CEV Men’s European Championship 2019 - hosts France, Slovenia, Belgium and the Netherlands

  • Not much to say avbout the 3rd place game.

    I think Poland was better team and deservingly won.

    Congrats to Serbia for winning the ECH 2019.

    Slovenia started strong in set #1 and nullified Atanasijevic with 3 great blocks early in the game. It looked like Slovenia was ready to take it all.

    However, in set #2 the roles reversed, Serbia blocked well and Slovenia had problems receiving. After Serbia won second set I was sure it was a done deal as the momentum switched completely in favour of Serbia.

    Lots of unforced errors from Slovenia. Kovacevic solo blocked both Gasparini and Stern twice. Bckrw attack wasn't working, it felt like Slovenia was afraid to spike to the ball at times. It was all on Urnaut who just couldn't do it all.

    Slovenia had a great run this ECH. Caused upsets and played well but again consistency is the problem with this team. With Ropret recovering after the appendectomy there was no alternative to Vincic to change it up a bit. I'm still looking forward to what Slovenia can do at OQT in Berlin next January.

    That tournament will be super stacked.

    As for the future of Slovenia's NT. The core of the team has been together for several years now and they play most of the games with the same guys.

    There really aren't many adequate subsitutes on the bench or in the domestic league to keep playing at that level, in my opinion at least.

    This years U16 final tournament looked really promising so Slovenia could field another great team in a few years.

  • Dunno if this has been posted already, but here's the Dream Team

    Benjamin Toniutti (FRA) - setter
    59.57% setter efficiency, the highest among the main play-makers of the top four teams; only 8.5% of the French team’s attacks were blocked

    Aleksandar Atanasijevic (SRB) - opposite
    143 points, including 14 blocks; the third best scorer of the tournament; the second best spiker of the tournament; the most efficient spiker among the main opposites of the top four teams

    Uros Kovacevic (SRB) - outside spiker
    133 points, including 17 blocks; the fourth best scorer of the tournament and the best among all outside spikers; the fourth best spiker of the tournament and the best among all outside spikers; the fifth best blocker of the tournament and the best among all outside spikers; MVP of EuroVolley

    Wilfredo Leon (POL) - outside spiker
    116 points, including 17 aces and 14 blocks; 59.86% success rate in attack; the second best scorer among all outside spikers; the third best server of the tournament and the best among all outside spikers; the second best blocker among all outside spikers

    Jan Kozamernik (SLO) - middle blocker
    12 aces and 12 blocks towards 73 points total; the third best scorer among all middle blockers; the best server among all middle blockers

    Srecko Lisinac (SRB) - middle blocker
    11 aces and 12 blocks towards 55 points total; the second best server among all middle blockers

    Jani Kovačič (SLO) - libero
    36.84% perfect reception, the third highest of the tournament and the highest among the top four teams