CEV 2019 European Leagues - Golden & Silver

  • Slovenia gave up?

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  • As i saw on FIVB calendar website - Slovenia will be the host country of 2019 Challenger Cup. That could be the reason.

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    がんばれ 日本!

  • Yesterday marked the start of both the Golden and the Silver Leagues. Spain vs. Estonia wasn't on super level, Estonia had key players missing and logically lost to a better organized Spanish team. Great match by both their MBs Fornes and Vigil. No idea about the Netherlands vs. Croatia, but I see now that most usual suspects took part, so it should've been a good match. Ukraine, probably hyped by their ECH participating later on this year, took the Gold League start more seriously. No surprise that their roster with Plotnytskyi, Iereshchenko, and Tevkun prevailed over Finland who were missing key players.

    Not much to say about the Silver League, and it is early to do so, but Romania also used most of their key players. Let's see how the other matches will unfold.