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    I prefer the golden set rather than playing the third match. It has more excitement and fun to watch. However, I do believe playing a golden set have elements of luck associated with it. But, as the saying goes "luck prefers the prepared ones". Congratulations to Yama! :)

    I call it LINsanity :D

    You're not talking about Linsanity (Jeremy Lin) of Houston Rackets! :) He is a great player.
    By the way congratulation to Fenerbahce, it seems like they went there to play only the golden set.
    However,I wonder if Karpol's yelling hurt Uralachka's chances. He is a good coach, well know and respected, but sometimes and especially when you have young group of player, by screaming at them they may feel more pressure and they become more nervous. They may be afraid to make any mistake and thus they'll end up making more mistakes.

    Rabita Baku (AZE) - RC Cannes (FRA) 3:1

    Dinamo Kazań (RUS) - Dinamo Moskwa (RUS) 3:1

    Eczacibasi VitrA Istanbul (TUR) - Asystel Carnaghi Villa Cortese (ITA) 3:0

    Vakifbank Istanbul (TUR) - Atom Trefl Sopot (POL) 3:0

    Unendo Yamamay Busto Arsizio (ITA) - Schweriner SC (GER) 3:2

    Lokomotiv Baku (AZE) - Azerrail Baku (AZE) 1:3

    RC Cannes (FRA) - Rabita Baku (AZE) 3:1

    Dinamo Moscow (RUS) - Dinamo Kazan (RUS) 1:3

    Asystel Carnaghi Villa Cortese (ITA) - Eczacibasi VitrA Istanbul (TUR) 0:3

    Atom Trefl Sopot (POL) - Vakifbank Istanbul (TUR) 0:3

    Schweriner SC (GER) - Unendo Yamamay Busto Arsizio (ITA) 3:2

    Azerrail Baku (AZE) - Lokomotiv Baku (AZE) 3:1

    I can't help you with how you like to see things; I don't have any control on that.
    Cannes plays with two very good MBs (Rasic being one of the star player in Europe) thay have two good spiker; Centoni and Mihajloic and a good setter and a libero. Their starting lineup includes five foreigners and one naturalize French player. It is not like they are playing with six younf French players who needs some experiance. They have a good team.
    I don't understand why this should be problem for me if I think that Cannes is a good home team but not so good a road team? But as I said before you have right to think any way you want.
    Happy New Year!!

    thats right that i'm not so much optimistic about this next round. just realistic : rabita is maybe the most economically powerfull team in the world and everybody know that play the away game at home is an advantage. so if Cannes achieve it will be a big money to make on bet website. thats just logical...and i dint agree with your comments.
    wait and see, lets the team working and in 2 month the scoreboard will say who's right, who's wrong.

    I didn't understand what you mean by "wait and see, lets the team working and in 2 month the scoreboard will say who's right, who's wrong". What is it that we supposed to see in two months' time?
    a. Are we supposed to see that Cannes losing to Rabita as you yourself predicted? Or
    b. Are we supposed to see that Cannes winning against Rabita and Kazan? Or
    c. Are we supposed to see that Cannes going all the way and winning the CL title?
    By the way happy New Year!

    i wish to cannes to surprise you again this year, even if unfortunely i think that they are unlucky with this dol, with rabita and away game in azerbaidjian.

    Wow it seems like you don't even believe yourself that Cannes could win a game on the road. I was thinking more like against Kazan then Rabita, but you may be right that Cannes may lose a road game against Rabita as well. :)

    Too years ago eczasibasi was way better than cannes and lost twice against them in play off 12.
    Last year they won twice against eczasibasi (last year turkish champ!) playing 2 good matches (home and away). They loose to vakif in their hall but honestly on this game vakif was way too good. At home cannes did their best game of the year (by far!) and vakif didn't understand what happen to them. Mentaly cannes was amazing!!!!

    To say that they play great only home is not very fair for them, they proove it Many Time in the past winning some incredible match away. (Tenerife, bergamo, uralochka, turkish team...)

