazing today, they played like Japan at defense 👏👏 Wong is not my favorite libero but I should give it to her, she played very well at defense although she was shaky at reception. Also I like skinner, she finds very smart ways to score with oos balls. Lanier is not it though. She lacks fundamentals. No way she will make Paris roster. I didn't like middles neither, blocking was particularly bad at this game.

    Big kudos to Santarelli, this guy is a magician with a lot of tricks under his sleeve!:heart: he made so many good moves with substitutions, it seemed like he always had a backup plan, which was deeply missed while Guidetti was the coach🤦 I don't know what kind of fortune federation offered to Santa but so far he deserves every of his salary😂

    Ebrar deserves a big applause, she didn't make it a ego problem once she lost her starting spot to Vargas, and she did her best as outside although she didn't play train for this position for 2-3 years. Her passing is of course rusty but she is not like Mihajlovic or Plak at reception. If Santa insists this lineup, I'm sure Ebrar would improve game by game. Bringing simge in is also good move once Ebrar gets shaky. Elif needs to step up her game, it seems like there will be a lot of double subs this summer, she really needs to bring her A game.

    Big applause to middles as well. Both Kübra and Aslı were excommunicated by Guidetti for many years. They made a great comeback. I also like that Santarelli has the balls to sub Zehra when she doesn't play well, which is something Guidetti has never done.

    Last big applause to Gizem örge, after simge's lackluster season, Gizem shone like a diamond 😍 it seems like she missed NT jersey a lot. She was brilliant at both reception and defense.

    All in all, independent of results turkey played very good volleyball this week. I look forward to seeing others like Saliha, Neriman and Yasemin playing next week's🙏