Swedish NT 2018

  • Wide roster for European Games and ECH-qualies:


    Fanny Andersson, Engelholm VS
    Sofia Andersson, Norsjö VBK
    Vilma Andersson, Engelholm VS
    Josephine Tegenfalk, Örebro VBS


    Johanna Edberg, VC Kanti Schaffhausen (SUI)
    Fanny Åhman, IKSU Volley
    Catarina Cooper, KFUM Malmö Volley
    Sofie Sjöberg, Örebro VBS


    Isabelle Haak, Savino Del Bene Volley Scandicci (ITA)
    Alexandra Lazic, Volero Zürich (SUI)
    Rebecka Lazic, Rocheville Le Cannet (FRA)
    Anna Haak, Marquette Golden Eagles (USA)
    Hanna Hellvig, Lidingö SK
    Stina Rix, Hylte/Halmstad VBK
    Diana Lundvall, Örebro VBS
    Isabelle Reffel, Lidingö SK


    Jonna Wasserfaller, TFOC Volley Ball Terville (FRA)
    Filippa Hansson, LIU Brooklyn Blackbirds (USA)
    Linda Andersson, Örebro VBS
    Fanny Skogsfors, Gislaved VBK
    Tilde Thun, Engelholm VS
    Lilly Topic, Lindesberg VBK
    Julia Nilsson, Svedala VK

    Great competiveness among the spikers and especially the outside positions. Quite unique with two sister-combinations as the leading players of the team.

  • There was an article featuring an interview with Isabelle Haak published on her federations website in swedish. I translated it for those who are interested in the content. She was questioned about the past season as well as what lies ahead. She claims the long-term goal for Sweden is to accomplish a medal in the olympic games, but for it to happen I assume they must get far better blockers than they are in possession of currently.

    You won the scoring title for your team Scandicci, 491 points in 22 games. Why has it gone so well?

    - It was not a goal for me. I moved to Italy to come to a league with more balanced games, so that I could evolve. I have obtained a more significant role, I have a good coach and excercise on a daily basis with team mates who play in their respective national teams. It´s developing.

    What have you learned after two years as a pro?

    - To be super-focused on every training, eat the right food so that I am able to focus and perform, and get used to not get praise all the time but be able to take criticism and modify my approach in line with the will of the coach.

    The italian, daily sportnewspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport compared you with the basketball icon Michael Jordan. How does it feel?

    - I have not much knowledge of him, but I do know his carrer, he has had a fantastic career, so it feels tremendous.

    La Regina de Svezia, "the swedish queen". Where does that nickname come from?

    - I do not acctually know, but it was fun when I was in a store and the man in the cashout said: "Ah, the swedish queen".

    What do you miss the most from Sweden in Italy?

    - The friends at home! Swedish coffee? No, I hardly drank coffee before I traveled aboard and became a pro, and in Italy I have learned to drink the coffee as an italian, espresso.

    SOK (Swedish Olympic Comitee) makes a grand investment in front of the olympic games 2024 and 2028, for instance by putting their whole resource team at disposal with physical coaches, nutritionists, media accountants etc...How do you look at it?

    - This is of course very positive for swedish volleyball, and especially as far as the womens game are concerned.

    How good can the women´s team (Swedish national team) be?

    - We are a young team with many players who are professionals abroad, so we can develop and be really good.

    Possibly even a medal in the olympic games 2024 and 2028 - if you qualify?

    - Yes. First of all, but the long-term goal is to accomplish a place on the podium and receive a medal around the neck.

    What do you bring to the national team?

    - Experience par excellence. I have been a pro for two years and train with good players every day. It´s developing.

    The olympic games 2024 will be held in Paris. You are half-french, your father was a frenchman. How does it feel?

    - It will be fun if we become qualified! I have relatives there, for example cousins. The best with Paris? The food, the atmosphere - and the eiffel tower.

    Why should I watch your games? (Swedish NT)

    - Because volleyball is a nice sport to watch, it happens things all the time and since we are a team that is already playing well.

    You have studied the second and third year in high school at a distance. How has it functioned?

    - It´s gone well. My mother has helped me and facilitated with the practial things such as cooking, so I have had time left over for homework. Even if it has functioned pretty well to study at a distance it will be nice to graduate.

    Will you graduate at a distance, too?

    - No. I will do it with my classmates from Engelholm, which I went with the first year (of three in total).

    You have the volleyball as your profession. If you had not selected it, what would you have choosen for occupation then?

    I study social science with a behavioral orientation and is interested in psychology, so maybe psychatrist.

    Has the subject of psychology bolstered your ability to evolve as a player?

    - I have not done much mental training so far in my career, but it is something which starts to interest me now.

    Something you need to work on in particular in your development as an individual and thereby become even better as a volleyball player?

    - I could be better to step forward. It´s pretty hierarchial in Italy, and I am pretty young, so I am a bit down in the hierarchy so far.

    What goals do you have ahead?

    - To arrive hungry when the new season emerge after an intense summer comes to an end, so that we hopefully will interact well with each other when the Champions League matches will be determined. The main objective for our team, Scandicci, I assume will hardly be less than a semifinal in both Champions League as well as Coppa Italia. I want to continue to grow in my team and be able to take more responsibility.