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    Ahahahah Kurek!!! It's so funny how he tries to copy the "good behaviour" by his captain :rolll: :rolll: :rolll:

    Regarding Kubiak...What a great captain, what a model, such a good inspiration for his teammates :rolll:

    I have no idea what is the purpose of this. Did you even watch the game? Because between the celebratory gestures of our players (who were celebrating towards their own teammates in the front line, btw - might have been a little over the top, but nothing to get so angry about), and the incident, there was a video challenge for Iran. Their players weren't even looking at Kubiak and Kurek celebrating, because they were looking at Lozano. The whole thing blew up later, after the final whistle.

    Don't even know where to start with this one. Some really nasty manipulation going on here. Best part is our federation may now get fined because of this video.

    I don't know how to apologize you and Polish people here for that
    But yeah
    We have some really sick guys here
    Since they have no entertainment and nothing to do they go to social media and burn the image of Iranians in the world
    Sorry for that

    No need to apologise when it's not your fault.

    Freak behaviour, that's for sure, but then again it's the internet so we shouldn't expect anything different. Even our players don't seem to mind, they've just laughed it off. Such insults might actually help them now, fire them up a bit more.

    I follow this sport since the 90s and Italy for example never used them (and also USA for example), by the way it's not Poland's fault if Kubiak is what he is (dicks are everywhere). Maybe some day also in Italy we'll have a bad behaviour guy like Kubiak, at the moment (and at least in the last 20 years) we have not

    Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there. Especialy considering you're biased.

    To me, Italy has always been one of the most fiery and provocative opponents in volleyball. Fair, it wasn't just one player, but from what I rememeber the whole team was always programmed to frustrate the opposition with various tricks. And it often worked. Maybe it hasn't been the case as much for the last few years, but Iran is exactly one of those teams right now. They're aggressive, slightly chauvinistic, they provoke on and off court, and then they play the victim after the fact. And guys like Kubiak are useful to counter such behaviour. It really is that simple.

    The whole thing is never black or white though. When there's a fight, the fault usually lies on both sides. Again, this is professional sports, you do everything you can to win, so provocations will happen in every game, and if you respond to such behaviour in an overly manner then you're equally as guilty. Remember Lipe Fonteles? When he played in Poland, he was a classic example of a player who couldn't handle being provoked at all and usually responded to teasing with excessive aggression. Basically, he loved to dish it out but couldn't take it. Thing is, Kubiak can. But if his rivals can't handle the teasing, and lose their game because of that fact, then that's their problem, not Kubiak's.

    Never said that, despite we don't have (and as far as I remember never HAD) anyone unsportsmanlike and boorish like Kubiak.

    Every single top volleyball team either have or used to have such player(s) at some stage. Because it's not kindergarten. They're all grown men in professional sports.


    unsportsmanlike and boorish

    Spiridonov may be "unsportsmanlike and boorish". Kubiak is provocative. There's a difference between general conduct and a player's behaviour on court, in the heat of the moment.

    But is "being a captain" a reason to be like that and boil everyone up and run a fight

    There's a need for such outstandingly aggressive and battling character in this Poland team IMO, because the rest of the players are quite meek in comparison. It's not a case where you have 4-5 experienced stalwarts who can deal with everything the competition throws at them. Even Kurek is not a real leader and you can't always count on him.

    Why can't you accept that Kubiak is both a wonderful volleyball player and at the same time a disgraceful human being

    Simple - because Kubiak is not a "disgraceful human being". This type of ridiculous hyperbole is why opinions like yours should never be taken seriously. He's not the first provocative player in the history of world volleyball and definitely not the last. As if Italians are always saints and angels. Please, spare me.

    And seeing that you clearly have some reading comprehension issues, I'm going to rephrase what I wrote, because I didn't even defend Kubiak in my previous posts. What I said was that the whole thing yesterday was sparked by aggressive behaviour by someone from Iran's side - the incident happened off camera, but our commentators, who were there, mentioned it live. And the other thing I said was that the way Kubiak plays and the way he lets his emotions influence his sporting aggression makes him an excellent captain. Because it does. He's f*cking awesome, a true leader on the court in every sense of the word.

