Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2021-2022

  • Angry Fu, I love you :rose:

    What was that :rolll:

  • NoSmilers are such a tease

  • This is my favorite referee, btw. She rolls her eyes at challenges some times

  • okayama is holding on in this set:super:

    That's what they do, hold on ... and then lose :(

  • Endo can hit from the left side of the court. I don't understand why Kawamoto puts her in for Sato and leaves Takayanagi out there taking up space

    Sato 5/11

    Endo 5/9

    Takayanagi 5/26


  • Mana Toe got game :rose:

  • Haruka is insane how far ahead of time she can read a play and make a dig :drink:

  • Why is the SAGA caveman in Zip Arena :?:

  • Teasers man :wall:

  • the fact that okayama only lost by 2 points in every set is just… :wall::gone:

    and 2 over 3 of those even went to 29 - 31! :aww::mad:

  • I’m expecting for a JT win for tomorrow since they will always seek vengeance whenever they lose a match! :whistle:

    as for himeji and toyota, i hope toyota will continue their streak:box:

    and okayama should bounce back tomorrow! they can do better:drink: