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    Noone says that. Nobody denies the power of CHN, BRA and USA but for the rest, there are so many European teams that can beat them. Of course having these 3 teams makes any tournament strong but still some coaches and players (terzi, Morrison, De kruijf etc) make ECh priority

    Sude was MVP in U18 Balkan Cup that took place just before WCH, she must have been injured...

    Two other key players are missing from the squad, Peyman Yardımcı, lefty opposite who's a member of U18 Fenerbahçe team that won Turkish League...

    Peyman carried the team in offense in EYOF earlier this summer, during which Turkey beat Italy twice, both in groups and 3rd place match...

    Probably most important player missing is MB İlayda Uçak, who I feel is a better player than Merve Atlıer who won best MB in U20 WCh, She could have made a huge difference...

    So, because of an unlucky injury, coach Şahin Çatma's personal issues with some players, and messing with the team in EYOF probably to make his own mark, Turkey finished 9th in a tournament that they could have actually won...

    I totally forget about Ilayda, she was a great prospect too. Do you have any idea what happened to Ece Soner? Do you know which players were out of roster because of injury and which ones due to 'coach decision'?

    Tur-Egy 3-0

    With this score turkey got 9th place. It is disappointing result compared to their ECh bronze last year but they were without their best player Sude (OH) so this result was kinda expected. Also Aleyna Göçmen who is only 15 years old played as a starter which is a good sign for the following generation

    IDK but I think she's not fully recovered yet and they want her to play at least one NT competition...

    That's why she's there (U18CH)

    Injuries could be career ending in early ages if not treated properly. I hope they will not force her to play untill she is fully recovered

    From Turkey's roster, burutay subaşı is excluded because of his injury.

    Also Yasin Aydın, Oğulcan Yaygın, Çağatay Durmaz and Ertuğrul Gazi are out. They are replaced by Burak Güngör, Selçuk Keskin, Vahit Emre Savaş and Faik Samet Gunes.

    Having such an experienced setter like Selçuk might upgrade the team. Also Vahit and Faik iş a better mb duo than our previous ones. I hope they can reach quarter finals 🙏

    Naz sure is a good person to her friends and family but she was always known to be a tough girl, I don't know why everyone is so shocked. Btw I never said I was providing 'news'.

    how the fuck do you know that? You don't know her personally and still make up baseless claim! And based on the reaction of people here, it is for sure that she is not known to be 'tough girl'.:wall:

    Just so you know, if pope is the only one who likes your post so far in this discussion, it is a proof that you are ridiculing yourself.:aww:

    How did you understand that she was genuinely sorry? Did she make a public apology? She just deleted what she has posted and you changed your mind suddenly. That's why I don't respect your opinion on any kind of controversial issue. You just want to flame the discussion with whatever baseless gossip you've heard from god knows who. This has been your attitude towards any controversial issue in this forum.

    I call people names only if they do it to other users in this forum or volleyball players, which I believe they are entitled to be called with same way. Other than that I never use vulgar language.

    You clearly don't have any proof, it is just your deduction from tiny piece of information. And don't expect from me to believe indeed someone would set bad balls just because they don't like a player. This is delusional.

    Anyway, I am sorry for being off-topic but I just can't stand when people make baseless accusations, especially towards a player's personality and just having their ass as a source for 'these news'.

    Heynen taught all of us several times that you only need to win some specific key matches in order to get what you want. A good draw would be putting the most dangerous team in your own pool so you don't meet them again until the final.

    That's what exactly happened to turkey during ECh and it worked for them

    Naz is a huge talent but known to be a mean person.

    There was also rumours she bullied Kim Yeon Koung at Fenerbahçe...

    That's a big lie. I know you have zero accountability in this forum since you change your opinions in a second (first let's kill smarzek for what she has shared on Instagram and then go get the bronze girl 😂) but in the case there's anyone who doesn't know about your famous drama loving overreactions, I want to make a clearification

    Naz is known to be very sweet and kind to anybody in the team. Indeed Cansu said in many interviews that Naz was her biggest help in the team while she is growing in Vakıfbank and even when she benched Naz, she was very supportive to her. Moreover, during the emoticon videos of each player, everyone said how lovely person Naz is.

    Of course the lie about Kim is also total bullshit, she always said she looks up to her as a legend

    I know you like steering the pot, but don't do that to innocent players by making baseless claims to them

    What did you expect, to say "We lost because of Cansu" ?

    It is obvious where she's getting at, unless you're a moron...

    What a moron you are! Why the fuck do you make such stupid accusations?😒

    She genuinely motivated Cansu during the timeouts by saying 'you are great, focus, you got this' this is such sweet attitude to a person in your own position.

    Stop making up things