Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2021-2022

  • It looks like Koga isn't playing today vs Kurobe

    There was an article that said she's still rehabbing. I'm surprised she's dressed. SWP is not

  • Choices... But she did play MB early in her career tho.

    That's cool, I've never seen her play MB. She looks big out there

  • Lots of weird lineups as things get underway

    Sakae starting setter for SAGA, Shirasawa at OP. Mandai isn't dressed

  • PFU's block is actually solid

    I'm liking 4T there, and I've always thought of Watabiki as a hidden gem, more in blocking than scoring

  • PFU 1-0 Denso

    NEC 1-0 Kurobe

    Hitachi 1–0 SAGA :super:

    JT 2–1 Toyota

    Hikari Kato sighting !

  • Lutz and Mabashi aren't dressed for Kurobe. Ukishima at OP. I wish that beach player would get some time. I loved her in that pre-season match

  • Koga in

  • I disagree with YOLO at OH, but Hirose is gunning for the OP position and doing well. Whoever gets the OP position will get to keep playing once the foreigner shows up .


  • Pimpichaya in, receiving

  • Did 4T just back attack? If she's playing MB and does it, it counts double :rolll:

    I'm bummed Kagamihara isn't dressed. She must not be doing well in practice

  • I can't keep up with all these matches playing together. I'm only focusing on NEC's game right now. Koga came in a as a serving and backrow sub. They don't need her at the moment, anyway, as all their wing spikers are doing well.

    Yeah, it's too crazy trying to watch FOUR matches now. And yeah, NEC's hitters ... YOLO has the worst kill % at 46% ... maybe they should look into hiring a foreigner :thumbdown:

  • Looks like PFU is doing "Hybrid 6." But their defense and setting aren't good enough to support it.

    They seem scattered . So many choices they have. Shima's not doing well, I'm surprised she's still in, but she's probably going to be the most solid fixture

    I just noticed Watanabe isn't dressed

  • There's no suspense in the NEC match, but my beach player is in so ... I'm in

  • Chiyo Suzuki , Kurobe beach player, has a swing like Annie Drews. If you closed your eyes you couldn't tell them apart