    I am not trying to put RC Cannes down as you may think, I am just trying to be objective. As you said yourself they put up a very spirited fight at home against Vakifbank last year, a five set triller and they go to CL final and lose 3-0. Don't you think that is inconsistant a little bit? They could have won the CL title last year had they put up the same fighting spirit. But that doesn't mean it will always be like that, maybe they'll prove me how wrong I am this year CL playoff games. :)

    Didn't they played a great décisive and so important match un russia?
    They can play well in every field. Just sometimes the adversary is just better.
    Against vakif They played the first match away. The only thing is that they took information from the loss the prépare better the second game. It´s not just they are good at home and bad outside.

    No, I disagree with you, because the Cannes lost thier matches in Istanbul. (this year, last year, and year before) It wasn't like a close match where they competed but they lost. It was more like they'd been manhandled and I am putting it more politely in here.
    For Uralochka game they won becasue Uralochka lost their nerves. In a way it was expected after all Uralochka players hasn't been in this (do or die) situation for a long time and they are a young team. I am sure Uralochka gained a lot of experience out of that game. Had they played against Kazan for instance the outcome may have been different.

    Wow!! There are a lot of loves for Cannes! For me they are an enigma, they certianly play very well at home in front of their fans and surroundings which they are a custom too. However outside the central Europe they become second best team. For example; Vakifbank easily manhandled them at Istanbul, but they played much better in Cannes. (It was the same story last year). The definition of a very good team means that a team plays very well on the road and not just at home.
    Also the name of the tournament (Top ......) is confusing. Sesi is the second best from Brazil; GS is not even second best from Turkey, so I don't know why they call "Top" when they don't invinte the top teams from respected leagues???

    You are overrating her, it is obvious that she is talented but with that height it is not very likely to play on international level, and not best MB as well :whistle:

    I don't get your logic on this. Gioli is 1.85 and yet she is a very good MB. Asli is 1.85 and she is only 17. Also playing in Turkish league means that she is playing one of the best league in the world. Vakifbank and Ezacibasi plays with two or three foreign players at the same time in their league games as well as in CL games. I haven't seen Ezacibasi played more than three foreign players at the same time in any of the CL games. On top of that when she plays in Turkish league she goes against some of the best MB in the world such as Maja, Furst, etc.
    I think you are little exaggerating the level of the international games such as CL games compare to Turkish league games. After all if you look at any one of the current CL group they have only one or two very good teams, the other two teams in the group are mediocre at best.

    For me i have no problem with what igtisadchi did since this is a professional level wherein you can assemble any kind of team you like whether in a homogenous form such as osasco or in a diverse manner wherein you pick 1 player from 5 or 6 countries then create a team, the only thing important for me is the ability of the management to pay their players and that those acquisitions be done in a legal manner :thumbsup:

    I agree!!

    It's not the first time she plays as Opp, she has been giving it a shot for years both in NT and in clubs (Russia), but she never was really good at it, so I don't understand why she and Barbolini are so stubborn about it :aww:

    I guess then it's a hopeless case, I don't know maybe there is more to it why they are been so stubborn.

    gioli as an opp and as a middle is like night and day as mb she i able to show her full abilities but as opp she becomes an ordinary player, regarding management interference i think they will only do that if galatasaray ends up 4th again

    At the moment the differemce is like a night and day, but maybe she can improve? She deserves a change I suppose.

    Club allowed all responsibilites to Barbolini so he can make anything that he want so Gioli > Barbolini > Galatasaray managment.If he was in Eczacibasi probably Nalan Ural would warn him many times so far :rolll:

    I think the management should not interfare with coach's decisions as long as it doesn't become detrimental to the team. In almost all bussiness, management cares about one thing; results. As long as GS is winning and Gioli is improving at opp position then this may becomes very good for GS down the road. Actually she may become a huge asset for GS. However for that to happen, Gioli has to improve, at the moment she is working on it but no cigar yet. :)