    If that is a reason for anyone to be a team captain, then... nothing more to say really :)

    Did you watch the tournament in Berlin? It was Kubiak vs everyone else at times. The fact he's so emotional often carries the whole team. And he knows this, he does it on purpose. He f*cking cried after the final whistle when we beat the Germans to qualify for the Olympics because he was so exhausted emotionally. To be honest, I don't think Poland currently has a better team captain in ANY sport.

    Are you kidding me? Kubiak started the whole thing by provoking at the end, and then Kurek came to put some more fire to the fight. It was ridiculous, by the way.

    I'm sorry to disappoint you, but the whole thing started when one of Poland's players went over to shake hands with the Iranians and got pushed away by someone from their side. And Kubiak might be a d*ck, but his ability to boil the opposition's p*ss whatever the circumstances is extremely useful in team sports. There's a reason he's captain.

    EDIT: Haha, it gets better. Marouf apparently threatened two Polish journalists at the press conference.

    So this is how the Poland team is currently travelling back from their match in Bulgaria:

    Not enough coaches provided by hosts. 2 teams squeezed together. Fucking joke. They tried to book us a flight to Sofia for 5 a.m. tomorrow morning. The team declined the generous offer of course, will be going on their own by coach.

    And apparently Belgians are being forced to pay for the night in Sofia because they 'arrived a day early'.

    I have no words.

    Worst part is, there will be no consequences whatsoever because it's CEV.

    Antiga is really calm person and became coach of world champion team so his decision was right and we shouldn't connect it with nowdays performances of Kurek. He behaved not good against Antiga and at this time it was idea for Kurek as attacker but he refused and didn't want to try. We should deal with that he needed time to think about all things and listen to Antiga, understood that he wants all the best for him...

    Disagree, I think that's weakening your team unnecessarily because you're not strong enough to deal with the problem. World Championships in your home country should be a good enough incentive for anyone, even Kurek. I get that he was Anastasi's pet, it changed under Antiga and maybe he couldn't handle it but these things happen. Again, it didn't matter in the end, we were incredibly lucky, but one injury to Wlazły and it could have mattered.

    I'm taking more about general priciple here than about Kurek in particular. Still, I think he lost a whole season of experience we could now very much use since Wlazły obviously decided to bail after he collected his medal.

    Kurek before WCH and now is just another person. Antiga gave him lesson and he is much better Kurek than before.

    He switched positions. That is all. He was always a matchwinner for us, way more reliable than Wlazły because he doesn't pick and choose his tournaments but is 100% available all season.

    There were problems with his attitude but it could've been sorted without throwing him out of the team. Doesn't matter now anyway but it might have.

    Kubiak can't deal with a simple eye? Grow up man

    Kubiak is a wind up merchant who does it on purpose, he thrives on that. Worst thing you can do during a match is make Kubiak angry because he will always bite back.

    Btw, when I said before the WCH that we absolutely need Kurek in the national team, this is what I meant. He's freaking brilliant and that's just the start.

    I just read this interview with Fabian Drzyzga and I'm curious what you Polish people have to say about his comments on Anastasi…rzyzga-rozgrywajacym-repr

    Incredibly arrogant and misguided, especially this part: "Czemu tak było, wie tylko Anastasi, który, co najciekawsze, z tego co
    widziałem w mediach, czuje się też ojcem naszego tegorocznego sukcesu.
    Trochę mnie to śmieszy, ale cóż, mamy w końcu wolność słowa."

    Not trying to say Bernardo doesn't like to play the victim sometimes (he really does), but he's just poking Ary Graça due to problems within Brazilian Federation. Both have been at war for some time now and he'll keep saying FIVB is trying to mess with the team just to p*ss Ary off some more. This has nothing to do with Poland. ^^ I'm sure the players know they just didn't perform well enough and Poland earned it fair and square.

    While this all sounds like a nice and plausible excuse, the problems with Brazilians basically started the moment they were told they had to switch cities. Then they ditched two press conferences (and only after realising they scored a PR own goal when some negative headlines started to appear they sent Lipe to the rescue), refused to even speak to the local media, and right before the final Bruno publicly disrespected Kubiak and singled him out for criticism for his "behaviour". I'm sorry, but to me this just stinks of primadonna syndrome.
    Not that we're now feeling offended or something, actually we couldn't care less. But it was still small time.