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    There was Spike Volleyball about two years ago. It was iffy, but didn't have staying power.

    There was one of PS2 called Women's Volleyball Championship. It was decent, but I never could get into it after some of the good 16-bit entries (Super Volley, Super Volley2/Hyper V-Ball, Volleyball Twin/Dig-n-Spike Volleyball).

    There are some good beach games (Unbound Volleyball, and Power Spike volleyball on PS1). What I really liked about Power Spike is that it actually used real players.

    What made FIFA such a huge success and led to football/soccer being so successful here in the United States was that it had the license to real teams and players.

    That is what volleyball games are missing. They miss the chance for players to use players they see when they watch the Olympics.

    In my mind this will be Anderson's last Olympics. It will be his third, and he just had a son. From his postings it looks like he will be ready to really start his life with his family.

    I know that Dave Smith will more than likely be done after this. I was classmates with his wife, and now that his children are getting school-aged, it will be advantageous to stay in the USA.

    K. Shoji might not make the team in Paris as Micah Ma'a has been stepping up. If Shoji makes the team in 2021, I assume it will be his last.

    For some reason I think Holt will probably get another Olympics under his belt before hanging it up, but I could be wrong.

    I think the Jaeschke, Sander, and Aaron Russell could still all be on the team on the left side for the USA in Tokyo and Paris.

    Viteli official in Padua.

    The club is also linked to Stern coming back to Italy from Turkey and K. Shoji after a rough stint at Resovia.

    Włodarczyk also may be coming in from Czarni Radom. He was a starter for most of the season as a receiver but only averaged 2.38 points per set. He was overshadowed in attack by the likes of Butryn and Sander.

    This is kind of sounding similar to the old PVL. I wish they would not have it in February, but if there are some NT players taking part in it, that is a good thing.

    Patch doesn't have a lethal serve. The move to the jump float was in response to the high rate of errors to virtually no service aces. Berlin, who resigned him this year, even posted something on their IG wishing him good luck and an improved serve over the summer.

    His block needs to improve, especially for someone his height and with his vertical leap. His back row defense is improving greatly, even when looking at the first half of the season in the Bundesliga.

    He shines in attack and has not been disappointing in that regard. He is one of the top attackers in the VNL in terms of attack percentage. Last season and summer it seemed he was still used to attacking so much higher than the block, that he was still hitting at such a vertical trajectory that the ball was going into the block much often. He has rectified this a great deal. He is getting the ball around the block with much greater consistency.

    Gavin Schmitt going to KEPCO

    Leo Andric at OK Savings Bank

    Michael Sanchez to KB Insurance

    Andres Villena at the Korean Air Jumbos

    Liberman Agamez to Woori Card

    Yosvany Hernandez to Hyndai Captial Sky Walkers

    and the biggest surprise: Joe Norman to the Samsung BlueFangs.

    I am really not sure about Patch to Taubate. Athletically he is second to none. His personality and all-around great vibes are so easy to market. He was such a perfect match for Berlin. He still needs to work on his serve and block (moreso his serve). I was at his first NCAA Championship match back in 2013 when he went absent (mind you he was only 19 years old). He looks good with the US National Team but he has a great supporting cast around him. He had a rough year at Vibo Valentia because it was a huge drop in talent.

    He was on a short leash at Berlin, and I watched some matches were he was replaced early after a few mistakes. That was the drawback of playing with an opposite that was already established at the club. While he found himself in the starting lineup to finish the regular season, Russell has made more of a positive impact in the finals thus far. Russell is also a beast, but his large number of kills are accompanied by his fair share of attack errors/blocks.

    I hope he lands in a place that is he is a good fit after having a good summer with the USA NT.

    I agree that Berlin is the hottest team heading into the playoffs. Grankin's arrival seemed to be a revival of sorts for Patch, who spent much of 2018 on a short leash or behind Russell. Berlin is 11-1 in 2019, its only loss coming back in January to Friedrichshafen.

    I have known Gasman for a long time (since he started playing in elementary school), and I have truly been impressed with his growth and physicality since he has hit the University of Hawaii.

    I think that this year has shown that Holt is past his prime, but he still will be the best MB of the US for some time to come. Averill has had a great season at Chaumont, especially in the Champions League. He has found ways to impact the match even when not getting fed the ball. It is hard to gauge Stahl because he has not been getting any playing time for Tours this year.

    Where did he start the season? Let's also mention the reason for the transfer - ZAKSA's back-up opposite Slawomir Jungiewicz hasn't fully recovered from his knee injury. According to ZAKSA's website, Shaw, known as a setter until now, might have switched positions permanently from now on.

    James Shaw left Perugia to finish his degree. He announced over the winter holiday season he was going to try to play again at opposite since he thought that might be the best option for him to contribute to the US national team.

    You can read a bit more about it here: