Korea NT 2015

  • The Korea Volleyball Association just announced a 14-member roster for this year!

    Lee Jung-chul, who led IBK to become the Playoffs champion in KOVO 2014-2015, became the Head Coach of the Korea NT till 2016. Several key players of the NT were not selected to this year's NT due to various injuries - Wing spiker Han Song-yi (ankle injury), setter Kim Sa-nee (knee injury), setter Lee Da-young (back injury) and libero Kim Hae-ran (knee injury). :gone:

    Head Coach: Lee Jung-chul (IBK Altos)

    Left: Kim Yeon-koung (Fenerbahce), Lee Jae-young (Heungkuk Pink Spiders), Park Jeong-ah (IBK Altos), Chae Seo-nah (IBK Altos), Baek Mok-hwa (KGC Ginseng)

    Middle-Blocker: Yang Hyo-jin (Hyundai), Kim Su-ji (Heungkuk Pink Spiders), Kim Yu-ri (IBK Altos)

    Right: Kim Hee-jin (IBK Altos), Moon Jung-won (Hi-pass)

    Setter: Lee Hyo-hee (Hi-pass), Han Soo-ji (KGC Ginseng)

    Libero: Nam Jie-youn (IBK Altos), Na Hyun-jung (GS Caltex)

  • Left:
    - No. 10 Kim Yeon-koung (192 cm / 27) - Probably the best Wing-Spiker in the world now
    - No. 7 Lee Jae-young (179 cm / 18 ) - The elder sister of the twins. Powerful and fast spiker with great potential. Scored 18 points against Germany and 14 points against Serbia in the 2014 Grand Prix.
    - No. 13 Park Jeong-ah (187 cm / 22) - Not a very powerful spiker, but has good skills of hitting off the block. Scored 21 points against Japan in the 2014 Grand Prix.
    - No. 12 Baek Mok-hwa (177 cm/ 25) - Very poor in attack and blocking, probably will play as serving/backrow specialist just like last year.
    - *NEW* No. 17 Chae Seon-ah (175 cm / 22) - Receiving specialist (played 2-ppl reception in KOVO to guarantee the attacks of Destinee Hooker and Park Jeong-ah)

    Middle Blockers:
    - No. 14 Yang Hyo-jin (190 cm / 25) - Best blocker of Korea; shined against Brazil and Italy in the London Olympics
    - No. 11 Kim Su-ji (186 cm/ 27) - Skillful blocker
    - *NEW* No. 23 Kim Yu-ri (182 cm/ 23) - Powerful attacker but with poor blocking height (why not Bae Yoo-na?!)

    - No. 4 Kim Hee-jin (186 cm / 23) - Has been the 2nd scorer of Korea after Kim for some years. Can play both MB and Opposite.
    - *NEW* No. 15 Moon Jung-won (177 cm / 23) - Receiving left-handed opposite with a great jump-serve and fast attacking plays; No. 12 of Hi-pass who played alongside Nicole Fawcett in the KOVO

    - No. 3 Lee Hyo-hee (173 cm / 34) - Korea's setter last year. Good speed but always blindly sets the ball to the key player
    - No. 6 Han Soo-ji (182 cm / 26) - Setter who seems to be good in every aspect (blocking, defence, serve) other than setting itself

    - No. 8 Nam Jie-youn (31) - Old Libero who got the Best Libero Awards in 2010 World Championship and 2011 World Cup, but not as good now
    - No. 5 Na Hyun-jung (25) - Got the KOVO Best Libero Award this year